Charles Stevenson

   Charles Stevenson was a master martial artist from the DarkWeird campaign, and – unfortunately – one of the more unstable characters involved. He’s also very focused: he does have a few “supernatural martial arts abilities” available, but the player wanted to avoid the underlying mysticism of the DarkWeird setting as much as possible – which made for some difficulties. As usual for the DarkWeird Campaign, he was created using d20 Point Buy from Eclipse: The Codex Persona (available in print Here and in a shareware editon Here) with some material from The Practical Enchanter (available in print Here and in a shareware edition Here).


Charles Stevenson

   Martial Artist, C’hi and Atemi Master. Darkweird Campaign; Level 5 Human.

   Racial Bonuses: Human. +1 Feat (Adept: Martial Arts Skills, 6 CP), Fast Learner (Specialized in Martial Arts Skills, +2 SP/Level, 6 CP), 1/2 Die Personal Mana (3 CP).

   Level Based Bonuses: +1 Str (L4), L1 and L3 Feats

   Disadvantages: Restrictions (Cannot learn spellcasting or major psionics due to race, +1 CP/Level), Broke (Fast food worker), Blocked (Ritual or “True” magic), and Unluck (Total +10 CP). Totals: 144 CP (Base) + 10 (Disadvantages) + 1/Level (Restriction) + 2/Level for Mana (Fast Learner) = 169 CP. Experience: 2 CP

    Basic Attributes: Strength 18/+4, Dexterity 16 (18/+4), Constitution 14/+2, Intelligence 12 (14/+2), Perception 11/+0, Charisma 11/+0.

Warcraft +3 BAB (18 CP) + 3 BAB only in Unarmed Combat (Specialized, 9 CP).


  • Reflex +2 (purchased, 6 CP) +2 (constitution) + 2 (resistance)

  • Fortitude: +2 (purchased, 6 CP) +2 (constitution) +2 (resistance)

  • Willpower +1 (purchased, 3 CP) +0 (wisdom) +2 (resistance)

Hit Dice: L1 d12 (8 CP), L2-5 d6 (8 CP), Total HP 42

Move 60

Initiative +4

Armor Class: 10 (Base) + 4 (Dexterity) + 4 (Mage Armor) = 18 + Current form modifier

Proficiencies: Simple and Common Martial Arts Weapons (6 CP)

Languages (3): English, Japanese, Mandarin

Combat Information:

  • Unarmed/Crane Style: +11/+11/+6, 1d10+4 Lethal or Stun, Crit 20/x2, AC 19

  • Unarmed/Drunken Fist Style: +10/+10/+5, 1d6+4 Lethal or Stun, Crit 20/x2, AC 22

  • Unarmed/Wind Dance: +10/+10/+5, 1d6 Lethal, Crit 20/x2, AC 20.

  • Shortsword/Phantom Blade: +9/+9, 5′ Reach, 1d12+4 Lethal or Stun, Crit 19-20/x2, AC 18

   Attack Breakdown: +3 BAB or +6 BAB unarmed,+4 Strength, plus modifiers per martial art in use. One bonus attack in full attack due to Personal Haste.

Level-Based Feats (0 CP)

  • L1) Fast Learner, specialized in Mana (+2 CP/Level)

  • L3) Rite of C’hi with Bonus Uses: Specialized, requires at least a half hour of meditation. Regain 1d6 mana/use, 5 uses/day.

Other Abilities (96): Limit 60 CP + 10 (Disadvantages) + 5/Level for Mana + 1/Level (Restriction) = 100

  • Mana/C’hi Development (30 CP + 3 from Race): 32 Mana (This received a bonus due to the local World Laws).

  • Innate Enchantment/Intense Training (Corrupted: not in armor, 6 CP): +2 Dex (1400), +2 Intelligence (1400), Shi Jin (Mage Armor, 1400 GP), Chao Jin (Personal Haste [+30′ movement, +1 attack at full BAB when taking a full attack action], 2000 GP), C’hi Mastery (+3 competence bonus on all Martial Arts skills, 1400), Resistance (+2 on all saves, 1400 GP). Total 9000 GP value.

