Arvon’s Runic Rings

  Arvon’s Rings were originally built on about 50 points, and wound up being built on about 100: this represents them as they were about half-way along…


Common Properties:

  1. Able to Speak” The rings have a limited sentience and a set of innate magical skills, but cannot talk. Each ring is attuned to a different type of magic, and can “maintain” hung spells of that type, although they cannot normally originate or cast them. The exception is when a slot is “loaded” with a spells formula, in this case the ring can use to formula to recharge an empty slot given a day or so. The formula is otherwise quite useless. The rings can follow quite complex orders, they are sensible but not particularly clever. They also have a computer-like sub-intelligence, which constantly scans shadow (see #3), selecting, updating, and keeping inventory on available power sources. While a ring’s selection is broad, it is influenced by their natural affinities.

  2. Rack and Use Named and Numbered Spells” The rings can indefinitely store and cast independently up to 12 “spells” each (See individual descriptions).

  3. Powered by Trump” They are charged with, and driven by, trump energies – and have trumps usual properties; working everywhere, invulnerability, and resistance to the powers of Pattern, Logrus, psyche, and most magic. They also contain an ubiquitous trump image, and are capable of instantly accessing any point achievable by trump. In normal operation the rings maintain sealed, continuous links with a horde of power sources from across shadow – offering the wearer access to enormous sources of energy and a vast variety of forces. Finally, they hold an enormous reserve of trump energies. This can be tapped for operation under hostile (trump-null) conditions, or to feed a sudden surge of energy into a trump-based effect.

  4. Confer Quality” Each ring can bestow some special quality on its wearer or something he touches, what it is depends on the ring.

  5. Contains Named and Numbered Power Words” The rings each hold a named and numbered selection of power words, drawn from scattered locations in shadow.

  6. Extraordinary Psychic Sense” While all the rings share the basic communicative aspects of this quality, and the ability to link their power words to the users psyche, their unique attunements are reflected in each rings individual extraordinary psychic sense (below).

  7. Psychic Neutral” The rings can and do cloak their presence and power under normal circumstances. They also possess psychic defenses roughly equal to an amberites basic ability. This, linked with the usual resistances of trump artifacts, makes them almost immune to mental manipulation and attack.

  8. Mold Shadow Stuff” The rings specialize in manipulation of the energies they tap, assisting the user and channeling them into more precise applications. Truly sophisticated “spells” require direction from the user or the use of a ring with the appropriate attunement.

  9. Named and Numbered Alternate Forms” These vary with the ring, but they can all become invisible, “astral”, or “undetectable” – combining these and other forms as needed. (Including the basic ring form)


Basic Structure:

   Able to Speak (1), Scanning/Selection/Filing Subintelligence (+1), Rack and Use Named and Numbered Spells (4), Powered By Trump (4), Contains a Ubiquitous Trump Image (+4), Horde of Continuous, Sealed, Images (+4), Energy Reserve (+2), Confer Quality (5), Contains Named and Numbered Power Words (2), Extraordinary Psychic Sense (4), Psychic Neutral (2), Self Healing (1), Mold Shadow Stuff (1), Named and Numbered Alternate Forms (2), and Named and Numbered (x2). Base Cost (74).


Individual Ring Qualities (All Conferred):

   Amber Vitality (Amber Rank Str, 4), Double Speed Movement (2), Combat Mastery (Amber Rank Warfare, 4), Psychic Barrier (+2), and Tireless Supernatural Stamina (4).


Darkwyr, The Ring Of Shadows :

   Covers the magics of Destruction, Negative Energies, Darkness, Necromancy – and Death. It “specializes” in reversed trump images, drawing on inverse, counter, and negative forces as well as serving as a trump trap.

   Quality Bestowed : Damage (Latent, no cost – yet)

   Base Trump Image : The Abyss.

   Psychic Speciality : Overtone analysis/data drain.

   Alternate Forms : Trump Card, Universal (Through some darkness magic) ID/Authorization Card, “Universal Skeleton Key”, Dagger, Necklace, Black Diamond, Gauntlet Of Absorption, and Sunglasses.

   Power Words : Fascination, Image Projection, Summon Counterforce, Disrupt/Negate (Logrus, Technics, Trump, Abyss, Pattern, and Magic), Deathstrike, Envenomment, and Enhance Damage.


Dweomer, The Dreamweavers Ring :

   Covers the magics of Illusion, Mental Powers, Psionics, Mind and Cloaking. Interestingly, this ring stores “Psychic Constructs” – the spells or “weapons” of mental combat. It generally taps sources of psionic powers, mass minds, and so on.

   Quality Bestowed : Extraordinary Psychic Sense.

   Base Trump Image : The Astral Plane and Dreamlands.

   Psychic Speciality : Precognition.

   Alternate Forms : Sleeping Bag, Hammock, Psychic Blade, Helmet, Warm Cloak, Psychic Dream-Armor, Storyteller, and Crystal Ball.

