Godlike: Earthworks

   For today, it’s another character for the Godlike or Wild Talents systems. Like all of these characters, he’s built to be usable as a starting character in the default “high realism” style (starting with 25 will points to buy powers with).


   Kegan Dowell started in the mines when he was fourteen. His family needed money, and the nation needed ore. For that, it needed men to crawl down into the earth and heave that ore out to where it could be loaded into carts.

   He had been working in the mines for five years when the roof came down. The survivors tried to dig their way out before the air ran out – or any more of the tunnels collapsed. Unfortunately, after an hour of desperate effort, and a glimpse of open space beyond, the remaining beams started to give way. Kegan refused to let that happen. If another stretch came down, none of them would get out alive – and he wasn’t READY to die just yet! He tried to brace the shifting beams and stones – and abruptly some of the loose stone flowed up around him, bracing and supporting him while the rest of the loose rock assembled itself into arches and pillars to hold the roof.

   For a wonder, the local military recruiter felt that Kegan was at least as useful in the mines – supporting the war and being ready to save the lives of other miners – as he would be in battle. He encouraged him to keep on using his powers right where he was, supplying the needs of the industries that supported the entire army. Of course, that made no difference when he was swept up in the draft.

   Kegan very much wants to make it home – and so far, the rest of the squad has been more than willing to put up with his tendency to throw up their own private set of earthworks before doing anything else when they come under fire. Endless foxholes, private bunkers, trenches and tunnels, bridges and stepping-stones when you need them, and – when worst comes to worst – a mobile wall to advance into enemy fire behind, is well worth one or two fewer bursts headed in the general direction of the enemy.

   Kegan can – quite simply – move earth and stone. He can open tunnels, heave up walls, hurl great chunks of the earth at enemies, make foxholes and tank traps with a wave of his hand, and even wrap it around himself as armor and to enhance his strength. He can already send masses of stone careening around at fairly high speeds: with more practice, he may be able to attain bulletlike speeds with multiple-ton projectiles.

  • Attributes: Body 3 (7), Coordination 3, Sense 1, Brains 1, Command 2, Cool 2.
  • Skills (20 + 20 TOG Commando skills):
    • Body: Athletics 1, Brawling 1, Climb 1, Endurance 1, Health 1, Running 1.
    • Coordination: Dodge 2, Grenade 1, Knife Fighting 3, Machine Gun 1, Pistol 1, Rifle 3, Stealth 1, Submachine Gun 3.
    • Sense: Sight 1.
    • Brains: Cryptography 1, Engineering 1*, Explosives 1, First Aid 1, Language (Germanic Family) 1, Map Reading I, Mechanics 1, Mortar 1, Navigation (Land) 1, Radio Operation 1, Survival 1, Tactics 1.
    • Command: Leadership 2, Seduction 1
    • Cool: Bluff 1, Mental Stability 2.

   *Engineering actually functions as a Power Stunt skill when driving tunnels, erecting arches, and otherwise making stable structures and solid barriers.

  • Talent Basics:
    • Quirks: None.
    • Base Will: 2 Command + 2 Cool + 2 (remainder of base 25) + 0 (Quirks) = 6
  • Talent Powers (23 Points):
    • Telekinesis (8D, 8) (Base 5/10/20): No upward limit (+2/4/8), Can compact and fuse material together (+1/2/4), Only works on earth and stone (-2/4/8), Nervous Habit (must gesture, -1/2/4), Loud (this is quite noisy, -1/2/4), Can’t Interfere (-2/4/8), No fine control (-1/2/4) = (1/2/4). Unfortunately, since this is a telekinetic effect rather than some sort of “control”, he has to settle for what material is laying around loose or can be ripped up: if there’s nothing around but loose dirt or solid slabs of rock, he’ll have to either compact the dirt or break up some rock before he’ll be able to do much with it.
    • Super-Speed (1D, 3) (Base 4/8/12): Attached to Telekinesis (-1/2/4), Nervous Habit (must gesture, -1/2/4), Clumsy (no fine control, -1/2/4), No Upward Limit (+2/4/8). In general, add the level of super-speed used to the effective width when attacking with chunks of earth and stone as projectiles.
    • Heavy Armor (Level 4, 4) (Base 7/Level): Only works when earth and stone is available to form it (-1/level), adds to his body weight / effective equipment load at 100 lb per level (basically he simply uses his telekinetic power to coat himself in stone and metal, -4/level), extraordinarily conspicuous (a variant of “glow”, -1/2/4). Note that this will continue to work while he’s unconscious or out of will or some such – but, in that case, he probably won’t be able to move until someone cracks it off of him with a sledgehammer. Normal humans don’t do well when wrapped up in several hundred pound of rock and clay.
    • Hyper-Body (Level 4, 4): Attached to Heavy Armor (-1/2/4). Basically, his telekinetic power uses the Armor as an enhanced exoskeleton.
    • Extra Tough (Level 1, 4). No, this isn’t related to his telekinesis. He’s just tough.

   Kegan is pretty handy to have around: he’s formidable enough personally to take care of himself in a melee, and there are few things handier in a firefight than portable cover. He’s probably a bit too cautious to make a first-class commander, but you do need to stay alive to get the job done.

   As a note, with “No Upward Limit” on the super-speed he could give a projectile, he could – at least in theory – eventually throw a ten-ton chunk of rock at 223 miles per second. Lets see… That gives him a total energy of a bit over 1.17 x 10 to 15’th power joules. For those who like to think in nuclear terms, that’s the energy of a 280 Kiloton Bomb – about nineteen times as powerful as the Hiroshima bomb.

   Now, if that “No Upward Limit” applies to the basic telekinesis power at the same time – they are linked into a single power after all – that would multiply the total by another 1000, taking us straight up to the megaton range.

   If you don’t even want to think about that kind of possibility, remove the “No Upward Limit” modifier from the super-speed bit and increase his Will Base by two. That was the original idea anyway; I just found the calculation irresistible.

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