  • Inherent Spell/C’hi Mastery (16 CP): (2 Mana per use, Caster Level = Level. Corrupted: not usable while wearing armor or unable to move freely, 2/3’rds cost): C’hi Block (a one-round Wall of Force effect, L3), Fist Gesture (Enervation, L4), Flash Step (Dimension Door, but with no disorientation, L5), and Golden Armor (Globe of Invulnerability, L6).

  • Reflex Training (Corrupted: not while in armor, 4 CP): May use defensive Inherent Spells once per round as immediate actions

  • Reflex Training (Corrupted: not while in armor, 4 CP): May make up to (Dex Mod + 1) attacks of opportunity in a round.

  • Grant of Aid with +2 Bonus Uses (9 CP): Automatically heals 1d8+5 damage or 1d3 attribute damage or 1 negative level (Level/3 + 2) times per day. This does not require an action: it functions automatically when needed.

  • Block (Melee and Missile, Corrupted: not while in armor, Missile Block Specialized: not versus bullets or energy weapons, 6 CP): May block up to 60 points of damage using an AOE and a DC 20 reflex save.

  • Trick/Atemi Mastery (18 CP): All effects 3/Day, Specialized (Only usable with successful unarmed HTH strikes but causes no HP damage. Costs 1 Mana for each attempt. Half cost) and Corrupted (Each is a full attack option, 2/3’rds cost). Save DCs are (10 + Dex Mod + Level/2, currently 16). Known Abilities: Death (lose consciousness in 2 rounds, kills in 10 rounds without proper medical attention), Paralysis (lasts 3d6 Minutes), Knockout (lasts 3d6 Minutes), C’hi Block (blocks use of spellcasting and psionics for 3d6 hours), Withering Palm (dissipates victims Mana reserves; they must recover normally), Crippling (renders a limb unusable for 3d6 days), Pain (victim is at -6 on all rolls for 2d4 hours, this can be used for interrogation), Dazing (victim “loses” 1d4+1 rounds without being aware of it), and Amnesia (victim loses his or her memory for 3d6 hours, even after recovery 1d4 hours just before the strike will remain blank).

  • Martial Arts (3 CP): Considered Armed when using unarmed combat, inflicts 1d4 lethal damage in HTH.

Skill Points 11 CP + 16 SP (Fast Learner) + 16 SP (Cunning) = 43 SP.

Skill S.P. Base Att. Other Net
Balance 5 5 4 +9
Climb 2 2 4 +6
Escape Artist 2 2 4 +6
Hide 7 7 4 +11
Knowledge/Streets 2 2 2 +4
Move Silently 7 7 4 +11
Treat Injury 2 2 2 +4
Martial Arts Skills:
Drunken Fist 4* 8 4 3 +15
Crane Style Kung Fu 4* 8 4 3 +15
Phantom Blade 4* 8 4 3 +15
Wind Dance 4* 8 4 3 +15

    *Half cost due to Adept. 


Martial Arts Form Abilities

   While only one form may be used at a time, switching forms is a free action during your action. When not in combat Stevenson usually defaulted to the Wind Dance form; it helped him avoid being surprised.

  • Crane Style (Str): +1 AC, 1d10 Damage, +1 To Hit, +2 Synergy bonus to Balance, Breaking (Adds your martial arts skill to the check instead of your Str Mod when attempting to destroy objects), Whirlwind Strike.

  • Drunken Fist (Dex): +4 AC, 1d6 Damage (Lethal or Stun), Instant Stand, and Improved Trip.

  • Phantom Blade (Dex): [Sword Style] +2 To Hit, 1d12 Damage (Lethal or Stun), 5′ Reach, Inner Strength (+6 Con point “reserve”), One Finger (-1 Con to to make a single melee attack at up to 60′ range, inflicting force damage).

  • Wind Dance (Dex): +2 AC, 1d6 Damage, Mind Like Moon (DC 15 reflex check to come instantly on guard when surprised), Instant Stand, Inner Strength (+6 Con point “reserve”), Healing Hand (-3 Con to heal 3d6 damage, cure 2 points of attribute damage, or help versus a disease or toxin), Light Foot (-2 Con to add +20′ move and take half damage from falls for 1d6 minutes. -1 Con to get a +30 jump bonus or make a brief run across water or another unsuitable surface).

   Stevenson currently has a total of 12 “phantom” constitution points with which to power his martial arts talents before he has to start burning points off his own constitution.


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