2053 Dark Future Characters

Mondorallen: Alien Hero

  • Human Form Abilities F/A/S/E/R/I/P: Rm/Rm/Un/Mn (80)/Rm/Mn/Rm. Health 240. +1 CS to hit with Plasma attacks.
  • Dragon Form Abilities: F/A/S/E/R/I/P: In/Ex/ShX/Mn (80)/Rm/Mn/Rm. Health 290. +2 CS to be hit. +1 CS to hit with Plasma attacks.
  • Karma: 165, Resources: Rm, Popularity: Rm (+2 CS with fantasy lovers and gamers in dragon form).
  • Height: 6’2 / 36 Ft, Weight: 165 / 8 Tons, Hair/Eyes: Black (None)/Green, Age: App./Real: 36 / ??? / 248, Real Name: Ss’Tk’Krret’Kss, Occupation: Author, Pathfinder, Identity: Secret, Legal Status: US Citizen , Other Aliases: Numerous, commonly “Mark Dagon”, Birthplace: Tanborous II, Marital Status: Single, Known Relatives: None Known, Group Affiliation: Various, Base Of Operations: Cheyenne Mountian, Ethnic Origin: Dragon / Various, Religion: Semi-Buddhist, Education: Various, Source Of Income: Assorted places,
  • Talents: 16 (2 “Floating”), Martial Arts “B”, Ritual Magic, Medicine, Occult Lore, Military/Security, Mystic Arts (Varies with current form. As a dragon it’s a form of geomancy that draws on local energy fields within the users (Psyche class “C”) range. As Arthur/Mark it’s minor “psychic” powers and “cthulhu mythos” magics. Invoking the mythos costs 100 karma points. See “Call Of Cthulhu” for a partial list of the possibilities), Psychic Awareness, Linguist, Resist Domination, Thief. “Floating” Talents: As a Dragon; Flight and Martial Arts “C”. As Arthur; Business/Finance and Pilot.
  • Personal Notes: Mark tends to look at practically everyone as a “brash kid” in need of being protected. By his standards, he’s probably right. He tends to live in the past a bit. Otherwise, his personality varies a lot – although he’s always inclined to be direct, effecient, and rather self-confident.
  • Known Powers: Marks powers come in three groups, the innate energy-manipulating abilities of a dragon, his mystical talents, and “combined effects” – powers resulting from the manipulation of his innate energies by mystical means.
  • Energy Channeling: subsumes Hyper Digging (Am, effectively Un), Geoforce (Rm in human form, In as a dragon), Plasma Generation (In in human form, Un as a dragon), and Body Resistance (In in human form, Mn as a dragon).
  • Mystic Arts: subsumes Incarnation Awareness (Am) and Shape Shifting (Rm. Marks shapeshifting is a mystic ability, allowing him to assume the form of his old incarnations. While this extends to clothing and ordinary gear and ignores size problems, other forms requires a power stunt. Note that when you assume the form of an old incarnation you tend to part of the old persona as well. Currently, Mark has two “floating” skills that vary with the incarnation he’s “in” at the moment. He has not yet been able to assume past powers.).
  • Dragonform: subsumes Self Sustanence (Rm), True Flight (Ex), Claws (Am), and Sonic Generation (Pr).
  • Combined Effects: include Gateway (Mn), Force Field (Am as a human, Rm as a dragon), and Ionization (In as a human, Ex as a dragon).
  • Contacts: Culann Erimson and Mentor (Alars) of Titan (These contacts are “left over” from his previous lives. Such characters are usually very shocked to see him. They’re also very rare, as very few people live long enough to meet him in another incarnation), Warfetter II (Free, from the Military skill) and the Wayfarer probe.


Capsule History:

   Mark was used to rebirth – but claws, scales, and a serpentine body were something else again. OK, so things were always a little fuzzy at first, but this was definitely not right. He seemed to be a. Dragon?. Hmmm.

