Godlike: Father Joseph

   For today, it’s an optional rule (“Concentration”, down at the end) and another sample character for Godlike and it’s default World War II setting – in this case, a religious figure; Father Joseph. Given that the precise location of any given campaign is up to the game master, his background has been left slightly generic: he could be located anywhere in half of Europe, in the mountains of China, or in a number of other locations – although a tropical island setting would require a little background tweaking.

   In the summers, the herders brought their beasts up into the high pastures, to take advantage of the rich grazing of land otherwise too cold, distant, steep, and rocky, for other uses. They would spend the summer in huts of piled stone, some many centuries old. Below the high pastures patches of forest clung to narrow vales and glacier-scooped moraines, and above soared rocky peaks and crags, where a scattering of hardy pines clung to the sides of ravines carved by the rushing waters of summer-melted snow.

   Shelter could be found – and isolation in abundance – but the land was too barren to support any significant number of people in the winter, when there was no food, no fuel, and no warmth. Only a stockpile built up over the too-brief spring, summer, and fall would allow a few recluses to remain year-round.

   Father Joseph came to the peaks in the summer as well. The old church nestled in a hanging valley, near a small waterfall which poured down into the greater valley below – overlooking the fields and cottages nearby. The summer herdsmen, the families of those who brought them along, and the few people who lived in the area year-round, needed the services of a priest. They would not lack the presence of God – his presence could be felt everywhere in the high and silent places where the majesty of his creation was plain to see and there were no clamoring distractions – but there were masses, christenings, marriages, and all the sacraments to administer.

   With the war, some refugees – many of them children – became desperate enough to flee into the mountains.

   Joseph gave them what he had – and, one day, faced with yet another hungry child – suddenly found that there was plenty. From then on, there was always plenty. When people came to him, in need of food, clothing, blankets, or fuel, there was always more than enough, ready to hand, to feed, clothe, and warm them.

   It was a gift from God.

   There were other times when God answered. There were healings sometimes. He rarely suffered from the cold while out visiting the people of his suddenly-extended parish. Men might call it “Talent”, but that was just a word. There would always be those who denied miracles when they were plain to see.

   It wasn’t long before there were quite a lot of refugees – and possibly some partisans – hiding in the mountains, supported by the generosity of God. Why would the armies seek to search the high mountains? It would be a massive and lengthy project, a waste of manpower and supplies, and likely to lead to many casualties simply from falls – and it was a waste of time. Anyone who attempted to hide in the mountains would be driven out by the winter or die there in the cold anyway.