   Power Words : Dreamsending, Mindtoxin, Power Channeling, Electrokinesis, Telekinetic Burst, Eidetic Memory, Empathic Sending, Nova Burst, Auric Disguise, MyndDragon, Voice, and Entrancement.


Istaril, The Element Masters Ring :

   Covers magic of Seasonal and Elemental Forces, Storm and Earthquake. Most of it’s links are with sources of pure, raw, power…

   Quality Bestowed : Double Speed (More latent).

   Base Trump Image : The Plane Of Essences.

   Psychic Speciality : Postcognition and Object Reading

   Alternate Forms : Metal; Steed, Falcon, Serpent, Spider, Dolphin, Kraken, Hound – and Celestial Dragon.

   Power Words : Dispel Elementals, Calm Storm, Petrifying Gaze, Stress Perception, Trailtwist, Sphere Of Power, Kinetic Spiral, Windburst, Grounding, Earth- fast, Air Sphere, and Levinbolt.


Brancariad, Ring Of Runemastery :

   Covers the magics of Runes, Names, Truth, Enchantment, Theurgy, Destiny/ Fate – and Minor Magics in general. Interestingly, it maintains links to a variety of computers, sages, and so on out in shadow. It’s a great way to get advice.

   Quality Bestowed : Psychic Neutral or Barrier.

   Base Trump Image : The Akhasic Library.

   Psychic Speciality : Trump Activities – especially anyone touching/ using/ monitoring/ spying through his.

   Alternate Forms : Laptop/Cyberdeck, “Pocket Tool Kit” (Various, counts as 3 forms), “Tricorder” (Pocket instrument pack), Headset Phone, Audiovisual “Camera”, and Book (For low-tech settings).

   Power Words : Access Trump, Penetrate Shadow Barrier, Open Gateway, Trump Tap, Forgery, Vary “Power Word” I-III, Runic Endowment, “Nymic Guidance”, Secure Link, and Trump Surge.


Isilor, The Powershapers Ring :

   Covers Wild Magic, Alchemy, Conjuration, Evocation, Travel, and Transcendence. Many of these are quasiliving in themselves, or are derived from possibly-uppity living beings.

   Quality Bestowed : Intuitive ability to tap and use “local” magics and related forces.

   Base Trump Image : The Chamber Of The Logrus.

   Psychic Speciality: Power Sensing (Use, Targeting, Flow, and Traces, thereof).

   Alternate Forms : Hang Glider, Canoe, Motorcycle / Bicycle, Space Armor, Battlemech, Spaceship, Sailing Craft, and “Mole Machine”. (Any “machinery” is really only the usual power-taps, but it looks neat).

   Power Words : Analyze Spell, Opening, Absorb Spell, Rune Of Closure, Distraction, Daemonic Summons, Ghost Strike, Sympathetic Link, Repulsion Field, Steal Spirit, Psychic Transfer, and Mindlink.


Taurel, The Ring Of Life :

   Works the magic of Life, Living Forces, Animation, Renewal, Creation, and Growth. It “specializes” in keeping track of various creatures that can be summoned through to help out.

   Quality Bestowed : Tireless Supernatural Stamina.

   Base Trump Image : The Well Of Creation.

   Psychic Speciality: Bioenergy Detection/Analysis.

   Alternate Forms : Medical Kit (Variable – counts as two forms), Tree, Staff, Portable Biological Lab, a Formchange/Cloning Tank, Life Support System – and Hypodermic Needle.

   Power Words : Detoxification, Instant Shift, Shapeshift (Blood, Gear and Others), Nerve Strike, Blood Link, Life Surge, Vamphyric Touch, Transfer Vitality, Self-Purging, and Numbing.


Dernric, Binder Of Hidden Forces :

   Covers the magic of Time, Space, Dimensions, Cosmic Forces, the Unified Field, and Summoning. It “files” and tracks the location of a wide variety of handy devices off in shadow.

   Quality Bestowed : Immunity To Conventional Magic and Known Power Words (Latent – a variant on Armor 4).

   Base Trump Image : The Plane Of Time.

   Psychic Speciality : Environmental Analysis (Covers the “local” natural laws, forces, etcetra. On the more immediate level, this covers natural hazards and such)

   Alternate Forms : Superstring Rope, Singularity, Assorted Board Games (Counts as three, and boy can these get peculiar), Sunsprite, Spaceling, and Scribing Tool.

   Power Words : Kinetic Transference, “Reality Bubble”, Bergenholm Field, (Shadow) Law Nullification, Energy Channeling, Energy Deflection, Unbinding, Force Lens, Magic Focusing, Shadow Hop, Dimension Door – and Shift Trump Destination.


Elisslome, The Shamans Ring :

   Covers the magics of Nature, Seasonal and Spirit Magic, Conjuration, and Animal Powers. Most of it’s links are to powerful beings out in shadow, usually of the “supernatural” variety.

