Shadowrun: Akiko Anitoli

   Here we have a possible character for the Shadowrun game – an up-and-coming (if still relatively minor) Yakuza boss. Akiko has – so far – held her position through the subtle use of Witchcraft and through her knack at imitating a blender in a melee. Akiko usually settles for elegantly-tailored armor, her knives, and her witchcraft-adept talents; none of that shows up to a casual glance or search.

Akiko Anitoli

   Basic Purchases: Race; Human (0 points), Magic; Witchcraft Adept (35 Karma, Karma Pool 1, 18 points), Resources; 1000 KNY (24 points), Skills; 34 (12 points), Attributes; 24 (12 points).

   Since the other characters are now quite experienced, new characters get a bonus of +4 skill points which may be spent to raise initial skills to a maximum of eight and +2 Karma Pool. These bonuses have been included below.

   Karma Expenditures: Initiate II (25), Charisma from 1 to 3 (10).

   Initiate Powers: Beglamourment III/may use Witchcraft as a complimentary skill to physical skills, social skills, and with Knives, Finance, and Investigation. Circuiting/Witchcraft, Magic Protection I, and Hexcraft.

   Edges: Overspent on Basics (6), +4 Strength with when wielding Knives (2), +3 dice when making an attack with a knife (6), Geneware (-3 BI, 6), Conjure Machine Spirits/For Bladed Weapons only (2), Package Deal/Yakuza Boss (5).

    Flaws: Combat Monster (-3), Impulsive (-2), Legal Problems (known underworld boss, very common, severe, -5), Miser (-3), Obligations (to Yakuza, common, moderate, -3), Offensive (to religious figures and dedicated believers, common and severe, -4), On File (the Yakuza, benign, moderate, -2 and Law Enforcement, hostile, moderate, -4)*, Psychological Quirk (honorable, never breaks word, vindictive, -6)*, Unlucky (-5). Total: -27.

*Exempted from over-the-limit halving due to being useful to the game master.

   Basic Attributes: Body 6 (7), Quickness 6 (7), Strength 4 (5), Intelligence 4, Willpower 3, Charisma 3, Essence 6, Magic 9 (12 after initiation), Reaction 5 (6), Initiative 6+3d6

   Dice Pools:

  • Combat Pool: 7
  • Karma Pool: 3
  • Active Skills (34+4 Bonus): Knives 8*, Witchcraft 8, Unarmed Combat-6*, Investigation-6*, Etiquette-4*, Stealth-6*. (Normally +4d due to using Witchcraft as a complimentary skill).
  • Knowledge Skills (Basics + 20): Military History-6, Magic Theory-6, Samurai Lore-3, Police Procedures-6, Tea Ceremony-1, Law-6, Politics-5, Eastern Lore-5.
  • Language Skills: Japanese-3, Russian-3 (both relevant Read/Write skills at 1).
  • Irrelevant Skills: Classical Bladesmithing-6, Go-1


  • Bioware/Chi Training: 290K. Enhanced Articulation (.6 BI, 40K), Superthyroid Gland (1.4 BI, 50K), Synaptic Accelerator II (1.0 BI, 200K). Net BI 3.0 – 3.0 = 0.
  • Connections x6: 150K. Underworld, Smuggler, Organized Crime, Streets, Political, and Magical.
  • Followers: 200K. Yakuza Family.
  • 2x L1 Connections: 10K. Four total: Kaznyet (International Hitman), Mawgrim (Disposal Expert), Hayato (Master Swordsmith), Dukung (Master Brewer).
  • Double Grab Bag: 300K. The first one covers normal gear, the second one covers calling in favors and general personal income.
  • Personal Items:
    • Two Heirloom Tanto Knives (equates to long dikoted cougar fineblade knives; [Str+2]S, 5K).
    • Fancy Tailored Armor Clothing (6/4, 4K).
    • Pocket Secretary (2 K). Equipped with Bug Scanner-6 (3K) and Dataline Scanner-10 (1K).
    • Bladesmithing Shop (5 K).
    • Electroglasses: 20x Magnification, Low-Light, Thermographic (3K).
    • Gold Docwagon Contract (25K).
    • Automedpack-II and Injector belt (2K).
  • Equipment Grab Bag: Normally 10x Antidote-8 Autoinjectors (4K), 5x Rating-10 Tranqualizer Shots (1K), and 10K worth of gear to suit.

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