The Chronicles Of Heavenly Artifice CXIII – Nanny Mcphee VERSUS Mary Poppins!

Official portrait of Environmental Protection ...

What do you mean “It doesn’t matter if it’s bad for the environment because you brought a spare”?

Aikiko found that a mountaintop in Aden was a wonderful place to consider her options – and her potential problems. Raksha… were so limited that she hadn’t really considered what one of THEM might bring to a merger! But they were… often vastly superior to any normal human being. Were the Cauldron-born more dangerous than she would have believed? They certainly… seemed to be pretty creative in using whatever powers and resources they had!

So… she could see if her oath allowed her to talk to Charles, go hunting for Gaia, tell Lytek that Aden had been “boarded”, head for South America, lead a raid on Mechagodzilla’s “Base”, go see what the Sidereals were up to, chase the Cauldron-Born, try to form a circle, recruit Terrestrial support – or try to dream up some more options!

Well… She HAD to warn Lytek that Charles had been “boarded”. Even if nothing like that had EVER happened before, he needed to know. Still… there was probably time to get in good with the Donnellys and the government scientists before she did that; Gri-Fel always said that it was good to have some allies! THEN it would be time to see if she could talk to Charles – and then to tell Rachel and Mitchell of the Cauldron-Born issue. While she and he (probably!) couldn’t be boarded like Charles had been, they were friends of hers and might be targeted!

She… didn’t want to fool too much with the Sidereals at the moment. Hunting down Gaia might be good, even if she had no real idea of how to go about it (prayer maybe?). Raiding that base again seemed suicidal on her own – although if she could get Rachel and Mitchell to come along, it might be a little more even. Having a Dawn Caste and a Water Aspect spirit-negotiator along might be helpful!

Then on to Peru, with an eye on allies there…

The Environmental Protection Agency people were currently poking into the libraries with the help of various assisting Inukami, – and being more than a little incredulous. This… history was NOTHING like what was generally assumed. Sure, it explained a lot… but a war of magic was not much like what the rest of the universe seemed to say! This “Gaia”… seemed to have set things up quite deceptively!

Jason Donnelley… saw major opportunities, and major threats. Opening up the universe to humanity, as Charles apparently intended to do, offered lands, resources, living space, a new age of exploration, a vastly reduced nuclear threat, and hordes of other benefits – and it also meant that whatever was out there might NOTICE.

Rachel was unfamiliar with the Cauldron-born… but she did know that the Raksha weren’t supposed to be any real menace! They were… minor creatures who could be killed with a crowbar – and most of who’s powers could be safely be ignored. Why would that really make much difference to an Exalt? Still, she was bored enough to see nothing wrong with a little raiding – although Mitchell was more cautious. He’d always been the more prudent of the two twins – and he wasn’t as as good a martial artist as Aikiko and Rachel.

Aikiko… found that she could, indeed, talk to Charles about the tournament – so the told him about it, about the Ri’kienthi, and about the apparent goal…

(Charles) “Huh! Well… Better than having them in there wounded and crazy! I wonder how much correlation there is between them getting saner and more complete and the gradual rise of civilization and reason? Or the way that… human mental domains are now strong enough to support major manses?”

(Aikiko) “Dunno, but I’m not sure it’s entirely a bad thing either, if that’s what you’re getting at.”

(Charles) “Oh it’s not THAT – fixing things is almost ALWAYS good – I was just wondering… How much have they been influencing humanity? According to the old records… Humans were mostly made to be passive worshipers – but either they’ve changed or they were being pretty thoroughly suppressed in the old days! Who knows how many cults the Primordials and their Devas set up for one purpose or another?”

(Aikiko) “If they allied with loyalist gods – like this group – I bet there have to be more of them out there. This CAN’T be the only one…”

(Charles) “Well… It would help with secrecy I suppose… But if it was set up in accordance with the directions of the White Ram… Hrm! I don’t know! I just don’t know much about things that old! I do have this book I was told to look in… but I’m not so sure about it!”

(Aikiko) “You’re protected from nasty mental influences, right?”

