Exalted – Mysteries of the Raksha

Forge of Dreams

  • Cost: —- (3M, 2 G); Mins: Heart 2, Essence 3; Type: Permanent
  • Keywords: Shaped-Only , Combo-OK
  • Duration: Permanent
  • Prerequisite Charms: Unassailable Tower of Glamour

. Shaped Fair Folk area bridge between the stability of Creation and the chaos of the Wyld. Those who have learned to exploit this talent may draw the stuff of chaos into the heart of Creation – or the stuff of Creation into the heart of the Wyld.
. (Waking): In Creation, The user adds +2 – with no cap – to the willpower cost of Creation-born ignoring his or her Wyld Stunts and decreases the requirements for enacting such stunts in Creation by -1 Heart and -2 Essence. More importantly, the user may expend 3M and 2G to invoke an extra Wyld Stunt, over and above those allowed by his or her Style background (if any) up to a limit of (Stamina) such stunts per day. These stunts are always rolled with Occult, regardless of what ability they appear to use.
. Dreaming: In the Wyld, the user gains the innate ability to imbue his fantasies with a portion of the energies of Creation, granting them a certain amount of reality. Spending 3M and 2G allows them to travel a short distance into Creation even if they cannot directly alter it (enough to move into the area protected by effects such as Chaos-Repelling Pattern or expansions thereof), increases the difficulty of altering such fantasies by three, and increases the costs of ignoring a fantasy by one point of temporary willpower.

Veiling the God’s Eyes

  • Cost: 3M, 2 G, 1W; Mins: Heart 2, Essence 3; Type: Simple
  • Keywords: Shaped-Only, Combo-OK
  • Duration: One Action/Special
  • Prerequisite Charms: Unassailable Tower of Glamour

. Waking: The Little Gods of Creation are almost as vulnerable to the illusions of the Raksha as any mortal – and deceiving them can be as effective. The user may throw out a veil of glamour and deceive the little gods within a radius of (Essence x 50 feet) into immediately enacting some thaumaturgic effect. While the Raksha must still achieve the requisite number of successes to produce the effect desired with a (Man + Occ) check, he or she need not know the thaumaturgical ritual involved; it is, after all, the business of the gods to know it. The results, of course, are normal thaumaturgy, and so are not subject to Glamour Resistance.

. Dreaming: The user may spend 1G to send messages to any and all desired recipients – and the message may be different for each known recipient or simply be a general broadcast to various groups – within twenty waypoints.


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