Eclipse – High Level Spells Index

   Next up for today, it’s an index. Eclipse: the Codex Persona contains a selection of very high-level spells, just in case the game master doesn’t see why spells should stop at level nine – or wants to grab a quick plot device. Eclipse doesn’t include a quick-summary list for those spells. There were several reasons for that… Most importantly, most of those spells were complicated – and quite a few can be cast at varying levels or provided notes on known upgrades and variants. That alone makes the quick summary style list a lot less useful. Secondarily, it was a stylistic decision: a lot of them didn’t fit into the usual categories – and it seemed to me that spells on that level deserved a full reading. If  a player wasn’t prepared to read through the whole spell description, he or she probably shouldn’t be messing with magic past level nine to begin with.

   On the other hand, there has been a request or two for it, and it may be useful to the nice people over at PCGen who are valiantly attempting to squeeze Eclipse into the program. Ergo…

   An “*” indicates that more advanced versions or variations are available.

   Come to think of it, there were a fair number of spells on the original list that didn’t make it into Eclipse – mostly because they were over-specialized, hard to explain, or just weird. I may dig some of them out one of these days.

   Level Ten Spells:

  1. Arcane Geist: Become an intangible energy being that can manifest spontaneous spells.
  2. Bloodmight: Steal abilities from a dying or freshly slain foe.
  3. Cleanse the Soul: Remove spiritual bonds and taints from the newly dead.
  4. Coronation: Bestow dominion and power over an area.
  5. Distillation: Extract the essence of some property from an item.
  6. Excellent Lore*: Gain temporary skills and abilities.
  7. The Excellent Sphere of Disintegration: Disintegrate all desired targets within a sphere.
  8. The Executioner’s Cell: Imprison a target in a hostile pocket dimension.
  9. Fastness of the Heart: Prevent the extraction of secrets or desires.
  10. Grandiose Summoning: Summons ever more powerful creatures.
  11. The Irresistible Lure: Creates an illusion of the targets ultimate desires.
  12. Marketing: Finds buyers who need spells cast and guides the user to them.
  13. Rain of Ooze: Drenches an area in horrific substances or creatures.
  14. Sending: Locates reliable subcontractors.
  15. Shadow Vitae: Temporarily restores the health of many allies.
  16. Ship of Shadow: Summons an elemental war-vehicle.
  17. Ties of the Blood*: Transmits spells through sympathetic links.
  18. True Polymorph: Changes any subject into anything else and may create useful materials.

   Eleventh Level Spells:

  1. Anti-technological Sphere: Blocks the use of technology beyond a chosen threshold.
  2. Apportion*: Teleports the target or targets.
  3. Danse’ Macabre: Animates the skeletons of living targets.
  4. Detonate Life Force: Turns targets hit points into an explosion.
  5. Great Channels: Allows trans-dimensional spellcasting.
  6. Interdict: Blocks targets access to a particular source of power.
  7. Life Leech: Transfers hit points from desired targets in a radius to the caster.
  8. Mall of the Gods*: You may go shopping without it requiring any time.
  9. Reforging: Alters the form of magic items, but not their function.
  10. Runic Enhancement*: Adds large amounts of Metamagic to a subsequent spell.
  11. Sight from Beyond: +20 Insight Bonus to almost all rolls for several minutes.
  12. Spellsharing: Personal spells affect nearby allies if the caster so chooses.
  13. Spellweaving*: You may create and cast low-level spells as you wish.
  14. Torim’s Superlative Porter: A private world stores and supplies items as you demand.

