Character Lists

   To continue with the character lists, here we have another set from an old campaign. Why bother? Why not? This sort of thing is always good for ideas.


  • Aldhere Durnholtson; The Wanderer, a semi-immortal elemental mage.
  • Amos Smith; Dwarvish master metalworker. Now studying oriental swordsmithing under the dragon T’een Ling.
  • Harald Isengrim; (Ironheart); A talented necromancer.
  • Icarus; Greek priest-mage and master enchanter.
  • Meroflede; A six-year-old innocent. Apparently being sold has activated some weird talent that makes it quite impossible to punish, attack, or even disillusion her. Somehow you just can’t do it. Fortunately, she’s utterly sweet, nice, and obliging. She tends to follow everybody around unless specifically told not to. She likes dogs.
  • Mikan Obric, alias “Kheldar”; A grandmaster archer.
  • Tedrin O’Lynn; Half-elven “child” and gypsy “prince”.
  • Vanyel; A werewolf shamanic trainee, (See also; Garm, Rikan, Denotak, John Smith, Zeikel, and Crimson Fang).

   Major Character Associates:

  • Adrianna; Barmaid/bouncer, honorary Knight Of Mitra – and a quick hand with a knife.
  • Alric; Once Amos’s pageboy, now a promising warrior and possessed of a powerful mnemonic talent. He’s served by Theo, a roman slaveboy and would-be blacksmith, and is the son of Baron Tevril (QV).
  • Connor; Aldhere’s Scottish apprentice / follower. He recently bought his freedom, but insists on coming along anyway. Aldhere still insists that he stay out of fights and such. He’s currently quite wealthy.
  • Dema; A young roman slavegirl, Connor’s concubine.
  • Joannina; Icarus’s roman slave-concubine.
  • Kurbin; An African assassin, who (considering Africa’s tendencies towards spirit-magic) may still be lurking around trying to finish his mission despite being dead.
  • Master Sun Dao; A monk from Wu originally on a survey mission for Lord Havara. He was teaching for his ransom, but apparently sacrificed himself in battle with Isengar
  • Nicophor; Icarus’s roman slaveboy. An ex-street urchin
  • Orealis; An extremely tough immortal roman gladiator.
  • Passa; Aldhere’s slave-concubine, a merchant’s daughter from Tingis (He bet far too much. He’s been sold).

   Denmarik Political Notables:

  • Baron Arwold; A rather generous and responsible man, probably Gerad’s father.
  • Baron Seganvil; Kathrina’s fiancee, has estates down near frankish gual.
  • Baron Pentwell; A very ambitious nobleman who entered several knights in the kings special tournament.
  • Baron Lothar; An old friend of Amos’s who has a young son (currently about nine).
  • Baron Tevril; A ruthless and rather superstitious lord, who likes to burn “witches”. Alric’s father.
  • Count Vicerock; Noted at the tournament.
  • Earl Drakus Of Garsavin; An utter bastard assassinated by Mikan.
  • Earl Treadmoor Of Garsavin; Heir To Earl Drakus – and something of a fop.
  • Jadawin; A sensory-adept, King of Denmarik.
  • John Laurendell; Commander of the Verden city guard and an old friend of Amos’s (from they were both pages).
  • Kane; A skinny (and rather acrobatic) farmboy – now a knight of the kings personal guard.
  • Kathrina was “rescued” (purchased) from the Goths – and didn’t want to follow her fathers plan to marry one. She wanted a Denmarik Lord instead. The group arranged it.
  • Sir Penworthy; Court herald and chief of protocol – a fairly nice fellow who feels that everyone has the right of self-defense. He tends to ignore daggers when enforcing weapons bans.

