6) Recent History

-c5000; Large-scale irrigation projects lead to large-scale organization; new civilizations appear in the fertile crescent and yellow river valley. The first true cities appear, along with organized warfare. Rising sea levels sever the last land link between Britain and Europe. Smelting is invented, allowing the large-scale production of copper ornaments and tools.

-4873; Ghhaneckthi, an African Shaman, recovers the Orb Of The Archmage from the Sahara Desert and becomes the first Archmage of Earth since the fall of the Dreamtime civilization.

-4500; The construction of megalithic “tombs” – weak artifical mystic nexi – allows tribal shamans to call on spirits and channel their energies more effectively. By modern standards such methodology is weak and primitive, but it’s still very useful. It also represents the first technological magic-amplification technique.

-4216; On Kerel, the visionary Lanar founds the Universal Church and expounds THE law (“To take that which belongs to another without mutual consent is forbidden”) and various corollaries. The tribes which accept Lanar’s vision unify and swiftly absorb the holdouts; by the time of Lanar’s death in -4168, they have reached and begun to colonize the major landmasses of their world.

-3372; The first date in the mayan calander.

-3100; Menes “the Great” unites upper and lower Egypt, becoming the first egyptian pharoah. He is later murdered by a sorceror-priest disguised as a hippopotamus.

-2800; Massive flooding in Mesopotamia.

-2750; The Hero Gilgamesh weilds the “Tablet Of Destiny”, a runic artifact, to drive back and seal away a pocket-dimension incursion.

-2700; Khufu builds the “great” pyrmaid at giza in an attempt to open a gateway to Heliopolis. The attempt fails – but the mighty structure remains a powerful focal point for ambient mana. Using it to contact various entities permits egyptian magic to become the foundation of an empire which will last for thousands of years to come.

-2600; Avebury is constructed in England. It will remain an active power center for the next 4600 years.

-2309; The Emperor Sargon obtains the Tablet Of Destiny from a looted temple. He, and his descendents, subtly employ it to boost their authority and power, as well as to stabalize the border with Egypt.

-2122; The Akkadian Empire is overthrown, and the Tablet Of Destiny is lost with it. -2000; Amun succeeds Ra as lord of Heliopolis.-1960; Stonehenge is constructed in England. It will continue to undergo modifications for a very, very, long time.-1760; The Code Of Hammurabi.

-1700; The Book Of Thoth is discovered and partly transcribed as the Book Of Coming Forth By Day. In later copies, perhaps fortunately, much is lost or corrupted.

-1673; The Shang Dynasty and The Serpents Of Jade

-1518; The Indo-Aryan conquest of India employs aid from the Savatar of the Hundred Realms. The Rig-Veda commemorates events.

-1379 Akhenaton recognizes the growing senility of egypts elder gods, and attempts to turn towards younger deities. The priests resist, and the attempt is ultimately unsuccessful. His nephew Tutankhamun restores the old faith and, when he dies in 1338, at 18, is buried under their erratic protection. The long decline of egypt begins.

-1207; The Olmecs accept the Maraktocli as gods and enter their service. The bloodshed will continue unabated until the spanish conquest.

-776; The first olympic games are held, and the first discussion of what talents are, and are not, acceptable in athletic competition, begins.

-600; The Elusian Mysteries rise in response to the excessive “rationalism” of the philosophers, and begin to provide formal training in magic. While such charms are still weak and primitive by modern standards – if only because few masters are willing to pass out their secrets so readily – this is the beginning of formal magical study as opposed to the classical master-apprentice relationship.

-560; Birth of Siddhartha Gautama – later known as the Buddha.

-550; Lao-Tzu teaches the philosophy/way/method of Taoism, recorded in the Tao Te Ching. The work is later used as a guide in the ways of “universal energy”, inner power, and mysticism. Eastern and western magic begins to diverge radically.

-430; Hippocrates founds the first “school” of magical healing and creates the first version of the Hippocratic Oath.

-378; The Cult Of Artemis teaches shapeshifting and transformation. It will be violently surpressed later when students begin to misuse those talents. Whether fortunately or unfortunately, actually catching a group of shapeshifters proves virtually impossible.

-325; Apelles, a great painter, is the first to use a painting as a “gateway” to a phantasm world, escaping with Alexander’s favorite mistress.

