Amber: Drizzt, The Resurrected One

   Today it’s an old Amber character – a youngster who managed to get himself (rather foolishly) killed fairly early on. He was eaten by King Kong thanks to the player repeatedly having him not do anything while the ape came up to him, inspected him, smelled him, picked him up, put him in his mouth, chewed him up, and swallowed him. No one could quite figure out why he didn’t simply psychically dominate the big ape, chase him away with Nightfang, blast him with sorcery, outrun him, or do any of dozens of other things. In any case, Drizzt was brought back a little later – although arguments as to whether it was a true resurrection or not continued – as one of Arvon’s research projects. the player found him more amusing after that: Arvon had provided a selection of new and interesting powers for him to play with.

Drizzt, The Resurrected One, Ur-Lord of Amber

   Drizzt, son of Julian, stands about 4’2 and weighs about 60 pounds – reasonable enough for the ten-year-old that he appears to be. With an amberites extended lifespan, his real age is closer to fifteen. He has light brown hair, curious slit-pupiled amber eyes, and seems to have completely stopped aging since his resurrection, which may have something to do with his innate attunement to trump energies. Thanks to Arvon’s tutoring, he now has modest magical and trump-based abilities. Whether Julian will accept his return is another matter. Drizzt still has the use of his shadow-seeking horse, regardless of Julian’s reaction, but the hawk is another matter.

   Attributes: Psyche 60, Warfare 14, Strength 6 Endurance Amber. Currently 0 Stuff (originally had some Bad Stuff).

   Other Abilities:

  • Trump Attunement (Sense, Defense, and Identify only, 15).
  • Trump “Stunts” (Limit of three per game session, 10).
  • Personal Named and Numbered Alternate Forms: Hawk, Wolf, Dolphin, Panther, “Elemental” (the basic four), Invisibility (May be used in other forms), Human, Chaos Form, and Squirrel (creature powers courtesy of Arvon, 2).
  • Personal Resistance To Normal Weapons(creature powers courtesy of Arvon, 1).
  • Artifact Dagger: Nightfang (see below); Deadly Damage and Mold Shadow Stuff (5).
  • Power Words (20).
    • Evocations: Dreamweaving, Eldritch Force, Element Mastery, Enchantment, The Holy Blaze, Living Forces, Nightweaving, and Northern Winds.
    • Basic: Biocontrol, Force Field, Psychokinesis, Purging, Trump Disruption, Trump Surge, and Virtual Creation


  • Mental “Quirks“;
    • Irrational Fear Of Apes (Minor, Well-Known, 2)
    • Loyalty To Arvon (Disastrous, Well-Known, Irresistible, 5)
  • Personal Weakness; Can be injured or stunned by “Trump Disruption” and related effects (Major, 2)
  • Social Handicap; Commonly viewed as an idiot or impostor and generally obnoxious (Major, Reputation, 6)

   Experience 18

   Special Notes:

  • Whether he’s still got a “court devotee” in either sense, was up to the GM – and whether or not Daniel (the player) bought one when he took over playing him again.
  • This version of Drizzt has no “player contributions” to help out. This changed when Daniel took him up as a player character again; Drizzt made an abrupt recovery from his “state of shock” and picked up another ten or twenty points worth of new abilities and improved stats.
  • Since Drizzt once tried to shoot Arvon through the heart, Arvon took the chance to hardwire and program in a few restrictions while reconstructing him. While he’s being played this takes the form of the quirk given above. Before that point, Arvon had a dependable ally/agent.
  • Nightfang appears to be a fragment of darkness, forged into a dagger. Only quasi-material, it easily pierces armor, its ebon blade leaving no wound, but disrupting the energies of whatever it strikes. As a talisman, it also acts to cloak the users presence, dampen sound, and otherwise disguise and conceal him. It is even capable of deflecting basic magical and technological means of detection. As a magical focus, it amplifies the power of the users spells, especially those of a destructive nature. Interestingly, Drizzt can use a “trump stunt” to summon the blade if it’s been separated from him.

