In Nomine: Sean Bawn

   One of the players inquired about his character sheet from the old In Nomine game. As it happens, there was a copy (albeit without his detailed equipment list) in the old files, so here it is. The possible upgrades were a result of the human-upgrade rule that was adopted after the first couple of sessions: while the character had been allowed to start with seven forces, that still left him at a major disadvantages compared to the Angel and Demon characters, who started with nine. Ergo, he got the equivalent in bonus experience points (in his case, 20 CP). That still left humans with a modest disadvantage since the base CP allotment was 4 per force, but at least they weren’t totally crippled. Offhand, I don’t recall which improvement package – if any – Mr Bawn decided on, so I’m simply including all the ones I suggested.

Sean Bawn

   Human, Base of 7 Forces and 28 CP + 20 CP Bonus



















Mind Hits











Soul Hits


   Combat Statistics: Melee Dodge: +19, Ranged Dodge +15, Armor (- to be hit, + armor), Punch Attack 3-, Power -3, Throwing 18-, Hits 40.

   Artifacts (5):

  • Lesser Talisman of the Wind (+3 Throwing, 6), May be worn and used in a completely hidden way (3), User does not regain essence normally (it’s actually siphoned off to the “magic item shop” over in the d20 territories of the marches, -3), User must already have throwing at 4+ (-1). Net 5.

   Discord (-32):

  • Four-Colored Glasses-4 (Ethereal, -8): Sees the universe as simple dichotomies and absolutes (Good vs. Evil, Us vs. Them). The character may make a will roll to deal with ambiguity, but will dislike it exceedingly. The higher the level, the sharper the dividing line and the more everyone else will think you’re nuts (roll Perception + Level for them to notice). Likely reactions include 1-2) unmerciful mockery, 3) trying to lock him up for his own protection, 4) trying to use him as a tool, 5) attempting useless explanations, and 6) attempting to avoid the obvious lunatic.
  • Bold-4 (Ethereal, -8): He has little or no sense of self-preservation in the face of demons and major supernatural menaces and will need to make a (perception – discord level/2) check to even try to behave sensibly about it.
  • Heroic Code-4 (Ethereal, -12): He will not do anything ignoble, or unheroic, kill a human or any “helpless” opponent, or even severely injure a human if he can possibly help it. He doesn’t attack first, strike from ambush, or otherwise take unfair advantage. Of course, he will not allow the bad guys to get away with anything if he can possibly stop them.
  • Guilt-4 (Ethereal, -4): He feels very guilty about his past misdeeds, and will go to great lengths to try to make amends by rescuing and protecting everyone else.

   Skills (40): Acrobatics (Agi) +4, Dodge (Agi) +6, Driving (Pre) +2, Engineering (Pre) +2, Escape (Agi) +4, Fast Talk (Will) +2, Lockpicking (Pre) +4, Move Silently (Agi) +4, Psychic Shield (Will) +5, Slight of Hand (Pre) +1, Throwing (Agility) +6

   Vessel (6): Free Human Vessel (L3 base, +2 levels [6])

   Self-Improvement (6): +2 Str (6).

   Equipment (0): Light kevlar, some throwing knives, and a selection of normal items – watch, cell phone, wallet, credit cards, pocket multitool, clothing, shoes, ordinary car, and all the assorted appurtenances of having a life.

   This leaves 23 points and 8 experience unspent.

Possible things to buy:

  • Shapeshifter Package (20 Points)
    • Attunement/Piercing the Veil (5): May switch vessels with a shapeshifting skill check without spending essence. Roll at -2 to shift without taking a round.
    • Attunement/The Strength Within (5): All vessels get (Corporeal Forces/2 free levels)
    • Attunement/Fires of Peruza (5): All vessels get [Celestial Forces] points of free improvements.
    • Additional +2 Strength (Gets Corporeal Forces up to 4, 6. Also saves 6 points on base vessel, for a net cost of zero)
    • Shapeshifting Skill +5 (5): Based on Will, this skill is used by mortals to change vessels.
    • Additional Vessels (0): All at L2, +2 points improvements (Free): Falcon [Flight, Improved Eyesight, Wolf [Hypersensitive Nose, Natural Weapons], Chameleon [Wall-Crawling, Camouflage], Reptile-Man [or werewolf or whatever, Natural Armor 1, Natural Weapons at +1 Accuracy and Power], Dolphin [Sonar, Swimming], etcetera.
  • Demon-Harasser Package (10 Points)
    • Song-4 Shields/Corporeal: Raises a force field in a 4-foot radius for (CD + Cor. Forces) rounds.
    • Song-4 Rune of Light: A variant on Numinous Corpus/Tongue. Allows the user to hurl glowing blades made of light with the same effect [Power +1, Accuracy +2, may opt to do Mind hits at level 4+], but only works on demons, hellsworn, and undead. On the other hand, it has a better range, since it uses the Throwing skill instead of Fighting.
    • Song Mastery/Rune of Light and Shields/Corporeal (2): This provides a +2 bonus on the check digit of the relevant song. This is equivalent to buying a rating-1 in the other two aspects of a song only for the purposes of raising the check digit (-1 point). It is not cumulative with the bonus for actually having either or both of the other two versions, but does count towards the cost of purchasing them if the character later does so. This may be bought for any song.
    • This package won’t kill demons – or anyone else – but it can drive them insane.
  • Ally of Dreams (10 Points)
    • “Servants” (5x L1)): Assorted ethereal creatures who hang around to help him out. They’re all ranked at 4 (5 Forces, +4 CP) but don’t pay any attention to his “orders”. They do what they want, and so are purchased at level 1 (2 points each). These include a unicorn (fair healing abilities), a winged horse (very fast), a small gossipy dragon (very good senses), a magical rabbit (with a fair selection of songs), and a bouncy thieving ferret (quite good at sneaking and spying).
  • Batman Package (15 Points)
    • Attunement/Pocket of the Void (5): May store up to 250 lb of material in dimensional pockets.
    • Attunement/Water Flowing (5): Sense things within 30 feet, +2 bonus to dodge check digit.
    • Fighting Skill +5 (5).

New Song: Numinous Corpus/Adrenalin

   A variant on Numinous Corpus/Tail. It allows an extra attack with any weapon (At accuracy -4/ -3/-2/-1/0/+1 at levels 1/2/3/4/5/6. While it allows an attack of any type, it does not add to the power of those attacks. This song is normally restricted to humans; they’re the only ones who respond to adrenalin naturally.

2 Responses

  1. Ah yes, that was much more badass than my character actually was. Unfortunately, Sean bawn never really got the chance to stretch his abilities, so it was rather moot.

  2. Well, I don’t believe the original had nearly that much discord to get extra points from – but this was a possible upgraded version and it seemed to fit the character nicely.

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