-323; Alexander is assasinated. The identity of the killer is never discovered.

-221; The Emperor Zheng unites China and begins to standardize things. He also begins construction of the Great Wall.

-210; The Emperor Zheng – now known as Quin Shi Huang Di – dies, and is buried near Xianyang, with an army of terracotta warriors.

-157; Hsing Min employs the Lunar Dragon Pearl, also known as the Orb Of The Archmage, and his own skills in sorcery and alchemy, to become the first taoist “Immortal”.

-128; Quetzalcoatl fathers Jadwin Astbilian, He Who Sets The Sun.

-105; Jugurtha, condemned to die for rebellion, escapes the arena via a liberal use of the “Flames Of Tyrannon”. The cult of Tyrannon is outlawed, and there is a general crackdown on sorcery within the roman empire.

-58; Ceasar’s Gaulic Campaigns. The druids seek otherworldly help but despite the disappearance of few scouting columns, their efforts meet with very little success. The conquest is complete by -52.

-49: Ceasar becomes dictator of Rome.

-25; The Orb Of The Archmage is moved to Petra.

-10; The Mochica potters of Peru develop power- storing “jars” – the first known method for taking power from a nexus for use elsewhere.

-4; Birth of Jesus Of Nazareth – later known as The Christ.

1; Inspired by the shaman Animqwann, the Arawak move to the Antilles.

-10; Artabanus III acquires the runic “Spear Of Light”, and uses it to defeat Vonones. The spear is buried with him.

30; Jesus Of Nazareth is executed.

41; The Emperor Caligula is devoured by one of his own conjurings. His death and prior persecutions of competing sorcerors virtually eliminates formal magic within the empire – or at least near rome. Copies of his notes and scrolls will be used by other madmen for centuries to come.

61 Queen Boudica leads a rebellion against rome in britian relying heavily on druidical magic. The rebellion is a failure, at least partidally due to the unreliability of necromantic and nexus-powered magic within the Rho-Field. Rome responds by ordering the elimination of the druids. The rebellion reinforces Rome’s dislike of magic, their attitude becomes an ingrained part of western civilization.

100; Teotihuacan constructs the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon. Charged with blood magic by human sacrafice on a vast scale, they soon become one of the most powerful nexi on earth.

105; The eunuch-magus Cai Lun invents paper and a series of new magical disciplines involving it.

184; The magus Zhang Jue leads the Yellow Turbans in a revolt against the eunuch sorcerers of the Han Dynasty.

202; The first human settlements on Madagascar. The central regions remain impenetrable to this day.

220; The end of the Han dynasty. China devides into Wei, Shu, and Wu. The Three Kingdoms period.

260; The Emperor Gallienus issues a decree enshrining tolerance of Christians.

313; Emperor Constantine converts to Christianity. He becomes increasingly fanatical, and soon decides that numerous things, including high magic and many common practices, are against the will of God. His persecutions are little more charitable then the prior persecutions of christians. In 325 he establishes the Nicaean Creed.

331; Sopatrus – one of the chief sorcerer-sages of the Byzantine Empire – escapes execution at the Emperor’s order, by defeating the soldiers sent to capture him with the runic Sigil Of Fire.

375; Samudragupta, Emperor of India, retires to study magic under the tutelage of Hsing Min.

435; Attila The Hun obtains the Spear Of Light, but is unable to use it. It is buried with him in 453.

452; Samudragupta succeeds Hsing Min as Earth’s Archmage.

480; The Saxon invasion of england. Caliburn is forged by Wayland Smith at Merlin’s request.

500; The Hagha Kings use Uthorian’s Danse and the Mirror Of Souls to link animal spirits to warriors in an attempt to create an invincible army. This fails to work properly, but occasional humans will inherit animalistic powers from this time forward.

537; Arthur, King Of The Britons, is slain – or at least gravely wounded. Caliburn, later to be known as Excalibur, is lost.

605; Emperor Yangdi reorganizes the civil exams to include magic as an independent category rather then as an adjunct to other studies.

625; King Redwald is buried at Sutton Hoo.

690; The Empress Wu siezes power in China. She attains considerable mystical power by using human sacrafice to gain invoked magic, but is eventually defeated by the archmage Samudragupta.

720; The Nippon Shoki is written. Later copies are published without the Kari Set prehistory from the Book Of Seth.