Father Joseph

  • Basic Attributes: Body 1, Brains 3, Coordination 1, Cool 3, Command 3, Sense 1.
  • Skills:
    • Body: Endurance 1, Health 1
    • Coordination: Driving 1, Stealth 1
    • Sense: Sight 2
    • Brains: Education 2, First Aid 2, Homesteader (cooking, basic tailoring, etc) 1, Language (Romance Languages) 2, Medicine 1, Navigation 1.
    • Command: Inspire 1, Priest 3
    • Cool: Mental Stability 1
  • Talent Powers
    • Quirk: Devoutly religious (+3 Will).
    • Base Will: 6 + 3 Initial Will Points = 9.
  • Invulnerability (Basically as per Heavy Armor) 1 (7):
  • Extra Tough 1 (4):
  • Molecular Synthesis (1D, 2 HD, 5): Can recombine available atoms and molecules to create what he wants. This Attacks, is Robust and is Useful outside of Combat (4/8/16). It’s also intuitive (he doesn’t need to understand the molecular structure of what he’s synthesizing +2/4/8). Unfortunately, it requires a nervous habit (a gesture, -1/2/4), only allows him to create organic substances (-2/4/8), cannot directly affect living tissue (-1/2/4), and only allows him to create materials he’s familiar with (-1/2/4), and the results are limited by his skills (EG: if making food, he’s limited by how well he can cook, medicines are limited by his skill in first aid, clothing by his skill as a tailor, etc, -2/4/8). Net 1/2/4. (and room for more extras).
    • While the good Father cannot produce too much in the way of supplies in an instant, he can reliably keep on doing so – and, since the supplies are produced by physically moving atoms and molecules from the earth and air into new configurations, they’re inherently real and permanent, just the new arrangement of trucks is when a super-strong talent moves them around in a vehicle yard.
  • Life Support (1D, 5): Base (5/10/20), can automatically survive in all environments without rolling – good, since (at least at the moment) he has only one die, and can’t meaningfully roll unless he’s recently spend some time in prayer (see below) praying for “endurance”. Otherwise, if he’s injured and this power shuts down, he’ll have to get a good nights sleep before it will turn back on again. If you want, you can call this “Affinity” with the (+5/10/20) modifier for all environments and a (-5/10/20) modifier for never providing any bonus dice.
  • Healing Touch (1D, 1): Basic Healing (3/6/12) with Rejuvenation (can restore youth – removing aging, degenerative diseases, and genetic damage, +1/2/4), Regeneration (can restore lost limbs and organs, +2/4/8), and Curative (can remove diseases, etc, +1/2/4), Nervous habit (Prayer) (-1/2/4), Takes full concentration (-2/4/8), Must touch the target (-2/4/8), Required Prop (Holy Water, -2/4/8) = 1/2/4
  • Zed (1D, 1): Base (4/8/16), Precognitive (works normally against surprise attacks and does not require seeing the power in use first, +2/4/8), Cannot Attack (-1/2/4), No Range (-2/4/8), Required Prop (Cross, -2/4/8) = 1/2/4. In effect, this is simply a die pool which is automatically rolled to generate gobble dice against incoming talent attacks – as long as they have some visible effect.
  • Time Manipulation (1D, 1): Attacks, Defends, Robust, and Useful Outside of Combat (Base 5/10/20), Reflexive (+2/4/8), Beacon (-4/8/12), Required Prop (Cross, -2/4/8) = 1/2/4.
    • Father Joseph really hasn’t explored this awesome power as of yet – but once he develops it, he may start conducting people into the past or future (or what passes therefore in the world of talent-based “time travel”), where they will almost certainly be safe from the war.
  • Prayer: Aces (Base 5/10/20) with Endless (+1/2/4), Nervous Habit (must pray for aid, -1/2/4), Limited to +2 dice on any particular effect (-2/4/8), Dice must be allotted when this power is activated, and thereafter will not change until the power is shut down and reactivated (-2/4/8), Takes several rounds to activate (-2/4/8). In effect, this is a power-amplification ability; Father Joseph prays for (whatever), spends the Will required by the basic Aces power, and allots the bonus dice: If, for example, he prays for aid in healing the sick, he can allot the “Aces” bonus dice to his Healing Touch miracle: until this power shuts down he gets those extra dice on all Healing Touch rolls – although, thanks to the Endless modifier, he only has to pay Will when he starts the effect.

   Father Joseph acquired a total of 3 XP and 9 Will during a bit of prequel/game testing. He never spent the XP, but the Will went to +2 dice and +2 hard dice in Healing (6), +2 dice in Molecular Synthesis (2), and +1 die of Prayer.

   Father Joseph is handy to have around at the moment; he’s a good support character, even if he would be hard to pry away from the refugees. If the front lines roll past, however, he will probably be willing to support the Allied side – especially if the refugees can be returned to a relatively normal life. After all, he will have heard plenty of tales from the refugees of Axis atrocities, and will definitely feel that such things are against the will of God. On the practical side, if he lives through a few initial episodes, he may become a figure of considerable importance: he has enough practical powers to gain will fairly rapidly simply by using them and will develop excellent defenses given time. He may even gain Hyperstats eventually, after all; God gives the strength to bear his burdens.

Now for that optional rule:

   Concentration is the equivalent of “Aiming” (Page 15) for Talents; under this optional rule, for every round you spend focusing on a particular action before activating a talent, you get +1 die in your pool – up to a limit of two extra dice or a total of ten dice, whichever is lower.

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