   A look at the sky cleared things up a bit. It was the wrong planet. Wouldn’t you know it, reincarnation had foul-ups, just like everything else. Mark settled down for quite a while, but eventually found that 50 lives as a human were just too much to let him adjust smoothly to being a dragon. Ok, the powers that came with it were interesting – and well above the usual – but nobody seemed to need him. He could channel and manipulate electro- and geo- magnetic fields, reshape bedrock as a shield against the solar flares, generate plasma bolts for combat, metabolize sunlight (the sole remaining source of energy left on Ts’coraths seared and barren surface), but so could all the other dragons. A warrior of the light for eons, Mark was bored. Now determined to return to earth, Mark experimented, drawing on the arcane disciplines learned over many lives to focus his innate energies in new and unusual ways. While still experi- menting, he has mastered the art of creating gateways, as well as those of “ionization” – and shapeshifting to human form. Ready at last, Mark reached out across space and time for the one landmark no mage could ever mistake – the cosmic axis itself. A whirling dive thru interdimensional chaos ended in an eruption into the skies of 1991 earth, above Florida. While very public, his arrival went almost unnoticed – above Disney, it was dismissed as a publicity stunt. He never discovered why his gateway anchored itself there, but at least he was home again. And needed. In the guise of writer Mark Dagon, AKA Way-Farer, he sought to sustain the light in a darkening world, through early battles with the “Ten Demons” (91-94), the PsiAgent Conspiracy of 96, and Englands Faerie Rade of 99. Night fell with the persecutions of 2003, and the imprisonment or death of most known “supers” – and climaxed with Durnik Corporations Invocation of Azathoth in 2012. Mark, Orion, and Culann Erimson (then earths default “sorcerer supreme”), managed a mass rescue from the “vault” in chicago, and rallied the combat-worthy inmates against Durnik. While they stopped the invocation, the ecological side effects and minor monsters released were disastrous – resulting in the Night of Horrors. Popularly blamed on the escaped “supers”, the Night lent considerable political support to Durniks final gambit; unleashing the Sentinels. The ensuing Sentinel Hierarchy was established by 2016 – and was finally overthrown in 2025. Rebuilding offered huge chances for profit and allowed the multinationals to gradually usurp the authority of earths merely national governments. Unrestrained by law, corporate com- petition grew more and more deadly, culminating in the corporate Cyber- Wars of 2030 and, in 2031, WWIII. The national governments, unburdened by a need to make money, still had the majority of the worlds armed might, and all the nuclear warheads, under their control. Seeing the chance to break the multinationals “security” forces, China threw its forces into the cyberwars. Others followed. Who launched first is unknown, although India is likely – but the resulting holocaust enveloped the globe. Out of a world population of 8 billion, less then 2% survived blast, flame, radiation, plague, and the minor ice- age of 2032-38, mostly in those few megaplexes whose defences held – or which were bloody lucky. Mark, then chief of defence for T’ Los Angeles / Disney Metroplex, was appalled as the situation developed. Unable to think of anything saner to attempt, he tried to use a “gateway” to draw power directly from the sun itself, channeling it into vastly expanding his force field, (which then had an amazing base rank) in the hope that incoming missiles would “see” it as an obstacle to avoid, crash into it and destroy themselves, or, at worst, detonate against it on impact – far enough away to minimize the damage. Astoundingly, this worked – but the overload nearly killed him and burned out his force-field for many months (with a permanent loss of one rank, reducing it to an “incredible” base rank. Considering the karma cost of buying it up again, this trick cost some 10,000 points of karma. Ouch). Between the force field and the usual corporate defences, damage was held to a minimum, making the megaplex a prime target for looters, warlords, and newly-created superbeings. Mark directed the defence for some time, but grew more and more concerned by the increasingly antimutant and antisuper sentiment in the city and its administration. Combating the gang lords, renegade superhumans, and so on, was reasonable enough – but the tales of special antimutant squads, extermination sweeps into the “bad- lands”, and the harsh restrictions on non-company supers and even on minor, powerless mutants were- disturbing. Confrontations with managers and city officials helped somewhat, but Mark began to take precautions – sealing off the old, underground, superhero team base and “losing” the records, diverting equipment and funds, moving sympathetic humans up the corporate ladder, setting up safehouses, even locating, and personally instructing, a replacement for himself. When he couldn’t get the city officials and corp management to reconsider their decision to reactivate the sentinel robots, he resigned, simultaneously with half of the senior “supers” on the security staff. As anticipated, the management attempted to respond with force – but the evacuation had already been set in motion, and the security department just wasn’t too cooperative somehow. The management decided to save face by passing off his replacement as himself – giving Mark access to the department while still allowing him to “investigate” the badlands personally.

