Eclipse d20 – Ryan “Tools” O’Malley

   Ryan “Tools” O’Malley

   Level 12 Opener-Technomancer (ECL 14, or 18-19 in non-Federation games):

   Ryan was one of the few characters to make it through the original Federation-Opening campaign, and is now coming into play. Ergo, here we have his basic statistics. This does not include any equipment save his cyberware; Ryan has vast resources, and can usually carry what he wants – or just create or produce gear on the fly using his various powers.

   Race: Ryan’s been of a number of races over the years. He started as a Crusader superhero-style human, upgraded his identity there as a teenager with a mental link to his computer systems and some superheroic effects, became an archdemon through inheritance-via-assassination, spent a good deal of time being Slytherin of the Potterverse, managed to dump his infernal powers onto other people, got over-involved with an Identity as Feanor of the Noldor in the Silmarillion, blew himself into the realm of Iluvater, returned as a giant panda with alcoholic blood, took a couple of temporary forms, spent some time as an android (powerful, but the alienation from humanity was slowly driving him mad), and now is back in an upgraded version of his original body…

   Race: Pureblooded Human

  • Fast Learner/Specialized in Skills: +2 SP/Level (6 CP).
  • +4 Intelligence (Normally 24 CP, reduced to 12 CP by world laws). As a note, there have been many attempts to enhance the intelligence bonus even further, but they tend to lead to psychological problems and instability. Of course, player characters may be the fortunate exceptions.
  • +2 to any one attribute other than Intelligence (normally 12 CP, reduced to 6 CP by world laws).
  • Immunity/Aging (uncommon/minor/minor, 2 CP). They can expect to live for several centuries without much of any signs of aging.
  • Grant of Aid/Specialized (requires several hours): May heal 1d8+5 damage OR 1d3 points of attribute damage OR one negative level once per three levels per day or part thereof, 3 CP), with the Regenerative option/Corrupted (requires lots of food and rest, 2 CP), allowing them to slowly regrow lost limbs and organs.

   Bio-Arcane Fortification (32 CP / +1 ECL Template):

   Ryan has drawn on the resources of the Manifold to augment himself in a wide variety of ways – making sure that, while many of the techniques used won’t work in Core, all of the results will. His bones, muscles, ligaments, and organs, are all bioengineered and reinforced with military-level smartfibers, his body is full of designer enzymes and proteins, and he’s inhumanly tough.

   Of course, in any setting without the half-price attribute rule, and which doesn’t allow the absurd Shapeshift exploit, this template uses, this is worth around a +4 ECL modifier (or far more than that if Smartclothes are not normally available). Of course, in the Federation-Apocalypse game, mere physical boosts really don’t matter much.

  • Neural Augmentation: Most people find these systems more of a bother than a help, but Ryan has been able to afford a great deal of custom programming and tinkering. +2 Int and +2 Wis (12 CP).
  • Bonded Implants: Augmented Bonus/Adds his Con Mod to his Dex Mod for Dex-based skill purposes, Specialized and Corrupted for one-half cost and 1.5x Effect/only applies to the Gadgetry skill, only to cover the Smartclothes implant described below (3 CP).
  • Enhanced Metabolism: Immunity/Sleep (Common, Minor, Trivial, 2 CP): Ryan only needs to sleep a few hours a night – unless he’s trying to regain his mystical energies. No amount of biological tinkering will help much with that.
  • Biophysical Augmentation: Shapeshift, with Attribute Modifiers, Hybrid Form, Clear Speech, and Variants (Human Appearance), Specialized/a single animal form only and Corrupted/cannot actually Change Forms (9 CP). Technically this simply represents a variety of hyper-toughness modifications, as far as the actual mechanics go, he’s using the (medium-sized) rhinoceros modifiers: Str +8, Dex +2, Con +6, Natural Armor +5, 1d8 Natural Weapons, and double damage when charging (both the natural weapons and the extra impact hen charging due to his inhuman durability).
  • Cybernetic Augmentation: Immunity/Items bought through the Gadgetry Skill may be taken as implants. Such items cannot be taken away without complex surgery or specialized magic (Common/Minor/Major, 6 CP). Ryan’s Cyberware is the equivalent standard Core-issue Special Service Smartclothes, with the Exoskeleton and +30 HP modifiers and takes up eight of his gadget slots. It provides:
    • Personal-computer and HUD functions
    • IR, UV, Low-Light, Magnification, and Flash Suppression Visual Enhancements
    • Personal and environmental monitoring
    • Encrypted radio communications
    • Comfort from arctic to tropical desert temperatures
    • An environmental seal, allowing them to survive space conditions for up to 48 hours and providing a +4 bonus on saves against chemical agents.
    • +6 AC (as a bonus to the user’s “Natural Armor”, if any)
    • +6/- DR
    • Universal Energy Resistance 6
    • +6 to Listen and Spot
    • +4 to Unarmed Damage
    • +4 To Hit with smartlinked ranged weaponry.
    • +4 Strength
    • +2 Dexterity
    • +10′ Move

   Most of the characters in the Federation-Apocalypse setting use this sort of gear – if usually at a somewhat lower level of quality. After decades of experience, however, Ryan REALLY hates to have his gear taken away.

