The Great Weapons

   Here’s a selection of artifacts for the Amber Diceless RPG. If you happen to be looking for some horribly powerful weapons for almost any system, these will probably suit you very nicely.

   The seventeen Great Weapons were mostly, although not entirely, swords – and they were indeed incredibly powerful. They also benefitted from a minor special power purchased by their creator – the ability to have his “named and numbered sets” include 15 items rather than 12. Continuous and Sealed trump links are simply (1) continuously active, and (2) sealed against external interference. They aren’t impossible to disrupt, but it requires some pretty major power to do it – and even then it usually doesn’t work for long. The Power Words they use are listed HERE.

   Since twelve of the great weapons were intended to be auctioned off “blind” during character setup, the descriptions included an “estimated value” for most characters. In many cases, of course, the powers seemed to complement a would-be user’s intended strategy and tactics – which might increase its effective value considerably. For conveniences sake, the auction descriptions and the full statistics have been listed together this time around.

   The twelve great weapons to be auctioned were:



   The Mindsword is the sword of psyche, an arsenal of mental weapons and tricks embodied as a blade. While its physical aspect is quite lethal, its psychic aspect is the most important. It stores, amplifies, and channels the wielders psychic power – whether onto the physical level (as energy bolts, quasi-material “creatures” and temporary equipment, or illusions), or onto the mental level (as telepathic bolts, compulsions, instant “mind links”, or various advanced techniques). It can store, “maintain” indefinitely, and release more then a dozen psychic constructs (effectively psychic “spells”). Between this and its function as a psychic amplifier it offers a huge advantage in psychic combat. The Mindswords “minor” powers include allowing the wielder to engage in astral projection”, “sheathing” itself within the users mind, compelling the obedience of unshielded minds who gaze upon it, and generating psychic shields for the bearer. Its estimated value to most characters is about 20 points.

  • 29 Points
  • Does “Deadly” Damage (4)
  • Powered By Trump (4). Includes a trump image of “The Astral Plane” which can be “tapped” to charge psychic constructs or to bring through “thought-forms” as quasi-real objects and entities. Regardless of the thing envisioned, its abilities are limited by the users psyche. Meditating on the blade will allow astral projection.
  • Extraordinary Psychic Sense (4). This allows the blade to maintain a subconscious link with its owner, to “maintain” psychic constructs, and to direct those creatures it compels to obey.
  • Shadow “Molding” (2). Only to compel loyalty and obedience to the user in those who view it unsheathed. The effect wears off gradually once the shadow creatures (victims) leave the vicinity of the blade.
  • Contains Named and Numbered Power Words (2): Psychic -Blast, -Equivalence, -Reflection, -Bolt, .-Shield, -Illusions, and -Form. Inspiration, Trump Tap, Binding Command, Mind Link, Burst of Psyche, Disrupt Psyche, Mindblock, and Sphere Of Power.
  • Psychic Neutral (2)
  • Able to “Speak and Sing” (2). The mindswords “intelligence” represents a large “library” of advanced telepathic techniques, made available to the user via the blades mental link. While useless in combat or sensory modes, this is good for subtle telepathic manipulations. Even an expert can benefit from a reference library.
  • Rack and Use “Named and Numbered” Spells (4). The sword can “rack and release” up to 15 psychic constructs at a time, maintaining them within the blades crystal matrix indefinitely.
  • Confer Quality (Psychic Neutral) (5). Acts as “psychic armor” and to conceal the users telepathic manipulations. It doesn’t conceal his presence or powers otherwise.



   Gurath is one of the most specialized of the great weapons but, by the same token, its power within its field is tremendous. It vastly boosts the wielders effective warfare in melee, boosts his tactical skills and raw physical strength to a lesser degree, and protects him from lesser weapons – such as firearms and simpler magical spells. It amplifies kinetic energy, striking with the force of a wrecking ball, and can easily hurl back an onrushing truck. If a sword is inappropriate, it can become a wide variety of other weapons. It’s minor powers include the ability to disrupt spells, trump, pattern, logrus, and mental energies by touch, to strike through projections against the being behind them, to affect intangible beings, and to block attempts to eavesdrop on the user. If a particular weapon-form is inappropriate, it has many more. Its estimated value to most characters is around 20 points.

