Tiger Clan Sohei

   Today its one of the player contributions for Legend of the Five Rings – the Tiger Clan Sohei School. The Tiger Clan is one of the numerous “trivial clans” of Rokugan – groups which were recognized by one emperor or another, assigned some specific task and some small basis of support for it, and virtually forgotten soon afterwards. That doesn’t mean that they disappear: it just means that everyone else has far more important things to pay attention to.

Tiger Clan Bushi (Monk)

   The Tiger Clan came into existence following the work of Souon. The monk Souon (whose origin is unknown but believed to be a retired Phoenix Bushi) recognized that the more isolated temples were vulnerable. Many temples, of course, had martial skills and spirit, but others devoted themselves to learning, healing, or contemplation of the universe. Souon began training some monks to defend the others with the zeal and skill of a Samurai. Hantei V recognized this and approved, and granted the Tiger minor Clan status and official recognition. Although they remain small, support by the major Temples keeps them safe from Clan interference. Additionally, they are scattered throughout Rokugan. Instead of traveling to a central Dojo, elders journey to the temples to train the young before returning to the capital to report and share information. Today, the Tiger Clan hold a selection of small farms attached to various temples and provides guards for temples, travelling holy men, and the occasional prophet.

   Tiger clan warriors and guards normally carry a Naginata as a primary weapon. Barring this, they also carry a sword such as a katana or wakizashi. Some use no-dachi instead of katana, although as with most samurai bear the short blade as a symbol of their status. Unlike most samurai, they wear the sword old-style, with the sheathe hanging from a chain, blade face down, and this is called tachi-style. The swords they use are in fact called tachi just by virtue of being carried this way.

   Family Trait: +1 Strength


Sohei ~ The Monk Bushi Defenders of Shintao [Monk]

  • Benefit: +1 Perception
  • Honor: 3.5
  • Skills: Heavy Weapons, Kenjutsu, Spears, Hunting, Medicine, Meditation, Investigation (Notice), Theology

   Rank 1 ~ Pure Strength: Sohei train for the defense of their charges. You gain Free Raises equal to your Rank to guard allies. You gain Kiho Mastery from intense study alongside monks, but must pay for your Kiho separately.

   Rank 2 ~ Furious Defense: When wielding a Naginata, you gain an additional attack. Add your Water Ring to attack rolls and your Earth Ring to Defense. Double the effect of all Void points spent on buying off damage.

   Rank 3 ~ Sacred Watch: While on holy ground, your Defense increases by +10. You gain an additional attack. You gain +2 Void for buying off damage.


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