789; Emperor Charlemagne, somewhat reluctantly, includes the magical arts in his general edicts on education; this doesn’t suffice to make them truly respectable, but it is the first bit of “official” encouragement in the west in many centuries. The eastern roman empire does not agree.

850; The Dragon Circle is founded with the birth of Leontius. Other members will have their more-or-less delayed births over the next few centuries.

900; The colonization of Polynesia is complete; humans have arrived in New Zealand.

999; Gerbert of Aurillac – later Pope Sylvester the Second, by some accounts “Sylvester Magus”, an accomplished sorcerer – orders the founding of the occult section of the Vatican library and sponsors the Ordo Crux Anastes.

1066; William’s English Conquest.

1090; Hasan ibn al-Sabbah, the first old man of the mountain founds the “Hash-Assian” Islamic sect in Persia, later to be known as the assassins.

1130; The Igbo craftsmen (Nigeria) find an easy method of entrapping spirits in bronze talismans and charms. Such devices rapidly become a major trade item. The use of sentient spirits in such charms is later banned throughout the world, but charms created using animal spirits remain in use to this day.

1135; The Cult of Tyrannon attempts to use Aldulf, a natural immortal, to host their demon-god. Aldulf is infused with demonic power, but escapes. He will slowly but surely lose his inner struggle against Tyrannon’s influence for centuries to come.

1181; Saint Francis is born.

1185; Richard the Lionhearted is crowned. Tales of “Robin Hood” remain debatable.

1213; Hugh Ferreus and William Of Posqueres offer up most of the “Childrens Crusade” participants as slaves and sacrafices to Tyrannon. Samudragupta is slain in battle with Tyrannon.

1215; Geingis Khan siezes Beijing and completes his conquest of China. The country is left almost intact; while it’s armies were readily defeated in the field, the sophistication and concentration of magic in the cities made them almost impossible to take by violence: almost all fell by negotiation.

1235; Ugyen Satera becomes Archmage of Earth.

1275; Marco Polo reaches China – and enters the service of Kublai Khan. While traveling china, he he records a description of Xanadu and learns some of the tradations of oriental magic. On his return to the west he publicizes most of his experiences, but passes along magical lore much more quietly.

1302; The Dragon Circle is complete.

1387; Tamarlane utterly destroys cities that do not immediately submit – demonstrating a fantastic command of invocation magic.

1403; Ugyen Satera defeats Tamarlane and drains his occult talents. Unable to defend himself from the massed spirits of his victims, Tamarlanes soul is drawn into the otherworlds shortly thereafter.

1441; The direct slave trade between Africa and Portugal is opened.

1440; Gilles de Laval, the Seigneur de Rais, is burned at the stake – a major blow to the cults of Tyrannon, of which he was the current head.

1452; Chi’an Lung begins a serious study of magic. It rapidly develops into an obsession.

1477; Vlad Tepes, AKA Dracula, “dies”. Unfortunately, he’s drained too much life energy from his victims to stay dead. Movable type is introduced. The Spanish Inquisition is set in motion and quite a few cults are rooted out.

1487; The Aztecs sacrafice 20,000 people in one day in an attempt to open a gate to the Maraktocli realms. Malasin of the Dragon Circle, intervenes and seals the gateway – but puts in his own appearance as a “God”.

1492; The european “discovery” of America.

1521; Hernan Cortez conquers Tenoctitlan. While he is opposed by Malasin, he’s quietly assisted by Chi’an Lung, who seals much of the blood magic stored in the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon.

1552; Vasilko, of the Dragon Circle, acts as an advisor to Ivan The Terrible.

1560; China; Jesuit Priest-Magi ally themselves with Taoist Mages against a number of supernatural incursions.

1565; Serpentine, of the Dragon Circle, sorcerously constructs a garden for the Duke of Orsini.

1588; The Spanish Armada. Luchair of the Dragon Circle rescues numerous people – but the extent of her intervention cannot be determined. In China, the “tree-weilding” troops of Qui Jiguang defeat a japanese pirate invasion.

1615; The fortress of Osaka falls to the Shogun Ieyasu. Ieyasu’s example and personality makes a great impression on young Yoshima Masamori of the Dragon Circle.

1641; Cardinal Richelieu dies.