  • 28 Points
  • Does “Destructive” Damage (8)
  • Powered By Trump (4)
  • -Image link is “Continuous” and “Sealed” (2). Trump Image of Vaskira, a realm of “pure kinetic force”. The blade taps this to add terrific power to the users blows, return to his hands, exert an enormous impact against anything it strikes, and to boost the users effective “strength” with respect to lifting, pushing, or throwing things.
  • Extraordinary Psychic Sense (4). This allows Gurath to maintain a subconscious link with its owner, and to supply “combat precognition” when he or she wields it, providing a fraction of a seconds edge to boost his effective warfare.
  • Shadow “Molding” (2). Channels a portion of the kinetic force that Gurath taps into a force field, rendering the user “resistant to firearms” and most simple attacking spells while Gurath is in use.
  • Contains Named and Numbered Power Words (2): Increase Damage, Kinetic Imbuement, Negate Magic, Stress Perception, Masters Parry, Trump Disrupt, Trump Pulse, Ghost Strike, Sphere Of Defense, War Fugue, Sphere of Privacy, Reverse Combat, Leadership, Evaluate Opponent(s), and Analyze Style.
  • Psychic Neutral (2)
  • Able to “Speak and Sing” (2). Guraths “intelligence” functions as a “battle computer”, boosting the bearers effective warfare for the purpose of commanding battles only.
  • Named and Numbered Alternate Forms (2): Sword, Lance, Spear, Mace, Nunchaku, Staff, Gun, Dagger, Bow, Katana, Chain, Axe, Trident, Kusarigama, Sai, and various minor variants thereof.



   Fatebinders is the power of defense – the ability to deflect, reflect, blunt, or negate, attacks, forces and powers dangerous to its bearer. Whether the ravages of the surface of pluto, a hail of bullets, a laser beam, the tendrils of the logrus, magic, or a physical blow, the nature of the attack matters little. Fatebinder can be overwhelmed, but it requires enormous power. On the offensive side, the wounds the blade inflicts are slow to heal and create a mystic link between the sword and the creature struck. Its lesser powers include control of the magic of destiny and fate, the generation of concussive force, “focusing” the users energies for making “ultimate efforts”, and conferred invulnerability (just in case its defenses are ever overwhelmed). Its estimated value to most characters is about 15 points.

  • 32 Points
  • Does “Deadly” Damage (4)
  • Powered By Trump (4). Image link is “Continuous” and “Sealed” (2). Trump Image of Thera, a source of pure repulsion fields and “Destiny” magic, including a selection of curses, dooms, and “forced” prophecies.
  • Extraordinary Psychic Sense (4). This allows the blade to maintain a subconscious link with its wielder and anticipate attacks, allowing it to attune the defensive fields it generates to repel attacks based on particular effects. It can be reduced to “generic” defenses if it’s attacked by several different powers at the same time.
  • Shadow “Molding” (2). Fatebinders molding power is dedicated to the manipulation of Thera’s exotic energies, channeling them into fields designed to repel or reflect any incoming attacks. While it can also channel them into force-based attacks and the casting of “fate and Destiny” magic (a very tricky field), this is hardly its primary function.
  • Contains Named and Numbered Power Words (2): Reflection, Focusing, Presence, Sphere Of Power, Phasing Strike, Trump Pulse, Trump Disrupt, “Gate of Death”, Nymic Tracking, Wounding, Reveal Fate, Evocation (Destiny), Trump Powering, Environmental Field, and Blood Link.
  • Psychic Neutral (2)
  • Able to “Speak and Sing” (2). Fatebinders “intelligence” is normally devoted to maintaining and directing the defensive forces it generates around its bearer, with a “sideline” in the destiny magics and force-based effects listed above. It is definitely not conversational.
  • Invulnerability to “All Conventional Weapons” (4) and to any previously encountered power words (1)
  • Confer Quality (5): Invulnerability to conventional weapons and “power words” as above. This does extend to second uses of power words in the same encounter, which may be quite a shock to the words user.



   Sidarth embodies the paradox of perception, the twin polarities of truth and illusion, the light which both reveals and conceals. Sidarth taps the power of true light on every level; physical, spiritual, and intellectual, while, at the same time, it weaves a web of illusion around its bearer. Its control of simple, physical, electromagnetism allows it to spin holograms and laser beams, its spiritual aspect can induce trust or “exorcize” intruding beings, while its intellectual aspect reveals lies and grants supernormal insights. As for its powers of illusion, it can disguise the bearer on every level, whether physical, psychic, or magical, or simply cloak his presence entirely. This extends to “blurring” the bearer in physical (or psychic) combat, making him a very difficult target. The blades “minor” powers include various espionage- and stealth- related abilities, “recording” nearby events, the power to see through lesser disguises, and the ability to instantly forge any documentation desired. The blade is a near- ideal tool for stealth. Sidarths estimated value to most characters is around 20 points.

