Star Wars: 10CH, Retired Assassin-Droid

   Droids got a slight upgrade in the Twilight Seekers campaign – although not as much of one as they got in the second edition rules. By default, in first edition, a droid gets 1D in each attribute, and 18D of skills (with no upper limit on their allotment), which they can give up to add available gadgets (usually 1D each, but the cost may be increased for particularly impressive gadgets) or armor (1D per die). They cannot use force points of be sensitive to the force, although they can often be repaired from “death”.

   In the Twilight Seekers campaign player-character droids get a total of 9D in their attributes rather than 6D. Normal characters also get four major pieces of equipment, three contacts, two plot hooks, one enemy, ten experience points (to spend before the game or save), and a thousand credits. Droids get five pieces of equipment (installed if desired), the ten experience points, and the thousand credits (and may consider any gadgetry they buy with their initial funds installed) – but start with no contacts, plot hooks, or enemies. On the other hand, they cannot place more than +8D in any single skill or gadget, cannot upgrade equipment by spending experience points, and must spend 3 XP to install a new gadget – although the game master may opt to waive this if installing trivial things like cigarette lighters and timepieces.

10CH (“Retired” Assassin Droid):

   10CH was – like so many assassin-droids – programmed, equipped, activated, provided with a target list by an anonymous purchaser, and turned loose to eliminate his targets, their guards, their offspring, and anyone who got into the way.

   It was a long list. Since 10CH had no idea whether or not he had backup, he took his time – being destroyed before he completed his task might mean that it would never be completed. He took funds and resources when he could, upgraded himself steadily, and added more systems. Still, along the way, he started to wonder what the point was. Some of his targets hadn’t even been born yet when he’d been given his initial target list – and he suspected that his master, and his cause, had died shortly after he’d been sent out.

   He started merely stunning guards and bystanders.

   Soon after that he started checking for information when he eliminated a target. Not too long after that, he was sure. His mission was futile: his master was long dead, his cause lost, and his “enemies” no longer even knew why they were being targeted.

   One day he looked at another terrified human – a grandchild of one of his original targets – set his blaster to stun, and left his target breathing as he walked away.

   For a time he functioned as a bounty hunter himself, but – more and more often – the targets of such hunts seemed just as futile as his original mission. He simply couldn’t find anyone that seemed like a worthy target. After awhile, he simply did the shipboard maintenance for another bounty hunter – and didn’t even pay much attention when the ship traded hands a few times. He needed an “owner” anyway to function in the galaxy, and a bounty hunter would do.

   After he ran across the Sith, he stocked up on weapons again. A galactic war presented plenty of worthwhile targets.  

   Attributes: Dexterity 2D, Knowledge 1D, Mechanical 1D, Perception 1D (Hide/Sneak +1D, Search +1D), Strength 2D (Armor +8D, Cyberweapons +8D), and Technical 2D.

Major Items:

  • Jamming Field: This is normally used to screen 10CH’s internal modifications and gadgets (-6D on relevant checks), but can be extended to disrupt communications and/or scanning systems in a radius of up to 10 meters, albeit at a somewhat reduced effect (-4D) or to make it difficult to spot the user (Hide/Sneak +2D).
  • Multisensor Pack: +4D to Search and relevant checks.
  • Ultrasonic Disruptor: This item generates a powerful ultrasonic blast: this can be used to stun living beings (5D), clean surfaces, shatter crystals and electronic components, generate deafening tones, upset a target’s sense of balance, induce nervousness and disorientation, and transmit information to appropriately-equipped systems.
  • Brainsocket (1): A “Brainsocket” is essentially a socket for a secondary droid brain, allowing the use of it’s skills. Unfortunately, no single droid can handle more than three such subordinate “brains” and their skills can never be increased.
    • Brain 1) Starship Repair +6D (8D total) and Security +6D (8D total).
    • The 10C series was apparently designed for infiltration and disguise: ergo, the Brainsocket system. They could be fitted up as a protocol droid, set to gardening, or competently undertake any other role – while still being ready to strike at a moments notice. Who would expect an expert gardening droid to also be an expert killer? Normal droids didn’t come with that many differing skills.
      • 10CH eventually installed another two sockets (6 XP) and added additional brains:
      • Brain 2) Languages +6D (7D total), Con +6D (7D Total) (3 XP).
      • Brain 3) Dodge +6D (8D total) and Melee Parry +6D (8D total) (3 XP).

   10CH’s purchased built-in gadgets include a Fusion Cutter (75), Vehicle Tool Kit (200), General Tool Kit (200), Flare Launcher (10 shots, 50), a small Spotlight (Worklight, 50), Comlink (100), Vibrosaw (75), Power Prybar (30), Macrobinoculars (100), Grapple Gun (75), Grenade Launcher (12 grenade magazine, 500), Vibrohands (As per Vibroaxe, Str+2D damage, 500), Shockweb Launcher (4 shots, 400), a Repeating Blaster (6D damage, 2000), a Shield Generator (+2D “Armor”, may protect a small radius if desired, 750), a Concussion Missile Launcher (8 shots, 1500), and a Pocket Computer with a basic “Encyclopedia” database (100). This required that he spend both his initial 1000 credits and almost all the money he could get by cashing in his ten experience points (5700 credits) – leaving him with nothing left of the 6700 total.

   10CH didn’t initially have any grenades, shockwebs, or concussion missiles in his magazines. It was a part of being retired. Later on, he loaded up on the armaments again, and is currently fully stocked with a mixture of grenades (four each gas/concussion, incendiary, and high-explosive in switchable magazines), as well as shockwebs, flamethrower fuel, and concussion missiles.

   Later Additions (3 EP Each): Medium Fusion Generator, Flamethrower (12 shots), Backup System (counters memory wipes and control devices, allows reconstruction despite massive damage), and a Repulsorlift System (prevented damage from falling and allowed remarkable “leaps).

   10CH still has two EP left.

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