Federation-Apocalypse Session 169b – Egging Them On

Marty considered pointing out the eggs to the skeptical guard (after all, they didn’t seem to be afraid of the things), but decided not to bother. What good would it do? He was right in some ways; trying to keep and tame a wild creature that reflexively teleported would require either crippling it by blocking that ability or zapping it’s mind before it was even born – and neither seemed likely to get a good performance out of it.

OK, the creature – or possibly a pair, parents seemed likely – had been taking out individual thralls easily enough – but a big surprise attack would take out most anyone who wasn’t a specialist or incredibly powerful.

Kevin voted to simply assign some Thralls to make them feel welcome and – possibly – take them back to the Amarant Solutions offices while someone took a look around for that island. Local wildlife issues were not really one of their major concerns.

Raphael sent for some food (some of the better stuff sold to cat people according to the cat people and a variety of dishes, in case it only liked fish or something) to feed the (presumed) poor parent-thing and tried to use some telepathic broadcasts to try to get it to feel welcome – while still making sure to stick with a group.

Marty tried singing! Didn’t it have charms to soothe the savage beast? Raphael’s golem-things just didn’t look very tasty, and they’d be hard to digest.

It wasn’t like any of them had any real skill with Animals – although Raphael promptly gave himself some boosts in that area.

They set up in the open, so that their presumed creature could see them doing it. Presumably it didn’t HAVE to teleport when seen, or it would have a terrible time trying to find a mate.

Raphael put some food samples behind a wall so that it could try the stuff while staying out of sight before deciding whether or not it wanted to come out.

It got eaten quickly enough – and soon enough they noticed a purple creature floating amongst the stalagtites in the top of the cavern/cove. It was bipedal and appeared to either have a metal exoskeleton or full armor. There were large claws on the paw-hands and feet. It quickly noticed that it had been spotted, but sat there watching them as it floated slightly behind a rock formation.

They sent happy mental hellos – and it silently vanished and reappeared peeking out from behind another rock formation some distance away. It was looking at the food though.

They provided more food… and more friendly thoughts.

It made a cautious and hesitant approach, then telekinetically collected the food from about thirty feet away, inspecting it cautiously before eating it suspiciously.

It settled on the ground, sitting on it’s hind legs somewhat like a kangaroo, watching them all with wary caution. It seemed that this approach was unfamiliar.

Hm… Two primitive minds engaging in some sort of a debate in there. Male and female. The male seemed to be worried that this is some sort of trap or trick, while the female mind seemed to be concerned about the eggs it knew must be here. The internal debate seemed to be focusing on what part the party played in this.

Marty focusrd on “We don’t want to hurt you or your young.”

The female mind apparently picked up on the reference to “young” and focused it’s attention on Marty.

(Marty, mentally) “We are friendly.”

An image of a greenish egg entered Marty’s mind – along with the impression of a question and flashes of concern, a parental urge to protect, and anger over the theft of the eggs.

(Marty, mentally) “We want to protect them too.”

That was Raphael’s intention as well. He would love to have them around and comfortable around people as pets or general guard animals that inhabited the area around his stuff.

Kevin wasn’t unobliging, but he already had plenty of pets – and, in his opinion, far better ones. A combat-focused Thrall would probably be a fair match for one of these things, and much more versatile and cuddly and easily-trained!

Marty and Raphael picked up another intense internal disagreement going on in the creature’s mind – followed by a brief flash of light, which left them with two creatures, one pastel blue, and one a pink color. The pink one was slowly approaching them while the blue one floated upwards.

The pink one was trying to send assurances of being non-threatening. The blue one in the air was drawing back, while sending emotions of fear and anger at the bunch of you.

They stuck with friendly and non-threatening – while Kevin turned most of his attention to another avatar. There was more fun to be found elsewhere at the moment!

Raphael calmly kept an eye on the one which was floating away, as he could count on Marty to keep track of the one that was closing.

More questioning images of the egg, along with motherly concern.

Marty continued to project a friendly desire to help protect the eggs – and Raphael sent images of where they were, explaining the packing material and the boxes.

They had the Thrall bring the one they’d taken out over too.

The blue one picked up on those images instantly, and moved with fantastic speed as it crashed through the side of the ship. Moments later they heard the sounds of breaking wood – and a veritable explosion of straw and sawdust burst from the ship. The male emerged again moments later with the five eggs swirling around it, held in telekinetic fields. The pink one caught sight of the egg carried by the thrall and gently floated over to pick it up telekinetically as well.

They got a feeling of grudging appreciation from the blue one and sincere gratitude from the pink one. Marty got an image of an island and a vector from the pink one, although the blue one seemed upset by that.

Marty projected more reassurance – although, interestingly, it looked like the island would be somewhere near where the platypus trading expedition was expected to go – as well as near the locations where the penguin pirates were suspected to have a base.

That really wasn’t likely to be a coincidence. Captured from penguin pirates, ships damaged in the battle?

With that, the pink one withdraw with the egg back towards the blue one. The two of them, and the six eggs, were enveloped in a shield bubble before silently vanishing from view.

(Raphael) “Well hopefully that takes care of the monster problem. I cant see those things missing a hostile monster in the area”

Kevin sighed. More local cat-monsters. Meh.

The judges were pleased to report that only a few items appeared to be fraudulent or of poor quality. That put the total valuation of the site at at least four times the competitors, making the duel a clear victory for Rapheal…

They had the Thralls pack up the remains of the food and clean up… and assess the damage to the ships. The cat-creatures were probably half way back to their home already if they hadn’t simply teleported in the first place.

(Raphael) “Now what am I going to do with a pirate cove and a small fleet?”

(Kevin, absently) “Well, you could send for some more crew and set the place up as a business outpost.

He was busy sending out sixty-odd Thralls using shapeshifting-disguises and cloaking spells to surround the area the Panthers were supposed to be in and take a look.

Marty liked the business outpost idea. Maybe he could build a hotel at the exotic pirate’s cove… Or a secondary port. Buy a building or two on the block, reroute the water supply spell, and build a tunnel to the gate. Easy for passengers anyway and they avoided all the shipping mess at the harbor!

As far as Raphael’s inspection of the ships went, one needed prompt attention since there was a good-sized hole near the waterline (a few spells would cover that for the moment). It wouldn’t take long to repair with magic given some raw materials though.

He set some Thralls to work on that. The secondary port plan sounded pretty useful to him.

Kevin – as usual – was more interested in Thrall-collecting and grandiose plots than practicality. Panther collecting would be fun! They were supposed to be a bit more powerful than the typical group of bandits. Some of their number might be significantly so, but the bulk of the panthers weren’t archmagi or such. They’d been able to knock over smaller caravans, but the largest and most heavily guarded ones seemed to be avoided.

Now, if that was where the reptile-assassins were hanging out, that would be even more interesting!

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