Federation-Apocalypse Session Log Index III

Here’s an updated index for the Federation-Apocalpse Session Logs to date, since there are so many that it’s rather hard to keep track of them otherwise.

  1. Session 1: Gathering the group, mission briefing, and setting out.
  2. Session 2: Gating to Greenwald, first Praetorian encounter.
  3. Session 3: Debriefings and Madness Memes.
  4. Session 4: The search for Singular, Into the Underdark.
  5. Session 5: Mind Flayers, Drow, and the Godswar.
  6. Session 6: Shopping with the Drow, Destruction with the Mind Flayers.
  7. Session 7: The Dark Temple and the Negative Realm.
  8. Session 8: The New Imperium and the Tomb Archive.
  9. Session 9: The Moons of Korriban and the Second Silmaril.
  10. Sessions 10-11: The Tomb Guardian and a Break in Baelaria.
  11. Sessions 12-13: Sales Pitches, Singular, the Mirage, and the Mages Guild.
  12. Session 14: The Battletech Wars.
  13. Session 15: Battling Business World and the People of Singular.
  14. Session 16: Trade Negotiations – Singluar and the New Imperium.
  15. Session 17: Business operations on Baelaria.
  16. Session 18: Baelaria, Voidstones, the Mages Guild, and a Holy War.
  17. Session 19: Battle at the Alchemists.
  18. Session 20: Vekxin and Hogwarts.
  19. Session 21: The Crypts of the Baelarian Mages Guild.
  20. Session 22: Assault on Londinium.
  21. Session 23: Beneath Londinium and Into the Guld.
  22. Session 24: The (Mad) Minister of Magic.
  23. Session 25: The Outsider, The Adversary, and Merlin.
  24. Session 26: Aftermath in Londinium and the Crystal Palace.
  25. Session 27: The After-War Party, Minotaurs and Samurai Jack, and Experiments in Core.
  26. Session 28:  Interlude in Core – M and the Military.
  27. Session 29: Not Samurai Jack versus the Minotaurs, the Farmer, and the Bandits.
  28. Session 30: Why not to use nuclear weapons in hand-to hand.
  29. Session 31: Cleaning up – Baelaria, Ealor, and Timeslips.
  30. Session 32: Yoda and the Search for Computer Update Sources.
  31. Session 33: Dragonladies, Mech-Shopping, and Planet Moving.
  32. Session 34: Ryan, Godfire, and Moving Pictsome.
  33. Session 35: Seeking the Rosary of Memory, Moria and the Balrog, Raid Training in Battletech.
  34. Session 36: Recruiting the Balrog of Moria, Into the Underdark, and Stones of Mass Destruction.
  35. Session 36a: Raiding with Child-Soldiers.
  36. Session 37: Return to Ealor, Neodogs, and the Dark City.
  37. Session 38: Leaving the Underdark, Space Battles with Pirates.
  38. Session 39: The Rosary of Memory and Child Protective Services.
  39. Session 40: Counting the Rosary, Jarvain and AA.
  40. Session 41: Guarding the Rosary, the Mind Flayer Archives.
  41. Session 42: The Battling Business World INS, Dating with Dragons, and Singular Investigations.
  42. Session 43: Dragon Dating and the Accounting Department Wars.
  43. Session 44: Into the Linear Realms, Tracing the Madness Memes.
  44. Session 45: It seems there were these two professors…
  45. Session 46: Assault on the FBI.
  46. Session 47: Forging Alliances and Buying Advertising.
  47. Session 48: Tracing Cyborg Assassins.
  48. Session 49: Ambassadors of the Fey.
  49. Session 50: Chaos in Crusader, the Weakening Barriers.
  50. Session 51: Negotiations with the High Lord.
  51. Session 52: The Mad Machine Master.
  52. Session 53: Holographic Warfare.
  53. Session 54: City of the Mind Flayers, Preparations for the Linear Wars.
  54. Session 55: Delving into History. Character Backgrounds.
  55. Session 56: The Birthday Party, Sesame Street, and the Big Bad Wolf.
  56. Session 57: Counterassault on Singular.
  57. Session 58: Singular Gates, Evacuating to Ealor, and Visits Home.
  58. Session 60: Family Matters, Golf, and the Jedi Academy.
  59. A Draconic Interlude Part I: Discipline.
  60. A Draconic Interlude Part II: Coursework.
  61. A Draconic Interlude Part III: Academy.
  62. Marty’s Vacation Interlude (Technically session 59, but listed here to remain in sequence): The Living Galaxies.
  63. Session 61: Napoleonic Werewolf Pirates, Dragon Pets, and Squirrel Unions.
  64. Session 62: The Jedi Academy and the Council of Cardinals.
  65. Session 63: Setting Sail for the Crusader Realms.
  66. Session 64: Battle at the Straits.
  67. Session 65: The Storm at the End of the World, the Death Crusade.
  68. Session 66: The Siege of Jerusalem.
  69. Session 66a: Jarvain’s War.
  70. Session 66b: Interlude; Communications with Computers.
  71. Session 66c: Interlude: Chaos on Ealor.
  72. Session 67a: The Merchant Prince.
  73. Session 67b: Dr Lichstein.
  74. Session 68: The Council of Knights and the Temple Mount.
  75. Session 69: The First Ward War.
  76. Session 70: Preparations for Battle.
  77. Session 71a: Interlude, Runaways on Ealor.
  78. Session 71b: Interlude, Considering Accounting.
  79. Session 72: Affairs in Kadia, Underground Investigations, Priestly Confrontations, Intelligence from Elsewhere, and Tactical Planning.