   Twelfth Level Spells:

  1. Anagathic: Temporarily blocks the aging process or slightly reduces the targets current age.
  2. Animate Implements: An item gains bonuses and acts as it would if the caster was using it.
  3. Cloak of Grandeur: Everyone sees you as an authority to be obeyed.
  4. Genetic Adaptation: Allows to incompatible creatures to produce healthy offspring.
  5. Grand Creation*: Allows the direct creation of useful materials and items and – at higher levels – creatures and magical items.
  6. Grand Sphere of Invulnerability*: Blocks hostile spells below level nine.
  7. Grandiose Inflation: Increases targets size to Colossal.
  8. Great Dispelling: Disrupts almost any magic.
  9. Greater Antimagic Field*: Can be used to counter magic in a variety of ways.
  10. Prismatic Lance: Creates a prismatic staff which allows no reflex saves.
  11. Prismatic Storm: Covers a massive area with every prismatic effect.
  12. The Prison of the Self: Entraps an entity within the caster.
  13. Relocation*: Transfers an area to a new location.
  14. Venom Cadavari: Target is immune to poisons and can produce one in large quantities.
  15. Warp Sphere*: Exchanges two areas.
  16. Web of Space: Makes a location inescapable.
  17. Wings of Magic*: Grants the Path of the Dragon. Similar spells grant abilities from other sequences.

   Thirteenth Level Spells:

  1. The Attentive Slave: Target creature does as the caster would want it to.
  2. Babe in Arms: Wipes targets mind, allowing for retraining.
  3. Dance of Blades: Damages those who approach the target.
  4. Dark Trinity*: Invokes any three effects of a particular type.
  5. Eternal Torment: Imprisonment plus perpetual agony.
  6. Evolution: Breeds desired attributes and abilities into creatures you control.
  7. Fist of Insert Preferred Deity’s Name Here: Repeatedly smashes an area each round.
  8. Gates of the North Wind: Slays by cold and creates undead.
  9. The Hidden Ways: The user does not trigger alarms and traps.
  10. Greater Familiar: Bonds a creature of up to 1/2 the user’s CR.
  11. Plague Arcane*: Creates a contagious magical disease.
  12. Scrying Maze: Entraps the minds of intruders.
  13. Shattering Word: Destroys target creature, trap, barrier, structure, or spell of lower CR.
  14. Spell Bank: Stores spells to be released as free actions.
  15. Synthesis: Restructures matter at the molecular level.
  16. Unleashed Potential: Instantly releases stored energies.
  17. Unseen Horde: Creates hundreds of strong and skilled servants.

   Fourteenth Level Spells

  1. Altar of Blood: Stores power from sacrifices which those who contribute may draw on.
  2. Annihilation: Slays the target and casts their souls beyond the reach of magic.
  3. Construction: Transforms raw materials into structures.
  4. Forge of Time: Creates unbreakable objects of solidified time.
  5. Grand Projection*: Projects your image and powers to anywhere on the planet.
  6. Holding Thunder: Grants a duration to a normally-instantaneous spell.
  7. Inner Thunder: Radiate a massive blast of force.
  8. Mana Vortex: Provides the target with four points of bonus Mana per round.
  9. Shattering: Destroys barriers, traps, vaults, constructs, and obstacles within a radius.
  10. Wall of Sorcery*: Creates a permanent Wall of Force with secondary spell effects.
  11. Wandbane*: Blocks the release of stored spells within an area.
  12. Whispering Winds: Spreads rumors and ideas through a province.

   Fifteenth Level Spells:

  1. Divine Spark: Allows the purchase of Godfire without fulfilling any story-based requirements.
  2. Evil Eye: Provides a gaze “attack” (not restricted to harmful effects) of up to level six.
  3. Forest Haven: Makes every plant and animal within a wide radius an ally.
  4. Forge Avatar: Merges a group of characters into a more powerful entity.
  5. Ka Effigy: Creates an independent extension of the caster with its own abilities and gear.
  6. The Opening of the Ways: Opens all seals, locks, and barriers in a wide radius.
  7. Prismatic Armor: Creates a wearable Prismatic Sphere that can be used as a touch attack.
  8. Prosperity*: Blesses a province with fertility and health.
  9. Righteous Wrath: Sanctifies an area and wards all within it.
  10. Spatial Soliton: Launches a shaped gravity pulse.
  11. The Triune Self: User may act physically, magically, and psychically each round.
  12. The Venom’d Flood: Creates and throws thousands of cubic feet of a specified fluid.