The Dragons of Ts’corath

The Dragons of Ts’corath can barely remember when their world was green and fertile, even with lifespans of several thousand years, it has been a hundred generations since its sun became a flare star. Within a mere handful of centuries, Ts’corath was a barren, blasted, world wrapped in a thinning atmosphere and bathed in an intermittent flood of radiation from the solar wind. The lifeforms which survived were either stunted, primitive things or took shelter in the depths, whether of earth or the sea. Lack of food, radiation sick- ness, and wild mutation decimated the dragons – until one was benevolent. Already capable of building silicon compounds into their cell structure as reinforcement, this mutation let them use its photovoltic properties as well. With their need for normal food thus reduced, even Ts’corath’s blasted ecology could support quite a few dragons. Increasing radiation levels were still deadly, while now resistant to electromagnetics, they were still vulnerable to particles. Effective shelter during the flares demanded vast thicknesses of stone, and such caverns were all too rare. As the mutation spread, the dragons population outgrew them. Driven by survival, they learned to “channel” electro-magnetic energy into plasma beams capable of melting or shaping stone. Natural selection for ever- greater mastery of “dragonfire” and stone honed their mastery of geo- and electro-magnetic fields, an ability which finally almost replaced their wings as a means of providing lift. The resulting slow increase in size was the last major step in the evo- lutionary sequence which led to the modern Ts’corath dragon. Note that, even as well-adapted to their world as they now are, the population has yet to fully recover from the cata- strophic drop when the flares began and the ensuing generations of barely scraping by. Infertility, resulting from high radiation levels, and the genetic stress of such rapid forced evolution, hasn’t helped.

Standard Adult Ts’corathan Dragon:

  • Attributes: F 20, A 10, S 75, E 75, R 10, I 20, P 10, Health 180, Karma 40, Resources 20 (due to ability to find ores and gems and such. Of course, on their homeworld, there’s nothing to buy), and Populatity 10 (face it: a lot of people think dragons are neat).
  • Natural Powers :
  • Physical Attributes: Body Resistance 50/Am, Claws and Teeth 50/Am, and Sonic Generation 4/Pr
  • Energy Manipulations: Geoforce 20/Ex, Plasma Generation 50/Am, Hyper-Digging 40/In, Self-Sustanence 30/Rm, and True Flight 10/Gd

Special Notes:

  • 1) Thier Body Resistance is due to their silicon-reinforced tissues, great size, and super-charged metabolisms.
  • 2) While dragons have a formidable set of natural weapons, they don’t have efficient hands. Any fine manipulation is set at the poor or feeble level.
  • 3) Their sonic generation is because their vocal chords have also adapted to the thin atmosphere, allowing them to be very, very, loud in denser atmospheres. As they have no special protection against hurting their own ears, this power is rarely exploited.
  • 4) Their hyper-digging partially depends on the plasma generation power, reduce it by one rank if this power is blocked.
  • 5) Their self-sustanence only works when strong electromagnetic fields are available. Under most conditions it merely reduces the need for food, air, and drink, however it does allow indefinite survival under space conditions.
  • 6) As far as flight goes, their lift is provided through manipulation of electromagnetic fields, but their wings are still used to provide thrust. Dragons with bound wings can only levitate.

Marks powers are somewhat better then usual, he is both a formidable physical specimen and especially good at manipulating his internal energy thanks to his mystic talents.

Yes, I recycled a bit of the flare-star justification. The powers seemed to fit again

Some Major Characters:

The Ten Demons; In reality, the so-called “ten demons” were only a set of loosely-associated supervillians with funny names. Lack of cohesion and conflicting personalities made it rare to see more then three or four of them at a time, especially after Arioch walked out, taking Hellhound with him, after their second fight.