   Quality Bestowed : Psychic ability to communicate with, influence, and exorcize spirits. (Mediumism).

   Base Trump Image : The Ashira, The Spirit Plane.

   Psychic Speciality : Psychic energy flow monitoring

   Alternate Forms : Campfire, Bubbling Spring, Big Rock, Wind, Shadow-Storm, Tornado, Plasmoid, and “Oasis”

   Power Words : Anchor Ghost, Spirit Summons, Dreamgate, Summon Ectoplasm, Disrupt Ghost, Nightmare Visions, Deaths Gate, Summon Totem, Mindsword, Psychic (Blast, Shield, and Reflection).


Anaril, The Celestial Ring :

   Applies the magics of Pure Forces, Magic, Warding, True Light, the Celestial Powers, and Truth. Most of it’s links are to sources of large amounts of “simple”, physical, energies, such as heat, light, and gravity.

   Quality Bestowed : Invulnerability.

   Base Trump Image : Amber, The Pattern Chamber.

   Psychic Speciality : “Combat Awareness” (Presences, likely moves, skill levels, and so on).

   Alternate Forms : Combat Armor (Various styles – requires 3 forms), Bow, Music Synthesizer, Binoculars, Ladder, and Observatory.

   Power Words : Spell Link, Hypnosis, “System” Link (Computers and such usually), Light Of Truth, Evoke Higher Powers, Spirit Summoning, Reflection, Stunbolt, Note Of Shattering, Phasing, Purification – and Warding.


Heregrime, Ring Of Transformation :

   Employs magics of Transformation, Alteration, and Suspension. Most of it’s links are to sources of various raw materials and elements, such as plasma, oxygen, mercury, and helium.

   Quality Bestowed : “Resistance” to the effects of the high powers (Trump, Logrus, Abyss, etc. A variant on Armor 4).

   Base Trump Image : The Plane of Structures

   Psychic Speciality : Recognizer (Detects unchanged factors in shapechangers, shadows of origin, etcetra)

   Alternate Forms : Assorted Hand Tools (Counts as 3 forms), Staff, Shield, Rope and Grapnel. Altar – and a “Wizards Kit”.

   Power Words : Spell Adaption, Manifest Myth- ago, Photon Conversion, Password, Auric Disguise, C’hi Focusing, C’hi Transfer, Bioenergetic Pulse, Metabolic Control, Process Snuff, Hypersenses, and Cloaking.


Wulfric, The Ring Of Dominance :

   Covers the magics of Control, Communication, Hypnotism, Abjuration, Manipulation, and Mastery. Many of it’s trump links are to shadow sorcerers and such – some of whom are ordinarily willing to oblige.

   Quality Bestowed : Combat Mastery (4)

   Base Trump Image : Guardpack Ready Room.

   Psychic Speciality : Communications / Translation – AKA a “Lens”. Limited powers of truthsense and empathy.

   Alternate Forms : Dart Pistol, Rapier, Dagger, and a variety of other weapons.

   Power Words : Beastmastery, Command (Spirit, Demon, Elemental, and Dragon), Absolute Command, Burst Of Psyche, Leadership, Tap Psychic Link, Pain, Psychic Disruption, and Strengthsurge.


Draigtafod, The Ring Of Power :

   Covers the magic of Inanimate Forces, Raw Energy, Constructs, Patterning – and Balance. Oddly, this apparently includes the magics of money, and keeping track of sources of supplies and wealth.

   Quality Bestowed : Magesight. This extends to the ability to present brief visions and phrases when used for trump scrying. With it’s ubiquitous trump image, and ties to so many forces, it’s an exceptionally powerful way to try such scrying in any case. (A “divinatory” variant on Extraordinary Psychic Sense)

   Base Trump Image : Hyperspace.

   Psychic Speciality : Shadow Disruptions (Following shadow paths, tracing hellrides, logrus routes, etc).

   Alternate Forms : “Trump Deck”, Trump Tapestry / Rug, Bridge, Shelter (To fit area, counts as 3), and a variety of Toys (Counts as 2 forms).

   Power Words : Damage Transference, Sphere Of Force, Enhance Tech, Masters Parry, “Enhanced” Psychic Scan, Kinetic Reflection, Energy Transference, Analyze Device, Store Psychic Pattern, Psychic Disruption, Energy Channeling, and Projection.


   Continuous and Sealed trump links are simply always active, and sealed against any outside interference or “tapping”. The combination is virtually impossible to affect by external means – including shadow barriers and other impediments. Such links can be blocked by spells and barriers designed to work against that one link, but this would require careful study of the item. The net effect is that the rings are almost impossible to “cut off” from their power sources.


   Object Stamina is irrelevant to the rings, as being “Powered By Trump” effectively provides endless power. Like an engine, they don’t get “tired”.

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