   Sixteenth Level Spells:

  1. Brisnell’s Final Thievery: Attempts to steal everything the caster desires from a target.
  2. Celestial/Infernal Crown: Become a celestial or infernal entity for the duration.
  3. Chain the Cataclysm: Prevents or ends a natural disaster.
  4. Disciples of Power: Gain aides you may channel your powers through.
  5. Envenomed Darts: Hurls missiles carrying lesser spells or poisons.
  6. Eternal Banishment: Target is sent into the future or a nigh-inescapable dimension.
  7. Light of Truth: +30 circumstance bonus on many skills.
  8. Maze of Doom: Target is banished into a maze of monsters and traps.
  9. Mindworm: Gain total control over victims mind.
  10. Sacrificial Transference: Transfers damage and various effects targeting the user to a sacrificial victim.
  11. Sphere of Life: Creates a pleasant, fertile, oasis which lasts for years.
  12. Tale-Spinner: Implants detailed memories, and experience, in the minds of all who hear you.
  13. Timejump: Opens a portal through time and space.
  14. Tithe: Restocks all supplies for an establishment.

   Seventeenth Level Spells:

  1. The Dark Hordes: Summons and binds a small horde of infernal beings for a year and a day.
  2. Evasive Tessaract: User automatically teleports to evade attacks.
  3. Genetic Reconstruction: Rewrites genetic structures throughout targets body.
  4. Geologic Mastery: User cause massive geological changes and upheavals.
  5. Inquisition: Gain the benefits of having secret police throughout a province.
  6. Pillars of the Temple: A structure becomes an outpost of a divine realm.
  7. Master of Space and Time: The user may walk, and guide others, across dimensions, space, and time.
  8. Reforging: Repairs broken, disenchanted, or expended non-epic items.
  9. Song of Orpheus: Gain total emotional control over nearby targets.
  10. Spiritual Transformation: Target becomes a spirit of any kind, gaining up to 5 levels worth of templates.
  11. Temporal Stabilization: Targets become immune to reality shifts resulting from alterations in the past.
  12. The Ultimate Counterspell: Block or break any spell of less than level 22 or groups of lesser spells.
  13. Youth: Grants the target 70 years of youth.

   Eighteenth Level Spells:

  1. Blood River: Makes everything within a province toxic but immune to their own venom.
  2. Civic Benefactor: Makes a city a productive utopia.
  3. Cosmic Awareness: Scans and analyzes the planet and answers any seven questions.
  4. Flask of Solomon: Entraps a target within a tiny, timeless, pocket dimension.
  5. Planar Seal: Blocks dimensional travel on a global basis.
  6. Sphere of the Archmage: Sense all nearby magical activities and reflexively dispel those which displease you.
  7. Summon Personification: Summons the avatar of a concept or natural force for a friendly conversation.
  8. True Shapechange: Change forms and gain the vast majority of the new forms powers and adapt your items to it.

   Nineteenth Level Spells:

  1. Devouring Sphere: Sends a self-aware sphere of annihilation to attack your enemies.
  2. Dragon-Bond: Links the lives of two target creatures together, sharing many of their strengths.
  3. Grim: Creates a hellish sentient storm.
  4. Historical Revisionist: Alters all records, including memories, of the past.
  5. Lifemaker: Create permanent friendly lifeforms from your own blood.
  6. Facilitation: Accelerates spell research, item creation, and alchemy within a facility.
  7. Penultimate Shield: Cancels almost any single attack as a reflexive action.
  8. Photon Transformation: Become a superfast being of light.
  9. Shadow Castle: Creates a dynamic castle from elemental energy.
  10. Ultimate Defeat: Undoes the lingering effects of a defeated foes actions.

   Twentieth Level Spells:

  1. Annihilus Strike: Generates a contained antimatter strike.
  2. Army of the Dead: Creates an obedient army of the undead.
  3. Blood Wreaking: Transforms XP directly into magic items.
  4. Genesis Wave: Deals massive damage to an area and transforms anything that survives.
  5. Grand Awakening: Awakens anything, including  golems, landspirits, and dormant gods.
  6. Heritage: Grants power to all your descendants for generations to come.
  7. Iron Heart: Gain the benefits of being an Iron Golem without its limitations.
  8. Phoenix Wings: Take a three-month vacation over the course of one round.
  9. Sarthim’s Evasion*: You are out of range of other effects.
  10. Sphere of Circumstance: You and your allies receive large circumstance bonuses.

