House of Roses Package Deal

   This is a preliminary Package Deal design for the Federation-Apocalypse Campaign: Special Agent for the House of Roses, the deposed British Monarchy of centuries hence. Equipped with enormous wealth, influence, and their own exotic resources, the House offers a very sophisticated package deal indeed – and, since most of the characters have elected to work for the House, here are the details.


   The House of Roses Package Deal: The House of Roses provides each of its operatives with access to whatever special equipment the House considers necessary for their current mission, and a specialized bit of Cyberware – a Neural Enhancer. Unlike most Cyberware, which is bought as Gadgets with an Immunity to being taken away, the Neural Enhancer is bought as a Relic. This is a bit of a stretch, and is only allowable because (1) the House has immense resources and access to secret information, (2) the abilities provided are under the control of the game master, are limited to skills and enhancements of existing abilities, and (3) its abilities only gradually become available as the agent gets used to the system and as additional abilities are unlocked by the House.

   In general, characters working for the House will need to devote one or two of their bonus contacts (if any) to connections with it and cannot start off with any other relics. Unlike most other package deals, the abilities in the House package deal only become available gradually, as the characters rise in rank within the organization. The House will usually attempt to exert some influence on behalf of agents who get into compromising positions, but the group is also well aware that sometimes you have to cut your losses.

   Sadly, since this is an exceptionally sophisticated package deal, both the duties and the enemies of those who take it are considerably more troublesome than usual.

Rank 1 (Newly Recruited Agents. 6 CP package)

  • Privilege: Access to military-level hardware and vehicles. Corrupted/access is limited by what the organization decides that a particular mission calls for (2 CP).
  • Immunity: Neural Enhancer can only be taken away by special surgery or by the use of spells or psychic powers of level 4+ (Uncommon/Minor/Minor, 2 CP)
  • Relic/Neural Enhancer (2 CP): +6 Skill Points (1 CP) and any one of (a) Augmented Bonus (basic version only), (b) Awareness, (c) Finesse, and (d) Skill Emphasis with any two Skills.

Rank 2 (Veteran Agents, 8 CP package)

  • Enthusiast: Specialized, only changes with access to appropriate skill programs (1 CP).
  • Favors/House of Roses: Specialized, only available in pursuit of assigned mission or to maintain the integrity, secrets, and reputation of the House (1 CP).

Rank 3 (Special Agents, 10 CP package)

  • Relic/Neural Enhancer(+1 CP, 3 total): Immunity/Revealing House or Personal Secrets(Uncommon / Minor / Major, to effects and drugs rated at L5 and below, 2 CP) and +4 SP (4 CP).
  • Contact: Any one other agent or director within the House (1 CP)

Rank 4 (Elite Agents, 12 CP package)

  • Relic/Neural Enhancer (+1 CP, 4 total): Any one of (a) +6 Skill Points, (b) +6 CP worth of Witchcraft abilities (usually The Secret Order), (c) Action Hero/Heroism Option, and (d) Acrobatics.
  • Immunity: Intoxicants and Hallucinogens (Uncommon / Minor / Trivial, 1 CP): thanks to the long-term effects of their Neural Enhancers, Elite Agents can now handle doses of recreational drugs which would incapacitate normal people and still function – although there are upper limits.

Rank 5 (Agency Directors: 12 CP package plus 15-point Offices provided by Elizabeth via Political Dominion).

  • Rank-5 Offices are normally unique.

10 Responses

  1. Very nicely done, hopefully this will help entice the party members to stay with their current employers.

  2. Interesting. Even my character might contemplate taking this one (he’s very interested in the odd tech of the inner circles).

    Speaking of that, this might not be the place to discuss it, but what do I need to do to get my character posted to this blog? He’s already up on mine and hopefully his racial template isn’t too overpowered.

  3. Two major ways: (1) you are set up as a contributor, so you should be able to log in and either post or set up a page. (2) is simply email it to me: I’ll send you a copy of this comment to make sure you have the address.

  4. Thanks, I wasn’t too clear on that.

  5. I’m not sticking whirring gadgets in my noggin. Or anywhere else. Plus, it’s mad science (Yeah, you just deny buddy). Probably has a self-destruct device or a homing beacon for laser-weilding missiles.

  6. [quote]Very nicely done, hopefully this will help entice the party members to stay with their current employers.[/quote]


  7. What you fail to realize is that I do not consider your character a party member. I consider your character to be a source of annoyance and disruption that happens to tag along with the party.

    Now don’t get me wrong, this can be very useful when the GM runs things well. And I have had two and a half years to plan this campaign.

  8. Hmm. I think Benedict would have to agree with that, unfortunately, and I’d have to agree with the character. “Let me saw open your head and put stuff you can’t control into it” is kind of really fucking creepy. :3

    Yeah, probably should’ve gone with spy-priest…

  9. All depends on how used to cyberware you are I suppose – and on whether or not you feel that they can either be trusted or that you can handle any treachery they might try. Besides – are you sure that they couldn’t implant something without your consent if they wanted to?

  10. […] to keep the characters involved with the school) it can even be a graduated package deal like the House of Roses uses. If a school is really important (again, like the House of Roses) and is run by someone with […]

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