1665; Jesuit Priest Athanasius Kircher has himself lowered into the crater of Mt. Vesuvius after an eruption to make scientific observations.

1687; Sir Isaac Newton publishes his Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica. His alchemical and magical works remain unpublished.

1714; The slowly-waning energies of the nexi on Easter Island drop below the level required by the defensive spells. Now visible, the island is found within a few years.

1742; Pope Benedict XIV bans the Chinese Rites. The alliance of Jesuit and Chinese mages is ended, much to the relief of several Tongs.

1743; Shogun Tokugawa Yoshimune introduces “the complaints box” – a box at the gate of his castle, where peasants can bypass the bureaucrats and deposit suggestions for his personal attention.

1759; The British Museum is opened. Some items, however, remain quietly sealed away.

1766; The Jesuits are ordered to abandon indian parishoners in new spain. Some refuse.

1776; The revolutionary war. Chi’an Lung – now apparently “13” – enlists on the American side and later fights in the Napoleonic Wars as well. He will be cured of the “It’s Exciting!” idea in WWI. Several other members of the Dragon Circle participate as well, most of the with similar results.

1783; Treaty of Paris ends revolutionary war. Tupac Amaru II and his family are executed for rebellion and for calling on the Maraktocli. Their followers claim that their spirits were taken by their bloody patrons.

1786; Aga Mohammed, Khan Of Persia, disappears, and is replaced by Leontius Gootha, who breaks the power of the old nobility, albeit without the vast excesses of cruelty which had been Aga’s trademark technique.

1790; With the industrical revolution underway, Malisin founds the British Ironworks Corporation – which grows rapidly, maintaining both a technical, and a social policy, lead over it’s competition.

1791; Uthman dan Fodio – an islamic scholar and missionary – reveals that ambitious members of the Gobir family (The royal house of Niger) are trying to use the old Hagha rites. The Gobirs purge their house; those involved are removed from the records and sold into slavery. Mozart vanishes from his deathbed. At the time this excites little comment.

1792; Sir Martin Scarus – an unusually talented mage – rescues victims of the french revolution as “The Scarlet Pimpernell”. Several powerful demons are unleashed in France, adding greatly to the net destruction and chaos.

1796; The White Lotus Society becomes prominent in China again – supporting a revolution as usual. Catherine the Great dies, her attempt to reduce Vasilko’s influence relatively unsuccessful.

1798; A substantial part of the treasures and art masterpieces collected by Napoleon simply “vanish” en route to the Festival of Arts and Sciences. Most are never seen again.

1799; The Rosetta Stone is discovered. Napoleon siezes power in France.

1805; The Battle of Trafalgar. Lord Nelson is killed instantly by a gunner using a sharp-shooter spell – but his ghost remains in command until the battle’s end.

1810; Zheng Yi Sao, AKA; “The Dragon Lady”, and her piratical fleet of 1800 Junks and 70,000 women and men, “surrenders” to government forces in exchange for a full pardon for the entire fleet and various high positions in China’s military. Meanwhile, Sir Walter Scott publishes The Lady Of The Lake.

1811; Uthman dan Fodio takes control of Nigeria and eliminates the last of the Gobir family. In the US, the Shawnee under Tecumseh, reach an agreement with Governor Harrison. Lord Elgin finds a sealed crypt under the Parthenon – and ships part of it’s contents secretly to england before resealing it.

1813; The Eight Trigrams unleash several demons and powerful magics in an attack on the Hidden City. They are defeated by Ugyen Satera and Zheng Yi Sao.

1814; Napoleon is defeated.

1816; Ghurka mystics (in Nepal) make peace with the British. The Sikkim soon follow.

1829; Suttee is abolished in British India.

1832; The League Of Reprobates is founded.

1833; The Babbage Engine. The Visionary Society is founded, using magically-enhanced engines in an attempt to predict and manipulate social change. While they will enjoy some successes, random and unknown factors place many events beyond calculation.

1835; China. The “Society For The Distribution Of Useful Knowledge” meets for the first time.

1836; The League Of The Just is founded.

1837; The Thuggee cult is surpressed, or driven deeply underground.

1839; The Opium Wars. Ugyen Satera and Chi’an Lung interfere on the Chinese side but are opposed by massive commercial interests and Ironworks Inc, backed by Malasin and Chizura.