   Some Supernatural Beings:

  • “Jared”; A major spirit of flame.
  • Anorhisimir (“Sunmist Jewel”); An elvish woman – once married to Lord Vince and currently involved with Jadawin. This doesn’t sit well with Lord Vince.
  • Ansovald; Victim of a powerful, ancient, curse, the “Eternal Warrior” embodies both the best and the worst of the warrior stereotype.
  • Astbilan; Spawn of Jared, a “child of the flame”, now (for some arcane reason) growing up in a human body.
  • Bartia’n; A merman, usually in the Atlantic deeps.
  • Crimson Fang; An ancestor spirit of Vanyel’s – a wild werewolf and a high level berserker.
  • Dargaroth; An archdemon and creator of vampires.
  • Denotak; Apparently an “elemental”storm spirit associated with the great red spot of Jupiter.
  • Dernaidan; An ice-jotun mage – currently being turned into a sword by Aldhere and Harald.
  • Freki and Geri; Aldhere’s friendly wolf-spirits.
  • Garm; A major wolf-spirit – now possessed of a mortal werewolf-body (and a minor link to Aldhere).
  • Isengar; A powerful ice jotun, slain by Master Sun.
  • John Smith/Eitri The Crafter; Amos’s deceased father. John still commands both formidable knowledge, and various earth-powers, although he has to “work” through Vanyel.
  • Kephrill; An ogre currently “allied” with Denmarik.
  • Loretaureor (Golden Forest Spirit); Tedrin’s mother and a formidable healer, nature mage, and seductress.
  • Mitra; God of fertility and war.
  • Rikan; Vanyel’s allied spider-spirit. He bestows web-magic and can make things grow enormously.
  • Senare’; A reincarnating guardian of man, Senare is currently the high priest of Ra. 50’ish, but really 92
  • Sigmund; A “primordial power” dating back more then a billion years, Sigmund is a Celestial – and apparently the “ultimate ancestor” of every human immortal.
  • Sognirbal (Roaring Forge); A dwarf (or perhaps an ogre) who, along with some Africans, associates with Leareth.
  • T’een Ling; An ancient air dragon, and classic “ancient master”, he only has a few millennia left – and is teaching Amos the art of swordsmithing. He’s a taoist master, and is immensely skilled in a wide variety of oriental arts.
  • Tremere; A dwarven smith who had a shop in Africa but is currently busy climbing up from the earth’s core.
  • Zeikel; A minor demon of elemental ice and winter.

   In The Church Of Mitra:

  • David Halden; The Defender Of The Faith
  • Jonathen, Stanfor, and Tavrin – Knights Of Mitra from the quests for the Tomb and Shield.
  • Michal, Obrick, and Karinwell – Knights Of Mitra from the trip to Africa.
  • Orliss, Bishop of Exeter; A commander of the warrior- order of the Knights Of Mitra.