  • Arioch (Kevin Sandwell): A teenage practical joker, Kevin was a mutant with major mental powers – Illusion Generation (Mn, as per Mastermind), Telekinesis (Rm), and Mental Invisibility (In). Power stunts included flight, force -fields and -bolts, and the ability to make illusions about his appearance affect devices. Oni provided the sword Mournblade (Made of adamantium, its monoatomic blade ignored armor of monstrous strength or less, and its microelectronic core generated a “shift-x” screen versus instrumentation. It could be set to allow him to register as a “normal” or to “screen him” completely, even while his powers were in use.). His FASERIP attributes were 6/30/10/40/ 20/30/75. Health 86. Karma 125. Ex resources. Popularity varied. He’d be nearly eighty now if nothing odd happened. His talents included some (Ex) skill with his sword, “Trivia” (Fantasy novels, In), and Mesmerism.
  • Hellhound (Joseph Mac’Gregor): Was originally a mutant hero with sonic / vibratory powers who had the mis- fortune to be bitten by a werewolf. The combination made him remarkably powerful, but left him mentally unstable. When his resulting rampage ran up against Arioch, the kid kept him distracted with illusions while he applied some hypnotic therapy. Joseph was grateful (and frightened of himself) enough to stay with the kid for quite a while thereafter just in case he lost control again.
  • Flenser: Leader of the Ten Demons and a complete lunatic, Flenser had the power to manipulate protoplasm, and delighted in using it to create bestial minions as cannon fodder or in transplanting some poor bastards brain into an animal body – leaving the heroes stuck telling the fellow that they couldn’t help him, and that they hoped he could adjust to being a neutered dog for the few years he had left to live. FASERIP; 20/6/50/ 50/30/10/30. Health 126, Karma 70. Biophysical Control (Every variant, In), Grafting (Mn), Neural Manipulation (Rm), Plague Carrier (Ex) and Power Creation (Rm, mostly poisons, armor, and other biomodifications). He also had Rm True Invulnerability and Am Regeneration. We thought that he had the potential for Shapeshift or Human Changeling – but never saw him use either. His “power stunts” included: Surgical Reconstruction (Grafting, used to transform people into animals and such, given time), and Neural Rewiring (To inflict total loyalty or some other drive). Some- times used a personal teleport ring and stunner. Since Flenser could stop the aging process he could still be around – but I would certainly hope not after that explosion, fire, and crash landing. Mark seemed to have some sort of resistance to Flensers powers (-2 or -3 ranks), so Flenser usually brought a horde of thugs to keep him busy.
  • Afreet: The only genuine demon in the ten demons, Afreet was a fairly typical, even stereotypical, demon. He (very blatantly he) simply loved to blast, burn, rape, pillage, and so on. Bloody stupid, he was Flensers most dependable minion. Flame/Electrical powers, Wings, Body Armor, and Claws. Used a “flaming punch” stunt that added his energy damage to his HTH strikes. Fortunately for everyone this was difficult, tiring, and time-consuming. Between his massive armor and unearthly-level physique, he was best handled by a mentalist. If Flenser is still around – Afreet probably is too.
  • Dybbuk (Angus MacAran) was a mutant sociopath able to project a portion his mind into virtually any machine or electronic device, tapping their inputs, manipulating, animating, or even powering them. He hated living beings because he couldn’t use them in the same way. He liked to “work” remotely, but eventually “acquired” some cybernetic implants which gave him some minor electrical powers as well. He often used them to torture people. He was also fond of control implants, which were as close as he could come to really turning people into devices. Mark finally managed to strand him on a lovely, verdant, planet without animal life. Dybbuks program-traps and things remained a nuisance for some time – but no one was ever tempted to bring him back.
  • Rakhasha was a felinoid martial artist of indian (sikkim) extraction. Rakasha was initially a feral slasher, fond of leaving people bloody, but alive to regret tangling with him. He resented normals – apparently because his family and clan rejected him when his mutations appeared at age eight and left him to survive on his own. Oni provided him with an “Illusion-Casting” implant – which he used to develop various power “stunts”. He also used it to mix with normals, and eventually reformed and retired, just after he met Tigra. He even came to Avengers (or at least to Tigras) assistance several times. Somehow, Tigra could always find him…
  • Typhon was originally the superhero Typhoon, a mutant with the power to manipulate air and water. Sadly, he became one of Flensers “successful” experiments and his devoted minion/ pet. His vaguely reptilian new body was strong, tough – and equipped with numerous additional minor powers.
  • Megaera had limited “darkforce” and telepathic powers, which apparently predated becoming a vampire. Bloody nasty to deal with, she had a least two unique power stunts – the power to withstand sunlight, and a ranged vamphyric attack.
  • Darkmoon was an ancient high priest of Set – an old enemy of both Marks and Sekers. Vastly knowledgeable, he could no longer handle major magic, restricting him to relatively minor spells and a small “pool” of “magic points” in combat. Greater effects required extensive ritual. He often used ritual to preset a short (3-7) list of powerful, if very specific, spells for later use. He was a bit senile, turned up in museums a lot, wore an enchanted scarab ring (with several protective powers), and was the only true mage in the group. He was eventually bought off when Mark offered to take him back to ancient egypt, so that he could be properly mummified and buried with his family.
  • Oni (Real name unknown): A 50’ish japanese inventor whose company was taken over through some underhanded legal maneuvers. He created the Oni power armor to avenge the theft – and fell under Flensers influence after doing so. Brilliant, if very tired, he served as the “demons” technical advisor and equipment supplier. He was never a skilled or enthusiastic combatant, and died heroically at the hands of Dybbuk (who turned his own armor against him) when he tried to stop Dybbuk from starting a nuclear meltdown as a diversion.


Old Companions:

   Mark’s worked with quite a few superheroes (and numerous villians) over the years – but only worked with a few groups on a long-term basis.

Nemesis: A somewhat erratic team, Nemesis boasted a wide selection of members over its 1991-99 existence, but only four “core” members. They usually operated in the southern US and crisis spots world-wide. The core membership included Mark/Way-Farer, Seker (an angelic avatar of Ra with a variety of light-based powers and an incredibly potent photon sword), Samhain Mk III (a remote-controlled robotic body for a hyperdimensional matrix computer. Samhain had a wide selection of technological powers and was, with his shift-x intelligence, phone lines, and research services, a fantastic source of information), and D’artagnan (an incredibly lucky master swordsman, with some ability to enhance the function of devices, somehow enhancing their utility).