   Twenty-First Level Spells:

  1. Boundless Sea of Flames: Pours out elemental energy across a continent.
  2. Demiplane Creation*: Create an astral or ethereal realm of arbitrary size.
  3. Euclidean Revocation: You may warp distances as desired within a 50′ radius.
  4. Forbidden Lore: You may curse an idea, symbol, or piece of knowledge.
  5. The Grand Muster: You may summon your allies and forces.
  6. Great Foreseeing: Grants +20 insight bonuses or allows the user to scan future timelines.
  7. Molecular Mastery: You may arbitrarily change the form and properties of matter.
  8. Seal of Eternity: Makes a spell irreversible and unbreakable.
  9. Stars like Dust: Summon and control a small star.

   Twenty-Second Level Spells:

  1. Ban of Heaven: A particular spell or ability stops working on a global basis.
  2. Call the Assembly: Calls a democratic vote on the structure of reality.
  3. Rejuvenate Star: Makes a star young again.
  4. Temporal Reversal: Rewinds time in an area, undoing it’s effects.
  5. Unrelenting Glacial Advance: Causes a major climactic shift on a global basis.

   Twenty-Third Level Spells:

  1. Destabilize Star: Target star leaves the main sequence.
  2. Extinction: Attempts to exterminate a given species or subspecies.
  3. Lair of Dreams: The user’s psyche manifests as an immense multilevel “dungeon”.
  4. Orbital Adjustment: Changes the course of celestial objects within the local solar system.
  5. Ultimate Unity: Merges a pocket dimension into another dimension.

   Twenty-Fourth Level Spells:

  1. Armageddon: Begins the predestined end of the world.
  2. Fork of Time: You may explore the results of alternate decisions before actually deciding.
  3. The Passing of the Age: The age of gods draws to an end.
  4. Temporal Halt: Target is lost in the past.
  5. The Thousand Excellent Herbs: Causes doses of magical plants to grow throught a province.
  6. Walk the Dark Lands: The user may freely move between the physical and spiritual realms, returning if slain.

Eclipse: The Codex Persona is available in print HERE and in a shareware .pdf version HERE.

22 Responses

  1. I have a question about “Forge Avatar”: It says that you always get the best of everything. How does this relate to weaknesses, or rather, potential weaknesses?

    For example, if one of the targets is incorporeal, is the Avatar corporeal on the notion that the Avatar would loose his natural armor or incorporeal because that would grant immunity to nomagical weaponry? Or can the caster choose this at the time of creation? And how does it work opposing types, such as an Angel and a Devil being combined? Would it have both Subtypes (Good and Evil), no Subtype, or would the caster get to pick Good or Evil, or even be able to choose between Good, Evil, Good and Evil or neither Good or Evil?

    Also, how would this work if one of the targets had Photon Tranformation cast on them? Would that transfer all the weaknesses the spell grants to the Avatar or would the Avatar only gain the positives?

    While we are at Photon Transformation, is there a way to negate the pesky downsides? For example, what would only gaining the 5x actions cost?

    I figured I could use the Elemental Metamagic to change it from Light to Shadow (Light effects counter it, can be fended off by candlelight etc.), but that still doesn’t change the weaknesses of the spell. I was considering to make it Obliging too, essentially have it switch to “off” for a short period of time if it became a problem (and to have it go incorporeal whenever I’m getting attacked with a nonmagical weapon and corporeal when not), but that would still leave the problem that it can be negated rather easily, having my character loose all of it’s benefits whenever I’m in candlelight. My final idea was to use Godfire to add the “no spell below it’s own level may couter it”, but while this would give my character a reasonable resistance against darkness (or in this case light) effects, candlelight would still defeat it, not to mention that .