(Charles) “Well, yes! At least unnatural ones! But if it’s just skillful writing and persuasiveness…”

(Aikiko) “If you’re worried, I can be in the room while you’re reading it, and call the devas if something happens.”

(Charles) “Well… I suppose a “Summarize” spell would avoid the vast majority of such traps! I’ll try that first!”

(Aikiko) “OK! I’ll stick around, just in case.”

Charles started off with just a paragraph or so to start with. If it was the “Big Little Book Of Ebon Dragon Mental Traps!” of “The Book of gigantic Pop-Up Berserker Golems!” he might not want to bother with any details at all…

It was… “A handbook for ‘Project Stanewald.’ Includes information on both aspects of the plan for the Bronze Faction’s exodus from Yu-Shan and renewal of the Celestial Bureaucracy’s suppression of its geomancy. 456pp, 100 illustrations, color and black and white. Language: Old Realm, early post-Reshaping, mid post-Reshaping, and contemporary dialect.”

Huh! They’d been working on that for awhile hadn’t they… He had a more detailed look. The Sidereals weren’t all THAT good at in-text compulsions as far as he knew, and if it was in that many languages it was probably too disjointed to be all THAT compelling.

There was no index, and hardly any table of contents – it was hard to tell if that was a decision made for obfuscation, if Sidereals just didn’t approve of indexes, or if they just used magic instead – but the first half was an escape plan, and the second half was… planned geomantic alterations to Yu-Shan.

Oh dear! What WERE they trying to do? Geomancy… was not really their thing! Much of Yu-Shan was fundamentally outside of fate anyway, the place was filled with really powerful essence-users, and its foundations were indestructible and entangled with the Primordials! This had… “Another Egotistical Sidereal Disaster In The Making!” stamped all over it in letters five feet tall and burning with dark fire!

FORGET booby traps! His defenses ought to be able to handle any there were… Charles started reviewing the geomantic maps in the handbook – they made up most of the second section aside from the commentary – in detail! No matter how much speed-reading magic it took…

Hm… for all the potential pitfalls in what they were planning, they had indeed worked on this for millennia, and had mapped out the geomancy in both the abandoned and inhabited quarters fairly well! Not QUITE as well as his investigations – which was another problem, even if it was his specialty! – but with the whole faction working on it (even if it was undercover, very much part time, and without benefit of access to the Primordial Archives or the Tenders and Overseers…), pretty close. Still… It really did look like they were blind to some pretty major factors and they WERE Sidereals… noted for following plans to their bitter end, for good or ill!

They’d… set up several Manses in empty regions bordering inhabited ones, built more for the manipulations required than habitability and concealing their presence with Geomantic Subtlety, the Greater Veil of Shadows, and the best wards they could set up. There were… two of them per district of Yu-Shan. There was also a control Manse, connected to the others through Network Nodes, although only somebody called the “Weaver” was supposed to know where that one was. It… wasn’t on the map and had the same protections. They… were quite aware of three-quarters of the Tenders’ bunkers, given that they were noted on the map.

It was definitely something that HE would have to factor into things. Worse… it was a recipe for a geomantic chain reaction. The essence-explosions… might level most of Yu-Shan when the Tenders and Overseers attempted to block things – each in their own fashion. Even geomantic subtlety wouldn’t be enough to hide the disruptions from people who knew what the patterns were SUPPOSED to be deep down.

The current plan… seemed to be to have the “Weaver” or “Weavers” stay behind and enact a slow reshaping of Yu-Shan’s geomancy from the control Manse. Even they seemed to acknowledge that it would take a great deal of power… and the last set of maps showed an AWFUL lot of power flowing out from the Tenders’ bunkers. That… would endanger the Tenders, and shut down Yu-Shans services – just to add toppings to the overall disaster. No wonder they were afraid of being audited if this ever came out.

And despite the incredible levels of risk… in typical Sidereal fashion, it did seem to have been planned in committee. Over many MANY centuries. Looking at the records – which took up a full tenth of the book – they’d met roughly every five years, or when they got a new Weaver among their numbers.