  • 27 Points
  • Does “Deadly” Damage (4)
  • Powered By Trump (4). Image link is “Continuous” and “Sealed” (2). Trump image of the “sea of light”, a realm which constitutes a virtually limitless source of “true light”, physical, spiritual, and intellectual.
  • Extraordinary Psychic Sense (4). This allows the blade to maintain a subconscious link with its owner and to gather (and pass on) supernormal insights into whatever the user sees. This varies in form, but common manifestations include “knowing” an items nature and history, learning the motives and/or basic nature of an entity, detecting falsehood, basic knowledge of a beings abilities, and “soulsight”.
  • Shadow “Molding” (2). This power is normally dedicated to manipulating he energies drawn from the sea of light, whether on the physical (Holographic illusions, lasers, and electromagnetic effects), the spiritual (positive emotions, trust, friendship, joy, revealing truth or ill intentions, etc), or the mental (revealing true forms, finding the hidden, analyzing things, dispelling illusions, etcetera) level. A secondary effect acts to enhance the illusory disguise that the blade normally wraps itself and its wielder in, cloaking such details as voice and magical aura.
  • Contains Named and Numbered Power Words (2): Auric Disguise, Resume True Form, Password, Secure Link, Entrancement, Mindcloud, “Nymic Awareness”, Tracking, Detection Screen, Distraction, Forgery, Cloak Of Fear, Tap Link, Trailtwist, and Recognizer
  • Psychic Neutral (2)
  • Able to “Speak and Sing” (2). The blades “intelligence” is normally devoted to maintaining illusions, light manipulation, and to “recording” information for later playback. As it tends to record all “interesting” electromagnetic events in a wide radius (Smile ! You’re on candid camera !) this can be most informative.
  • Confer Quality (Psychic Neutral) (5)



   Nightrazor is, undeniably, the most terrible of the great weapons. Not only does it command the powers of spiritual, intellectual, and physical darkness, but it is a soul-drinker, a vampiric blade capable of stealing the essence of those it slays and transferring their vitality to the user. The stolen souls are imprisoned within the blade – from which they can be called forth to serve the user up to three times before dissipating forever. Nightrazors “lesser” powers include illusion casting, teleportation, communication with the spirits trapped within the blade, and the ability use the swords Spiritual Darkness as a weapon in psychic combat. The estimated value to most characters is about 15 points.
  • 26 Points
  • Does “Deadly” Damage (4)
  • Powered By Trump (4). Image link is “Continuous” and “Sealed” (2). Trump Image of Elkora, realm of the living dark. This “darkforce” is far more then the absence of light – it is an active quality in its own right, with physical (“Solid” darkness and negative energy effects, bolts, light snuffing, shadow merging, and sensory impairment), spiritual (Hate, fear, and all the negative emotions, despair, apathy, etcetera), and intellectual (Ignorance, illusion, forgetfulness, deception, etc), aspects.
  • Extraordinary Psychic Sense (4). This allows the blade to maintain a subconscious link with its owner, to “maintain” the spirits trapped within it, and to create links to let the wielder communicate with said spirits.
  • Shadow “Molding” (2). This is specialized in the control of the “darkforce” – with a sideline in manipulating spirits. Since the spirits within the blade are constantly exposed to the power of darkness, they aren’t too difficult to handle anyway.
  • Contains Named and Numbered Power Words (2): Shadowmeld, Mindcloud, Nights Illusion, Circle Of Despair, Darksight, Steal Spirit, Command Spirit, Ranged Blast, Psychic Equivalence, Disrupt Spirit, Reabsorb Spirit I and II, Grant Substance, Transfer Vitality, Transfer Spirit.
  • Psychic Neutral (2)
  • Able to “Speak and Sing” (2). The blades “intelligence” is normally devoted to controlling the powers of darkness which threaten to pour through the blade, which is probably just as well – the blades personality is not pleasant.
  • Able to Rack and Release Named and Numbered Spirits (4) (up to a maximum of fifteen at a time).



   Sunderer possesses the power to sunder barriers, whether of matter, energy, power, or shadow, including the “walls” between the dimensions. While this offers instant travel throughout Amber, Shadow, and the Courts, it also allows the user to open rifts out into shadow, unleashing torrents of water, plasma, or what-have-you upon his foes. While such rifts soon heal themselves, especially if driven thru shadow barriers, they rarely need to last very long. Sunderer’s “minor” abilities include command over the forces, magics, and powers of the earth, the ability to detect and analyze any usage of the major powers and anything touching the earth, the power to “shift” shadow paths, and “immovability”. Its estimated value to most characters is about 20 points.