1845; The Irish Potato Blight. While the effect is really fairly limited, dissatisfaction with the ineffectual english response leads to a great many emigrations.

1847; Ignaz Semmelweis “discovers” antiseptics. William Morton developes anaesthesia. “Scientific” medicine approaches the effectiveness of magic in some situations. In America, the Gold Rush begins.

1851; The Tai-Ping rebellion is fueled by their leader’s claims that he’s the “younger brother” of Jesus Christ and has come to set up the Kingdom of God. In England, the Great Exhibition showcases advanced magic and technology at Crystal Palace. The display includes a runestone – among various other mysterious ancient relics.

1854; Matthew Perry smashes Japans “Bamboo Curtian”, and stimulates a revival of the Shadow Fist Ninja Clan. In Crimea Florence Nightengale begins to apply “scientific” medicine systemantically, as a supplement to magical healing, and mortality rates drop drastically. Her dualistic approach will soon become the standard. Also in Crimea, the Charge Of The Light Brigade. The “Sparks From The Lantern” and “Incense Burners” sects start their own rebellions in China.

1860; The Taiping Rebellion begins to collapse due to infighting among the leadership. The Dragon Circle begins it’s Rite Of Passage.

1861; The US Civil War. For the first time both sides ban the use of necromancy, and stick with that agreement to the end. Somewhat oddly, the Dragon Circle does not become involved.

1864; The Taiping Rebellion is crushed. Hong Tianguifu, the Young Heavenly King, is executed by the death of ten thousand cuts over several months – resulting in a vicious haunt which gathers considerable strength from its fallen followers.

1867; The Night-Bird-Bandits rebel in China. In the US, Chi’an influences several Senators to push through the Alaska Purchase – and to ensure that the treaties with the natives are adhered to.

1868; The Emperor Meiji topples the Shogunate.

1867; “Captian Nemo”, AKA Darvian of the Dragon Circle, abandons his undersea experiments. Luchair is unimpressed.

1876; General Custer is killed at the battle of little big horn.

1877; Despite the support of Yoshima Masamori – of the Dragon Circle – the Samurai Rebellion fails

1883; Chi’an and Malazin duel at Krakatoa. Chi’an wins readily. Richard Wagner’s body vanishes from his deathbed. Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show begins to make money. Close to 60% of American and English industrial capacity is now controlled by the Egiun Corporation – the Successor to British Ironworks.

1888; Jack the Ripper achieves immortality – or at least superhuman durability and perpetual youth – through necromancy.

1890; The US government passes the “Anti-Trust” act. The Egiun Corporation is subdivided. Despite this, it’s relatively “enlightened” labor policies are continued; industrial workers remain tolerably well-paid and child labor is not excessive.

1892; The Ghost Dance summons a spirit warrior, who still haunts the american midwest today.

1896; The “Big Sword Society” is is broken up – despite their Armour Of The Golden Bell technique.

1899; The Dunhuang Caves (Circa 366 and used thru 1200 or so) in Gansu are discovered. The contents of several will be carefully hushed up.

1900; Max Plank proposes quantum theory. Boxer rebellion combines arcane and martial-arts training. It’s surpressed with considerable difficulty. Col. Robert Baden-Powell commands the siege of Mafeking and creates the prototype “Boy Scouts”.

1902; Henry Ford is backed by the Egiun Corporation.

1903; King Leopold grossly exploits the Congo and is grotesquely cursed by a coalition of shamans. In Russia, Vasilko advises Lenin.

1904; The Trans-Siberian Railway opens. Asura defeats and enslaves Chizura in a formal duel.

1905; Dr Albert Einstein publishes a variety of key papers.

1906; Earth exits the Rho-Field. An earthquake destroys San Franscio. Micro-meteorites containing transuranic trace elements begin to fall – and the ambient magic level begins to rise. Vast numbers of humans with “latent” arcane talents, abilities, forms, blessings, and/or curses are affected. Groups which have waited for millenia begin to act. Using the newly-available energies Ugyen and Chi’an Lung reinforce the planetary wards.

1909; The Thuggee resurface in India, this time as the core of a new form of revolt – Terrorism.

1920; Slavery is abolished in China.