That ALWAYS worked so well! He didn’t even have to bother with any real analysis (EG: rolling…) to foresee geomantic disasters when this mess went live! That would… (sigh) be pretty obvious to anyone but a committee of Sidereals working on the same thing…

Personally, it’s my guess that a committee in Exalted uses the LOWEST dice pool of any participant – at least for Sidereals…

Oh dear! And he’d given them the means to complete their evacuation! They… were going to try and go live within the year. He didn’t need to be a prophet to foresee THAT.

Even Aikiko – no geomancer – got that much out of it.

(Aikiko) “Dude… that’s just… why haven’t they blown the place up already?”

(Charles) “They’ve been delaying to get everyone out of the way. Still… at least that will mean that a lot of their geomantic network will be unmanned; there are only about twenty actual Sidereals in the Bronze faction!”

(Aikiko) “So you think you can work around that, then?”

(Charles) “Hrm… Well, this gives me a pretty good chance! I’m pretty sure that they’ll stick with their plan… But setting up some additional reality-aspects… The loom tends to keep things to one, so it will function as the dimensional lynchpin that will keep things consistent. One level for chaos energies, one for the original geomancy, one for Gaia’s and the Primordials interface, one for humans, and one for the inhabited version… Basically overlay zones; the gates will have to be lynchpins as well, but the area between can access different reality levels!”

(Aikiko) “So… you’re solving the problem with gates?”

(Charles) “Well… I was planning to set up Yu-Shan to exist as a series of dimensional overlays – separating the five aspects so that they were only united around the central core – the loom, the Jade Pleasure Dome, and a few other primordial installations in the area – and at the rim, where the gates are. The Chaos will provide a LOT more power to run the rest!”

(Aikiko, sighing) “Well, it can’t be much worse than what they’ve got planned!”

(Charles) “Well… It should give the Incarnae and the Celestial Gods a nearly-full version of Yu-Shan to themselves, the Tenders and Overseers their own version, the humans a human-friendly version, a pure geomantic version, and the chaos-touched version… That will give all the groups what they want!”

Aikiko’s blank look prompted Charles to follow up with a short explanation about the Tenders and the Overseers – since Aikiko obviously had no idea what he was talking about. Listening… she did wind up feeling somewhat sorry for the Tenders – well, at least as sorry as one could feel for Essence-eaters.

(Aikiko) “Good luck with that! It’s WAY beyond my expertise! I’m not even sure how you’d test something like that.”

(Charles) “Well… you have to get it right the first time really unless you can find an empty Yu-Shan to test it on… Hey, wait! I might be able to do that! But… it would risk importing ANOTHER set of Exaltations and giving Lytek heart failure… Maybe one where they built Yu-Shan and then decided to do something else instead?

(Aikiko, with some startlement) “How would you even do that? Wait, you’re not thinking of going to another Creation, are you?”

(Charles) “Well, yes – why not? If I look for one where they just built Yu-Shan and then decided to go do something else… there shouldn’t be much of any problems I think!”

(AIkiko) “At least you know the risks! But let me know this time, OK? I want to see!”

(Charles) “The trouble is that I don’t really know any way to navigate the dimensions… Maybe some of the Nocturnals can help with that though!”

Catherine had been researching that, and was likely to have been working with some of the others!

(Charles) “I’ll have to hurry! I don’t want them to blow up Yu-Shan before I can fix it!”

(Aikiko, after a pause) “That’d suck.”

(Charles) “Yes it would! Really REALLY badly! And I don’t want to wreck Yu-Shan either…”

Aikiko… didn’t even want to consider the possibility of failure here; that was just too big a disaster to contemplate.

(Aikiko) “If you need anything, let me know. I’m not sure where I could help with something this big… but there’s got to be SOMETHING!”

(Charles) “Hrm… Maybe I should talk to someone with some experience with multidimensional existence… Luna maybe? She’s about the only one who usually exists that way! And when it’s ready to go… maybe you could help run interference? There’s bound to be SOMEBODY who will get upset and not understand what’s going on and will want to interfere.”

(Aikiko) “If you can get her attention, why not? And that seems pretty reasonable!”