  • 26 Points
  • Does “Deadly” Damage (4)
  • Powered By Trump (4). Contains an “Ubiquitous” trump image (4). The “ubiquitous images” are limited to places, and do not include people or things. They also cannot be observed “within” the blade and so can only be tapped by the powers of the blade itself.
  • One Image link is “Continuous” and “Sealed” (2). Trump image of the “Cauldron of Vorkosa”, a vast volcanic crater filled with seething magma, focus for enormous gravitational, geological, and (earth) magical forces.
  • Extraordinary Psychic Sense (4). This allows the blade to maintain a subconscious link with its owner, to use its internal trump images, and to detect / analyze the traces and “signatures” of the various powers. The user can usually tell the which, when, and why of past uses of a power, detect them in use, and tell something about who, where, and what for a power is being used now.
  • Shadow “Molding” (2): Specialized in the manipulation of the forces of the earth, especially those drawn from Vorkosa and from “ley lines”.
  • Contains Named and Numbered Power Words (2): Shattering Strike, Opening, Trump Disrupt, Trump Rift, Penetrate Barrier, Wardshatter, Evocation (Earth Magics), Penetrating Blow, Pathlore, Shift Path, Earthsense, Kinetic Transfer (and Damping), Binding Field Control, Dimensional Stabilization.
  • Psychic Neutral (2)
  • Able to “Speak and Sing” (2). The blades “intelligence” is devoted to the use and manipulation of earth-related forces. It also assists in the analysis and interpretation of the information the blade collects (see above).



   Dragonslayer controls the “powers of the air” – the weather and electrical forces, yes, but also technology, the product of applied thought. When wind, rain, sandstorm, and lightning pall, the user can simply turn to Dragonslayers ability to produce, manipulate, and confer understanding of, technological devices. While the ability to produce devices only extends to hand-portable items, the blade can force them to work anywhere, from the far reaches of shadow to Amber itself. If you just happen to need a laser pistol, a tissue regenerator, a tricorder, or a slab of plastic explosives, this sword will provide them. Dragonslayers minor powers include releasing stored energies, dragon- and serpent-slaying, control of technomancy (technology-related magic), and the power to temporarily enhance or negate the “local” natural laws. Its “estimated value” to most characters is around 15 points.
  • 26 Points
  • Does “Deadly” Damage (4)
  • Powered By Trump (4). Image link is “Continious” and “Sealed” (2). Trump Image of the “Sphere of Kostiss”, a source of enormous electrical and “weather-manipulating” energies.
  • Extraordinary Psychic Sense (4). This allows the blade to maintain a subconscious link with its owner and to “scan” technological devices, instantly acquainting the user with their nature, method of operation, maintenance, etcetera. It also covers the handy tricorder technique, whereby the weilder can scan for any technologically-oriented thing he wants to.
  • Shadow “Molding” (2). Dragonslayer specializes in the manipulation of electrical energy, with sidelines in technomancy, high-technology, and weather. It’s especially good with electronics and electrical devices, which fall into three of the four categories.
  • Contains Named and Numbered Power Words (2): Entropic Bolt, Scrambler Pulse, Subdue, Tertiary Disruption, Sphere Of Power, Engineering, Dragons-Heart Seeking, Adapt/Repair Tech, Law Distortion, System Link, Enhance Tech, Force Lens, Evocation (Technomancy), Invoke Shadow Storm, Electrokinesis.
  • Psychic Neutral (2)
  • Able to “Speak and Sing” (2). This swords “intelligence” is primarily devoted to an enormous technical library and secondarily to the analysis required by its “Extraordinary psychic sense”.
  • Linked “Personal Shadow” (1). “Restricted Access” (Only thru users pockets) (2). Control Of Contents (1). This shadow is associated with the blade itself, rather then directly with the user. It allows the user to simply reach into a pocket and “pull out” minor devices, supplies, tools, and weapons. For ordinary purposes the gadgets available are about at the “cyberpunk” level.



   Lifegiver generates and manipulates the energies of life. While this includes healing, fertility, growth, and shapeshifting, it also includes plague, cancer, rot, and decay. Merely carrying it imbues the users body with vast vitality, greatly accelerating healing and granting a variety of superhuman enhancements. The wielder can “scan” and “analyze” bioenergy auras, control his body and biochemistry, and even focus his “C’hi” for use in a variety of ways. The “sword” is strongly associated with shapeshifting and is capable of greatly enhancing (or bestowing), shapeshifting abilities. Lifegivers lesser powers include trump animation, the ability to focus and channel the energies of the users body, giving the user immunity to poisons, and transformation (of any creature not protected by a major power). Lifegivers estimated value to most characters is about 20 points.

