Ayshan Vascud, Darth Sorrown of the Varen Sith

   First up for today, it’s a bit from one of the Star Wars players – an NPC who’s identity his character, Kira, is temporarily stealing.

   Ayshan is a distant cousin to Naga Vascud, Grand Mistress of the Varen Council. Ayshan graduated from Trayus Academy six years ago as the last successful apprentice to Master Luarn before his tragic accident with his last apprentice. Ayshan is currently on duty in Varen space looking for Force sensitive prospects to be brought into the Varen families.

   Ayshan entered the Academy as one of the first Varen students there along with a former slave girl named Myla from his homeworld of Cargus. Together the two of them grew close to each other and were even rumored to have been lovers at one point. Tragically, when Myla fell to the Dark Side, she was found to be completely lacking in the necessary self-control as she went on a destructive rampage across the campus. Ayshan managed to get to her before any of the instructors did.

   Recognizing the signs of complete madness in her eyes, Ayshan did what was expected of someone of his family and was the one to put her down. The instructors found Myla dead at Ayshan’s feet, Ayshan firmly fallen to the Dark Side in his grief, and still in control. It was decided by Master Luarn and Headmaster Soung that Ayshan had graduated to being a full Varen that day.

   Now Ayshan looks for more Force sensitives to send to training, ever mindful that he may be sentencing them to be killed much like Myla was. And while he forever grieves for what he did, he is ever mindful of the fact that it is still better for them in the presence of the Varen where someone like him might be able to put them down should they lose control.

   Ayshan is known as a rather melancholy person who finds solace in his work. He isn’t unkind, but is difficult to approach these days. Ayshan is very matter of fact and professional in his relationships as he becomes more introverted over time.

   Currently, Ayshan is unaware that Kira Keldav has borrowed his identity in infiltrating the Gruenn system. How Ayshan will respond to this news may well depend on how much trouble it causes him in the future. Although the fact that Zandaras is no friend of the Varen is sure to influence his opinion on the matter


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  2. […] Ayshan Vascud, Darth Sorrown of the Varen Sith […]

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