Shadowrun: Lone Star Contacts

   Next up, it’s a few of the more notable Lone Star officers around Seattle.

   Mark Endigan (“Hawk”) is a plain clothes cop and psychic, and has seen everything from lost kids to rampaging dragons, and is no longer impressed. He’s decent enough, but feels that there’s very little use in trying to protect people from themselves. Protecting them from criminals, random awakened monsters, and each other is quite hard enough. Despite being scruffy, cynical, and a chain smoker, Mark is a powerful telekinetic (capable of using Sorcery for Manipulation / Telekinetic Effects and Spell Defense with some edge-based bonuses), but tends to keep it quiet. He is, however, so used to maintaining a protective “force field” about himself (just to augment his lined coat and bulletproof vest) that he can do so in his sleep – and sustaining it no longer distracts him. His powers include Flight, Basic Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis, Kinetic Bolt, “Force Field”, and various other “spells”.

   Corporal Lockwood is the only Lone Star “Cop” known to voluntarily cover parts of the Barrens. The good corporal is gifted with remarkable persuasive talents – as well as a genuine desire to supply law and order and take care of people. His presence – and the fact that EVERY gang in Redmond relies on him to handle setting up truces and such – has more then once prevented the area from degenerating into open warfare.

  • Basic Attributes; Str 6 (7), Bod 6 (7), Qui 4 (5), Int 5, Wil 5, Chr 6. Ess 4.8, BI 3.4, Reaction 5+3D6.
  • Edges; Good Reputation-3 (4), +3D6 to all “Social” Skill Checks (6), Geneware (Cultured Pheromones-II and Mnemonic Enhancer-III, 3) and one “Floating” Contact (2).
  • Flaws; Psychological “Quirks” (Honest and Honorable, Reliable, Noble, etc… Net -6, but this does provide a -3 bonus on social skill target numbers), “Day Job” (Lone Star Officer, -3), Easily Recognized (EVERYBODY knows Corporal Lockwood, -3) – and Obligations (To Lone Star, Seattle, and the world in general, -4).
  • Gear; Superthyroid (1.4), Synaptic Accelerator-II, Smartgun Link, Headware Radio/Datalink, Dual Datajack (One Chip and One Datajack, with Cosmetic Concealment), Knowsoft Link and Cybereyes (Low-Light, Telescopic-3, Flare Compensation, Magnification, and Photographic). Tailored Armor (7/7), Ruger Thunderbolt, Medkit, Stun Baton, Complete Annotated “Rules and Regulations of the UCAS and Seattle – with Corporate Updates”, Hardliner Gloves, and standard police gear.
  • Notable Skills; Social Skills 5 (15 Dice, at -6 to target numbers), Pistol 4, Unarmed Combat 6 and Melee Combat 4. Knowledges; Police Procedures 6, History of Seattle 6, Psychology 6 (A complimentary check on his social skills, already included above), Streets 6 and Martial Arts 6 (Complimentary to Unarmed Combat. This gives him 9D6 for punching people). A wide assortment of languages and minor skills, some chip-based.
  • Actually this is a SR II writeup, but it doesn’t make a lot of difference. Obviously enough, the good corporal could readily get promoted, but he doesn’t really want to leave the streets.

   Lieutenant Relari, Lone Star Investigative Officer: Like most cops outside the SWAT teams Relari is fairly light on raw power – but he is quite lucky, has plenty of street contacts, and decent gear. Unlike most cops he tends to turn a blind eye to the little stuff, and is even willing to assist his contacts in various ways. He’s after the big shots; Yakuza or Mob bosses or lieutenants, serial killers, and so on. Prostitutes, petty crooks, runaway kids, and street-level drug dealers don’t interest him much. Information – and any evidence his contacts can turn up – does. He’ll find a way to use it if you get it to him. He occasionally acts as a Lone Star liaison with “special operatives”.

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