  • 34 Points
  • Does “Deadly” Damage (4)
  • Powered By Trump (4). Image link is “Continuous” and “Sealed” (2). Image of the “Well of Life” – a nearly limitless source of pure life energy. While this is tricky to use offensively, it can be done in the form of disruptions, enhancing microorganisms already on, or within, the targets body, and so on.
  • Extraordinary Psychic Sense (4). This allows the blade to maintain a subconscious link with its owner, and to scan / analyze life energy patterns, evaluating a creatures nature, injuries and degree of fatigue, general abilities, etc. As this also reveals their locations and weaknesses, this can be unexpectedly useful in a fight.
  • Shadow “Molding” (2). Specialized in the “molding” of creatures and in life energies. Tapping the enormous energy of the well allows the user to fully transform creatures of shadow, cause incredibly rapid healing in anyone, accelerate growth, and even manipulate beings of true “reality” provided that they don’t employ a primal power to resist.
  • Contains Named and Numbered Power Words (2): -Shapeshift Blood, Transfer Vitality, Fast Shift, Inflict Shapeshift, Detoxification, Bio-Focusing, Ability Analysis, Trump Animation, C’hi Focusing I, II, III, Somatic and Metabolic Control, Shapeshift Gear, and Channeling.
  • Psychic Neutral (2)
  • Able to “Speak and Sing” (2). The blades “intelligence” is devoted to the bio-sciences, theoretical and practical. It maintains a vast “library” of such information and is capable of being quite “creative” within those fields.
  • Named and Numbered Alternate Forms (2). Only three of the fifteen available forms can be used by the blade, the other twelve modifications are available only to the user. As modifications, rather then complete forms, up to three may be in use at the same time. Most of them would probably be lethal without the “life support” it provides. Lifegiver can appear as a sword, staff, or as a ring. The modifications include; Subdermal Polymerization (“Resistance to Firearms”), Heightened Senses (IR/UV vision, passive sonar, energy scan/analysis, hypersensetive taste, olfactory, touch, and balance, telescopic, parabolic, and microscopic enhancements, and overload protection), Combat Mode (Claws, Fangs, etc, all “Double Damage” weapons), Speed (“Engine Speed”), Venom (Includes a variety of toxin/drug secreting glands in the fingers and mouth and the ability to secrete them through the skin), Chameleon Skin (Basic invisibility), Auric Null (Bioenergy field damping, acts like “psychic neutral”) Phasing (Immateriality, will allow user to pass through matter and “air walk”), Metabolic Transfer I, II, III (Takes fifteen points off the users endurance to boost strength/warfare/psyche by ten), and Regeneration (Reduces all attributes by two ranks, but confers item-class “Regeneration”).
  • Confer Power (alternate forms) (10)



   Serpents Fang commands the powers of the seas; wave and mist, corrosion and poison, psychic powers and the unconscious mind. It is unique among the great weapons in that it can operate on its own in a wide variety of guises. Whatever the form, it remains both lethal and psychically linked to its wielder, in whom it evokes and focuses various low-level psionic powers. While the blade is really most useful near the ocean, it remains able to generate and project vast quantities of water, acid, poisonous mist, and so on, anywhere. Tidal waves atop mountains may not be practical, but there are plenty of other lethal options. The “blades” minor abilities include the ability to summon and command the creatures of the seas, to absorb or transfer forces and energies incident upon the wielder, concealing itself from physical and/or psychic searches, and the production of useful drugs and solutions. Serpents Fang has an “estimated value” to most characters of around 15 points.
  • 36 Points
  • Does “Destructive” Damage (8)
  • Powered By Trump (4). Image link is “Continuous” and “Sealed” (2). Trump Image of the boundless, and mildly acidic, seas of the sphere of Leteril, a source of limitless quantities of sea water and “minor” mystical energies related to water.
  • Extraordinary Psychic Sense (4). This allows the blade to maintain a subconscious link with its owner and provides the usual benefits of this quality. Note that the links it creates are better at transmitting sensory data then they are at allowing the user to converse with the device.
  • Shadow “Molding” (2). Serpents Fang specializes in the power of water, channeling energies to animate it, transmuting it into noxious corrosives and venoms (or useful drugs and solutions), manipulating its magics, and commanding the creatures of the waters.
  • Contains Named and Numbered Power Words (2): Envenomment, Corrosion, Sphere of Power, Psychic Venom, Wounding, Mist Tentacles, Evocation (Water Magics), Transmute Waters, Purification, Empathic Sending, Item Disruption, Dominate Sea-Creatures, Psychomantic Focusing, Vampiric Drain, and Auric Transfer.
  • Psychic Neutral (2)
  • Able to “Speak and Sing” (2). The blades intelligence is devoted to an immense “library”, of biochemical and oceanic lore. Like most of the other blades “libraries”, this can be assumed to be a “universal expert” in its fields. As a note, the biochemical lore is mostly devoted to toxins, drugs, etcetera which can be transmuted from sea water. Otherwise, it has a basic animal-level intelligence – unless its current form (QV) is smarter then that.
  • Named and Numbered Alternate Forms (2): Sword, Celestial Dragon, Serpent, Spider, Kraken, Horse, Garotte, Falcon, Invisibility (this may be combined with other forms), Ring (with poison pin and compartment), Dolphin, Wolf, Squirrel, Intangible, Sea Serpent.
  • Double Vitality (Chaos Str or twice forms) (2)
  • Double Speed (2)
  • Combat Mastery (4) (The sword has relatively little tactical “skill”, but its reflexes are low-ranked, probably in the five to ten point range). Noted that being “powered by trump” effectively gives the blade “tireless supernatural stamina”. Trump doesn’t get tired. The cost is presumably subsumed by the 40-point cost of basic trump artistry. The blades effective attribute rankings are; Psyche (Amber), Strength (Varies. High-ranked as Dragon, Kraken, and Sea Serpent. Amber as Horse, Wolf, and Dolphin (2x normal) and Chaos otherwise), Endurance (Tireless), Warfare (5 to 10) and Abilities: Those “natural” to the form plus those innate to the blade itself.