    Now, it’s not that I’m inherently against that, because the idea of a creature of shadows that can be warded off with/is tremendously weakened by candlelight, but passes through burning houses and powerful clerical light spells without a second though sounds pretty cool, but it got me thinking about some spells with weird disadvantages.

    Another one is “The Triune Self”. I’ve been looking at that spell and figured that, due to Streamline and a sufficient amount of spell-levels, can cast a “Double The Triune Self”. Now, the normal effects are pretty self-explainatory: You can command 3 summoned monsters without additional effort, cast a spell in addition to that and won’t fail your Will-Saves anytime soon. What does this mean for the physical mind though? I figured that my character could essentially always double move and draw a weapon (using it’s offhand) and use it that same turn (with it’s main hand), but what other applications are possible, provided the character is a normal two arms two legs humanoid?

    • *not to mention that it would be a bit cheesy, since the light/darkness effects don’t counter it as much as block it.

    • If there’s some doubt about whether or not a particular quality is “best”, the caster decides. Thus, if “Incorporal” is available, the caster gets to decide whether or not to include it.

        With opposing types, the caster can pick either, both, or neither.

        With spells and powers, the caster can opt to include the spell or not, but can’t pick and choose amongst it’s effects.

      Photon Transformation is a bit tricky because it’s actually a drastically toned-down version of the original physics-based spell (Jumping effective nerve-conduction velocities from 120 M/S to C resulted in an acceleration in reaction and decision making of two-and-a-half million to ten million times (allowing that many actions per round) – while “losing five pounds” would release more energy than the Tsar Bomba.

      To quote Wikipedia on that…

      The fireball reached nearly as high as the altitude of the release plane and was visible at almost 1,000 kilometres (620 mi) away from where it ascended. The mushroom cloud was about 64 kilometres (40 mi) high (over seven times the height of Mount Everest), which meant that the cloud was above the stratosphere and well inside the mesosphere when it peaked. The cap of the mushroom cloud had a peak width of 95 kilometres (59 mi) and its base was 40 kilometres (25 mi) wide.

      All buildings in the village of Severny (both wooden and brick), located 55 kilometres (34 mi) from ground zero within the Sukhoy Nos test range, were destroyed. In districts hundreds of kilometers from ground zero wooden houses were destroyed, stone ones lost their roofs, windows and doors; and radio communications were interrupted for almost one hour. One participant in the test saw a bright flash through dark goggles and felt the effects of a thermal pulse even at a distance of 270 kilometres (170 mi). The heat from the explosion could have caused third-degree burns 100 km (62 mi) away from ground zero. A shock wave was observed in the air at Dikson settlement 700 kilometres (430 mi) away; windowpanes were partially broken to distances of 900 kilometres (560 mi). Atmospheric focusing caused blast damage at even greater distances, breaking windows in Norway and Finland. The seismic shock created by the detonation was measurable even on its third passage around the Earth.

      It’s worth noting that – at a little over ten real years and about eight hundred sessions into that game – this was FAR from the most powerful attack the players had deployed. In fact, the character using Photon Transformation was easily countered – by taking advantage of the timeless nature of photons – by a prepared villian the second and last time that he tried to use it.

      So the basic idea was that you’ve changed your structure to something that goes much faster, thus speeding up your nervous system.

      All of which worked just fine when “how it worked” took priority over the descriptive text Alas however! Under the d20 rules… notions of physics and biology are right out the window.

      So gaining only 5x the normal actions… Take Personal Grand Haste (L8), with a +3 Effect Multiplier from the Amplify Metamagical Theorem (Three levels of Double Effect, +12 Spell Levels, reduced by 3 levels for 7+ levels of Built-In Metamagic = Level 17 (two levels below Photon Transformation at L19). That’s not a very interesting or dramatic use for a 17’th level spell, but it should be a fairly effective one.

      Now, if you start off with the full Grand Haste spell at level nine (for a total level of eighteen) you can have your entire party taking five full actions a round – which is probably enough.