(Charles) “I can try anyway!”

Huh… Knowing Charles… Aikiko wished him luck and left before she found herself standing before the Argent Madonna!

(Charles) “Thanks!”

Aikiko went to check on the scientists and Terrestrials, and perhaps make friends with both. They were nearby and you could never have too many allies!

The scientists were still in the library – although some had found the records of Charles showing one of the Donnellys how to terraform a planet. They were currently trying to at least approximate the basic energy requirements of reshaping a planet like that… The mass transmutation ALONE… But they were GLAD to consult with Aikiko!

(Crays) “Ah, hello miss…. Aikiko was it? You were the one who… passed on that warning about “Mechagodzilla” I believe? Given that it was apparently real… thank you for that; I don’t think that being stuck in the middle of a giant monster battle would have been good for any of us!”

(Aikiko) “Hey, I couldn’t let you all be stomped or worse!”

(Crays) “Well, I do thank you!… I… presume that you are NOT just a front for another… gigantic quasi-planetary entity like young “Charles”?”

(Aikiko) “If I am, somebody is hiding things from me!”

(Watleigh) “That’s… rather a relief. He did say that there were a lot of nonhumans on Earth though, but what I’ve seen here… most of them aren’t at all human-looking. That leaves… “God-Blooded” or “Exalted” I suppose?”

(Aikiko) “I’m a Solar Exalt – a Night Caste. From what I read, I’m supposed to be a spy.”

(Watleigh) “A spy? Against who?”

(Aikiko) “Well, there are a lot of things that threaten the universe. Here, let me find a book…”

There were plenty of copies of first age texts around, complete with illustrations. Aikiko explained…

(Aikiko) “The fae have mostly calmed down these days, and mostly act like they do in the folk stories. The demons and undead… not so much, but they’re usually rare on Earth.”

(Crays) “Oh dear. So… all those things are real, but are mostly… in deep space and extradimensional realms, rather than underfoot? And Charles wishes to open gates into other galaxies? Has he REALLY thought this through?”

(Aikiko) “Charles… is bad about not doing that. He’s still a kid. He needs more people around him to keep an eye on him and restrain his bursts of enthusiasm – but a lot of the friendly Exalts are busy with their own stuff. And the hostile Exalts would exploit him once they realized they couldn’t kill him easily! I TRY to keep an eye on him, but I can’t be everywhere at once. And… just to let you know… he likes to give people stuff without asking questions.”

(Watleigh) “Urrgh!”

(Aikiko) “I know! That’s actually why I came to visit! Like I said, I can’t be everywhere at once. I know you’re environmental scientists, not psychiatrists… but if you knew any agencies that dealt with this stuff, it’d be a big help!”

Aikiko knew that Men in Black were considered ominous for a good reasons… but they’d pretty obviously have real trouble finding a way to harm Charles, except – perhaps – by hurting his feelings and perhaps disillusioning him a bit!

(Crays) “Well… Child services? I don’t know where we’d hire Mary Poppins, even if I’m not so sure that she’s a fantasy any longer!”

(Aikiko) “Might work!”

Hmm… She might have to ask the Donnellys about that! The Terrestrials had dealt with THEIR kids Exalting for many centuries, even if they weren’t quite as harsh with them as they were in the Second Age. They might have a solution that, scaled up, could work…

(Watleigh) “Well… if I can find a child psychologist who won’t try to have ME locked up… I’ll give it a try!”

(Aikiko) “Thanks… I just don’t want him to detonate a solar system or something! He’d feel terrible, AND it would cause a lot of havoc.”

(Crays, with some apprehensive startlement) “I… suppose he IS capable of that isn’t he? He can transmute matter on a planetary or and probably even a stellar scale… Is he unprecedented? He seems benign – but if there have been others, surely SOME of them would have been hostile.”

(Aikiko) “That’s my question. I’ve been trying to track them down and see.”

(Watleigh, with a look of mixed horror and bemusement) “THEM”?!?!?