   Morningstar offers dominion over the powers of fire and elemental fire itself, including the power to call forth fire elementals. While the powers of fire can be used constructively, Morningstar is the most facile of the seventeen in the ways of large-scale destruction and war. Gurath may slay individuals and direct the siege, Sunderer may breach or bypass the walls, the other great weapons may gather information, poison the defenders, or summon more troops, but only Morningstar will reduce the entire battlefield to smoldering slag. On a lesser, if still drastic, level, the sword allows its bearer to merge with its fires, a state related to the “fire form” available to abyss masters. The blades lesser powers include environmental shielding, limited control over other energies, the ability to resist the effects of inertia, and command of fire-related magics. The blades estimated value to most characters is about 15 points.
  • 27 Points
  • Does “Deadly” Damage (4)
  • Powered By Trump (4). Image link is “Continious” and “Sealed” (2). Trump Image of the Sphere of Faltine, a realm of “living flame” and mystic energies related to fire.
  • Extraordinary Psychic Sense (4). This allows the blade to maintain a subconscious link with its owner and to function as an empath, able recieve and broadcast emotions. While interperting emotions can be tricky, with a little practive on the part of the user this can become an effective and exceptionally subtle power.
  • Shadow “Molding” (2). This power is devoted to the control of fire and the energies of Faltine – including creating “fire elementals” from detached portions of faltines living flames. Such elementals have amber rank in everything and are only quasimaterial, and hence resistant to most conventional attacks. The blade can maintain its control over up to fifteen elementals at a time – but the user can turn loose more if he desires.
  • Contains Named and Numbered Power Words (2): Energy Parry, Bergenholm Field, Fire Merge, Nova Flare, Manipulate Flame, Evocation (Fire Magics), Dispell Elementals, Purifying Flame, Fugue, Flame Scrying, Energy Channeling, Flare, Empathic Bolt, Cold Resistance, and Enviormental Field.
  • Psychic Neutral (2)
  • Able to “Speak and Sing” (2). The blades “intelligence” is normally devoted to directing the (basically animalistic) elementals, with a sideline in controlling fire and fire magic.
  • Confer Quality (Deadly Damage) (5). The blade “charges” its user with plasma energy, allowing him to discharge it for “deadly damage”. This has a minor side effect, in that it renders the user practically invulnerable to heat and cold. This effect fades only gradually when the weilder is seperated from the sword, as the energy slowly dissipates into the enviorment.



