Villian Groups

North America :


   Anarchs, North America; Sadly, the superhuman talents of this heavy metal rock group throughly outshine their musical skills. Worse, they have enough fanatical fans that trying to arrest them provokes major riots – and there are always plenty of “witnesses” ready to swear to their innocence in any situation. Combined with their tendency to overload recording devices and the best lawyers money can buy this has left them officially free to operate – although they’re generally unwanted in most cities. Thunderhands, Rhapsody, Axeman, Strobe, Pulse, Chord, and Sparks.


   “The Avatars“, Mexico; A group that claims to derive their power from the “Old Gods” of Mexico – and is said to have either the secret sanction of the Mexican government or their talons buried in the hearts of some major officials. In either case, with no local hero teams to stop them, the Avatars have free run of Mexico despite the one- man efforts of Jadwin Astiblian. Tetzcatlipoca, Camozotz, Huhueteotl, Tlaloc and Michtlantecuhtli.


   Catastrophe, Midwest USA; This anarchic group is loosely bound around it’s core members (Riot, Quake, and Mayhem) by Riot’s power and a general fondness for lashing out at “the system”. The group preferentially inducts members with large- scale abilities – which Riot’s presence tends to expand even further. Luckily, they have no real organization. Riot, Quake, Mayhem, Fymbulwinter, Chaos, Hurricane, and possibly Terror. It must be noted that Chaos normally resides in a mental institution while Hurricane and Terrer were heroes – albeit odd ones – until quite recently.


   Cloture, Southeast USA; A “team” dedicated to conducting powerful, and often necromantic, mystic rituals. Their reasons are unknown, but most of the traces seem to involve dimensional forces. They are supposedly led by a sorcerer called Red Jack – but that’s strictly a rumor.


   Conquerers, North America; A group with large political ambitions, normally either looking for high technology or for a way to seize control of an area with useful resources. Tightly organized and competently-led, they should be treated with extreme caution. Ankylosaur, Arc, Neutron, and Wyvern.


   Corsairs, Canada; For a super-group obviously made up of obsessives and nuts, the Corsairs are quite effective – despite that “pirate” theme. Members include Blackbeard, Broadside, Vendetta, Voudoun, Captian Morgan, and Torpedo. They usually have a backup crew of ghostly pirates along.


   The Coven, Believed USA; a secretive group of assasians, specializing in highly-protected male targets – although this may be simply due to the limited number of likely female victims. No list of members is currently available. Their usual contact is, however, known as Lamia.


   Crushers; West Coast; A gathering of villians with several incarnations, the Crushers normally show up, beat up a superhero group – usually the Protectors – and then tend to argue over what to do next until the heroes escape. The membership roster varies a lot, but usually includes Sabre, Archon, Claymore, Salamandyr, Gargoyle, and anyone the Protectors have recently defeated.


   Dagger, East Coast, USA; Notorious for losing over and over again, Dagger tends to occupy itself with trying to re-establish themselves with some sort of base, and with revenge on the (numerous) groups and individuals that have frustrated them in the past. This usually just results in adding to the list. Ballista, Requiem, Whisper, Vortex, Stinger, and Deathurge.


   Exterminators, East Coast USA; These paranoid nut-cases blame space exploration and “Aliens” for virtually everything – including their own para- human talents. Equipped with powerful, poorly- understood, and unstable weaponry, the group has embarked on a mission to eliminate all traces of “Aliens” from space or other dimensions on Earth – regardless of the cost. The membership varies.


   Fifth World, West Coast USA; This group seems to be violently opposed to advanced technology and environmental damage. At least one member seems to project hallucinations; otherwise unknown.


   The Horsemen; Enormously powerful nuts – with an agenda which no one understands. They tend to show up, and start destroying things. Fear, Dread, Death, Destruction, Famine, Plague, and War. They operate worldwide, with no known base – but have appeared more often on the east coast of the USA then anywhere else.