      Doubling the effect of The Triune Self is a bit tricky. All six selves can take mental actions and talk independently since the spell provides for that. There’s no problem there – but you still only have one body, so the actions of the two physical minds gets awkward.

      It’s a bit of a stretch, but presumably one physically-oriented mind could run the legs and movement while the other makes full attacks and such. Since d20 has no handedness, each could control one arm and fight with a one-handed weapon with no trouble. Similarly, you could play the piano with one arm and perform surgery with the other. Beyond that… you’re simply running out of limbs to use. While you did say “normal humanoid”, I’d go with some way to get more arms (and perhaps another head) such as taking Extra Limbs (Corrupted/only while an relevant spell is active, 4 CP), and go all-out Hindu God. Why not? Cast the Doubled Triune Self and the uber-haste effect and take thirty full actions a round.

      This is getting pretty silly again, but that might be a fun set of abilities to give some end-stage megavillian.

      • Ok, thanks for the answer.

        Now, I’ve also been thinkig about a way to make “Forge Avatar” permanent. The basic idea of just applying the Metamagic was a no-brainer, but then I wondered if I could go a step further. So my idea was to use “Seal of Eternity” again and figured that, if I use a “Double Seal of Eternity” to make the next two spells permanent, and a regular one targeting the previous cast spell (the “Double Seal of Eternity”) and then cast “Forge Avatar”, with the idea of not having to pay the cost for the Seals (given that the attribute points my character would pay with would be his lowest and thus have these scores replaced by the other, likely mindless, participants).
        Now my question is: How unbreakable does this make “Forge Avatar”, and do I need to reduce the attributes of the finished Avatar too or is the cost paid before enough?

        Also, I’d like to know if my assumptions of an Obliging Altered Photon Transformations were correct and legal (especially the possible Candlelight-Weakness and it’s “turning off” via Obliging), given the candlelight-part really fits into the current campaign.

        Finally, I’d like to know if “Forbidden Lore” always has to be a harmful effect, or if it can be a beneficial effect too (the “Bestow Curse” list from BOVD, for example, suggests advancing an age category as a curse, which, while horrible for most, would be a great boon for most true dragons).

      • With the Seal of Eternity the costs are paid when the spell is cast – so following it with Forge Avatar will work just fine; you’re simply using someone else’s attribute in place of your drained one.

        As for how unbreakable it makes it… well, breaking a Seal of Eternity “makes a good multi-millennial project for a god” – so if you get an appropriate god (perhaps of magic) working steadily on the project of breaking such a seal, you’ve got at least two thousand years (the minimum to be multi-millenial) of campaign time to wait.

        And no, time-manipulating shenanigans (outside of simply going back and preventing the spell from being cast – which might work if the game master is being kind, but will likely simply result in the spell manifesting spontaneously) will not help; if they would, there would be no point in the spell. After all, if the game is throwing around spells of that level already, time manipulation will have become a trivial exercise long before.

        If you use two of them, you get at least four thousand years of campaign time before there’s any risk of the spell being broken.

        When it comes to playing with Photon Transformation, you are somewhat at the mercy of the game master. After all… d20 never actually admits the existence of “photons” despite the presence of lenses, rainbows, solid matter, magnets, and other electromagnetic phenomena. That’s why Photon Transformation is both Transformation AND Illusion rather than just Transformation. It allows you to move at up to the speed of light (undefined in d20), to turn into Radio-, Gamma- or X-Rays (undefined in d20), and lets you move through solids and liquids without saying a word about becoming incorporeal (or what might function as a mirror for various frequencies). Rather like Redcloak from the Order Of The Stick comic when he summons a “Chlorine” or “Osmium” “elemental”, you are more or less telling the universe that it might as well look the other way for a bit since thanks to your mighty magical power you are doing it your own way today.

        With that out of the way… Obliging will not work to turn a spell on and off since 1) once it turns off it’s gone, and 2) even if it was still there, the obliging function would be turned off with the spell and couldn’t turn it back on. A mix of Sculpting and Obliging would probably work though by leaving the spell active but specifically exempting you when it’s convenient.

