Kevin’s Contacts:

   Here are a set of sample contacts for Kevin Sanwell, in the Federation-Apocalypse campaign.  Please note that, while the nature of the setting dictates that many of these be actual historical figures, they’ve been adapted for the purposes of the game – which admits the existence of an infinite number of alternate-reality versions of everyone – and may not necessarily resemble their real-life counterparts all that much.

   Robert Smithfield is a skilled agent for the House of Roses, who maintains several Identities around the Manifold with other, distantly-related organizations such as the British Secret Service of The Colonial and Napoleonic Eras and the Cyber Underground of Anarch. He encountered Kevin a number of times in The Colonial Era, worked with him there on a few occasions, and – when his opening a gateway into Crusader confirmed his identity as an Opener, soon approached Kevin to try and recruit him on behalf of the greater House of Roses. Robert is currently attempting to use his various information sources to compile information on Merlin and Arthur Pendragon. He has a deep-seated distrust of mythical figures… You never quite know which version you’re dealing with.

   Angus Kirkwell runs a modest trading operation in the English Fantasy Zone, specializing in slaves, supplies for the darker magical operations, and acting as a broker and hiring agent for assorted mercenaries, magical or not. He’s been quite happy to act as a sales agent for any of Kevin’s Thralls or obedient dragons who become excess to requirements: they make extremely valuable familiars and steeds – worth more than dozens of ordinary children or even most minor relics. Of course, Kevin tends to be pretty picky about his slave-purchases: he only wants youngsters who actually have souls – a qualification that makes no difference to most buyers.

   L. Ron Hubbard is long forgotten throughout the core, his “Church” of Scientology long discredited. Even in the Manifold, most of his followers went on to the reincarnations and new existences they dreamed of rather than following him. Still, Mr Hubbard has retained his desire to surround himself with docile young playthings and the trappings of wealth, and has polished his talents as a Mystic Artist (Literary) and legal expert over the centuries to continue to get them – whether by attracting them directly or by acting as a literary mercenary. Kevin has sold him numerous phantasm-slaves, and may be willing to sett him a few cute (but low-mana) Thralls or set up a Witchcraft Pact to fulfill Mr Howards desire for a bit of actual power, if and when he needs his services.

   In 232 BC, Captian Rata and Navigator Maui set out from Egypt to circumnavigate the world. They passed New Guinea and reached the Americas across the Pacific, and sailed out of history… Now, for nearly 2800 years, they have sailed the endless seas of the Manifold, visiting exotic ports, seeing strange lands, and battling monsters. They have seen the realms of their gods, realms they do not comprehend, and sailed the dark sees of a dozen afterworlds. Still, while their sailing skill is great, and their charts legendary, they are always in need of crew, of money and supplies, and of jobs carrying people across the back reaches of the Myriad Seas.

   Orman Valif (a core businessman of about 120-140 years) runs a substantial interstellar shipping business and, for years now, has been busy attempting to expand into Manifold Shipping – but has found that his usual ruthless-competition techniques pale before the outright mayhem that doing business in the Manifold often involves. He hasn’t given up though – he’s just added personal magical and psychic power, slaves who can provide it for him, mercenaries, and relics of power to his shopping lists. Money may not be able to buy everything, but Orman is determined to push its limits as far as he can. Kevin’s dealt with him a few times: he’s bought several Thralls to use to open his gates for him – making him less dependent than most on Ryan O’Malley and ATE. Kevin could use access to his contacts and organization in the core, and is considering drastically expanding their current arrangements.

   Cedfion Basceol Darcia (Battlewine Deathmusic), Master of the Pattern, Lord of Ravens, Son of the Morrigan, is the High Lord of House Fion, of the Unseelie Court. Unlike most of the lesser Unseelie, he habitually wastes the power to assume near-human form. While far too magical to spend much time in core himself, Cedfion would like to expand his realm – and the best way to do that among the pretty-much immortal (and almost totally infertile) fey is to acquire Changelings and recruits from among the once-human. If Kevin can bring some in, it’s well worth allowing him to traipse in and out of the Wylds of Faerie the way he does – and openers are difficult to stop anyway.

   “M”, the characters group contact with the House of Roses is a freebie: After all, someone has to send the characters on missions and authorize equipment and hazard pay for them.
    “M” appears to be extremely perception, probably has some minor psychic talents, and is certainly a high-ranking and equally highly-skilled agent of the House. With access to considerable resources, exotic sources of information, and adventurer-agents, he definitely should not be under-estimated.

   Xellos, the Mysterious Priest, is an escapee from an old anime world (“The Slayers”), and is currently out making mischief in the Manifold. He can be very helpful, as well as incredibly annoying – but he virtually always has a secondary agenda. If Xellos shows up and attaches himself to the party, things are about to get exciting. Kevin has “worked” – or at least argued – with him several times before.

   Jebediah Smith died in Core about 1831, awoke in the Manifold in a much-less limited and more unexplored version of earth, and continued to explore. Since then, he’s continued to develop his talents as a scout, explorer, tracker, hunter, and trapper, becoming a formidable expert on many of the more primitive reaches of the Manifold. He’s never been able to settle down, although he’s won and lost many fortunes – and been killed to wake up again similarly many times. There’s always something new to see, and lands where no one else has ever walked, just over the horizon. Jebediah can’t create gates, but he has enough mana to wander the Manifold fairly readily.


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  1. Very cool. Your game looks like it is a lot of fun. I will have to go back and read some of the older posts.



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