   Involved in complications of the 1999 Faerie Rade, Marks sojourn in Faerie resulted in his missing some ten years on earth. He returned in 2010, to find his friends locked up or dead and the world falling to bits around him. Looking into things led him to Durnik Inc. – a vast company derived from the old cthulhu-mythos driven Marinus Corporation, and still run by the same person. Damn it. He should have done a more through job of blowing it up back in 1934.

The “Shadowstalkers” were assembled in 2011 when Mark and Culann Erimson, earth’s “default” sorcerer supreme, discovered that Durnik Corporations machinations were in fact part of a giant invocation of the outer gods, primarily Azathoth. Mark and Culann gathered what few youthful “supers” they could find. While they weren’t enough to stop the invocation, they could try to break out some others. Success still left them desperately short of experienced strike teams – even such a hastily-assembled group was too valuable to break up. This left Culann Erimson (An elvish mage from the 1920’s with a wide variety of powers, Culann was acting as the earths sorcerer supreme, but he was hopelessly inadequate for the role. His powers barely sufficed to shore up the earths crumbling dimensional barriers – renewing them was beyond him. Indeed, he could barely spare the power to offer a bit of psychokinetic or divinatory assistance to the people who were helping him. He did have plenty of cash – which was often useful.), Orion (An “ultimate ninja”, weapons master, espionage and explosives expert, and mutant, with the power to access his own “pocket dimension” – through which he could teleport or “phase”, and from which he could “pull” weapons, devices, and a variety of substances and energies. Using his powers seemed to be quite fatiguing.), Nightfire (Summoned up a form of “black fire” – molding it into creatures, hovering blobs that provided fire support, or just used it to neutralize other energies. He often used the latter effect to fly or as a personal force field.), and Billy/Warlock (grandmaster computer hacker, gadgeteer, and streetwise 12- year-old runaway. He just attached himself to Culann, semiblackmailing him with a cheery “I’m staying with you! I always wanted to hang around a supertype!” He used the name “Warlock” on the net, but was relatively defenceless physically, at least at first (Mark and the rest got him some light armor and stuff later. While he still needed looking after at least he could take a stray shot or two).

Disney Security / Phantasia a weird team, designed, at least initially, as a publicity and public relations gambit. As such, their selection of members was very strange. While the group eventually proved their value in more serious situations, it took a long time to overcome managements initial attitude. Members included Drogo (A small stout alien “hobbit” with high-rank hyperspeed, illusion casting, energy solidification, and carefully understated kinetic bolts and gravity manipulation. He took to the “Hobbit” image with enthusiasm, to the complete disgust of everyone else on the team), Cheshire (A cat- person with various psychic powers, enhanced senses – and pheromones.), Multiplex (A superhuman animal with animal- transformation and mimicry, body resistance, heat emission, and a high level of duplication. My god he was a pain.), and Mark/Warfetter as team leader and zookeeper. They even had a centaur for a while.

 Power listings are not complete, they’re only what I can remember.

Warfetter II (Arthur Hengeworthy): Mutant Hero. Chief of security for the Los Angeles Megaplex, extremely popular in the `plex as the general public is unaware that Warfetter II is not the fellow that shielded the city during WWIII. While this gives him great job security, he does not set “city policy” – although he can influence it, and often moderates its application. He, obviously, doesn’t approve of the plexs current mutant policies – but feels that he can do good as chief of security then as a fugitive. He’s actually far better as chief then Mark was. While he’s nowhere near as powerful, he’s much better at running an organization: Mark’s always been a small-team man. His personal abilities are; FASERIP 20/40/10/50/20/30/20. Resources Am, Health 120, Karma 70, Popularity 65 (Los Angeles), 15 (Elsewhere). His powers include Force Field (In) and a set of cyberimplants that provide Radiowave- Detection, Generation, and Control as well as Energy Detection – all at the Ex level. The implants also act as a “pocket secretary”, a personal computer, and a command link with the cities security forces. He has also used them as a crude radar system and to override electronics, but these are not established power stunts. He has established a dozen or more power stunts with his force field, including; Exokinetic Field, Multiuse IV, Armorfield, Force Ram, Selective Field, Entrapment, Plasma Field Constructs, Reflection, and a Repulsion Aura. Warfetter carries a “smart” adjustable plasma pistol of (Am) power and wears a costume that provides (Rm) body armor and a sealed air supply – allowing him to ignore gases and similar annoyances. With his access to the security arsenal, he can easily pick up any other bit of gear he thinks he needs. Arthurs talents include; Military/Security, Marksman, Martial Arts A and B, Acrobatics, Detective/Espionage, Resist Domination, Administration, and First Aid. He’s been chief of security in Los Angeles Megaplex since 2037. He is thirty-eight. While the megaplex sentinel program is not directly in his department, Arthur has managed to manipulate it somewhat. The Los Angeles sentinels will ignore those mutants with extremely low level or inoffensive abilities, as well as a few specific “signatures” (at least as long as doing so won’t give this game away. Getting too conspicious will alert them). A mutant who can simply breathe underwater, make the houseplants grow faster – or keep a clairvoyant “eye” on the kids – has little to worry about.