        Changing the type of energy you tun into is a bit odd since (in d20 terms) it doesn’t have a type to begin with, but why not?

        “Forbidden Lore” follows the general rule that fouling things up is a lot easier than enhancing them. Yes, there are special cases – but if it could enhance people in general… “Anyone who knows where to find their butt gets a +6 Enhancement Bonus to Constitution”. All you’d need is one public-spirited caster with a pocketful of buffing spells and suddenly pretty much everyone in some major group is going to be walking around with a dozen major buffs on them all the time.

        That really won’t work very well, so no; it’s pretty much curses all the way down.

      • Sorry for the weird cut-offs sometimes… I sometimes think faster than I type^^°

      • No worries there. That sort of thing happens.

      • Photon Transformation does say you become incorporeal though. It says so right after stating that you don’t need to eat, drink or breathe.

        Thanks for telling me that Obliging alone won’t do the trick, though I think I might be able to get Targeting too if I switch some things around…

        Still, if Alter doesn’t allow me to switch around some minor effects of the spell, is there a different Metamagic that does it? I sorta figured the “Light-Spell/Darkness-Spell to counter” swap would work with Light and Darkness as respective “elements”, but I can see why this wouldn’t fly.

        Also, I’d like to know if a creatures special qualities can be carried over to a finished avatar of “Forge Avatar” if the actual ability isn’t part of the stat block, for example an Aboleths racial memory.

        Again, as always, thanks for the help.

      • And so it does note being Incorporeal. I fear that I had forgotten that – or possibly got it crossed up with the original version. Ah well.

        As far as “Alter” goes… The Metamagical Theorems give examples, but aren’t restricted to those examples – so changing something that doesn’t really have an energy type to something else would almost certainly still fall under the Elemental Manipulation theorem. It’s just that I can’t tell you what you’re going to get.

        Photon Transformation + Elemental Manipulation is basically “Polymorph to Natural Force”. Becoming Gravity might allow you to slip through things nearly undetectably, to tear things apart with tidal effects, to sense mass about you (while rendering you blind), and to protect you from almost all physical attacks. Becoming the strong nuclear force would probably let you interact to generate radiation, ignite fusion reactions, and so on. I can’t say much about “Darkness” though since I don’t know what properties “darkness” has in your game masters world.

        Photon Transformation assumes that you can basically “shed a few skin cells” to generate powerful blasts of energy. I haven’t got a clue as to the mass-to-darkness conversion ratio, or as to what a blast of darkness would do in the first place. Would it be cold as it negates energy? A physical force like in the Marvel Universe?

        I can think of several (mutually contradictory) ways that I might handle it, but they may not make any sense in your setting.

        When it comes to Forge Avatar, any abilities a participant possesses are fair game – so yes, you could grab an Aboleth’s racial memory. Your GM may want to hit you over the head if you want to know what’s in it though…

        And I hope that helps, at least a little!

      • Hello there.

        I’ve been looking at some stuff and I’ve been wondering something:
        Ban of Heaven says that it stops something from working on a “global” basis.

        What is the definition of global in that context? The current planet? Or does it mean global as in “involving all of something”, as in, every plane everywhere?

        And if it’s the former, what happens if a spell that is banned inside an area is cast outside of said area, but attempts to affect something inside? Does the spell fail?

      • Ban of Heaven normally affects a single planet and out to it’s moons (if any), or an equivalent pocket dimension, cluster of asteroid settlements, or whatever. The spells three options are all a little different;

        1) You block the mechanism of the effect. In this case, the effect will fail if the actual magic is targeted within the area of the ban. Thus if “Asteroid Wrangling” (a spell that gives temporary life and space maneuverability to asteroids) is banned you can’t use Asteroid Wrangling within the area, and the spell will fail when it enters the area – but if the asteroid is already on collision course with your planet when it enters the area removing the drive effect that gave it that velocity will not stop it and you have a problem.