   Package Deal/Superheroic Tinkerer (no cost):

   As a native of Crusader with a soul, Ryan was a potential superhero from birth – and so gained access to a local package deal pretty much automatically. While many potential superheroes never get past the “potential” part, Ryan was already a master tinkerer at seventeen – and so has to deal with super-villains who want his inventions, endless weird events, lab assistants mutating into super-villains, and being sent to special schools because he was showing early signs of “superhero syndrome”. This particular package provides:

  • Advanced Augmented Bonus: Adds (Dex Mod) to (Int Mod) when calculating skill points per level, Specialized, only applies through level one (9 CP).
  • Action Hero / Invention, Specialized/inventions cannot get past the “personal use” level (3 CP).

   Most serious super-scientist types buy off the Augmented Bonus specialization at level one.

   Available Character Points: 312 (Level twelve base) +10 (Disadvantages; Accursed/is a magnet for spectacular manifestations of Murphy’s law, Compulsive/tends to fall back into four-color heroics and “golden age” behavior patterns when upset or distracted, and Irreverent) +24 (Duties; sees himself as one of he primary guardians of the paths between the worlds) +24 (Fast Learner, Specialized in the Path of the Dragon for Double Effect) +30 (L1, L3, L6, L9, and L12 Bonus Feats) = 400 CP.

   Basic Attributes:

  Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
Rolled 14 15 16 18 15 13
Race       +4 +2  
Level   +1     +1 +1
Template +8 +2 +6 +2 +2  
Tech +4 +2        
Total 26 20 22 24 20 14
Modifier (+8) (+5) (+6) (+7) (+5) (+2)

   Attributes provide special bonuses in the Federation-Apocalypse setting:

  • His Strength provides Universal Damage Reduction 8/-
  • His Dexterity provides 10 CP worth of Weapon Proficiencies.
  • His Constitution provides Six Magic Points.
  • His Intelligence provides a +7 Training Bonus on all trained skills.
  • His Wisdom provides a +5 Defense bonus when unarmoured or lightly armored, aware of attacks, and free to move.
  • His Charisma provides four free Contacts.

   Basic Abilities (86 CP):

  • Hit Points: 57 (L1-12d6, 24 CP) +72 (12 x Con Mod) +30 (Syberware) = 159
  • BAB +4 (24 CP)
  • Saves:
  • Fortitude: +4 (Purchased, 12 CP) +6 (Con) = +10
  • Reflex: +4 (Purchased, 12 CP) +5 (Dex) = +9
  • Will: +4 (Purchased, 12 CP) +5 (Wis) = +9
  • Proficient with Gunnery (6 CP) and Small Arms (2 CP after Dex Bonuses)

   Combat Information:

  • Initiative +5
  • Armor Class: 10 (Base) +5 (Dex) +5 (Wisdom Defense) +11 (Natural) = 31, 35 versus physical attacks due to Heavy Effector Module.
  • Melee Attack: +4 BAB +8 Str = +12. Unarmed Damage: 1d8+12, doubled when charging.
  • Ranged Attack: +4 BAB +5 Dex = +9.
  • Move: 30 Base +10 Cyberware = 40.
  • Universal Damage Reduction 14/-, 18/- versus physical attacks due to Heavy Effector Module.

   Special Abilities:

   Mad Scientist (44 CP):

  • Remove Specialization from the Augmented Bonus Tinkerer ability (9 CP).
  • Remove Specialization from the Action Hero/Invention Tinkerer Ability (3 CP).
  • Immunity to Non-weapon Proficiency Penalties for weapons which he has made himself (Very Common, Minor, Minor, 8 CP).
  • Improved Augmented Bonus, adds his (Wis Mod) to his (Int Mod) when calculating Skill Bases (12 CP).
  • Major Privilege: Extremely wealthy, and has numerous laboratories and facilities (6 CP).
  • Reflex Training/Three actions per day variant (learning to dive for cover when the explosions happen, 6 CP).

   Opener (66 CP):

  • Occult Sense/sense dimensional distortions and portals (6 CP).
  • 8d6 (33) Mana with the Reality Editing and Spell Enhancement Options (54 CP).
  • Equipage (6 CP).

