Multiversal Personalities

   This section is devoted to the efforts of one of my old players, who’s currently developing his own material loosely based on some of the old characters and history from the Federation Campaign.

Ryan O’Malley

Ryan uses a combination of technology and magic to achieve effects neither could accomplish alone. He is a powerful mage and engineer with a large trading company (ATE) reaching many of the alternate dimensions. He supplies the party with all the equipment they use, using the latest in technology and enchantments to create superior performance. He uses a combination of assault weaponry and powerful magic to attack and defend.

He collects individuals with troubled pasts and helps them adjust while training any latent abilities they may have. He then organizes these individuals into teams of adventurers as part of trust and confidence exercises.

Catherine Wingates

An engineered human 2.0. Her body is living machinery made using singularity technology granting her speed, strength, stamina, and agility far surpassing any normal human. She is an expert in combat ranging from hand-to-hand all the way to managing global theaters of war. She is considered a military genius on par with the legends of history. She is immune to magic. Most of the time she wields heavy weaponry, but also carries an over sized two-handed sword when things get close. She is trying to recover her sense of self-worth after the tragic events of her past.

Catherine is the result of the United States government to create a super-general to lead the super-soldier armies in battle. She was given the Praetorian template and trained to lead the American military in the coming Singularity War. Her position was slowly usurped by Peter Matthington as she personally commanded significant battles while leaving Peter in charge of the overall theater. She chose to die one year after the Singularity War ended in the radioactive grave where Peter died one year prior, wanting to be with him one last time.

Nathan (Logistics-Strategy)

A ten year old capable of out-maneuvering a precognitive. Not much is known about his family or origin. He has been taken under Ryan’s wing as an apprentice and is learning the finer points in critical thinking and logic in preparation for more advanced studies in technomancy.

Jessica Turing (Playwright)

A reality manipulator. By narrating her version of events, she is able to boost her friends and hinder her enemies with the power of drama. She also has the ability to manipulate lesser minds into believing tall tales as part of a good story. Her ability to enhance entire armies and hinder enemy armies makes her presence a major threat. Her personal combat skills are not to be ignored either; she is a master of the swashbuckling fighting style. She frequently acts as a representative of ATE in political and economic affairs. She believes her purpose in life is to guide things to happy endings for individuals and for humanity as a whole.

Her ability to manipulate reality does have serious side-effects when it comes to her self-image. A negative self-image has a way of becoming true and a positive self-image reinforces her sense of self. Ryan has been working with her on maintaining her positive self-image and coaching her on effective use of her ability.

King Arthur

The legendary King Arthur born from the collective conscious of humanity in the otherworld. His ascension to the throne marked the beginning of the Exodus of Humanity. He rules with a just hand, treats all of his subjects equally, regardless of ancestry or beliefs. The Commonwealth has seen resurgence in influence and power in his leadership. His steadfast secular government has had disagreements with the Vatican and other heavily religious organizations on the nature of separation of church and state after First Contact. He wields the mystical swords Excalibur and Clarent as a sign of his right to rule. His relations with the former royal family of England have been lukewarm at best.


He is arguably the most powerful mage in the known multiverse. Advisor to King Arthur, he has little tolerance for the ideals of democracy, equality, and freedom. Many consider him to be the real brains behind the throne and a critical factor to the continuing success of the Commonwealth. His views on the current major world religions are not earning him many friends either. His references to the United States as the longest running peasant rebellion in history is not appreciated either.


Guinevere is King Arthur’s queen and mother of Gwydre. She is a forward thinker and has been pushing Arthur to expand relations beyond the Commonwealth and become a true “World Leader”. She has been on many diplomatic trips to the various core and outer realms trying to shore up relations neglected or destroyed by Arthur’s ascension. She has been trying to repair relations with the House of Roses, even going so far as to propose a marriage between her son and Victoria II as a means of uniting the two houses together. The shadow of her legendary infidelity continually hangs over her head even though she has yet to commit such a sin in the version of the legend she is from.

Elizabeth III

Elizabeth III is the head of the House of Roses, the former House of Windsor. She is one of the wealthiest individuals in known multiverse. She was originally arranged to marry the returned King Arthur in an attempt to merge the two royal lines together. Arthur, however, spurned her in favor of his former Queen, Guinevere. Elizabeth III has since moved into managing her family’s finances and investments to build her economic and political power. She has been making major investments into American companies and has become a powerful lobbying force in Congress. She has also been acting as an informal ambassador between the Commonwealth and the United States, believing Arthur to be making a terrible mistake in neglecting the transatlantic ties. She continues to pursue a marriage between her daughter, Victoria II, and King Arthur’s son, Gwydre.


Evanescence is an apprentice in the service of the Arch-Lich Necrosis. An expert in magical theory, she is making a mark in the field of theurgy, the study of the interaction of magic and the divine. She is a lich of no small power herself. She has long ago lost all faith in humanity and seeks isolation from the human race. She is not able to completely sever her ties to the more exotic components she needs for her research, which are not available in the Necropolis. To this end, she pursues limited trading ties with the other realms discreetly.

Arch-Lich Necrosis

Necrosis is a dark and cruel master of the magical arts. He cares little for the matters and politics of mortals save only how they can serve as raw materials for his experiments. He is considered one of the most powerful mages in all of creation, with power rivaling the likes of Merlin even. It is known that there is bad blood between Ryan O’Malley and Necrosis, but the exact reasons are unknown. Ryan has repeatedly attempted to assassinate Necrosis numerous times with varying degrees of success.

Peter Matthington

A Praetorian Cohort created from the bloodline of Mordred by the United States government. He was created to be Catherine’s backup prior to the Singularity War but ended up being the central focus of it. The Pendragon Bloodline made him a central figure in the Singularity War. His ruthless tactics and pacification of opposition has earned him a place in history in the leagues of humanity’s worst. People, in the centuries after his death at the end of the Singularity War, have taken to calling him the Emperor for his near total control over most of the human race for several decades. Indeed, few realize that without Peter (and Catherine’s) leadership, humanity would not have likely survived the fallout of the Singularity War. He died destroying a runaway AI that had become bent on redeeming humanity by extermination.


The illegitimate son of Arthur Pendragon. He has fought Arthur in the past over the meaning of “Right to Rule.” Believed to have been mortally wounded by Arthur in the battle of Cammlan around the year 512. He is capable of wielding Clarent, but due to the nature of his birth is unable to wield Excalibur. It is widely believed that he learned much about tapping ley lies from his Aunt Morgan to further his own martial capabilities. His bloodline managed to survive to the early twenty first century and play an instrumental part in the Singularity War.


An enigmatic figure that frequently appears during times of great importance. He often just watches from the sidelines, but has been known to interfere to further his own mysterious ends.

Second Emperor

The Emperor of the Galactic Empire. After taking over from his master several decades earlier, he now rules the Galactic Empire and the Dark Knights in his crusade to protect humanity from “Core Threat.” His sanctioning of the Dark Knights has put him at odds with the Order of Knights, who see the use of the dark arts, regardless of the reasons, as abomination.


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