L5R: The Mountain Heart School

   Today we have a slightly-tweaked player-proposed school – one designed to give a powerful earth mage a serious boost.

   Most earth-focused Shugenja concentrate on the defensive, purifying, and practical arts. Some, however, feel the outrage of the earth at the violations of extra-dimensional forces and intruders, and become channels for it’s wrath. Such are the students of the Mountain Heart Yamabushi School – the mystic wardens of the Earth. Unlike most schools, however, the Mountain Heart school is less than exclusive: anyone who hears the outrage of the Earth is welcome within their ranks.

   Mountain Heart Yamabushi, Advanced Shugenja (technically Courtier) School

   Requirements; Spellcasting Rank 3+, Earth Affinity, Earth 4+, Spellcraft 4+, Swords 4+, Battle 3+, Defense 3+, Meditation 3+, and accepting the obligation to defend Ningen-Do against extra-dimensional incursions.

   First Technique/The Mountain Rises: You are infused with the elemental power of the earth, and are defended by it. You gain an additional affinity with earth magic (5), may add (Earth x 2) to rolls to resist poisons, diseases, and harmful spell effects (10), and may spend a void point to cast a spell while remaining on Full Defense (5).

   Second Technique/The Mountain Endures: The endurance of the earth is now yours. Double the base wounds in each of your wound ranks (15) and – as a side benefit – when you are targeted by a spell you may raise or lower it’s target number by 5 (5).

   Third Technique/The Mountain Conquers: You are now a channel for the wrath of the earth, and sometimes must struggle to hold back it’s vast power when it wishes to pour itself through you and strike down some menace. You gain an additional spellcasting action each round for casting earth spells only (10), gain [(Rank – 4) x 5] Magic Resistance to spells cast by opponents who are contaminated by malignant extra-dimensional energies (5), and gain (Void) free raises when casting earth spells (5).

   Fourth Technique/The Mountains Strength: As you are open to the earth, so can it absorb and harmlessly dissipate unnatural forces which would otherwise infect you and protect you against the backlash of failed magic. You gain Immunity to contamination by malignant extra-dimensional energies (Taint, Mischief, Etcetera, 10). Any Earth spells you attempt to cast are still cast even if any raises made fail if the basic roll would have been high enough for that if no raises had been declared (10).

   Fifth Technique/The Mountains Heart: You have touched the inward serenity of the earth, your pulse beats in time with the heart of the world, and your spirit is forged in it’s fiery heart. It’s power pours through you, to transform and awaken what you touch. You may easily forge stone and iron into near-indestructible crystal, and may transform the resulting objects into Nemuraanai without difficulty – albeit at the usual XP cost (10). Secondarily, you may subtract your (Willpower + 5) from the wounds you take from any attack, to a minimum of zero (10).

   The Mountain Heart School makes it’s practitioners extraordinarily tough and grants them – if they are sensible enough to pay the raises for casting their earth spells without using a spell slot – near-limitless use of basic earth magic and/or the ability to cast higher-level spells quickly, easily, and with several raises behind them. On the other hand, given that a character would have to be of the seventh or eighth rank to complete the school, and will have to keep on spending points on it as well as on spells and spellcasting, that’s probably appropriate enough.


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