(Aikiko) “Well, I’m not sure how many there are, but I’m going to see what they’re planning. If there are any hostile ones… well, Night Castes are also good at escaping stuff.”

(Crays) “Such as exploding solar systems? (more horror) Wait, are those “others” on EARTH?”

Hoo boy. This could get bad very quickly. On the other hand, if you were a Solar Exalt with an inner world, just flee inside! Aikiko suspected that even Terrestrials would have trouble taking on an entire world, peaceful in structure or not… and she was pretty sure that even the EPA could obtain Terrestrial assistance SOMEHOW.

(Watleigh) “So… child-entities with vast cosmic powers may be loose on Earth, without supervision. You want to find them and keep an eye on them… So; how can we help? I can’t IMAGINE any intervention from the EPA that could POSSIBLY make things any worse!”

Hrm… she couldn’t tell him that she was being backed by a high-ranking Celestial god on the problem; Lytek wanted his involvement kept confidential, it wouldn’t mean much to them anyway, and THEN they’d probably want to see Heaven…

(Aikiko) “Hrm. I’ll go ask that other group that came in with you! I think they might have some ideas.”

(Crays_ “I hope so… obviously enough, we’re coming in at the end of a VERY long game here!”

Aikiko sighed – even she didn’t understand a lot of what had happened… but saying that wouldn’t be even SLIGHTLY reassuring. She headed off to talk to the Donnelly reconnaissance squad!

The Donnelly’s had… glanced at the starship facilities, but were mostly looking for information on the new planets that Charles intended to open up. That was… arguably the most important aspect of this as far as anyone on Earth was concerned, the Fellowship’s Lunar heads would be interested – oh how interested! – and forewarning… would help them deal with the resulting problems AND help position them to take advantage of the upcoming changes. After all, with seventy-two freshly terraformed new worlds to colonize, with maps and new (empty) manse-based cities, and services, and minerals, and trade… Humanity would expand incredibly. It looked like the planets were set up for ideal populations of about half a billion to a billion people each.

That was pretty impressive… but their biggest concern was over what might already be on or around those planets! Seventy-two new galactic frontiers.. Almost ANYTHING could be out there! Sure, the opportunities would be incredible – but the potential disasters might be even bigger! There wasn’t a lot of information available about what menaces might exist out there – although they were urgently compiling lists of hostile aliens, terrible empires, abyssal overlords, and more – although much of it was guesswork.

The weirdest thing of all though was just how MUCH of it seems to be warped versions of popular movies and books! Was Earth REALLY that… central and influential? Or were the writers somehow picking up information from the larger universe?

Huh! If she was going to accompany Charles into space… She’d need to know that information too. Aikiko worked her way into the group.

There was… a weird version of Darth Vader leading a Dark Empire, there was Ming the Merciless, there was some woman who was trying to force everyone on six planets into an ideal pastoral lifestyle styled on faerie stories with several Cadre’s of Raksha helping her out (and with all the usual horrors of faerie stories), There was a world being run by something like Sauron, using a bunch of powerful wraiths as lieutenants, and what reported to be at least one stellar cluster where worlds’ entire populations just… disappeared. The worlds themselves were fine, complete with infrastructure, but there was no trace of any of the inhabitants.

The list went on with at least a hundred entries. Admittedly, the odds were pretty good that none of those places were within a trillion light years of any of the colony planets – Charles had apparently given a preference to otherwise-empty galaxies and throughly stable stellar situations – but odds often had little to do with essence-based activities, and who knew how many more realms like that there were out there? Even if quite a few were run by Raksha Poseurs and thus were relatively minor as far as actual menaces went…

Ailiko was happy to field questions, even as she investigated things too – and she WAS terribly good at that part of things – but (sadly) a lot of the best information was only open to the Sidereals.

There was some irritation at that from the Terrestrials. Didn’t they have a right to know about the things that would be affecting their lives so profoundly?

There, of course, even Aikiko – who had her own version – could see the hypocrisy of Exaltation in play; the Terrestrials had been… keeping similarly vital information away from the masses of humanity for many centuries. Still, even the Terrestrials weren’t TOTALLY unaware of that – one reason why it was simply irritation and not rage. It wasn’t like they didn’t have their own secrets!

