Illurion Voice-Of-Nightmares, Bard of the Unmaking

Italiano: Albero della Cabbala, Kabbalah Tree,...

No, no… the Dark Mirror of Creation, the Spheres of Husks and Rinds, BELOW the lowest sphere of the Sephiroth. Yes, that’s it… LOOK HERE. 

And here we have another character for a level seven evil game – in this case a Bard-type who has delved deeply into the entrophic spheres, the fallen worlds of the Aliphoth – and now speaks the words of unmaking. 

Like most of the evil characters, this is a very high-efficiency build, and is suitable for a boss encounter for any normal party. 

Pathfinder Package Deal: Human (Free).

Available Character Points: 192 (L7 base) +10 (Disadvantages) +30 (Human, L1, L3, L5, L7 Bonus Feats) = 232 CP.

Basic Attributes: Str 8, Dex 12, Int 16, Wis 9, Con 12, Cha 20 (22) (3.5 32 Point Buy, Str 8 (0), Dex 12 (4), Int 16 (10), Wis 9 (1), Con 12 (4), Cha 17 (13), +1 Cha (Level), +2 Cha (Pathfinder Bonus)

Basic Abilities (81 CP):

  • Hit Dice: 20 (1d20, 16 CP) + 25 (6d6, 12 CP) +7 (Con Mod x 7) = 52 HP.
  • Skill Points: 8 (Purchased, 8 CP) +24 (Int Mod x 8) +32 (Fast Learner) = 64 SP.
  • BAB: +3 (18 CP).
  • Saves:
    • Fortitude: +2 (6 CP) +1 (Con) +1 (Res) = +4
    • Reflex: +2 (6 CP) +1 (Dex) +1 (Res) = +4
    • Will: +4 (12 CP) -1 (Wis) +1 (Res) = +4
  • Proficiencies: All Simple Weapons (3 CP).
  • Initiative: +1 (Dex)
  • Move: 30′
  • Armor Class: 10 +1 (Dex) = 11
  • Usual Attacks:
    • He avoids physical combat if at ALL possible.

Special Abilities (151 CP):

  • Upgrade Human Fast Learner to +2 SP/Level (3 CP).
  • Fast Learner, Specialized in Skills for +2 SP/Level (6 CP).
  • Augmented Bonus x2 (12 CP): Whispers of Darkness; Adds (Cha Mod) to (Int Mod) and (Dex Mod) for skill purposes.
  • Reflex Action, three action per day variant, Specialized/only for using Mystic Artist abilities (3 CP).
  • Adept x2 (12 CP): Pays half price for Bluff, Disable Device, Disguise, Gather Information, Linguistics, Perform/Sing, Stealth, and Use Magic Device.
  • Houngan Conjurer power package (9 CP).
    • OK, I think that this one is fun. It’s also very versatile, nicely thematic, and will make the character a valued member of almost any party. It’s hard to improve much on that. 
  • Tongue of the Qliphoth, Voice of Husks (42 CP): Mystic Artist (Linguistics – speaking the words of the dark realms), with Echoes (effects recur up to three times and/or last up to three minutes, Rapid (takes effect immediately), Seeking (may specify affected targets), and +(2x Cha Mod) Bonus Uses
    • Path of Dissonance: Distracting (opponents must make opposed concentration checks to focus on tasks), Disrupting and Advanced Disrupting (he may generate a Greater Dispelling or Greater Dispel Magic effect or do (check result) damage to all exposed), Stunning (may try to stun those affected for 2d4 rounds), and Maddening (may try to confuse those affected)
    • Art of the Occult: The Hidden Way (he may cast spells by playing music), Spellweaver (he may play for some minutes to add up to (Cha Mod) levels of Metamagic to a spell), and Sphere of Mastery (surround a 5′ radius with a dimensional barrier that his art will work through)
      • All Specialized/obvious and blatant black magic that calls on powers from the Outer Realms, and is easily recognized as such, may have strange side effects on the area, draws the attention of the defenders of law and reality to the user.
        • Manipulation Abilities: Fascinate, Hold Audience, Suggestion, Emotional Auras, Freedom.
        • Synergy Abilities: Block, Amplify, Harmonize, Serenity.
  • Mystic Artist (Performance/Sing), with Harmonics (Undead), Spirit Summons, and +(Cha Mod) Bonus Uses (24 CP).
    • Inspiration Abilities: Emotion, Greatness, Excellence, Mass Greatness, Mass Excellence
    • Synergy Abilities: Block, Group Focus, Amplify, Harmonize,
  • 10 levels of the Druidical Spellcasting Progression (40 CP) (Arcane spells, but limited to Illusion, Enchantment, and Conjuration), Specialized/spells beyond level one count as uses of Mystic Artist (and will have appropriate side effects if the Tongue of the Qliphoth is used to power them).

In-Class Skills: Craft and Profession (Automatic), Bluff, Disable Device, Disguise, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Knowledge / Local, Linguistics, Perception, Perform/Sing, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, and Use Magic Device.


  • Bluff +22 (10* SP +6 Cha +3 Path +3 Comp)
  • Diplomacy +15 (3 SP +6 Cha +3 Path +3 Comp)
  • Disable Device +23 (10* SP +1 Dex +6 Cha +3 Path +3 Comp)
  • Disguise +22 (10* SP +6 Cha +3 Path +3 Comp)
  • Escape Artist +12 (2 SP +1 Dex +6 Cha +3 Comp)
  • Gather Information +22 (10* SP +6 Cha +3 Path +3 Comp)
  • Intimidate +10 (1 SP +6 Cha +3 Comp)
  • Knowledge / Local +25 (10 SP +3 Int +6 Cha +3 Path +3 Comp)
  • Linguistics +25 (10* SP +3 Int +6 Cha +3 Path +3 Comp)
  • Perception +7 (5 SP -1 Wis +3 Path)
  • Perform/Sing +22 (10* SP +6 Cha +3 Path +3 Comp)
  • Sleight of Hand +18 (3 SP +3 Int +6 Cha +3 Path +3 Comp)
  • Stealth +23 (10* SP +1 Dex +6 Cha +3 Path +3 Comp)
  • Use Magic Device +22 (10* SP +6 Cha +3 Path +3 Comp)

*Half cost due to adept.

Equipment (23,500 GP): Healing Belt (750), Cloak of Resistance +1 (1000), Ring of the Silver Tongue (+3 Competence Bonus to Cha-based Skills, 2000), Headband of Charisma +2 (4000), Boots of the Cat (1000), Amulet of Tears (2300), Handy Haversack (2000), Survival Pouch (3300). Leaves 7450 GP for equipment of choice.

For his personal Conjure, I’d recommend something defensive – luck for saves, or innate enchantments to get some AC, or some such.

Illurion is actually very VERY dangerous; he’s rubbish in a melee, and limited in his spellcasting – but he’s delved a long, LONG way into some of the most potent mystic artist abilities. With Advanced Disruption he can inflict a good deal of damage to many enemies at a time – with Seeking ONLY to enemies even if his friends are in his area of effect – and with Echoes he can repeat it several times without cost. With Sphere of Mastery he can protect himself from pretty much all normal attacks – and yet he’ll still be able to use his mystic artistry, if not his magic. If he ever learns to project his vocal abilities to greater ranges he’ll be a major threat.

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