Xaliotl: The d20 Version

   For today, we have the original d20 version of Xaliotl the Fire Mage. Xaliotl was written up for the Atheria campaign, and was one of the most specialized characters in the game – relying on a single (albeit powerful) healing spell and blasting things into ashes as solutions to every conceivable problem, up to – and possibly including – what to have for dinner in the evening. This may not have been ideal – in fact, his background quite strongly implied a near-complete inability to function in any situation other than a raging battle – but in a party of adventurers he more or less found his niche. Of course, they were still careful to keep him away from anything except the fight scenes.


Xaliotl, the Champions Version

   For today, and continuing with the alternate d20 and Champions versions of characters, we have the Champions version of Xaliotl – a powerful fire mage who’s been ported over to Champions as a young Celestial Dragon. There really isn’t any terribly good reason for that, but the player kind of thought that he fit in as well and – since the original d20 character was pretty specialized – there were enough points left over to get the basic Celestial Dragon template, so why not?

Going Ballistic

   For today we have another of Clint Walkers old Champions characters – Ballistic, or Cassandra Lane. Apparently he got the his inspiration on her out of an actual comic book, albeit one I’m not personally familiar with. Ballistic only played a modest role in the campaign initially, but her assorted arsenals, created by the same psychic talents which created her various “hunteds” (giving “driven by personal demons” a whole new meaning), continued to play a role until very recently: they meant that anyone in the Mansion/Base/Orphanage could readily find some powerful military-scale weapons whenever they went looking for them.

The Darkmage

   For today, I’m putting up the character sheet for the Darkmage, from the Old Mandate. Like most characters built around sizable power pools, his design is deceptively simple. Still, over the course of his adventures, and his thousand-year struggle against the corrupting power of Tyrannon, the Darkmage defeated numerous enemies, sealed dozens of powerful mystic nexi away from Tyrannon, helped contain the elder malevolence of the Wyrm Crown, defeated the Seven Horsemen of the Apocalypse, accidentally unleashed the power of the primordial darkness across the solar system. temporarily became female to give birth to a daughter by Oberon, lord of Faerie, was overwhelmed by Tyrannon’s ever-growing strength, and finally reawakened to voluntarily give up his immortality, sacrificing himself to seal the gateway which Tyrannon had turned his body into. I’m putting up his original character sheet both for the players who continue to adventure in the campaign the Darkmage helped shape and in memory of his player, Clint Thomas Walker, 1980-2008.

Comparitive Kristianity Part II

   Well, despite delays, the original d20 version of Kristin is now up for comparison with the Champions version. Since this is the original, it also includes some of her history and background, unlike the Champions version.  

Comparative Kristianity

   For today and tomorrow, I’ll be posting two versions of Kristin Stanwell – a favorite character of one of the usual players – in both the d20 version (using the rules from Eclipse: The Codex Persona) and the Champions version.  Why? Because (1) the player likes both, (2) its interesting to compare the two, and (3) I couldn’t resist the dreadful pun in the title once it occured to me.

Local Characters

   Sorry, too many of the local players are wanting assistance with their character designs to put anything up here today.