The Nightraptor, a Kiropsten-Class Light Transport

   De’arc was pretty pretentious: he named his ship the “Nightraptor”. While that is following in an old tradition – the less notable the ship, the more dramatic the name – it’s probably a bit much; it wasn’t that good a ship to start with, and at the moment it’s in pretty bad shape.

   On the other hand, at least the party currently has their hands on it, whether or not they could claim even remotely “legal” possession of it is more-or-less irrelevant given the size of the galaxy – or at least so they hope.

   The ship’s hull is a fairly standard atmospheric-streamlining wedge, although it is (or at least would be if the armor was properly patched) more heavily reinforced and armored than most light ships and some heavy ones. The Kiropsten-Class was originally designed for trade with water-worlds and deep-atmosphere locations – and so, unlike most ships, they were designed to withstand a great deal of external pressure as well as to hold an atmosphere. Sadly, that leaves them heavy, bulky, and somewhat more expensive to operate than a normal freighter. On the other hand, that also means that they’re fairly easily adapted for light combat operations.

   Not surprisingly, De’arc’s ship was so adapted – as well as having cargo space outfitted to carry prisoners, several extra weapons installed, and various other modifications. Of course, at the moment, power and life support is limited, half the cells are out of action, half the remaining cargo space is inaccessible, the drives need massive repairs, and half the weapons are out of action. Part of that can be repaired onboard given time – but the ship badly needs an overhaul.

   The standard design includes an airlock, hold with a loading ramp and adjustable environment (including gravity), and a small machine shop – suitable for a wide variety of droid and ship repairs.

   De’arc special adaptions include a far more powerful power plant, an escape pod (capacity 4), two size-0 Heavy Repeating Blasters for anti-personnel use, a high-quality medical bay (+3d), several concealed compartments (including a modest armory), an internal defense system, and at least one concealed tracking device which the characters have yet to find.

   The Stateroom area has been fitted with an armored pressure-door, and rigged for environmental control (including venting to space) and equipped with a variety of restraining measures, including two cells fitted with energy-dampers to contain droids, cyborgs, and some of the more bizarre aliens. The staterooms themselves have been divided into two cells each, although that will be fairly easy to reverse.

   Oddly enough, with the exception of the energy-dampers, most of that is still working at the moment.

Attribute Basic Kiropsten-

Class Transport





Size 7 7 7
Crew 2-4 2-4 2-4
Passenger 8 Staterooms 2 (8 Prisoners) 2 (16 Prisoners)
Cargo Capacity 150 Tons 15 Tons 30 Tons
Sensors 1d 1d 3d
Consumables* 600 Days 400 Days 1000 Days
Hyperdrive Multiplier x2 x3 x1
Navigation Computer Yes Yes (+5 Diff) Yes
Hyperdrive Backups Yes No Yes
Sublight Speed 2d 2d 4d
Atmospheric Speed 2d 2d 3d
Submerged Speed 1d don’t try it. 1d
Maneuverability -1d -2d 0d
Hull 7d 4d 6d

All weapons are


Laser Cannon

Con 2d, Dam 4d

Ion Cannon

Con 3d, Dam 3d

Missile Launcher

Con 2d, Dam Var

2x Laser Cannons

Con 3d, Dam 5d

Ion Cannon

Con 3d, Dam 3d

2x Missile Launcher

Con 2d, Dam Var

Shields None 1d 3d
Shield Backups None None 3d
Cost 150,000 25,000 Est 250,000

    *Divide by the number of people on board.

3 Responses

  1. Wow. The ship is in such bad shape it even hurts the food carried onboard.

    Now that’s a ship in need of repairs. What is this, a sentient fungus which crawls out to devour our snacks? (No, that was no a suggestion!)

    • Actually it’s the atmosphere recycling that limits things – although an awful lot of the storage space is full of junk, leaking to space, chemically-contaminated, or otherwise problematic too.

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