Eclipse d20 – The Promethean Revenant


The outer planes are places where all things are made of alignment energies, as the inner planes are made of elemental forces. Thus, the very flesh of an Archon is made of law and good, as the bone and ichor of a Demon is forged of evil and chaos. Even if such a being chooses to adhere to another alignment, it’s underlying flesh remains… Only if such a being truly dies, and is remade of the forces of it’s chosen alignment can it become truly a being of another outer plane. Thus the bodies of such creatures fade away upon death; without vitality and magic to sustain their arcane structure, they cannot exist upon the material planes.


Some people never leave well enough alone.


A Promethean Revenant can come into being when some madman – not content with attempting to bind limbs and organs forged of the unearthly energies of the outer planes to material flesh – decides to build a creature from the magically-preserved body parts of creatures of the outer planes.


Unsurprisingly, most such attempts fail in disaster.


A few achieve a sort of balance – and turn the conflicting energies inherent in their very flesh into a source of power.


Such is the…


Promethean Revenant:


Attribute Modifiers: +2 Str, +2 Con, and +4 Int. Promethean Revenants must have bodies that are tough and powerful, as well as quick and facile minds, to balance the forces raging within them – or they will be destroyed by them. These bonuses are, however, Corrupted; Promethean Revenants have no afterlife. Upon death their composite body/soul fragments and dissipates back into the outer planes. They can only be restored to life by a Wish; a Miracle will not do; gods in general disapprove of them and will not intervene to recreate them (21 CP).


Innate Enchantment, Corrupted/The unearthly flesh of a Promethean Revenant is filled with blazing magical power – a force that sustains their existence, even as it shields them from other powers. They are magically blatant, have glowing eyes, mucous membranes, and blood, wounds, scars, and (on some of them) stitching blaze with eldritch energies (11,000 GP Value / 8 CP. All such enchantments are spell level one, caster level one, unlimited-use use-activated, personal only (x.7) for a base cost of 1400 GP each).


  • +2 Enhancement Bonus to each Attribute (8400 GP in total). This is a great deal cheaper than buying straight attribute bonuses – even after the cost of negating the vulnerability to dispelling and the XP cost – but it doesn’t stack with attribute-boosting items later on. That alone makes such bonuses far less useful than straight attribute bonuses
  • Resist Energy (10 Points worth, 1400 GP). The flesh of a Promethean Revenant is of the outer planes, and does not interact strongly with the energies of the inner planes – making them somewhat resistant to elemental energies.
  • +2 Natural Armor (1400 GP). Just as their flesh resists the elements, it resists the solider, but still elemental, forces of physical damage.


Immunity/Dispelling and Antimagic (Common, Major, Epic, Specialized and Corrupted/only protects innate enchantments that provide personal augmentations, 9 CP).


Immunity/the normal XP cost of Innate Enchantments (Uncommon, Minor, Trivial [only covers first level effects at caster level one], Specialized/only to cover initial racial abilities, 1 CP).


4d6 Mana with Reality Editing, Specialized and Corrupted/only usable for two fields of rune magic – necromancy and the user’s chosen field – and for creating new Promethean Revenants. For weal or woe, however, creating a new Promethean Revenant requires that the creator have recently been present at the death (summoned creatures do not actually die, so they won’t do) of at least two powerful outsiders in a combination that provides all four alignment energies, calls for an elaborate laboratory, and costs the user 500 XP, as the creator must give up a portion of his or her own vital energies to the new Promethean Revenant. Promethean Revenants are thus “born”, full-grown (8 CP).


Rite of Chi with +4 Bonus Uses, Specialized and Corrupted/only works while the user rests or meditates quietly at 1d6/hour (4 CP).


Adept/Intelligence-based Rune Magic, Casting and Mastery for Necromancy and one other field of choice (6 CP).


A +4 Racial Bonus on all four Adept skills (8 CP).


All Promethean Revenants have an affinity for the magic of death, a consequence of the forces of their creation. They also have a secondary affinity, although that varies from one to the next – an expression of the unique mix of qualities that each combination of Outsider parts brings with it.


Fast Learner, Specialized and Corrupted for double effect/only to keep racial Adept Skills at their maximum (4 CP).