(The) Wayfarer (AKA Voyager, Cosmic Traveller, Wanderer, and so on), is a sophisticated star-probe, basically a Von Neumann machine. Only capable of sublight travel, on arrival in a new solar system, “Wayfarer” probes survey it, construct several copies of themselves to send outwards, and settle down to communicate with the locals, if any, transmit data home, and, (eventually) to do as they see fit. Probes consist of a main ship/directing computer and numerous tele- controlled drones run via a “dirac” link. Normally benevolent, over the “generations” several variants have developed: Protectors. Destroyers. Culture-Bringers. Probes fascinated by some specific science. Greeters. Seeders. Awakeners. Dominators. The subtle Saboteurs. Physicians. Doom-bringers and World-Guardians. Across eight billion years the probes have crossed the galaxy. Their homeworld is long since dust, swallowed up by its nova sun. The ages have passed into the vaults of the past and years like drifting leaves have fallen- and still the probes go on. Fortunately for the universe, malevolent probes are rare. The latest probe to visit the solar system landed on earth in 2043. Christened “Wayfarer” by Mark in recollection of his first alias, it proved to be a “protector” type.

  • Wayfarer (Sentient computer hero): Ship FASERIP 0/50/150/150/300/50/50. Health 350, Karma 400, Resources Un (shops), Am (general “stuff”).
  • Drones FASERIP 10/50/75/75/Sp/50/Sp, Health 210, Karma Sp., Resources Sp. Popularity. 40. While their Am “Duplication” results in a probe having 50 drones available, no more then six may be deployed in any one field of operations. Attempting to deploy more then that within around five miles of each other interferes with their control links. Drones do not get karma or resources of their own – these must be supplied by the main ship. They do have Fb “reason” of their own, but usually timeshare the processing capacity of the main computer – simply allot its “reason points” between the various drones. Drones can be psionically attacked, thanks to feedback over the control link, but such attacks lose 3 ranks from their base effect.
  • Ship Talents: Engineering, Resist Domination, and Languages (Varies).
  • Drone Powers: Teleport Self (Ex), Light Control (In), Body Resistance (Rm), Animal Mimicry (In), Com With Cybernetics, (Ex), Radiowave Gener- ation (In), Microenviorment (Rm), and Light Generation (Gd).
  • Ship Powers: Body Resistance (In), Light- Control (In), and Generation (Gd), Microenvironment (Am, this is basically a part of the ships hull, it cannot be “projected” – but does include food and such), Communication With Cybrenetics (Am), Rocket (Rm), and Radiowave Generation (Am). Note that the ship is huge, the “rocket” powers weight limit is ignored. The ship often uses its “light control” to “cloak’ or disguise itself.
  • Probes are subject to a peculiar sort of “psychological limitation”, their General Orders. These can be overridden, but this requires a red psyche FEAT roll. A probe will only even consider trying in a desperate emergency. Wayfarers general orders are known to include; (#11) Verify Confrontation Situations, (#16) No Transtemporal Tampering, and (#27) No moving or “terraforming” of planets without permission from all local sentients.

Way-Farer was Marks first alternate identity, a vague zen master with a mystical streak. As the Way-Farer, Mark normally relied on Ionization, Swordsmanship, Psychic Talents, and his Geological Powers. The WayFarer turned into a dragon at least twice during his time with the team – but such incidents never became public.Warfetter I (Mark Dagon): Stays in human form. His Am force field base gives him Mn force fields. Knowing the value of keeping some abilities in reserve, “Warfetter” wears light armor, “plasma-bracers”, and claims that his vast strength derives from using his force fields as a form of exoskeleton. He knows a variety of “stunts” with his force field (most of which Mondorallen is long, long, out of practice with), and likes to channel raw plasma into force-field constructs. Warfetter never uses his earth-related or gateway powers in public.


Where Are They Now?

   While Mark has made an effort to keep track of his old friends, enemies, and important people, he hasn’t always succeeded. He has had some success though.:

Seker; Returned to the realm of the egyptian gods, after reestablishing (with Marks/Senares assistance) the egyptian gods as a modern, popular, religion in egypt and the near east.

