Legend of the Five Rings Campaign Log Update

   Vortex of Time Series: War of Shadows: Shigure, Smoke Balamada (new character), Michio, and Okari. Having brought in a substantial chunk of reinforcements got the group a seat at the planning table – where Shigure managed to sell everyone on an extensively-planned nightfall (to take advantage of the blinding flashes from their stock of solar-charged weapons) pincer attack to the flanks of the Yodatai position combined with a siege-engine based assault on the command camp. Of course, the Yodatai had their own plans, They were difficult to spy on magically, had an anti-scout screen of wolves and tigers out, had some illusions and animations filling in for the men in the trenches, and were continuing to dig in – all of which served to conceal the fact that they’d pulled out the bulk of their remaining forces through the construction-mages tunnel and sent them away. The commander and his chief lieutenants and better mages had even gone along part of the way, so that the group could use his own superhuman stealth skills in place of their own. Unsurprisingly, the pincer attack went easily. It only took about five minutes for the group to figure out that something was wrong – and an hour or so after that to organize some pursuit. A summoned wind took their forces upriver fast enough to cut off the Yodatai – but no commander and no lieutenants. If they’d delayed the attack long enough to try more weather-control, the bulk of the forces might have gotten away – but why wouldn’t the commander be with them? Had he sacrificed the rear-guard – and perhaps the rest of the survivors of his army – simply as a diversion?

   Of course the army was likely already lost, and he had given the younger troops a good chance of escape if they weren’t pursued immediately. (They were probably doomed now of course, even if they were sold as slaves, the priests of Senpet would probably buy up and sacrifice them). Still, what might there be in the area that was still worth going after?

   An assassination attempt on the Sultan? A coup? Trying to destroy the City of Jewels? Information? Two Black Scrolls? The undead as suppliers of magical weapons? The group headed back for the city to try and figure it out – and to once more go after the Black Scrolls, even if they didn’t know what they’d do with them if they got them.

   8 XP, a major Favor from the Sultan (presuming he survives), +4 Glory (+6 for Shigure) once the Dragon Samurai return home. Interested characters can probably acquire some funds from the sale of slaves and minor rewards from the Sultan.

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