Exalted – Raksha Spells of Summoning; Waking Circle Oneiromancies

All three of these Waking Circle Oneiromancies are built in exactly the same way… They have Assumption of the Person’s Heart (making them immaterial parts of their user’s body, 1), Mad God’s Mein (making them invulnerable to cold iron and countermagic, 1), and eight instances each of Ordinary Object Conjuration (giving their user an unlimited supply of twenty-four different items, 8). (One Dot, Attunement Cost: 3 Motes). Since your attributes have no real effect on these effects you can have some minions attune them for you with no real cost.

That’s not bad for three Raksha Artifact dots. Admittedly they’re not terrible legendary fancies – but they can be quite useful – especially since we apply the following bit of quasi-errata.

Everybody knows that many White Wolf games have problems with editing and consistency. It happens when mood, style, and what seems “cool” triumph over how the setting is supposed to work – and it doesn’t help when you have multiple authors and editors with conflicting ideas on the subject and no actual hard core of principles to begin with.

Ordinary Object Conjuration is a prime example. If you take a close look at it, even within the setting… it makes no sense. And, in the focus on combat, the errata totally missed giving it that inspection.

For this charm, you make a roll, and may create “any mundane object that would normally exist in Creation provided its Resources cost does not exceed the successes on the roll” – although it goes on to state that you can’t create “living beings, any item with inherent magical properties, any item forged of one of the magical materials or of cold iron, or any item with a Resources cost in excess of 5″ and restricts you to a “single item” – although size is no object if I have enough Gossamer.

OK, there’s a headache right there… resource costs vary, the game fails to really define “living” – can I or can I not make a fresh apple? If I can, can I make a poisoned apple? Aren’t “magical properties” are a bit hard to define in a universe made of essence motes where all physical properties are fundamentally magical? What is a “mundane” object? A Raksha can explicitly create a “palatial estate” – say with tiles on the roof, walls made up of lumber, pegs or nails, support-work, plaster, and paint, doors, windowsills, and so on – but the tens of thousands of pieces in this intricate structure count as a single item, while furnishings do not.

Unless, of course, I think to specify that they’re built in, even if I then go on to specify that they’re tied to the rest of the structure by a connection so thin that the vibrations of the door opening will shatter it tracelessly.

Yet, if I make a bow, it’s entirely possible that the GM will rule that I have to create the bowstring separately.

Fortunately, there’s an easy mechanism for pushing abilities, including magical abilities, beyond their normal limits. It’s called “Stunting”. If you want something complicated, or with subcomponents, you can either get a specialized version of this charm that can only make a limited selection (Perhaps Int?) of complicated items (this is potentially worthwhile considering how cheap Raksha charms are) OR you stunt.

Oneiromancy versions are already specific, so they can summon complex items by default.

The Commando Dream; Assault on Navarone:

This bit of dream allows the conjuration of…

  • Arrow Frog Venom. This hideously toxic venom can be applied with a touch – or summoned onto your weapons to make them nastier.
  • Demolition Charges. These are throwable, modern, high-end plastique with timers – not the WWII duffel bags. Very useful for booby traps, demolitions, or throwing at people.
  • Knockout Gas. This also works fine as a fog if you use enough of it.
  • Gasoline – in a large cannister (with an igniter) suitable for pouring or spraying.
  • 200 feet of Spider-Silk Rope in a Climbing Kit. This stuff is a light quarter-inch line – but has a breaking strength of about a hundred tons.
  • Liquid Helium – in an insulated bucket with a lid.
  • Fake Cold Iron – actually a smartmetal bar capable of taking a variety of simple forms.
  • A Missile Launcher with four shots in it.

Mcguyver Is My Younger Cousin:

This bit of dream allows the conjuration of…

  • A Camping Kit.
  • A Doctor’s Bag.
  • A Navigation Kit, including a Telescope, chronometer, sextant, and various instruments.
  • A Tool Kit.
  • A Charged, Ultra-Efficiency Car Battery.
  • An Oxygen Mask and High-Pressure Oxygen Tank.
  • A Chemistry Set
  • A Stereo System (often raided for parts).

Yes, I Has Style – Magical Boy Anime Style!

This bit of dream allows the conjuration of…

  • A splendid luncheon, with fine food and wine.
  • A Bag of Jewelry
  • An Awesome Looking Outfit
  • An Art Supplies Kit
  • Some Flowers
  • An Ultra-modern Smartphone with Contract
  • A Toiletry Kit
  • An Umbrella with a Sword inside.

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