   Runemaster (48 CP):

  • Immunity/the requirement that all of his Rune Magic skills must be based on a single attribute (Uncommon, Major, Major, 6 CP).
  • Rune Magic: Magician for both Intelligence (Technomancy) and Wisdom (Time) based Rune Magic. Specialized for Double Effect (number of slots)/Spells in bonus slots must be preset (12 CP).
    • Int 24 Technomancy Spell Slots: 4L1, 4L2, 4L3, 2L4, 2L5, 2L6 and 2L7.
    • Wis 20 Time Spell Slots: 4L1, 2L2, 2L3, 2L4, and 2L5.
  • Runic Ritual (6 CP).
  • Professional/Technomancy Rune Magic, Specialized/only for base calculations, not for skill rolls, Double Effect to apply to both the Casting and Mastery skills (6 CP).
  • Professional/Time Rune Magic, Specialized/only for base calculations, not for skill rolls, Double Effect to apply to both the Casting and Mastery skills (6 CP).
  • Occult Ritual (6 CP). Note that Ryan normally uses Tengwyr runes in his rituals.
  • Professional/Occult Rituals, Specialized for Double Effect/only to prepare spells to absorb and store using the Venom of the Dragon (6 CP).

   The Path of the Dragon (156 CP):

  • Fast Learner, Specialized in the Path of the Dragon for +2 CP/Level (6 CP).
  • Shaping (6 CP).
    • Charmsmith, Spellforging, Dragonsmith (Relics), and The Philosopher’s Stone (24 CP).
    • Dragonfire (6 CP)
      • Breath of the Dragon, Living Fire, and Body of Fire (18 CP)
      • Eye of the Dragon x3, Venom of the Dragon, Bones of Jade, and Ride The Dragon. (36 CP).
    • Pulse of the Dragon and Heart of the Dragon I and II (24 CP). This allows him to weave pretty much any first-level effect he desires.
    • Taskmaster, Hand of the Dragon, Forge of the Dragon, and Manufacture (24 CP). This multiplies the amount of work he can get done by a factor of ten.
  • Advanced Blessing, Specialized and Corrupted for Triple Effect; Only to share the benefits of the Taskmaster – Hand of the Dragon – Forge of the Dragon – Manufacture path amongst employees when he’s supervising their work (12 CP). This multiplies their work by a factor of thirty.


   Skill Points: 30 (Racial) +150 (12 x Modifiers) = 180.

   Broad Skills (All +7 Int +5 Wis):

  • Physical Skills: Primitive Vehicles +18 (1 SP +5 Dex), Riding +18 (1 SP +5 Dex), Stealth +24 (1 SP, +5 Dex +6 Gear).
  • Knowledge Skills (all +7 Int +3 Hands of the Dragon): Chemistry +25 (3 SP), Communications Systems +25 (3 SP), Computer Programming +25 (3 SP), Electrical Engineering +25 (3 SP), Magic Theory +37 (15 SP; Additional +12 when performing magical rituals to store spells. Also known as “mad science”), Mathematics +25 (3 SP), Mechanical Engineering +25 (3 SP), Military Tactics +25 (3 SP), Physics +25 (3 SP), Quantum Engineering +26 (4 SP), Quantum Mechanics +26 (4 SP), Quantum Realities +23 (1 SP), Theology +23 (1 SP), Zoology +23 (1 SP).
  • Perception Skills (all +5 Wis): Spot +27 (4 SP +6 Gear), Listen +27 (4 SP +6 Gear), Search +18 (1 SP).
  • Other Skills: Aerospace Piloting +20 (3 SP +5 Dex), Armorcrafting +25 (3 SP +7 Int +3 HOTD), Computer Operations +20 (1 SP +7 Int), Gadgetry +23 (4 SP +5 Dex +3 HOTD), Identities +20 (2 SP +2 Cha +4 Reality Editing), Security Systems +24 (7 SP +5 Dex), Rune Casting/Technomancy +40 (15 SP +7 Int +6 Professional), Rune Mastery/Technomancy +40 (15 SP +7 Int +6 Professional), Rune Casting/Time +36 (11 SP +7 Int +6 Professional), Rune Mastery/Time +36 (11 SP +7 Int +6 Professional), Shipbuilding +25 (3 SP +7 Int +3 HOTD), Teaching +17 (3 SP +2 Cha), Trading +17 (3 SP +2 Cha), Wealth / Core +35 (11 SP, +2 Cha, +10 dangerous part-time job, +5 wealth-producing powers) Weaponcrafting +25 (3 SP +7 Int +3 HOTD).

   Narrow Skills (All +7 Int +5 Wis +5 Training):

  • Physical Skills: Balance +23 (1 SP +5 Dex), Climb +26 (1 SP +8 Str), Jump +38 (1 SP +5 Dex), Drive / Core Earth Vehicles +23 (1 SP +5 Dex).
  • Knowledge Skills (All +7 Int +3 HOTD): +28 Astrogation (2 SP), +31 Casamir Systems (4 SP), Computer Engineering +28 (1 SP), Core History +28 (1 SP), Crusader History +29 (2 SP), Cryptanalysis +30 (3 SP), Cryptology +30 (3 SP), Demonology +30 (3 SP).
  • Other Skills: Dimensional Navigation +23 (4 SP +2 Wis), Realm Recognition +20 (1 SP +2 Wis).

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