   Spellbinder is the mages sword, a source of magical energies and a talisman able to “rack and use” more then a dozen spells. Unlike most such, the spells never “go stale” and will even renew themselves given time. Even without the use of racked spells, the bearer can wield simple magics such as energy bolts, telekinesis, force shields, and explosions with a mere gesture or word. It speeds the casting of more complex spells, and enables the user to modify them to suit the circumstances when they’re released. The blades “minor” powers include; a vast spell “library”, the ability to sense and analyze magical forces (such as those of the “local shadow”), the generation of basic mystic defenses, and the ability to summon demons. Spellbinders “estimated value” to most characters (sorcerers or not) is about 15 points.
  • 26 Points
  • Does “Deadly” Damage (4)
  • Powered By Trump (4). Image link is “Continuous” and “Sealed” (2). The Trump Image is of the Fount of Lugh – a fountain of raw magical energy. As the blade has accumulated an immense magical “charge” in its own right, the net effect is to make the sword itself a “source” of magical energy. Ready access to such a source can drastically cut down the time needed to “cast spells” directly or to store them for later use.
  • Extraordinary Psychic Sense (4). This allows the blade to maintain a subconscious link with its owner and to sense (and analyze) magical forces, including those involved in the readying, targeting, construction, and releasing of spells, item enchantments, and the nature of magic in the local shadow environment. As this allows the user to detect the nature and intent of incoming spells, it can be quite an advantage in magical duels.
  • Shadow “Molding” (2) is devoted to mystic defenses and the manipulation of magical energies to produce such basic effects as force fields, energy bolts, telekinesis, walls of fire, explosions, light and a variety of other simple “utility” spells. It can even handle minor details of more advanced magic, allowing the user to concentrate on the hard parts.
  • Contains Named and Numbered Power Words (2): Negate Magic I, II, III, Spell Adaption, Reflect Spell, Mask Spell, Seeking Spell, Magic Focusing, Runic Endowment, Spirit Summons, Duplicate Spell, Command Spirit, Set Wards, Selective Targeting, and Magesword.
  • Psychic Neutral (2)
  • Able to “Speak and Sing” (2). The blades “intelligence” is dedicated to the sorcerous “skills” needed to “maintain” spells and a “library” of spells. Due to the blades continuous access to magical power, such spells never go “stale”, and so are ready at any time.
  • Able to Rack and Use Named and Numbered Spells (4) (up to a maximum of fifteen spells).



   The Horn Of Curennos is the most versatile, and may well be the most powerful, of the seventeen. It’s also the only one with no weapon form, although its ability to generate an energy blade makes this a bit academic. The Horn grants its bearer dominion over the powers of nature, mastery of the wild magic, various animalistic and totemistic powers, an “awareness” of any unnatural presences in his surroundings, the power to summon the spirits of nature, and an enormous resistance to other powers. The Horns “lesser” powers include the ability to summon the wild hunt or other creatures, to shatter the fabric of shadow and unleash shadow storms, and to inflict lethal damage by its sound alone if the bearer so desires. It also confers an innate affinity for the wilderness and the forces of nature, making its bearer something just a bit apart from human. It’s estimated value to most characters is around 25 points.
  • 36 Points
  • Does “Destructive” Damage (8). Actually, the horn is not normally used directly as a weapon, as a horn is a bit clumsy in a fight it normally projects a “blade” or cone of “sonic” energy. The wielder can use the “blade” like any other sword, the cone is projected by blowing the horn with the intent to do so.
  • Powered By Trump (4). Image link is “Continuous” and “Sealed” (2). Trump Image of the Sphere of Curennos, source of the wild magic, a combination of natural energies and raw life force. The energies of Curennos can be channeled into the shamanistic manipulation of the forces of nature or shaped into creatures, as the wielder desires. Note that, while the wielder has substantial influence over such creatures, he does not have full control. While the energies of Curennos are inexhaustible the “horn” cannot even influence more then “60 points” of creatures at a time. The “wild hunt” is a classic manifestation, use the statistics under Julian for Morgenstern and the Hellhounds, but change the hellhounds “double damage” teeth to; “extra hard” teeth and “alternate form” (Raven). Sadly, these “ravens” must return to the horns wielder to report. Note that killing a “creature” of the horn merely returns it to its natural state, a disembodied field of energy. It should also be noted that multipliers above Horde (x3) are not available through the horn.
  • Extraordinary Psychic Sense (4). This allows the blade to maintain a subconscious link with its owner and to grant an “awareness” of the forces of nature in a tremendous radius. It also grants the user awareness of unnatural presences, such as high-tech stuff, “real” creatures, and even the use of any primal power. This also allows the wielder to track unnaturally well, know the basic nature and uses of wilderness creatures and plants, and otherwise be attuned to the forces of nature.
  • Shadow “Molding” (2) is dedicated to the manipulation of the energies of Curennos, including using them to manipulate the forces of nature and molding them into creatures. While the horn has minor sidelines in the control of the creatures it “creates”, and the manipulation of wild magic and healing these are not its major purpose.
  • Contains Named and Numbered Power Words (2): Beastmastery, Spiritmastery, Note Of Shattering, Sonic Cone, Berserker Shift, Invoke Shadow Storm, Summon Totem, Mold Life Force, Invocation (Of the wild magic, sonics, and healing), Sphere of Power, Disrupt Technology, and Environmental Compensation.
  • Psychic Neutral (2)
  • Able to “Speak and Sing” (2). The horns “intelligence” is devoted to maintaining conrtol over the creatures it creates, and to an immense “library” of natural lore.
  • Confer Power (Powered By Trump) (10). While this can’t be fully conferred on a living being, it suffices to give the user an automatic trump defense and tireless supernatural stamina. While this defense can be overcome, given time and sufficient raw power, it’s quite a job.