Power Words:

  • Biocontrol: This useful “word” allows the user to manipulate his personal physical processes on both the somatic and metabolic levels. This allows the use of a variety of “yoga” tricks, aids in resisting toxins and the effects of injury, physical “drains”, and disease. It can even be used to “tailor” enzymes and pheromones, but this is difficult to master.
  • Force Field: Channels the users internal energies into a fairly formidable force-field aura, in his case based on trump. As such it is fairly resistant to most other powers – although any determined clash will soon deplete its energies.
  • Psychokinesis: Allows the user to channel psychic energy into a brief telekinetic burst. While the users control is relatively crude, it suffices for simple PK bolts, repulsive fields, grabbing things, and throwing things around, with a strength equal to the users psyche.
  • Purging: Creates a “surge” of trump energy within the users body. While this has some minor effects, its primary purpose is to drive out intruding energies and substances. Secondarily, the surge tends to “rebuild” the users body to some degree, at least enough to halt blood loss and do a little patching. While it lasts, the surge is roughly equal to using “trump defense”. This word can be applied to someone else via mindlink.
  • Trump Surge: Feeds an extra surge of trump energy into whatever trump-based feat the user is attempting, boosting the effect and/or the speed with which it can be achieved. It’s commonly used when the possessor is in a hurry to contact someone or to trump out.
  • Virtual Creation: Taps into the power of trump to materialize whatever relatively small (up to about ten pounds), simple, object the user envisions. While this cannot create high-tech, “magical”, or artistic items, things like rope, blades, saws, and simple pistols are quite possible. Keeping such an object in existence is a considerable drain on the users physical energy out- put, reducing his effective strength by one per item.

   Evocations are a class of power word only available to those with some form of trump powers and a fairly high psyche. An evocation creates a temporary trump link to some powerful “entity” in shadow, allowing the user to tap some of that beings power for his own use. Sadly, the link is purely psychic and too tenuous to transmit “primal” powers – restrictions that limit evocation to magical energies. As “raw” magical power is useless to anyone except mages (who can get their own), Evocation is commonly used to tap into more specialized sources, already attuned to a particular type of magic, so that most of the work of spellcasting is already done – the user can simply provide the finishing touches and turn it loose. The process is exhausting, both physically and psychically, is limited to “quick and dirty” spells of limited power and sophistication, requires a different word for each “field” of magic, is blocked by barriers vrs trump, is limited by all the usual defenses versus magic, and can be blocked like other power words – but also requires little magical skill, is quick and easy, and is fairly flexible. Evocations need not be adapted to the magic of the “local” shadow, since the spell is actually cast there, it happens automatically. Drizzts evocation power words include;

  • Dreamweaving: Covers telepathic and purely mental magics, such as Psychic Charging, Glamours, Hypnotism, Psychic Illusions, and Mental Shields.
  • Eldritch Force: Covers magical energy constructs, such as Force Shields and Bolts, Mystic Chains, Walls, and so on, as well as simply Disrupting/Dispelling Magic.
  • Element Mastery: Covers the “manipulation” of the four classical elements; Fire, Air, Earth, and Water. It does not cover alchemically-related forces.
  • Enchantment: Covers Enhancing and Binding spells, as well as attuning things to permit easy manipulation via other powers – most commonly by his high psyche.
  • The Holy Blaze: Covers the magic of Purification, Light, and Solar Forces. Unlike the principle, and despite the name, the Holy Blaze has few positive spiritual or intellectual aspects.
  • Living Forces: Covers Biomanipulation – the magics of Life, Healing, Death and more subtle effects based on the control of the body and metabolism. Sadly, these are limited by the “quick and dirty” aspect of evocation.
  • Nightweaving: Covers the magics of Darkness, which includes those of Deception, Illusion, and Negation. As with the Holy Blaze, Nightweaving covers only a few of the spiritual and intellectual aspects of the principle.
  • Northern Winds: Covers the many magics of Winter, Necromancy, and simple Destruction as well as those of Ice, Blizzard, and Freezing Winds.

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