Material for Today

   Well, for today, we have the Conditioning Methods for Shadowrun and the Accelerated Learning in Shadowrun pages. Sadly, thanks to some unexpected guests, the only other thing I’m going to get done today are the link updates. Tomorrow, some more sample Characters for Eclipse: The Codex Persona.

Material for Tonight

   The first thing for the wee hours of the morning is the Spirit Imbuement rules for Shadowrun (and an update on the index page). I’ll see what else I can get up in the morning: perhaps the conditioning methods section as a companion piece.

Shareware Versions Up

   Well, the projects are complete: the shareware version of The Practical Enchanter is now available through OneBookShelf or RPGNow.Com and the shareware version of Eclipse: The Codex Persona should be going up at midnight (where their server is). When it does, I’ll update the link here and on the various sample character pages. I’ll be putting both files into the download box on the lower right as well, but it may take them an hour or so to upload. The links to the direct-publication editions on Lulu.Com have already been posted below; they’re cheaper than the distribution editions since the prices on the direct editions don’t have to compensate for the distributors cuts.

   In any case, it’s now back to posting material. Charles has asked for a bit of the old Shadowrun material – the Aces file and the Spirit Imbuement rules – so I’ll see if I can rummage those out first.

Project Status

   Well, Danielle has some questions for everyone in the Legends of the Five Rings game (see below). After considerable fighting with the various publishing sites, the direct-sale (and thus cheaper) editions of Eclipse: The Codex Persona and The Practical Enchanter are up, as well as the bookmark-indexed versions of both of them (Eclipse Here, Enchanter Here) in electronic form at Lulu. The Shareware versions should be going up at RPGNow.Com shortly: their site apparently doesn’t currently let you determine the link to the product in advance of publication.

   To answer a few questions myself, Fox Clan colors are brown and green, Scorpion is blood red and black, and Dragon is emerald green and yellow. If you want to put in the generic bodyguards, Crab clan is gunmetal gray, blue, and brick red. Okari is from the Kitsune Family. I believe Michio is from the Bayushi family, and Shigure would be from the Shosuro family – if he and his siblings were acknowledged, which they’re not: at the moment they’re Ronin, and so do not have a family.  

Character Artwork

   Hello, people. I hope you all have fun tonight while I try to wrench five pages of enlightening commentary out of “animal-related puns and tangents in Plutarch’s Life of Themistokles“.

   In what’s probably related news, I am going to be doing a group picture of all the current L5R people: that means Okari, Kochige, Shigure, Alex, and Michio (or whatever the hell his name is :p ). So, questions:

   1) What are the Fox Clan’s colors? Scorpion? Dragon is green and gold, right?

   2) Does Shigure normally wear armor? Would his player like to post some kind of description or reference picture or how much does it matter to you? (I’ve seen the one on the character sheet, but I don’t *have* it available, and it’s up to you how much you want me to hold to that, if your mental image differs much.)

   3) See above questions, regarding Ko.

   4) Do the Scorpion Clan masks look like anything specific?

   5) What are Okari and Bland Scorpion Dude’s family names, for certain? (Does Shigure have one?)

The Practical Enchanter

   Today I’ve been setting up The Practical Enchanter and Eclipse: The Codex Persona as Shareware, as well as creating direct-sale print versions of both of them. With any luck, they should be available tomorrow. Unfortunately, as fairly large projects, that means that other entries will non-existent today and relatively sparse tomorrow.

   Still, the Legends of the Five Rings log update is underway. It should be available shortly.

Cross Indexing

   Well, it turns out that most of today’s time has been taken up with indexing the champions sub-pages, since the link list on the left is getting pretty unwieldy. However, they’re now all linked from the Heroica page on the upper tabs; you should be able to find what you want now. I’ll try to get more new material up early tomorrow.

A few good pages

   Well, today we have the champions campaign log update (below) and a page for the full Emergence Campaign Log to make it easier to read in order, Edward Elric, the Full Metal Alchemist as a d20 point-buy character, and Paths of Power available for download both here and in the download box on the lower right.  

Session Nine: The Mandate-Mexican War

   Meanwhile, Darius had finally achieved a golf ball that was only primed when hit and didn’t usually explode until it hit something. Of course Continue reading

Paths of Power

   The Legend of the Five Rings game will be tonight as usual, ergo additional pages and uploads may have to wait until late tonight or early tomorrow morning. In the absence of any current specific requests, I’ll be updating the Champions and Legend of the Five Rings logs, probably giving the Champions log its own page to make it easier to read through, putting up the Paths of Power download – the first .PDF volume in the series that makes up the Complete Paths of Power – and possibly setting up a reviews page and a few more d20 point-buy sample characters.

A Feast of Villainy

   Well, now that Thanksgiving dinner has had a chance to digest, the first things up for today are Nightmare (Terror’s alternate form) and the Future Imperfect page – some of the major turning points that led to the Rise of Fu Leng in the Thousand Years of Darkness possible future for the Legends of the Five Rings campaign. Hopefully the characters will be able to keep him from rising – or at least from winning. I should be able to put up some more stuff later today.