   The “Wild Magic” is not a mechanical process like most other magics, it is instead a living thing, it is the old powers of the elements, the surging force of the life that existed before intelligence, although it may have aspects of that as well. It is the power of enchanted forests, the wraiths of the sea, and the spirits of the air, a primal magic unconcerned with man. Like other living things, it is fully capable of working anywhere and can even cross shadow on its own. Its greater aspects can never be fully controlled, and even minor magics drawing upon it can have very strange effects. Once unleashed, it must run its course, it cannot be recalled

   The remaining five great weapons are not available during the auction. For informational purposes, they are Bar, the sword of guardians and defenders, Vengeance, the sword of assasination,Sard, the sword of luck and chaos, Bitterwind, sword of winter and entrophy, and Pathfinder, the sword of knowledge and travelers. They are roughly equal in power to the other great weapons.


Special Notes:

   The blades power words were drawn from across shadow. Externally directed words are backed by the swords “amber” level psyche or by the weilders, if higher, thanks to their “extraordinary psychic sense”. “Internally” directed words are either intended to act on the sword itself, or are variants which work on the weilder. Which is which has not been noted, since it’s easy enough to figure it out.

   “Continuous” and “Sealed” trump links are simply always active, and sealed against any outside interference or “tapping”. The combination is virtually impossible to affect by external means – including shadow barriers and other impediments. Such links can be blocked by spells and barriers designed to work against that one link, but this would require careful study of the item. The net effect is that the great weapons are almost impossible to cut off from their power sources.

   “Psychic Neutral”, along with the trump energies from being “Powered by Trump”, makes the great weapons virtually impervious to psychic assault and probes. Combined with the usual resistance of trump devices to other powers, this makes the swords basically impossible to analyze, indestructible, and resistant to the other powers.

   Trump Images are common to all the weapons, but are not directly available to the user. They are built into the blades structure, and can only be accessed thru the medium of the blade itself. The power sources are in shadows which are unavailable otherwise, since they are barriered against all but trump and destined never to be located again – at least by anyone else.

   Evocation Magic is a bit “blurry” about the precise limits of its fields of magic. As with most things in amber the exact limits will depend more on what a user thinks can be done and tries, but in general the basic fields of elemental magic are the most flexible. Such fields allow the user to draw upon assiciated types of magic, as well as the basic forces of the element. The only real problem is that these “secondary” fields are always far weaker then the basic elemental field.

   Object Stamina is irrelevant to the various swords, as being “Powered By Trump” effectively provides them with “Tireless Supernatural Stamina”, presumably, the cost is subsumed in the cost of trump artistry. Given the limitless energies of trump to draw on, no device should ever get tired, any more then car engines do.

   Destiny Magic is normally limited to single shadows or, at most, a small set of shadows. While backing it with the power of trump allows it to operate anywhere, it does nothing to limit the backlash of poorly worded demands. There is considerable peversity to the works of fate – a tendency exaggerated when working with, or against, the powers available to amber characters.

   The Astral Plane is the realm of the psyche, one of the few “aspects” of reality common to every habitable habitable shadow, as well as to Amber and the Courts. On the astral plane ideas, philosophies, mental images, and such are real, tangible, things, with a power directly porportional to the psychic energy invested in them. A locally popular idea gains force not only from the one who expouses it, but from all the locals who accept it in one form or another.

   “Powered by Trump” can only be applied to those functions of a device that a trump artist has actually constructed or paid for. It does not apply to any power “innate” to a device or creature which would normally cost points to put in. You can buy powered by trump and shadow seek for a base item of the “death star” from Star Wars – but its engines and weaponry will still be technological, not powered by trump. Buying a “limited shape shift” (adaption) and “Ext. psychic sense” (how to do so) works in most places, but working anywhere will require “Warp” Movement (12), Absurd Damage (16+), and Divination (Instruments, 2).

   Control Of Destiny can be taken to either limit the powers which work in a shadow or to “compel” people to arrive, not both. In game terms it’s fairly simple. If Sam travels by using the pattern, you can’t really use your “control of destiny” to make him arrive where the pattern won’t work. He can’t get there. In game terms, it is grossly unfair to be able to force characters to arrive in places where none of their powers work. This is actually debatable, it may not even be possible for anyone to construct or locate a shadow where a “primal power” actually doesn’t work, but one where it’s quite limited is easy enough. These shadows are, of course, surrounded by shadows where using that power is more and more difficult, hence they cannot “surprise” those who pay attention to where they’re going. GM’s who want to complicate things may allow people to “build” a shadow where, say, trump doesn’t work, but someone travelling via pattern can be destined to arrive – but this could get very complicated very quickly.

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