Exotic Martial Arts

   Well, thanks to a minor request, what’s up for today is a more exotic martial art form for the Forgotten Realms. It does stretch the Eclipse: The Codex Persona martial art rules a bit, but certainly has enough flavor to make up for it.

Martial Art: Harpist of the Weave (Dexterity Based)

   This subtle style of the Forgotten Realms revolves around the manipulation of Mystara’s Weave – the subtle web of magical energy which underlies Toril’s reality. Unlike spells, which draw on the energies of the weave, this art simply subtly shifts it’s threads – using them to entangle incoming attacks, to transmit touch-based spells to distant targets, striking at the weak points they outline, twisting them to enhance yourself, and even tearing at them to disrupt other structures. It’s most commonly used in conjunction with touch-based attack spells – expanding their effects to strike at everyone in a modest area and/or projecting them – but masters may attack through the weave directly

   Physically the form requires very little motion: one need merely twist one’s fingers into the threads of the weave: from there, slight gestures suffice. On the magical level, of course, tiny distorting ripples will radiate from the user, and – in high-magic areas or for more powerful adepts – a readily-recognizable set of interlocking “rings” of mysterious sigils (actually energy-leakage from the diverted threads of the weave) will appear in the air around him or her.

  • Requires: Innate ability to Detect Magic or similar occult sense OR Path of the Dragon OR Spellfire.
  • Basic Techniques: Attack 4, Defenses 4 (adds to saves against occult attacks rather than AC), Power 1, Strike, Synergy/Magical Theory, Synergy/Spellcraft, Synergy/Arcane Lore.
  • Advanced and Master Techniques: Sneak Attack III (3d6), Whirlwind Attack
  • Occult Techniques: Inner Strength x2, Ki Focus (May enhance Caster Level and up to (Int Mod) other abilities of choice), and One Finger (normally used to deliver touch spells and sneak attacks).

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  1. Is it all about games?

  2. Well, that is the topic of this blog.

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