(Aikiko) “So, what’s your take on this? He’s a genius, but I’m not sure he thinks things through…”

(Jason) “Well… it’s hard to tell! After all, sooner or later… we either must expand into the universe or vanish. Is seventy-two new fronts, which can presumably be cut off, any worse than only living on one, vulnerable, world?”

(Aikiko, after a few moments of thinking about that) “I’d… have to say it’s better… if you lose one, you still have the other seventy…”

(Jason) “Presuming that they CAN be shut off!”

(Aikiko) “Yeah, I’m not sure about that one.”

(Jason) “Simplest I suppose… is to call and ask. Prosaic, but effective!”

Aikiko had to smother a giggle at that one. There WAS something… just silly… about phoning a shaper of worlds with casual queries. Still… there was no real reason not to do so!

(Charles, with some surprise) “Well… the gate-manses are set up to be indestructible, but the gates can be deactivated!”

She passed that along to the Donnelly’s.

(Jason) “Urg… they COULD be reopened then – but it presumably wouldn’t be easy and at least that means only a limited number of gates to defend. Besides… attempting to battle Charles to PREVENT him from offering the people of the Earth… seventy-two new worlds to settle on seems more than a bit shortsighted. Perhaps if we just TOLD him that we’re were nervous and think that there should be more defenses in place first? He’s absurdly obliging! He’d probably just… put another indestructible manse with the power to block the gate on this end!

(Aikiko, sighing) “The EPA guys are nervous as well. See… I think there’s more than one kid like him out there.”

(Jason) “Oh good GODS. How in OBLIVION did THAT happen?”

(Aikiko) “I’m not sure, but I want to check on them all. If any of them are actually hostile, everybody on Earth is in big trouble! I’m trying to watch him, but I can’t be everywhere at once! He needs some other people to monitor him! Otherwise he’ll give the wrong person something and THAT will also be big trouble. He really is absurdly obliging and entirely too impulsive! Unless it’s geomancy or something to do with magic he doesn’t think things through!”

Actually… she was beginning to suspect that Charles… didn’t plan nearly as much as it looked like he did! He was just… really good at seeing opportunities in whatever actually wound up happening!

(Jason) “Heh! I should ask my sister-in-law, the way she manages HER brood is… Wait; that’s not actually that silly an idea is it?”

(Aikiko) “What?”

(Jason) “Asking someone who manages or HAS managed one or more youngsters who’ve exalted as Terrestrials to keep an eye on him… Sure, he’s on a larger scale – but as you say, he’s also incredibly obliging! It’s… entirely possible that a firm voice insisting that he think about what he’s doing would help quite a lot!”

Aikiko… had to agree there. Charles wasn’t exactly easily bossed, but he was certainly easily deflected – at least in the short term!

(Aikiko) “Could you give me some references? Charles is a LOT more powerful that most Terrestrials – no offense! – but he could definitely use a babysitter! Somebody who’s dealt with Terrestrial kids would be great.”

(Jason) “Sure! I’ll check with Grandfather… he’s sort of the Clan Patriarch.”

Renatus Haurgrim O’Donnaghaile of Ulster was a Master of the Air and of the Old Lore. He had mastered the art of sensing where communications came from long ago – and the source of THIS call was a matter of some urgency in itself! Matthew’s report… well, Matthew was relatively young, and ANYONE could be tricked or misled – but Jason was definitely placing his call from… a living world-body, filled with… supporting and healing energies, vibrant with life, surging with power… and without a trace of Vitriol or the corruption and wounded anger of the Yozi’s.

That was… He’d peered into Malfeas, and walked the streets of the Demon City, when he had been far younger and more reckless, and had used his sorceries without restraint – but the labels… meant very little. Young Charles… was a world and a shaper of worlds, regardless of what you might call him. That power could… cause disasters if employed unwisely.

And if he was as naive as Matthew and Jason implied… He could certainly see the need for guidance! Well, there were some possibilities to start with.

