RPG Design Sub-Index

. Per request, here’s a quick subindex of the major RPG design articles and some of the articles with general RPG discussions. There’s a lot more scattered around of course, but with nearly twelve hundred articles up, a subindex is just going to have to settle for a sampling.

General RPG Design:

Setting Features:

Fantasy Faiths:

Some sample religions from the various campaign worlds.

Literary Magic Items and Sample Relics:

d20 mechanics, but the descriptions should be simple enough to use anywhere.

  • Part I: General information on how to build and use relics and on the role of other magic items in the game, the Hat of the Demon Pirate Ferret, the Chessboard of the Invisible Hand (a device of political manipulation), the Cloak of Zorro (for dashing heroes who do not wish to be indentified), the Kether Scrolls, The Malachite Bindings (a tome of dark magics), the Skull of Scykanthos (a tool of lycanthropic ritual magic), and Arnwen’s Sacred Sunstone.
  • Part II: The Gossamer Shroud of Death, The Clasp of the Mandarin (a social device), and Grimfang the Oath-Blade of Heroes.
  • Part II: The Seals of Seigrun – devices which provide limited spellcasting in any one field at a time – and Lawgiver, a paladin’s blade of atrocious power.
  • Part IV: Weapons of Legend, Stormbreaker, the Bracer of the Archmagi, and the Lion Bracer.
  • Part V: A Quill which forges Scrolls, a Sigil which commands Undead Thieves, the Philosopher’s Stone, and the Dragon Crowns – superheroic power devices.
  • Part VI: A Demonslayer’s Helm, Parrying Dagger, Metamagical Rings, and Skill Enhancing Relics.
  • Part VII:  Index, Summary, the Coronet of Command, the Sheathe of Excalibur, the Sortilege Staff, and several dozen minor relics.
  • The Tongues of Heaven: Combined enchantment-relics and quest objects.

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