1911; Roald Amundson (Norway) reaches the south pole and returns with losses, is oddly vague about much of the trip. Sun Yat-sen leads a revolution in china – overthrowing the manchu dynasty to form a republic.

1912; The Titanic sinks while a Kraggan survey of earth is underway, allowing for easy “specimen” collecting. Their ensuing report of a habitable world without the native transuranics required for ultratech developments will eventually lead to the use of the earth as a dumping ground for exiles and/ or misfits.

1914; WWI. Group II Transuranic catalysts reach local concentrations sufficient to support “minor” – but fairly RELIABLE – “psychic” talents. Aerial warfare and poison gas are introduced.

1917; Trench warfare becomes insupportable, due to spontaneous eruptions of haunts, undead, random necromantic effects, and similar disasters. By 1918, despite the attempted invervention of Ugyen Satera and the Dragon Circle, mass armies have become their own worst enemies. The worst areas of the trenches will remain mystically poisoned for centuries.

1919; The League Of Nations is formed, with the backing of Ugyen and the Dragon Circle. After some negotiations, the USA does join.

1920; Whaling comes to an effective end, due to excessive loss of ships. New power nexi begin to appear. In America, Prohibition goes into effect.

1922; The tomb of Pharoah Tutankamen is found. The prompt action of the tomb’s curses excites the world.

1923; A freakish dosage of transuranics douses Springfield, New Jersey. One inhabitant develops monstrous probability-warping powers. Before his self-destruction in 1924 several dimensional rifts open, freak tornados strike, and loose probability vortexes are scattered worldwide. Coincidentally, Tokyo is leveled by a giant monster for the first – but not the last – time.

1925; Dar’Koran scouting expedition detects the probability disturbances, and visits the earth. They are intrigued by the situation, and set up a dual- purpose program of investigation and recruitment.

1927; The “Blood” arrive on earth.

1931; Difficulties with vanishing “faerie” gold leads Britain to abandon the gold standard.

1937; Nazi search for occult artifacts recovers the Runespear – the second cataloged rune artifact to be recovered.

1939; WWII begins. The cyclotron is developed. The Nazis begin using necromancy, eventually using the concentration camps to power their spells. The allies respond with their own mystics – but do not resort to Necromancy. Ugyen Satera and the Dragon Circle also oppose the Nazis – but Ugyen finds his endurance fading. He begins a search for a younger successor.

1940; The first super-heros appear, most become involved in WWII where nazi necromancy and espionage provide plenty to do. Power levels are generally modest. The Oolong Nippon offers it’s services to the government of japan. The White Necromancer awakens and joins with Aldulf (now known as the Darkmage), Blade, and the Indestructible Man to oppose the Nazis. Unfamiliar with technological weaponry, the White Necromancer is soon returned to the Sleep of Death, but not before playing a critical role in dissipating the death magic of the concentration camps.

1945; The master-mage of Oolong walks away from Hieroshima. With the escape route to south america cut off by paranormal intervention, many top Nazis escape to the far east, where they continue their secret research projects in preparation for the Fourth Reich. The United Nations is founded to replace the ineffectual League of Nations.

1947; USA; The House Committee on “Un-American” Activities begins it’s investigation of paranormal beings. Leontius defeats Sarkan.

1948; A second set of dead sea scrolls is found – and suppressed. The Mahatma Ghandi survives an assasination attempt unharmed. The USA and most of Europe ban paranormal athletes from normal events, leading to an ongoing debate over what is – and is not – a “paranormal power”.

1949; Le Acadamie E Hermes Trismegistus reopens in Paris, with a new program – Project; Promethius – dedicated to the training and study of parahuman abilities. U.N.C.L.E. -The United Nations Center for Law Enforcement – is founded.

1950; McCarthy and his committee begins an active campaign of persecution versus paranormals, adding paranoia about “homo superior” to his very popular stand against communism. Chi’an removes Vasilko from power in the USSR. PRIMUS is founded as an All-American alternative to U.N.C.L.E.

1953; Yeti prevent the final ascension of Mount Everest yet again.

1954; Mccarthy gets legislation for registering and “drafting” paranormals passed, but loses support thereafter. Most North American paranormals drop out of sight. Most of the rest of the world, with a smaller, less individualistic, and less flamboyant paranormal population anyway, hardly notices.

1956; The era of “Secret Identities” begins – and swiftly catches on.