Samhain III; Unknown. Mark suspects that it either arranged to relocate itself outside the solar system, or is in a cavern someplace in standby mode. D’artagnan; Chose to remain in the realm of faerie with his lover, the faerie Lanaria, taking the position of court champion.

Culann Erimson; Relieved of the job of “sorcerer supreme” by the return of Kaluu, Culann still lives on his estate in southern california, with a few faerie friends.Orion; Believed killed on a mission against a sentinel base in 2019. He certainly hasn’t been spotted since then. By now he’d be nearly 80.

Nightfire; Marks last report on him located him in western europe, just prior to the cyberwars. If he lived he’d currently be in his late 50’s.Billy / Warlock; Apparently retired to study a bit of magic with Culann after the overthrow of the Sentinel Hierarchy, thereafter unknown. He’d be 52 if he survived the spasm, but may have learned to slow his aging. Mark suspects that Billy was the super-hacker who, going under the name “Archmage”, saved the Dallas/Fort Worth MegaPlex.

Drogo; Still works for Los Angeles, albeit in a semiretired status. He hasn’t seen fit to mention that his race lives about 250 earthly years. He likes being cosily retired (with several girlfriends).Cheshire; Married a felinoid mutant in 2039, and moved into a valley in the rockies. Currently has 11 kids. Oddly, the LA sentinels always seem to overlook their small valleys.

Multiplex; Chose to both resign and stay – a trick made possible by his shift-x self-duplication. Multiplex normally maintains about 10 of himself, but may manifest up to 150.Typhon; Vanished into the sea after Flensers “death”. His fate, as well as the final outcome of the ongoing mutagenic change Flenser induced in his body, remains unknown.

Megaera; Unknown. Mark believes she was destroyed with the earths other vampires. If not, she was probably vaporized along with Paris – always her favorite city. Still, vampires are almost impossible to get rid of on a really permanent basis.Older Heroes; The great majority of earlier heroes are long gone. Major survivors include Wolverine, Jack and Katie Power, ond one or two others, usually either young or immortal.  These three are, of course, official Marvel characters, as is Kaluu, mentioned elsewhere.

Mollitor; Once american cell-leader of the PsiAgent Conspiracy, Dr Mollitor is one of the three psiagents who perfected regenerative control, and hence has survived to the present day. Still an idealist, Dr Mollitor currently expends his time training Cyber-Knights. Some 112 years old, he has developed a great variety of psi-powers and can often bring them out in others. He doesn’t get along with Mark, whose personality shifts and inhuman mentality made him uneasy at best. Dawson, fellow survivor and long-term companion, is less idealistic, but usually accompanies him. She is a more powerful telekinetic, but a less formidable telepath. The other survivor is Finney – an Irish “Storm Knight” and a veteran of the Faerie Rade. Remarkably stealthy, and equipped with excellent defensive and physical enhancement powers, Finney lacks major offensive abilities – and so usually weilds a variety of guns and weapons. He tends to simply “wade into” firefights – walking straight into the opposing forces with a gun blazing away in each hand. He used this tactic against the “Wild Hunt” during the Faerie Rade, and somehow survived. He currently wanders thru Ireland, seeking out and dealing with the nastier leftovers from the Rade and the Night Of Horrors. I seem to vaguely recall these three as adaptions of characters from a book I read around 1992… I trust that whoever wrote it will not mind their mention in this paragraph. If I can remember who it was, I’ll credit them.

The Knights-Errant; Probably only a myth, this powerful superhero group is supposedly sleeping in suspended animation within their invulnerable citadel under the radioactive ruins of New York City, awaiting the time of “earths greatest peril”, and their re-awakening. For the truth of this story, we can only say that one Sir Launcelot Du Lake is supposed to be among their mumber.

The “Faerie Rade” and the “Night Of Horrors” have left the earth strewn with magical creatures and once-again active ley lines and points of power, opening ancient gateways, awakening slumbering godlings, and so on. This can get very messy.


Mondorallens Incarnations:

   Mondorallens incarnation list is of interest in a number of ways: It added a great deal of depth to the character, it included lots of plot hooks, and it demonstrates that I’m bad with names and that coming up with 50 interesting prior incarnations was a lot of work: lots of these were swiped from various books and/or recycled later on for other characters.


