Star Wars – Xiang the Slayer

   Xiang the Slayer is actually an obscure Coruscant cult classic – a holovid series about an extremely athletic young woman who secretly defends her home sector by hunting down and destroying the Sith and their minions who arise to menace it. It primarily appeals to a rather modest demographic, but – on Coruscant – a .01% audience share is well over a hundred million viewers, and well worth pursuing.

   Xiang wears some of the most revealing armor ever created, and – as the show has evolved across the seasons – has begun to limit herself to “worthy targets”, and to focus on redeeming less-major foes, as her skills and abilities have increased to the point where minor underlings no longer make decent fight scenes for her. She’s also picked up a bounty hunters license…

   Korda Varnal was a big fan, and had ordered the high-end merchandise – the stuff that actually worked – as well as incessantly practicing her heroines martial arts styles and stealth skills. The actual Sith War didn’t make much of an impression.

   One day she came home from a small fan convention to a tragedy. A structural block collapse – rumored to be the result of Sith Sabotage – had left many people trapped and nearly four thousand people dead. For the first few hours she dealt with the tragedy as her hero would have – helping as best she could. When she discovered that her entire extended family, and virtually everyone she’d grown up with, were amongst the casualties, she had something of a breakdown.

   She desperately wanted to be someone else – and she had a ready-made, well-practiced, identity available. Korda Varnal was lost with her family, and Xiang the Slayer went forth looking for the Sith who had caused such a tragedy.

   Whether for good or ill, in her confused state, she focused first on the most famous “Sith” that she’d ever heard of – Kira the Kat – and promptly booked passage to Alderaan to look for him in his usual haunts.


  • Grossly Traumatized: She thinks she is living in a holovid, takes absurd coincidences for granted, does not react well to authority, has a paper-thin backround, and often reacts with berserker rage when reminded of her losses (-9).
  • Confused Mind: Since she believes that she is Xiang the Slayer, it’s very hard to read her mind – but it’s often hard for her to interact sensibly with people or to recall any history EXCEPT what’s in the show (-3).


  • Sole Heir: As the only survivor of her extended clan, Korda/Xiang has access to a sizeable inheritance and insurance settlement, providing her with independent means (+1d6 Credit Rating, 3).
  • Primitive “Magic”: May carry three charms that each add +1d6 to something, although each must add to a different thing and they take days to make or “trade out” (9). These are actually a trivial ability to tap into the force via ritual and the use of props, but that’s not especially uncommon in the galaxy. Note that these talents can be upgraded through the expenditure of XP.

   Korda’s subspecies is relatively primitive, and does poorly with the Mechanical and Technical attributes, typically having them at 1-3 dice. They do, however, tend to be near the peak of normal abilities in Perception and Dexterity and commonly practice various forms of primitive magic.

Perception 4d6 Sneak +2d6
Dexterity 4d6 Melee +2d6, Melee Parry +2d6, Throwing +1d6
Knowledge 4d6 Survival +4d6
Strength 3d6+1 +4d6 versus Damage, Martial Arts +2d6
Mechanical 1d6+2 Sensor Operations +1d6
Technical 1d6  
Force Points 1 Not a Force-Sensitive.

   Since the game is on session 24, and most of the characters have at least 60 XP in addition to the 10 they started with, Xiang gets a base of 12d6 worth of skills and 20 XP. 8 have been spent on her armor, 3 on an armor charm, 3 on Sensor Operations, 3 on Melee, and she currently has three points in reserve.


  • Xiang the Slayer Mesh Body Armor: +2 Armor, with a breath mask and various items of survival kit. Upgraded to +2d6 Armor with 8 XP.
  • Xiang the Slayer Custom Force Pike: Str + 2d6 base, can also spray smoke, flash powder, knockout gas, and “napalm”, as well as launch and rewind a small grapnel and mount the equivalent of a hold-out blaster.
  • Xiang the Slayer Multi-Goggles: +2d6 to visual perception checks.
  • Advanced First Aid Kit: With micro-computer assistance (+2d6), bacta pack, and an array of antitoxins.
  • Minor Items: Blaster Pistol, Comlink, Pocket Computer, Rations, and an assortment of “trophies of the hunt”.

   Current Charms:

  • Wardstone: +2d6 to Armor (1d6 Base +3 XP invested in it).
  • Stalkers Wheels (two items): +1d6 damage with, and +1d6 to the use of, her Force Pike.


  • Xiang the Slayer Fan Clubs. Xiang can get along with these people wonderfully well, and can get replacement Xiang gear – and various other items – with ease if that should become necessary.
  • Marthak the Shaman. This relatively young man is strong on visions, spirits, and not arguing with people who are clearly – if, perhaps, understandably – crazy.

   Plot Hooks:

  • Well, Xiang is hunting Sith, thinks of herself as a Bounty Hunter, and is completely crazy. That really ought to be enough.


  • Xiang has badly upset the police on Alderaan, and may turn up on record as a dangerous lunatic if a search is run elsewhere.

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