   Iron League, USA; Essentially a super-villian “union”, the League is basically mercenary. It backs and enforces it’s members contracts, has a retirement plan, medical benefits, and does it’s best to rescue any of it’s members who fall into the hands of the authorities. It has quite a few members; Frost, Vector, Cyclotron, Tangent, Mist Rune, Crossfire, Auroch, Tornado, Stone, Dynamo, Undine, Black Tiger, Blaze, Morningstar, Gorgon, Balefire, Forester, Kraken, Lamphrey and Ironclaw. The league prefers to avoid casualties – and has expelled league members who violate that policy. Whether this is due to ethics, or simply because killing people attracts too much trouble, is not known.


   Jaguar Knights, Mexico; A cult dating back to before the Aztec Empire, the Jaguar Knights feed blood and life force to the Maraktocli in exchange for magic and shapeshifting talents. Unlike most “supervillian” groups, Jaguar Knights are fairly consistent in their abilities; enhanced physical talents, shapeshifting – and a bit of invocation magic.


   Nightfall, USA; Neo-fascists who believe that the US is about to collapse, or be taken over by an international conspiracy. They basically want to “Defend the American Way Of Life!” by getting rid of about 95% of the people in the country. They’re mostly after weapons, supplies, recruits and striking out at “The Conspirators” – whoever they think that those are this week. Sadly, the group appears to have an endless supply of thugs ready to take up the cause. The members include Hellraiser, Nightwolf, Falconstrike, Warcry, War Machine, and the Crimson Commando.


   Plunder, North America, sometimes Europe; The members of Plunder are not interested in battles with heroes, fame, or exotic goals; They want to use their powers to become very, very, rich with as little actual work or risk as possible. They have been helpful in a few emergencies, although never when it would involve an excessive risk to themselves. Radium, The Black Mist, Moonfire, and Tantrum. Recently they’ve been joined by the Cheshire Cat and Ladybird. While they have pulled off “jobs” worldwide, they are often seen in New York City.


   The Posse; A murderous vigilante group, which usually targets normal criminals. They’re fairly careful in their choice of targets; but mistakes – or frame-ups – will happen. The known members include Spectre, Malpractice, Wormhole, “The Red Death“, and Grey Rider.


   PSI/“The Psiagent conspiracy”, North America; An outgrowth of various of psionics-related projects and research, PSI first came to light when it was discovered that a (sizable) number of the carefully-recruited and trained telepathic agents, in organizations around the world, thought their bosses were idiots – and were working on quietly seizing power. While exposed and driven underground, the Psiagent Conspiracy is still active, and is actively, sometimes forcibly, recruiting. They’re very interested in psionic technologies, and in advanced weapons and armor.


   Shadow Titans, USA; While this team generally claims to be “protecting the world” from “overly dangerous technologies”, this seems to be little more then an excuse for grabbing things. Their influence should not be underestimated, although they virtually never participate in direct combat, they win many battles with blackmail, influence, computers and money.


   Spectre, Worldwide, Primarily US; Notable for their extensive use of robotic, android, and other constructs, the various members of Spectre place little trust in living agents – and not a lot in each other. Members usually buy their own secret bases and communications system from Serpentine. Known members include Le Mastre, Forge, Richtor, Nucleon, and Inertia.


   Sunburst, Eastern USA; A group that claims to be dedicated to the benign evolution of mankind, the members of Sunburst attempt an assortment of “experiments” in Cybrenetics, Bioenhancement and Mutagenics, whether their “subjects” are willing of not. They’re supposedly working for someone known only as Professor Darwin. Freak, Repton, Maximus, Nightforge, Synthesis, Headcase, Uplift and Moreau. They’ve been responsible for creating several heroes and villians – and far more deaths.


   (The) Ten Demons, East Coast, USA; A rather loosely associated group, usually found pursuing money and power. Several members have personal conflicts, thus it’s rare to see more then three or four of them together at the same time. Flenser, Afreet, Typhon, Dybbuk, Arioch, Hellhound, Rahhasha, Oni and Megaera. Minor members – such as Typhon, Oni, Arioch, and Hellhound – tend to come and go.