  80. Session 73: Into the Garden of Eden.
  81. Session 74a: The Council of War and Death.
  82. Session 74b: Ward War II and the Silmarils.
  83. Session 75a: Interlude, Rescue Mission in the New Imperium.
  84. Session 75b: Interlude, Escape from Coruscant.
  85. Session 76: Battles in Jerusalem.
  86. Session 76b: Thawbans Relic Accounting, Investigation of Kevin.
  87. Session 77: Memories of the Fallen. Recruiting Death.
  88. Session 78: Death and the Trickster.
  89. Session 79: Gelman and the Squirrels.
  90. Session 80a: Gelman and the Balrog.
  91. Session 80b: Gelman and the Manifold.
  92. Session 80c: Gelman in Kadia.
  93. Session 81: Abigail and the Class-4 Weapon.
  94. Session 82: Artists and Otters.
  95. Session 83a: Corrigan and the Balrog.
  96. Session 83b: The Balrog at the Disco.
  97. Session 84a: The Dark Side of Magic Squirrel Land.
  98. Session 84b: Abigail’s Investigations.
  99. Session 85a: Neodog Rescues in the Linear Realms.
  100. Session 85b: Revenge of the Evil Doctor.
  101. Session 85c: Catching up on Events Elsewhere.
  102. Session 86a: Bad Contracts.
  103. Session 86b: Working Around the Terms.
  104. Session 86c: Slave-Trading Regulations. Lightening the Darkness.
  105. Session 86d: Marty’s Mid-Life Crisis.
  106. Session 87a: Small Cults.
  107. Session 87b: Child Custody and the Drow.
  108. Session 87c: Coming to terms with Concubines.
  109. Session 88: Reconciliations.
  110. Session 89a: Gelman joins the operations department.
  111. Session 89b: Discussions with the Darkness.
  112. Session 90a: Reminiscence of Apocalypse.
  113. Session 90b: Return to Core.
  114. Session 91a: Dragonworld Investigations.
  115. Session 91b: The Bronze Alliance.
  116. Session 92a: On Many Fronts: Reports from Multiverse.
  117. Session 92b: Action Conference – Where to Intervene?
  118. Session 92c: Car Wars – Battling Business Style!
  119. Session 93a: Against Entropy – Operation Midnight Gardener.
  120. Session 93b: Continuing Destruction, Car Wars II.
  121. Session 93c: Car Wars III and Thrall Visitation Rights.
  122. Session 94a: Visitations and the Lawyers of the Rings.
  123. Session 94b: The Witch-King of Lawyers and Singular Debriefings.
  124. Session 95a: The Winter King Part I, into Crusader.
  125. Session 95b: Mystic China – The Winter Maiden.
  126. Session 96a: Recruiting King Arthur, Trading with Necropolis.
  127. Session 96b: The Children of Ealor and the Lost Fleet.
  128. Session 97a: Salvage Operations and Holes in the Cosmos.
  129. Session 97b: Negotiating for Repairs.
  130. Session 98: The Hoslin and the Tomb.
  131. Session 99: Adventures in Necropolis.
  132. Session 99 Interlude A: Abigail and the Dragons.
  133. Session 99 Interlude B: Abigail and Kevin.
  134. Session 100: The Siege of Gethrid.
  135. Session 101a: The Krul-Vampire Treaty of Gethrid.
  136. Session 101b: Hoxin, Guide to Necrosis.
  137. Session 102a: Events Elsewhere and the City of the Damned.
  138. Session 102b: Ruth runs amuk.
  139. Session 103a: Dr Brenner Expanding.
  140. Session 103b: Dr Brenner in the Manifold.
  141. Session 104a: Ruthless Ruth Investigates.
  142. Session 104b: Father and Daughter Conflicts.
  143. Session 105: The City of Necropolis.
  144. Session 106a: Pyramids and Neodolphins.
  145. Session 106b: Gelman, Abigail, and Meeting Kadia.
  146. Session 107: Ramira, Kelsaru, and System Security.
  147. Session 108a: Escape from Necrosis, The Jesus Realm.
