Exalted – Cinamistics: The Blessings of the Silver Screen

Bullet Time

Yes, this is what you've been dreaming of.

Dreams have power. Where many dream as one, where the wyld energies hidden in the depths of each soul show forth, the energies of dream may flow forth into cold creation and there coalesce – becoming a gossamer talisman, a minor artifact of dream made manifest.

A Shard of Dream.

When someone immerses themselves in the source dream, where that flame burns pure, such a talisman may be drawn to a host – imbuing that individuals life with some portion of the power of dream.

Once such devices were rare; they might, perhaps, be spawned by oft-repeated religious tales, or by myths of culture heroes, or by those plays that everyone knew – but it require repetition across centuries, and exposure to millions of dreamers who – for an hour or so – lost themselves in tales of something greater than themselves.

In the modern world they may coalesce in mere days; a movie premier, or “television event”, or “true life story” may be viewed by millions within mere hours – seen in detail, and in complete consistency, and over and over again…

Cinema Mysticism – Cinamystics – is alive and well.

Shard of Dream Artifact Design: Power-8, Usefulness-2 (it would be higher, but “once per scene” on their powers is pretty limiting), Plot Impact 1 (the effects of these artifacts are pretty minor on the Exalted scale), Script Immunity 4 (since these things become an aspect of your mind, they can’t be taken away – although they can be temporarily suppressed by appropriate unnatural mental influences), Components -1 (a dream shared by millions), Troublesome -2 (it constantly attracts situations related to it’s source material). Total = 12, 12/4 = Artifact ***

Powers: 2x Class-B, 8x Class-A

  • Self-Powered (Class-B): Cinamystic “Artifacts” require no motes to attune – and, for that matter, cannot be forcibly deattuned.
  • Cinamystic “Thaumaturgy” Effects stack with other effects (Class-B)

Each Cinamystical Shard of Dream has eight high-end thaumaturgical effects associated with it, each of which may be invoked without cost once per scene. While these vary – the powers of a Romantic Comedy shard are very different from those of an Action Hero shard – most players are more interested in the energetic stuff. Ergo, here are some samples...

  1. Acrobatic Excess: The user can avoid all damage from a fall or impact against a large object, run up a stream of falling rocks. Or otherwise move up to twice his or her running movement rate in a single telekinetically-assisted instant.
  2. Berserker: When wounded to a penalty of -1 or greater you may go berserk. This lasts for one minute and provides +2 Str, +2 Dex, and reduces wound penalties by two. Unfortunately, neither retreat nor tactics will enter your head while your adrenalin is pumping.
  3. Bullet Time: The user may reduce the final damage he or she takes from any attack by three levels. While this may represent evasion, it can also cover chance interventions, bullets being deflected by something in your pocket, or simply toughing it out. Injuries resulting from partially negated attacks will never become infected or cause bleeding.
  4. Catchphrase: As a part of a stunt you may utter a good line – preferably one of your own, but a famous quote will do – and thus make your stunt seem much cooler than it actually is, gaining +1 die. If this takes it up to four dice, you may gain both willpower and motes from it.
  5. Cut Scene: The user has a clairvoyant flash, seeing something that may be far distant in space or time. Sadly, the focus of the vision is entirely up to the game master, although it usually focuses on something important to the character.
  6. Dramatic Monologue: You may make an lengthy speech in between the ticks of the clock. It cannot be supplemented by charms, but your basic die pool is fully effective. This is fundamentally an illusion that produces the impression that you gave such a speech – but in memory, an impression is as good as the reality.
  7. Flashback: The user may describe a scene of training, an inspirational encounter, or a scene that provides a major motivational boost (often the good old “You killed them! You killed them all!” routine) – gaining +3d on a roll and reducing it’s target number by three. This does not require an action, does not count as dice added by a charm, and takes no time.
  8. Instant Makeover: You may change your outfit, hair, and makeup however you please in a mere instant.
  9. Multiple Angle Shot: One of your successful attacks inflicts damage twice over again. The two “extra attacks” each inflict 9L piercing damage, and may be directed against any valid target within twenty feet of the original. You may thus kick someone so hard that he smashes into two of his friends, hammer your original target, shoot through someone to hit someone behind them, and so on.
  10. Supporting Cast: That survivalist nut who runs a gun shop. The depressed old guy at the bar. The two annoyingly oblivious tourists. The paperboy with the skateboard. Whatever set of stock characters you usually play off against will be drawn to you if you spend very long in one place and it’s remotely feasible – and, if not, you will run into near-dopplegangers of them on a regular basis. While YOU can only trigger such an encounter once every few scenes, the game master is not so limited.
  11. The FX is In: The area will undergo a sudden upheaval; flammable or explosive items will burst into flames or explode, smoke will pour out, there will be groaning metal, collapsing ceilings, breaking windows, and similar problems as all inanimate objects in the immediate vicinity are subjected to magical attacks. This is very dramatic and makes for a great backdrop.
  12. Zoom In: The user may describe how a single attack focuses on a particularly vulnerable or unprotected area. It gains +3 levels of damage, the Piercing quality, and may be rerolled if it misses.

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