        2) Banning the Advancement of a particular ability by blocking further research (a mental mechanism) caps it’s development. Thus you could say “Cloudkill is BAD ENOUGH! No further advancements in poison gas spells!” or “I have seen the results of allowing people to develop the Channeling/Tides of Light and Darkness/Worldspinning and/or The Great Unbinding ability and it was BAD. No one may advance that path beyond The Focal Point! – which basically bans all research into any possible abilities which lay beyond your cutoff. (In more technologically oriented worlds it is also possible to stop branches of research, but any setting where characters are throwing twenty-second level spells this rarely matters).

        3) Blocking the developmental mechanism by which people acquire the ability in question. This allows people who currently have the ability (or who arrive with it) to keep and use it – but prevents anyone who does not have the ability already from developing it within the area affected by the spell.

        Obviously enough… a LOT of settings may have seen fairly extensive use of the Ban of Heaven effect already. An awful lot of pretty obvious developments and optimizations that work under the rules-as-written are banned in many games with no reason given. Perhaps the reason is that someone with access to a very powerful spell didn’t like those cheap tricks? Or just didn’t want things moving inevitably towards the Tippyverse?

      • Ok, thanks for the answer. However, I still have two questions about it, specifically the first application type: What if an ability were to give you feedback about something in that area. For example, what if you had an ability that you cast on yourself which allows you to automatically know whenever someone enters X and now location X is affected by the Ban of Heaven, targeting that specific ability?

        Does the ability still function, but just not give any feedback about the area?

      • If it’s blocking the mechanism of the effect, it will be blocked if either the triggering event or the user is within the area of the ban since it has to be active in both locations. If the user is outside the area of the Ban he or she will still be able to pick up information from other locations, but not from within the ban.

      • Ok, so I have another question which confuses me: Sphere of Circumstance, Snowsong and a lot of other abilities rely on an area to work, but don’t seem to move with you.

        Can I now use the easy metamagic to reduce the area and range to… basically personal? That would mean that the spell doesn’t affect allies, but if you go for a persistent spell, it seems to work better to have it affect only you rather than having to spent all day in a 30 feet space to gain the benefits.

        Or is there a way to have the area move with you?

      • Sphere of Circumstance, like a number of other spells, depends a bit on what you target (a fairly free choice per page 123). Throw it on something stationary and the area affected is stationary, throw it on something mobile and the area of effect is mobile. Thus you could, for example, use it to assist some distant friends while leaving yourself out entirely.

        Snowsong is presumably the “Frostburn” spell? I’d say that that one – since the effect comes from you – moves with you.

      • In general, Sphere of Circumstance just seems weird. It has a Range, but no area and still affects a 30 feet area. You also gain it’s benefits when not in the area, apparently.

        How is the spell supposed to work?

      • Ah, ok, that makes sense. Thank you^^
        It just confused me when I went over the area-descriptions in the SRD.

      • Oh you’re welcome. It’s my own fault after all; a lot of stuff in Eclipse is still pretty severely compressed to keep the page count down.

        Of course, the original rules were ten pages long and mostly consisted of ability names with a set of equation-notes and abbreviations jotted after them. The first playtest characters before those sheets started getting expanded sometimes got very weird indeed…

      • I have to ask another question: How exactly does Line of Effect work? The way I read Eclipse, they are all spread effects, but I’m not sure.

        Is there an area-spell-version of “Indirect Fire”? Normally when you cast an area spell, it only affects what’s in a direct line from it’s point of origin, which would mean that, for example, you cannot cast a Boundless Acid Splash into a building and expect it to hit anyone (due to a lack of line of effect), even with Indirect Fire. Same goes for something like a Boundless Grease, which couldn’t affect every wall in the building due to the lack of a straight line.

        I’d have guessed that “Indirect Fire” means line of sight and line of effect, but I’m not sure about it anymore .-.

      • With “Indirect Fire” basically saying that it allows the spell to affect all targets within an area independant of line of effect (or your awareness of them) too…

      • And the reply to this got long enough to be a small article, so it’s over HERE.

  2. […] This was posted on a segment about level 10+ spells, but seems to be at least partially about Eclipse’s Metamagic. To start with the […]

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