Twilight Isles Questions-and-Answers I

   To answer some recent player-questions from the Twilight Isles:

   Dwarven “Firearms” are actually steam-powered devices, rather than explosive-based devices. The mechanism is actually pretty simple; the trigger simply discharges a small quantity of water into a heavily-reinforced Najmhan-plated reaction chamber. There, the energies of the Najmhan turn the water into a superheated blast of steam in microseconds – propelling the bullet and, with the energy derived from diverting a bit of the steam, loading another bullet. Sadly, even Najmhan takes an instant to rebuild the energy field in the reaction chamber; the system handles semi-automatic fire quite nicely, but simply cannot cycle quickly enough for full-automatic systems. Small-arms versions are considered simple weapons, while the cannon is considered a martial weapon. They’re moderately noisy, fairly compact, and have an innate +2 to attacks and damage.



Dmg S/M










80 ft

3 Lb







120 ft

6 Lb







200 ft




    Masterwork, exotic-metal, and enchanted versions are all available, and wealth bonuses apply normally. Versions with slightly larger or smaller magazines are also common, but this is usually of relatively little importance.

   For those who want to use them, Pistols are considered Simple Weapons, Rifles are Martial Weapons, and Cannon are Exotic Weapons.

   Species Compatibility:

   I suppose, given d20’s loose genetics, the question was inevitable.

  • Thunder Dwarf and Shadow Elf pairings are sterile without minor magic. Relatively low-level magic will allow them to produce offspring. Unfortunately, the Thunder Dwarves are essentially amalgams of physical flesh and elemental magical energy – while the Shadow Elf adaptions burn off excess magical energy to fuel their special abilities. Crossbreeds are generally weak, sickly, and die young – although they do show occasional flares of powerful inherent magical effects, which leave them even sicker and weaker. Sufficiently powerful magic can result in a viable crossbreed, but such magics are powerful and rare enough that each case tends to be unique. Such pairings are generally regarded as taboo amongst both races: stabbing your children in the back to satisfy your own desires, or not having any, is seen as pretty selfish. Among the dwarves it’s pretty scandalous as well.
  • Ikam normally don’t pair off with anyone but Ikam, but if it happens, it requires high-level magic to allow even sterile crossbreeds with Thunder Dwarves and Shadow Elves. Once again, of course, epic level magic can allow almost anything in individual cases.
  • Veltine are compatible with Shadow Elves, Thunder Dwarves, AND Ikam, as well as with blink dogs, hell hounds, and canines in general – but the offspring is always a Veltine. It’s believed to have something to do their shapechanging or with some sort of an ancestral blessing.

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