  • “BK”; The stealthy teleporter, an agent (and probably a son) of Leareth the Immortal, now an associate.
  • “Dernleod The Eternal”; One of the most ancient among the immortals, Dernleod is approximately a billion years old, and has never chosen to forget and take a new form. Fortunately, he’s also fairly pleasant and reasonable – at least partly because he knows that constant arguement is futile when you’re all immortal.
  • “Inferno”; This curious flame spirit claims to be the “King Of The MicroElementals!”. It currently lives under Vanyel’s collar as an allied spirit. (It’s “mom” had sent it to “visit the earth plane”, but it got lost.)
  • “Madness”; This minor demon has chosen to give Vanyel the powers of madness and chaos magic. If Aldhere catches up with it, he’s likely to wring it’s nonexistent neck.
  • “Ted”; Representative of the “Infernal Revenue Service” (Some sort of cosmic thing responsible for adjusting any discrepancies arising from dimensional travel), “Ted” is a nasty looking, but actually quite friendly and helpful fellow – even if that does go a bit “beyond his orders”.
  • “Thud The Barbarian”; An ancestral spirit of Vanyels, and something of an stereotype. He may well be a nexus, rather then somebody who actually lived.
  • Akinsanya; An apprentice witch doctor and the last of his tribe. If he’s survived at all, he’s probably pushed himself far beyond the usual limits to do it.
  • Ameare; An immortal destiny-weaver – and something of a pest. Reasonably friendly – but very much inclined to arrange things to suit himself.
  • Ansovald and Regonthe; An older pair of Werewolves whom Aldhere recognized as descendants of his – and made sure to hide from Vanyel’s little intimidation-rampage.
  • Apollo/Anchisus; The most recent heir to the power of Apollo, the archer Anchisus has only been a god for some 95 years. He’s currently equipped with some protective and automatic-healing devices, courtesy of Aldhere.
  • Aunt Ethnaril; Vanyel’s elderly, deceased, aunt. An excellent cook, but she has a thing about doctors.
  • Balorak; The first jotun to visit the core of the sun
  • Bridmilis; Vanyel’s second surviving slave concubune, a 15-year-old werebitch. Also uses contraceptive charms, but very proud of how strong and healthy her sons are.
  • Brigid and Ailin; Aldhere’s current concubines (Passa couldn’t adjust to magic – and so was settled on someone), of Gothic and Irish extraction respectively. Brigid got into serious trouble at home, while Ailin was apparently sold as a result of raiding/politics, and was expensive.
  • Captain Vara; An amazonian female trader who usually operates out of Tingis.
  • Darn Vernack; A formidable gothic seacaptian / trader
  • Deorred; A member of the jotun council and apparently a true illusionist, Deorred found it impossible to believe that everything was falling apart on them – and so refused to flee. He’s either dead or in a private pocket realm.
  • Donnar; Aldhere’s oldest surviving son, and apparently the only one so far to inherit immortality. Donnar has considerable power as a storm master and warrior, “wears” psychic “combat armor” – and is trying to become a god.
  • Earl Lancora (of frankish gaul); Sponsored raids into Denmarik and the gothic states until Mikan killed him.
  • Ehlissa The Nightengale; While technically a “magical artifact”, Ehlissa used to be a more-or-less human mage, at least until she lost a magical duel. Currently she’s a helpful, spell-casting, bird-construct.
  • Gaius Blaesus; A roman senator, and an open-minded one. He may be a “sponsor” of the Imperial Academy, or he may have motives of his own for persuing arcane lore. In any case, he certainly has influence.
  • Gara; Aldhere’s housekeeper in Denmarik, a nice – and apparently very competent – person. She’s also currently the headmistress of Aldhere’s street-urchin Academy.
  • Gerad; This burly peasant woodsman is probably a bastard son of Baron Arwold
  • Gorhen Earthshaker; A dying ogre who helped deal with the ice jotun. He hasn’t long to go – even if Denotak’s planetary-scale thunderbolt didn’t take him out.
  • Governor Gorgidus; The roman overlord of Tingis – and a very disgusting person. Fortunately, he can be bribed. Unfortunately, he likes to take the bribes in small boys to abuse – and seems to be very well established.
  • Guthbrego; An ice jotun general now “exiled” to Gany- mede. While very powerful, he’s still going to burn out as the peak of the energy cycle arrives since his supply of spare ice jotun bodies has been destroyed.
  • Hamdir; A thirteen-year-old werewolf village boy whom Vanyel beat into submission with extreme ease.
  • Herewalda; A powerful, egotistical, necromancer – and a most unpleasant person. Incidentally, a blood-mage – and probably an immortal or in the service of one.
  • Isengar; An ice jotun leader, detonated by Master Sun
  • Isilcirya; Originally a messenger-microelemental, and doomed, like most such beings, to a lifespan of minutes, Isilcirya was “bitten” by Vanyel’s inflationary spider and stabilized at might 12.
  • Jason; An eight-year-old urchin and recent orphan. Now working for Aldhere on his estate in Denmarik.
  • Leareth; A black magus (or at least a minor one who’s managed to get hold of some major artifacts), who wanted Mikan to kill Sigmund. An eccentric immortal.
  • Lord Vince; An immortal, and apparently some kind of wizard, he’s very upset with King Jadawin of Denmarik – who eloped with Anorhisimir, his elvish wife.