   And now that it’s later, the pages for Thrall, a Lesser Lord of Darkness, the USS Charleston (one of the silliest character designs ever), and Cadmel, an Anime-Style Sorcerer – all d20 point-buy sample designs – are up.

Happy Thanksgiving!

   Well, due to family obligations, unless there’s some more time after dinner, all there’s going to be today is Terror – a vigilante superhero/villian who’s been spreading his influence across Chicago, drastically reducing all crime by inspiring thousands to flee the city while most of the rest of the population cowers indoors to avoid his fearsome patrols. Hopefully, someone will get this point across to him soon.

   Otherwise, in the absence of special requests for schedule changes, it looks like the Legend of the Five Rings game will be on Saturday as usual, continuing with the Yodatai attack on the City of Jewels. Military plans, traps, and precautions are recommended. I’ll try to get the “turning points in the rise of Fu Leng sheet” from the character’s visit to the Thousand Years of Darkness posted sometime late tonight or early tomorrow.

Campaign Logs and Material for Today

   The Legend of the Five Rings campaign log page has been updated to the current session – the Night of a Thousand Knives – and the Champions Campaign Log is already current. The width problem on the various character pages has been corrected, and I’ve added a collection of Arden’s World Tree Spell-Manipulation Effects to the “Other Games” tab, as well as the archives of the old Yahoo World Tree Group, since it looks like it’s pretty well died – and there was some interesting stuff buried in it. I’ll see what else I can add today since it’s still very early: if there are any specific requests, put them on the requests tab.

   Hmm. This blog is now a month old.

   Well, all there was time for was a few new pages – the character sheet for the Demon Cultists, the Prepackaged Spells listing, and the Exile Campaign Package Deals. For ease of use, the Prepackaged Spells and Exile Campaign material is also available in the download box, they’re a part of the Metacreator Files Set 1 package.

   The Champions game tonight will be at 7:00 or thereabouts at the University of Tennessee library, as usual.

World Tree and other material

   Since there seems to be some interest, I’ve put up four additional Magical Techniques, Advanced Great Enchantment, and Vancian Magic for the World Tree (as a .pdf download) in the “Other” games tab (above) and the download box (for the .pdf files) on the lower right. I’ll try to put up some of the spell research and physics pages later on.

   In other news, the White Necromancers player blog went live yesterday, and quite a nice one it is too! It’s linked on the blogroll or you can reach it directly here.

Additional Characters

   I’ve put up pages for the War Zone basic template, the Adolescent Dragon Template (contains campaign spoilers: I recommend that players stay out of this file unless you’re going to play one), the Children of the Silver Twilight (most of the kids at the orphanage), the Horse-Boys (victims of the War God), Hayley, Mina, and Theodore (the lesser werewolves), the Hauntsman’s Shadow Hounds, Stefan, the old version of the Chauffeur (Derrick: e-mail me the new version and I’ll update it), The Hauntsman, Vasilko, the Were Triplets, and the Justifiers Super-Soldiers. Secondarily, I’ve started an “Other Games” page for World Tree and other games and put up the Psychic Powers listing on the White Wolf page. The psychic powers listings were originally for live-action, but the basics will apply in any World of Darkness setting.

Character Sheets and Material

   Since it looks like the editor will accept HTML code after all – or at least the version that MetaCreator puts out – I’m starting to post the various current character sheets under the Hero Groups subpage. The first one up is Ranko, I’ve just added Darius, and there will be some more later tonight.

   To answer an earlier question, yes the Wednesday night game will be on as usual. Since it’s also my birthday, I’m going to order a pizza or something.

Session Eight: Between the Darkness and the Light

   With things relatively quiet for the moment, The Chauffeur settled down to review options with his lawyers, The Hauntsman renewed his stock of ritual invocations and continued his business in the netherworlds, Darius continued teaching, the White Necromancer continued his research, and Ranko found herself at loose ends. Admittedly, the Werewolves were throwing an open party Continue reading

Magic: The Gathering RPG Download

   I’ve put up the Magic: The Gathering Role Playing Game in the download box on the lower right. It was designed about a year and a half ago as a submission to Wizards of the Coast, but – if it was actually looked at – they never expressed an interest. Since a few members of the old playtest group have let their draft files get out, here it is. Who knows? Maybe Wizards of the Coast will see it and decide to pick it up after all (not likely, but we reserve any commercial rights that may apply just in case). Still, the playtesters had a lot of fun with it, we think it’s a nice job, and – for personal use in its current form – it’s entirely free. Go ahead and download it. Leave a comment if you like it: we thrive on attention.

Legend of the Five Rings: Campaign Log Update

   Vortex of Time Series: The Social Whirl, Orrery of Dream, A Pride of Lions, The Paths Beyond, City of Jewels, Sun of the Desert, Night of Ten Thousand Knives. Continue reading

New Material

   I’ve posted the Sparrowhawk Grimoire in the Shadowrun section and put up an indexed, bookmarked, and better-formatted than the blog will allow .PDF version in the download box. The Legend of the Five Rings logs should be updated next.

   It looks like the Legend of the Five Rings game will be on Saturday night, as usual, after all.