Star Wars d6 – Force Power Packages

   Since it looks like we’ll be rotating back to Star Wars d6 for a bit, there will be new characters coming in – which means that a quick review of the character-creation rules and the updated and expanded force-user power packages are in order.

   Designing a d6 Character is pretty simple:

  1. Spend 54 attribute points. These can be spent buying attributes (Dexterity, Knowledge, Mechanical, Perception, Strength, and Technical. Humans range from 6-12, Aliens may range from 3-15), buying force-use packages (see below), on special alien powers (3, 6, or 9 points for minor, major, and extreme special abilities. Characters may have drawbacks that similarly reduce these costs of provide a few extra points), on extra skill points (At 3 skill points per attribute point), or on extra force points (Up to 2, at 3 points each). Skip this step if you’re using a template.
  2. Distribute 21 skill points. No more than 6 may be assigned to any single skill during character creation, although points may be assigned to specialities (limited sub-aspects of a skill) within any single skill as well.
  3. Translate into dice. Each 3 points in an attribute or skill provides 1d6. Each leftover point provides a +1 modifier. If you’ve assigned a point to a limited sub-aspect of a skill (for example, “Fusion Systems” under “Power Systems”, each skill points provides +1d6 within that speciality. Sadly, +1d6 is the limit for specialities and you can’t stack more than one speciality on any given roll.
  4. Add the details: 4 major pieces of equipment, 3 contacts, 2 plot hooks (Why are you involved?), 1 Enemy, 10 XP, and 1000 credits (if this is appropriate to your character). Use or save your 10 XP.

   Being a Force-User is a little more complicated; there are six generally-available packages and two which are (sadly) usually restricted to legendary NPC’s.

   “Hey! We hear thoughts, are sensitive to the distortion of nature, and vitally need serenity to learn our disciplines! Lets centralize everyone together in the middle of a world-city with a population of tens of trillions! That will surely work out well!”

  • Ordinary folks: While all non-droid characters are attuned enough to the Force to gain and use Force Points (get one Force Point, 3, are subject to a wide variety of irrationalities and can be consumed by the dark side if they misuse the Force enough, -3), that’s the default package, with a net cost of zero.
  • Force-Sensitive characters gain access to a second force point (+3), but are notably more vulnerable to being consumed by the dark-side; they can acquire Dark Side Points from major acts of evil and destruction even if they don’t misuse the force while committing them (-3). They have no spontaneous access to Force Skills, and will need extensive training to acquire them. This is rarer than the base package, but not too uncommon – and still has a net cost of zero.
  • Latent Force-Users also gain access to a single force skill at one die (3), but do NOT gain access to the other force skills and cannot raise that skill during character creation. Worse, that single skill is quite unreliable, occasionally flares up on it’s own, and makes them even more vulnerable to the dark side when it’s active; Latent Force Users can gain Dark Side Points whenever they ignore the promptings of the force (that’s the GM telling them that they’re at risk) (-3). This relatively rare package still has a net cost of zero points – but does not HAVE to be associated with being Force-Sensitive; it is entirely possible for a character to be “normal” most of the time and only have occasional flareups of latent potential.
    • Note that the Force-Sensitive and Latent Force User packages both present some advantages for survival – both personal and species. Hence the force-related genes (although genes are far from being the only factor) maintain an equilibrium frequency in the population.
  • Your basic Active Force Users gain access to all three force skills, one of them with an intuitive starting die, may devote starting skill points to that skill, and may eventually learn the other two skills (given an instructor) and raise force skills more-or-less normally – albeit at twice the base cost unless they have an instructor (6). Unfortunately, they can gain Dark Side Points whenever they ignore the promptings of the force (that’s the GM telling them that they’re at risk) – and, in their case, the force is pretty much always on; there are no “safe” periods for an Active Force User (-3). They also tend to be subject to remarkable coincidences, but that’s neither good nor bad on it’s own. The Active Force User package has a net cost of three points.
    • Force Adepts upgrade the Active Force User package with an intuitive starting die in a second force skill and the ability to spend their starting skill points on those two skills, get occasional intuitive, or even precognitive, insights for no reason whatsoever (“My sister? You mean Leia?”), get to drop by for occasional ghostly appearances after their deaths, and get an extended range on most of their powers – especially telepathy. Unfortunately, this costs them an additional (+3), giving the package a net cost of six points.
    • A Force Master upgrades Force Adept to gain access to all three Force Skills with an intuitive starting die in each, can spend their starting skill points on all three force skills, and – most critically – has at least some ability to manipulate the coincidences that go with being an active force user. Force Masters are forever having convenient encounters, finding that prospective students drop out of the sky and almost land on top of them, and finding the people they need to find. Unfortunately, this costs them an additional (+3), for a total cost of nine points.
    • A Force Prodigy upgrades Force Master to have intuitive scores of 3d6 / 2d6 / 2d6 in his or her favored and secondary force skills and may raise their favored force skill at half cost with an instructor or the normal cost without one. Sadly, characters cannot normally enter play as Force Prodigies; the package has a total cost of twelve points – beyond the usual limit of nine.
    • In legend, a Paramount Master has one simple ability over and above that of a Force Prodigy; he or she is no longer subject to being consumed by the dark side. Presumably this raises the cost to fifteen points – but no one really knows.

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