1957; Sputnik I. While various paranaormals had reached space before, this is the first attempt to succeed using conventional technology.

1959; Tibet rebels against Chinese rule. The revolt is suppressed with difficulty and the Dalai Lama escapes to India. While China does not admit it, numerous areas of Tibet remain effectively unreachable and independent.

1960; An international agreement to reserve the antarctica for “scientific research” is pushed thru with various backers. A U-2 survelliance aircraft is intercepted over the Soviet Union – and brought down – by Buryaskoro (StormFeather). The United Nations Center for Law Enforcement is set up. The Hero/Villian Ironsmith becomes the new dictator of Bolivia.

1961 Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba is a dramatic failure, in part due to the intervention of one or more paranormals on the cuban side. In reaction to this, and the events of 1960, the first “official” “hero groups” are set up. The Indestructible Man is recalled to active service in the Thunderbolts. An Arrhenius Swarm moves into orbit around earth.

1962; Earth transverses the nebular “edge” of a supernova remnant. The sudden rise in transuranic levels creates an “epidemic” of paranormals of all power levels. The cuban missile crisis sees the first major public deployment of the Thunderbolts.

1963; Super-heroes and villains are abruptly as “common” as they’ll ever be. Due to the need to avoid official identification costumes and secret identities are now the norm. Various “hate groups” – dedicated to the suppression, to the control, or even to the elimination, of various individuals and/ or groups spring up in reaction to this abrupt abundance of powerful, mysterious, beings. All such concerns, however, take a back seat to the orbital invasion of the Arrhenius Swarm. While the so-called NSD (“near space defense” or “task force x” ) – a previously unknown group – engages the invaders in near-earth orbit, a substantial percentage of them reach ground level. Combat will continue over the next three years. Despite frantic efforts by many of the world’s governments and secret organizations, little information on the NSD organization is uncovered, although signs of their activities persist to this day.

1964; A giant reptile wrecks Anchorage, Alaska. Nemesis is organized on a formal basis.

1965; Ratatosk Enterprises is founded – and makes relatively low-cost orbital transport available to the US and various “friendly” governments. The USSR steps up it’s own space programs to match. NASA and other agencies extend their various pilot-training programs to cover space-survival magic. SunWarrior makes his first appearance – launching a series of strikes on the Arrhenius invaders, and even making a direct (albeit relatively unsuccessful) attack on the orbiting Swarm Mother.

1966; The Arrhenius Swarm departs earth. The Mer’Hal set up a recruitment base on aboard one of the Arith Vaya orbiting Saturn. A crash program to develop orbital Defenses is instituted.

1967; Israel reveals “The Nephelim” – it’s own hero team – during the six-day war. The gradual build-up of popular fears since 1963 erupts in the “mutant” panics – a series of major riots actually directed at all superbeings. The Imperial Legion – the first supervillian group to stress publicity and image – is founded. In the american midwest, The Ghost Dance makes it’s first public appearance.

1968; Pressed by a wave of paranormal criminals “vigilante” supertypes are ignored by presidential executive order in the USA. A regulatory system developes eventually – but will never becomes very effective or very well organized. The organization of Primus is approved after SunWarrior battles the supervillian Firestorm in the middle of Manhattan.

1969; The first Lunar Colony is set up. In New York City the Sentinels are founded. The Minutemen (Now defunct) battle Dark Seraph during an attempt to take over SAC and start a nuclear war. In the middle east, the Hand Of Allah order is revealed. The Defenders of Humanity launch their first blatant attempt at forcible eugenic cleansing, but are readily defeated.

1970; K’K’Kph’Kree, ambassador for the Cetacea, makes an appearance before the UN. In response the Cetacea are recognized as sentient beings. Hunting them is banned. In the USA the courts recognize a plea of “mind controlled”. The Defenders of Humanity, A.K.A. Genocide launch a series of major projects focusing on anti-mutant research and on upgrading their equipment and public image.

1971; Attica Prison in New York suffers a major supervillian breakout from the “special wing”. The US supreme court rules that Mutants and “Mutates”, Clones, Spirit-Channelers, and Genetic Constructs from human stock, are “persons” under the law, and are entitled to their 14’th amendment rights. Aliens, Androids, Undead, and Weird “Extradimensional Life Forms” are not. In response, congress – heavily lobbied by the Dragon Circle and various other groups – passes legislation extending limited civil rights to all sentients.