  148. Session 108b: Jenkins versus Jenkins, Todd’s Escape.
  149. Session 108c: Lord ZERO versus the Squirrels.
  150. Session 110: The Rescue of Sir Quincy.
  151. Session 111: Working with Werewolves, the Persona Chip.
  152. Session 112, Midnight Gardener, Capturing Vekxin.
  153. Session 113a: Interrogating Vekxin, Introducing “God”.
  154. Session 113b: Heading for Inversion, with Xellos.
  155. Session 114a: Thrall Missions – Todd’s Pathbooks.
  156. Session 114b: Thrall Missions – Lord ZERO and Jenkins versus BBW.
  157. Session 115: En route to Inversion – the Wookie World.
  158. Session 116a: Kevin, Marty, and the Rats of NIMH.
  159. Session 116b: The Rats of NIMH and the Yellowstone Supervolcano.
  160. Session 117a:  Reports from the Manifold, Child Kidnappings.
  161. Session 117b:  Thrall Missions – Child Rescue Operations.
  162. Session 118a: Arrival in Inversion.
  163. Session 118b: Inversion, Breaking and Entering 101.
  164. Session 119: Plumbers, Loonies, and The People of Inversion.
  165. Session 120: The Lend-Lease Program, History of Inversion and “God”.
  166. Session 121: Heading for Berlin, Hijackings, and The Grand Tour.
  167. Session 123: Prison Break in Inversion.
  168. Session 123a: Negotiations in Kadia, Planning the Assault on Inversion.
  169. Session 123b: Consulting the Church, the Infiltration of Inversion.
  170. Session 125: Catalysis, The Transformation of Inversion, Neanderthals.
  171. Session 126a: Jenkins Vrs ZERO, Holly Vrs Kadia.
  172. Session 126b: Gelman and the Rabbi.
  173. Session 127: Jenkins and the Numbers Vrs Mr Leland and Opossums. NIMH and the Authorities.
  174. Session 128: Grenwald for the Neanderthals and Reforming “God”.
  175. Session 129: M, Multi-Identities, the Silmarils, and Morgoth.
  176. Session 130: The Silmaril Wars, Opening Salvos.
  177. Session 131: The Silmaril Wars, the Vala and the New Imperium.
  178. Session 132: Recruiting in Heaven, Empowering the Forgelight.
  179. Session 133: The New Imperium and the Hellstorm War.
  180. Session 134a: Martin in Kadia, Ryan’s Investigations.
  181. Session 134b: Project Midnight Gardener goes public.
  182. Session 134c: The Once and Future Dr. Brenner – Prophet.
  183. Session 135: Boarding the Hellstorm.
  184. Session 136: Marty Vrs Revan.
  185. Session 137a: Falling Back to the Forgelight.
  186. Session 137b: The Imperial Debriefing.
  187. Session 138a: Martin Senior – Arrival in Kadia.
  188. Session 138b: Martin’s Casino, Jenkin’s War, and Limey’s Rebellion.
  189. Session 138c: Marty’s Younger Siblings.
  190. Session 138d: Disciplining Limey; quotations from the Book of Threats.
  191. Session 139a: The Council of the Traditions.
  192. Session 139b: Policy Review, Todd, Limey, and the Number Lords.
  193. Session 140a: The Core Investigation, Gathering of Experts.
  194. Session 140b: Preliminary Interviews; Gelman and the Harem.
  195. Session 140c: The Visiting of Family; interview with Temerin.
  196. Session 140d: Thrall Assignment Policies and the Investigation Report.
  197. Session 141: Child Protective Services, Puffin Wars, and Vacationing with the Anthropomorphous.

Along these lines we have a Current Timeline (and the previous  Timeline Update), a Current Projects list (and the older Things to Do list), and a Session Timeline to help keep track of plots and developments. A timeline update will be next.

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