  • Lou Kang; An oriental slave-gladiator from Tingis – a master of Tiger Style Kung Fu.
  • Lukas; Some sort of disembodied alien intellect, with considerable telekinetic, telepathic, and life-energy manipulating, psychic powers. One of Vanyel’s contacts.
  • Marcus Scarus; A most unusual roman tribune, equipped with sensitivity to psychic (and possibly mystic) forces – as well as a willingness to admit they exist. He may be an agent of the Imperial Academy, or simply be trying to monitor the movement of such things through Tingis
  • Mord; A descendent of Aldhere’s from among a pirate crew. Unlike the rest of the pirates, he was sent home to his family (three daughters and a son) with a selection of presents.
  • Morfion Luath; A northern ship designer, who seems to be brilliant and creative – as well as having some kind of hyperspeed talent. He’s currently a draftee on a quest for some chalice in northern africa.
  • Morithil; A nasty, catlike, werebeast from Africa who uses some unpleasant empyrean magic. Possibly a shaman.
  • Osbrand/Dernaidan; An ex-jotun – now a “human” master of fire magic / magician, possessed of vast supernatural vitality and a multi-thousand-year lifespan. Last seen on his way south to someplace warmer.
  • Osric; One of Aldhere’s sons, a notable roman officer and psychic who’s swallowed most of the roman line, and thus believes that Aldhere’s a monster.
  • Philipus; A youthful pickpocket with connections to a nest of vampires and the Tingis city guard. Currently a language teacher at Aldhere’s Academy.
  • Ral’Kiel’Rion; A powerful and nasty huntsman, to whom Amos currently owes a good magical weapon or item.
  • Ramhal; A jotun mage and high councillor. Now exiled to Ganymede.
  • Remus; A lunatic, roman, disciplinarian, ship-captain
  • Samuel; An eleven-year-old street urchin, now working for Aldhere. A skillful sneak-thief, with lots of street connections and a fast hand with a dagger. His sister is currently working as Mikan’s housemaid, and caring for her infant son.
  • Sarish; A drunken seacaptian who usually operates out of Tingis, apparently an expatriate irishman.
  • Secontius; A minor greek/roman mage type, once linked to Sigmund, now retired on Aldhere’s advice.
  • Sexitus and Corvus Marcillus; A boy with much too big a mouth, Sexitus wanted to go into politics and become emperor – and let people know it. His family had held the job a few emperors back. His father sold him to protect the rest of the family – but Aldhere resold him to his uncle down the coast.
  • Sigurd Donnarsen; A young werewolf boy and a recent son of Donnars. Aldhere gave him some presents and made sure that Vanyel didn’t bother him.
  • Stonehenge; The meeting place for the true immortals, and a powerful consciousness in it’s own right. Since it’s in contact with Vanyel, he now gets to vote.
  • Tariqq; An urchin who tried to pick Aldhere’s pockets while he was in Mirak. He’s now apprenticed to Viridovix (Aldhere paid the apprenticeship fee).
  • Teranth Kore ; Vanyel’s deceased father. Not a very nice fellow, and one who’d actually prefer to see his son beaten into submission/eaten by something nasty.
  • The Huntsmen; Noxious aliens who like insanely-dangerous areas, such as Africa.
  • The Weasel Totem; This particular being seems to have taken an interest in Aldhere and Vanyel. It has a primary link with Vanyel – and a secondary one with Aldhere.
  • Thialfi; A message-runner who warned several villages of the approaching ice jotun. He stayed too long in the last, and was caught and impaled with the villagers. The group managed to heal him – and sent him on to Pau Tang, where it was safe.
  • Thyri; A very silly human girl, who wanted to come as Vanyel’s concubine. She wound up a slavegirl and died in childbirth.
  • Trandil Kormakson; A gothic pirate who proved impervious to slavebinding. He was sold in Tingis – but might make a re-appearance sometime.
  • Ulfara; A thirteen-year-old werewolf slave and Vanyel’s first concubine. Now uses contraceptive charms, as she’s not too eager to bear more of Vanyel’s kids. The first set led to too many burials.
  • Vargave; While Aldhere isn’t sure what’s going on, it seems that Donkey’s either share a mass mind or this one is a body-shifter or something – as it remembers getting eaten on the trip to Africa. It also teleports, and has some sort of luck talent with ramifications. Why it hangs around Connor is quite unknown, but it mindspeaks.
  • Veronas Werelord; Immortal creator/master/incarnation of the Werewolves. Oddly enough, he’s fairly reasonable, and plans for the long term – but he’s still ambitious and domineering. Currently locked in for a millennia or so of combat against a werewolf-pack, since they’re all drawing on each others power.
  • Viridovix; A skillful tailor in Mirak who takes great pride in his work. Aldhere spent a refreshing day making cloaks with him. It was very relaxing.
  • Ymir; The immortal leader of the ice jotun, possessed of vast powers of winter magic. Ymir refused to flee to Ganymede with his staff, and was apparently forced to seek “rebirth” after being vaporized by Denotak’s strike.
  • Yngvar; An annoying ship-captain, possessed of both a version of Seamastery and of sea-adaption. He may want his boat back, but is ultimately a realist.

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