1972; Lanarist Missionaries discover the Earth, and dispatch an embassy to the UN. The reaction is mixed, but cautious thanks to the recent Arrhenius invasion.

1973; Sandistan, AKA Ionstorm, arrives to begin a single-handed quest to defeat earth’s champions. His arrival is heralded by Quasar, who has escaped his service. His initial attack brings together the Protectors. In comparison with the Arrhenius, his genial attitude towards civilians, restriction of his attacks to parahuman/hard military targets, and general good sportsmanship makes him popular – at least as far as supervillians go.

1974; In response to the Arabian “oil embargo”, the Egiun Corporation announces the development of large-scale fusion power systems. Micro-nuclear reactors are also developed, but are prohibitively expensive. Project; Mindreach is begun – but soon proves overdangerous. CLOWN appears for the very first time, much to UNCLE’s regret. In the US, the old tribal lands gain limited extra-terratorality. Construction begins on the Stronghold superprison.

1975; The CIA uses a superhuman team to salvage a russian submarine. A three-villian Junta, later known as “Terror Inc” takes over portugal. The CIA uses super-assassins, and Hellraiser destroys a 707. 126 killed, 2 survivors. Luchair issues an Atalanta-style dominance challenge, defeats Herensuge and Kaarme, and keeps them as servants.

1976; Shadowspear is founded. In unrelated (?) news, New Guinea, Turkey, and Tangishyn, China are devastated by monsters. The Nephelim manage a raid which frees 103 hostages; the human villians don’t survive long enough for questioning.

1977; Serpentine blackmails USA with blizzards, using weather-control satellites. CIA mind-control experiments are uncovered. Plutonium thefts bring an end to the “peaceful uses” program and Project; Thunderbolt abandons the Nadiya Android project. Chi’an Lung completes his (VERY careful) preparations and checks, takes up Luchair on her challenge, and collects his winnings.

1978; Project; Thunderbolt abandons mutagenics.

1979; An unknown being emerges from TMI reactor core. The Institute for Extra-terrestrial Studies is founded.

1980; John Lennon survives a murder attempt uninjured. The resulting legal tangle leads to the repeal of the McCarthy registration and “superdraft” legislation. Hostages of two weeks are teleported out of Iran despite the claims of fanatics that no “unholy powers” will operate within the areas that they’ve dedicated to Allah.

1981; Ratatosk deploys the Aladdin Spaceplane – providing relatively simple, and purely technical, access to space. Air traffic controllers strike, and are replaced by a computer system requiring 1/10th the operators. Stronghold is completed.

1982; Project Thunderbolt begins bioenhancement research.

1984; An undamaged mayan tomb is found. Jadawin Astiblan awakens.

1985; “Walker Trio” is convicted of telepathic spying. An egyptian jetliner is hijacked – and is destroyed in the ensuing superbattle. A volcanic eruption in columbia leaves 25,000 dead and one oddly altered.

1986; Electro sinks a Soviet submarine, marking the beginning of his personal crusade against communism. Oliver North’s covert contra-aid superteam is uncovered. Chernobyl disaster. The “Star Wars” project completes a series of lunar missile bases, designed to defend against another extraterrestial invasion. Voyager II shows the Arith Vaya in near- saturn orbits. The ensuing, and quite unnecessary, stampede to reinforce the orbital defences results in a variety of space accidents.

1987; A giant monster attacks Los Angeles – but is driven off by the Protectors and Ionstorm. The destruction is still considerable but loss of life is relatively limited.

2 Responses

  1. 1811; Uthman dan Fodio takes control of Nigeria and eliminates the last of the Gobir family.

    Are you sure he eliminated the gobir family?

    don’t think so, because we still exist.

    • Let’s see now. Within the same 1811 entry we have a note about a nonexistent secret crypt under the Pantheon. The next entry involves magicians unleashing demons in a public attack on the capital of China. Within two entries prior there’s a note about a ghost being in command of an English naval fleet.

      Yet you think it’s noteworthy that a fictionalized timeline for a game involving magic, superheros, and dragons, is not entirely accurate.

      Given that the Gobir family had working brains, I would have to say that your existence is not evidence of their survival.

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