Occult Sense/60′ Darkvision (6 CP).


Defender (Natural Armor, 6 CP).


Damage Reduction, Specialized in Physical Damage for Double Effect 4/- (3 CP).


Immunity/the need to eat, drink, and sleep (Immunity, Common, Minor, Major, 6 CP). While spellcasters will still need to rest normally to regain their powers, the unearthly vitality of a Promethean Revenant needs no crude elemental inputs to sustain itself – although, for some reason, they must still breathe to balance the flow of dimensional energies through their bodies.


Presence x3, Corrupted/these abilities cannot be upgraded and must all be related to either necromancy or to the user’s secondary rune magic theme. A Promethean Revenant’s supernatural powers extend beyond his or her body, generating effects equivalent to three first level spells on himself or herself and on a chosen group of those about him or her – although this is subject to the usual restrictions on usage for those effects with cumulative effects (12 CP).


Disadvantages (-10 CP):


  • Accursed/Sterile: Unlike most d20 creatures, which can breed with almost anything, the unnatural composite soul of a Promethean Revenant is incapable of bringing forth new life save by the creation of a new Promethean Revenant. Regardless of whether they are male, female, both, or neither… they are irreversibly sterile.
  • Irreverent: Like it or not, a Promethean Revenant simply is not a suitable conduit for divine power; it’s connections to numerous outer planes serve to dissipate it over them – empowering at least some enemies of any particular god. Gods will not grant Promethean Revenants divine spells or powers and they cannot take alignment-restricted abilities.
  • Incompetent/Stealth (-5 on related rolls). Being a glow-in-the-dark anime/video-game styled type does have it’s limitations.


While a Promethean Revenant might logically be resistant to poisons and disease – or at least to those which primarily affect creatures of the material elements – their stability is so delicately balanced that such things have their full effect anyway.


With a total cost of 92 CP, a Promethean Revenant is at the upper end of +2 ECL territory – and will make a reasonably formidable addition to most parties. While their Rune Magic will eventually begin to lag behind the abilities of a dedicated spellcaster, it’s flexibility can still make it a formidable advantage even at very high levels.





9 Responses

  1. Now this has me thinking about Zanaffar and the Zenaffa Armor from the Slayers franchise. Although I suspect the total magic immunity presented there would be more of a hindrance than boon in most settings. Still, this might be useful in building characters based around a similar thematic concept.

    • Well, even in Slayer’s the Zanathar (?) Armor really wasn’t all that useful in most ways. The “Unnatural Created Entity” sort of concept is fairly adaptable though.

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  3. So.. Gods automatically disprove of them?
    What does that mean for a PC with Godfire? Is he magically compelled to avoid them? What happens when a Promethean Revenant take Godfire himself? Does he somehow get a lot of self-loathing?
    Or did this situation spring from gods just disliking them because they aren’t revered by them, a situation which could possibly be changed in personal cases?

    • Well, for Gods the usual cycle is to…

      1) Allow an embodied soul to draw energy from their plane.
      2) Wait for that soul to be disembodied (usually by death) and be drawn to their plane.
      3) Let their plane become larger and more powerful by the return of the invested energies and the addition of one soul and whatever else it brought along in the way of accumulated material-plane energies.

      A Promethean Revenant is the embodiment of a no-interest loan, often being used for purposes that the lenders do not approve of. Expending even more power to renew such an arrangement… is no more popular with gods than it is with bankers.

      Of course, the reactions of PC’s are up to them and – if you actually deal directly with a god, reactions can be changed in individual cases. A simple, and rather impersonal, “I cast a Miracle spell!” generally won’t do though.

      • I have another question: Let’s say a Revenant gains a point of Godfire. DOes his iate sterility oerwrite the Godfire or the other way around?

      • I have another question: Let’s say a Revenant gains a point of Godfire. Does his innate sterility overwrite the Godfire or the other way around?

      • Godfire will win out easily – but, thanks to conservation of character points, another limitation will replace sterility. Personally, I’d pick something like “all offspring will be weird unique monsters of planar energy”. Fenris, Jormungand, Sleipnir, et al could always use some more friends.

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