   The Wolf Pack, North America; This widespread street gang has numerous branches – and requires that it’s members 1) have nowhere else to go, 2) contribute towards keeping everyone well fed and reasonably comfortable, and 3) Possess some sort of paranormal power – although this rule doesn’t apply to the hangers-on.


   The Wormwood, AKA Doomstar, Great Lakes, USA; A loosely-organized association, united by their belief that they are near-gods, and are entitled to luxury, service, and the awe and worship of any normal human in the vicinity. Arsenal, Pluton, Obsidion, Dragonlord, White Tigress, and Omen.


   Zodiac, Great Lakes; Until very recently, the various members of the Zodiac were second-string independent villians – but somebody has seen fit to gather them, equip them with low-level combat armor, train, and coordinate them. While the group is a bit lacking in raw power they’re versatile, skilled in using their various abilities, and have few readily-exploitable weaknesses. Their backer – or backers – remain unknown. There are twelve members of course; Virgo, Taurus, Gemini, Libra, Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Aquarius, Leo, and Aries.





   Asesinos, South America; A group of assasians for hire, this group of monsters is “ordinarily” hired by the S. American syndicates in their war against each other and the local governments. Due to their reliability, and to the fact that they’re willing to work for anyone – “bidding” for their “services” often goes very high. Stalker, The Tombstone Kid, Ocelote, Mosquito, Maine, “Spider Monkey”, El Muerto Obscuro, and Montana.


   Lunar Knights, Amazon Jungle; A group of Eco- terrorists opposed to any form of development or exploitation of the rain forest. They appear to have ties to a number of the local tribes. Their membership is currently unknown.


   The Wellspring, Brazil; A “team” dedicated to gaining control of the Amazon Rain Forest, and all of the strange biochemicals, organisms and other resources within it. Political control of major sections of South America would also be welcome. Dr. Mengali, Viper, Anaconda, Giganto, Venom and Pyre.



The European Union :


   Conquistodors, Spain; This supervillian group has a straightforward goal – they want to rule a small country as absolute dictators, and enjoy all the special perks of doing so according to their personal tastes – whether those happen to be for luxury and servants, private parks, grizzly bear wrestling, harems, or torturing their enemies. Other superhumans will have to work for them, or be dealt with, and if they weren’t meant to rule the normal humans, they wouldn’t have the powers to do it with.


   The Gargoyle League, England and Europe; This misanthropic group seems to be made up of people who have been severely transformed, and have found them selves unable to adjust. The League has few goals as a group (other then to be left alone) – but a few members still persue solitary hobbies. Members include Iron Gargoyle (Leader), Gryphon, Manticore, Gremlin, Cephlapod, Drake, and Shadow Wing.


   Inquistori, Spain; A fast-growing group, with an especially deadly modus operandi; they locate young parahumans (How remains unknown), and kill them if they can’t recruit them.

   There are only a few surviving superheroes or independent supervillians in Spain; Santiago, El Bruja, Denunciar, Nogal, and El Aventurera. They have been forced to cooperate – despite the fact that El Bruja and Nogal are generally considered villians.


   The Merry Men, England; While this group only includes a few “superhumans”, their enthusiasm, and publicity-seeking, puts them in this category. They occasionally perform flashy acts of charity and public assistance, but certainly retain most of what they steal. Robin Hood, Big John, Woodsman, Friar Tuck, and Lionheart. They also employ numerous agents with bows, light body armor, and an assortment of minor trick arrows.


   The Nazgul, England; This shadowy group seems to be engaged in a gigantic “scavenger hunt”, in pursuit of unknown goals;


   “Shadowspear”, European Union; The nihilistic members of this “team” all share a common goal – bringing human civilization down in bloody ruin. Few of them are sane by normal standards. Known members include Dark Seraph, Hellfire, Ragnarok, Black Paladin, Slug, and Mulengro. Their agents, the Harbringers, are normally given minor powers somehow and are quite fanatical. They’re recruited by breaking some of the worst “normal” offenders out of prisons.

   -Shadowspear has a feud with Eurostar, and is actively recruiting additional members – such as Fenris Wolf, The Sunderer, Lamishtu and even The Bloodletter.

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