(Renatus) “Well, probably not Nanny Phearsin. Apparently the “boy” is ANYTHING but a brat. Still, there’s young Salinara – she specializes in intensive martial arts discipline for troubled young terrestrials. There’s Tymbalt of course; he’s a weirdly powerful mortal, with communications magic and the ability to teach through illusory experiences. He claims to have made it through most of history somehow – and then there’s Frumisara, one of the most no-nonsense wraiths around. Given your current company… you might want to check on the Celestial side as well. There’s probably a goddess of nannies around someplace.”

(Jason) “I’ve no idea – but I’ll ask. Maybe that’s where Mary Poppins went?”

After all… she DID descend from the skies – and she displayed access to something like a pocket dimension, and some charms, and definitely had a cult…

Could you establish a cult by inspiring an author? That would never work classically, but given Children’s book distribution these days… Even a God-Blooded with greater ambitions might come up with a clever little maneuver!

Aikiko… felt that Charles could probably use some more combat training beyond what school gave him, but he certainly wasn’t troubled as such. She wasn’t so sure about bringing in a wraith either, although Charles might find her interesting… She’d keep Tymbalt in mind while checking into the Goddess of Nannies though!

And she, indirectly, thanked Renatus – and swapped contact information.

He was quite willing. In the face of the universe… ancient debates over who to associate with seemed a lot less compelling than they once did – and they hadn’t seemed all that compelling to him to begin with.

Aikiko… had to agree. The allies that mattered were the ones who helped out, regardless of glow.

And with that done… it was time to go and talk with Lytek. Fortunately, there were special instructions about letting her in relatively quickly! Especially since the Celestial Lions had sent him some inquiries…

Aikiko was glad for that, if a bit concerned about the lions poking around. Fortunately, it seemed that they were just curious! They’d wanted to know about all those new Exaltations showing up!

It was hard to blame them for THAT. Everyone had to be curious about THAT.

She reported her findings so far – but, perhaps sadly, had to leave out most, if not all, of the tournament.

(Lytek) “So… the Cauldron Born have managed to anchor an indestructible manse built to embody people’s ideas about giant monsters to Charles’s world-body?”

(Aikiko) “I’m afraid so, sir.”

(Lytek) “I don’t know what they might be able to do to him that way… he seems to have given himself manse-based defenses against almost everything – but… if they can draw on the energies he’s now capable of generating… Exalted Powers, Raksha Powers, and Geomantically-augmented Magic… I don’t know what they WOULDN’T be able to do one way or another!”

(Aikiko) “It’s pretty bad, isn’t it? Any way we might be able to get him free? Even he wasn’t sure how!”

(Lytek) “There’s… probably nothing for it but to go and look.”

He’d… been more or less avoiding that up until now. As the God of Exaltation, he was at some risk of being affected by anything affecting one he touched directly – and He’d NEVER experienced or directly touched an Exalts World-Body before! Feedback… was a substantial possibility!

Not to mention not wanting to get accused of favoritism, or over-influence the experiment (not that it didn’t seem to be utterly out of control anyway), and a slight trace of guilt… Had his good intentions led to a potential disaster even BIGGER than Wyldhand? Besides… Charles was such a NICE boy, and it would… sort of seem invasive!

Still… he’d really better look! If the Raksha could tap into a Solar Exaltation – particularly with the amount of raw power Charles had unleashed – they’d ALL better know!

Aikiko accompanied him in – and warned Charles about what they were doing; he might want to whip up some special protections…


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    And speaking of the Incarnae, I bet Sol’s reaction when he hears a Solar has turned into a Primordial will be PRICELESS.

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  3. […] CXIII- Nanny Mcphee VERSUS Mary Poppins!: Primordial Cults, the Book of Project Stanewald, Changing Priorities, The EPA joins the search for the Solar Guardians, the Search for Nannies, Lytek and Aden. […]

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  5. […] CXIII- Nanny Mcphee VERSUS Mary Poppins!: Primordial Cults, the Book of Project Stanewald, Changing Priorities, The EPA joins the search for the Solar Guardians, the Search for Nannies, Lytek and Aden. […]

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