  • 51) Mondorallen (Earth Birthdate and Lifespan Unknown) Dragonmage
  • 50) Doctor Rainbow (1945-1983) Hippy, Nature Mage
  • 49) Arthur Turlington (1890-1941) Financeer/Investigator
  • 48) Jacob G. Winters (1803-1886) Mystic Gunfighter
  • 47) “Windwalker” (1716-1799) Borrible, Elementalist


  • 46) Arnold Marcus (1645-1709) Urchin, Alchemist
  • 45) Enrico Celli (1591-1639) Renissance Man/Painter
  • 44) Louie DeVier (1463-1501, Vampire Hunter, Cabalist, -1582) Runic Mage, Vampire
  • 43) Ju-Hai Kwan (1303-1452) Tutor, Kaluu/Ancient One
  • 42) Brother Gregory (1202-1286) Warrior/Monk/Mystic
  • 41) Lanoten Urketena (1143-1184) Priest of Quetzalcoatl
  • 40) Iloma El Koga (1067-1135) Early Ninja/Samurai
  • 39) Tharvi Thorvaldsen (997-1038) Icelandic sagas, etc
  • 38) Corwin DoParn (685-983) Savage Land Shapeshifter


  • 37) Li Kao (Chinese) (541-679) Sage, assasian, mystic
  • 36) Sir Penari (479-536) Knight of Arthur, Fey
  • 35) Shalimar (382-473) M. Artist, Chi Master
  • 34) Taliesin (311-368) Celtic Bard, Shifter
  • 33) Vasilko (234-297) Slavic Werewolf
  • 32) Llewella (6 BC-223) Selkie, Faerie, Guide


  • 31) Mercato (235-203 BC) Alexandrian Librarian
  • 30) Anyanwu (523-472 BC) Vrs The Leopard-men
  • 29) Korisantha (822-642 BC) Vedic Scholar, Kundalini, Exorcist
  • 28) Tet’sinnvel (1210-1152 BC) Olmec Founder
  • 27) Hanno (1420-1362 BC) Pheoneican Alphabet
  • 26) Dreamweaver (2302-2262 Moon Priestess, Spirit -1380 BC) of Amesbury
  • 25) Senare’ (2597-2524 BC) High Priest of Ra


  • 24) Lathe’ (3116-2743 BC) Spiral Mage, Gateward, Brittany Megaliths
  • 23) C’Harn (App. 3500 BC) Dreamtime Shaman, Australia
  • 22) Badru (App. 4000 BC) Saharan Scholar/Astrologer/Great Bindings
  • 21) Jahrin (App. 4300 BC) Wanderer, Bloodbinder


  • 20) Rentari (4800-4583 BC) Centauroid Inhuman
  • 19) Marnari (5126-4893 BC) Lady of the “People”, Guide to Integration
  • 18) Kolsec (App. 5500 BC) Illusionist, lightmage of the wraithwars.


  • 17) Naze (Hard to say due to spirit realms), Psychic Swordsman
  • 16) Wathari (Hard to say due to spirit realms), Animal Powers / Binder
  • 15) Mikawann ~7000 to 6000 BC. Spirit-Mage, Dreamweaver, Servant of Gaia.


  • 14) Alwin (App. 7200-7080 BC) “Atlantean” Explorer, Versus the Serpent Crown
  • 13)
  • 12) Mis’taver (App. 7500 BC) Lapplander, vrs winter spirits.
  • 11) Hwll (7793-7741 BC) The Bloodstone War
  • 10) *~/Kr’e! (7923-7875 BC) Whalemage, Singer
  • 9) Aladora (9116-8003 BC) Warrior, Timewalker


  • 8) Lin Tamoran (9380-9166 BC) Healing Adept
  • 7) Cirkana (946?-9428 BC) Invocation magic – vrs the Darkholders


  • 6)
  • 5) Walker / (9800-9772- Demon-Binder. Sorgaith -9509 BC) Demon / Mage Fusion
  • 4) Marik (13,400-10,200 BC) Eternal, Telepath


  • 3) Hargroa Varkos (App 13,600 BC) Herald Of Atlantis
  • 2) Kaled T’sera (App 13,750 BC) Tribal Shaman
  • 1) Toric (App 14,000 BC) Huntsman, Scout.

   Lives 6 and 13 have been left open to allow GM tinkering and adventure hooks to be added. Besides, I ran short of ideas. His lives have been grouped a bit arbitrarily, but the groups do represent major “themes” in his ages-old existence. Italic names indicate female incarnations. While rarer then male incarnations, these do occur fairly often. Most of Marks lives have been relatively free from moral quandries – but he greatly regrets the necessity of the SHAMANS WAR. While he knows that only one species can rise to dominance, that it was the will of Gaia, he still regrets the subordination of the totem spirits and the loss of the free and equal relationships between man and animal, the disappearance of the speaking beasts, and the cruelty involved in the domestication of so many species. Deep in his heart, he nurses the hope that someday man will raise up the other species again, sharing his dominion – or at least will cease exploiting them so casually.


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