Godlike: Regers Tallman

   Next up for today, we have another character for Godlike or Wild Talents. Why? Because the idea struck me long ago – but when the inherent pun occurred to me in passing, it was just too bad to resist.

   The training gliders were much lighter and smaller than the real things of course – which meant that they were even more vulnerable to crosswinds and downdrafts. He wasn’t going to be able to clear the damned trees by pulling up and trading speed for height, which would bring him down in the tangle of smaller trees, hillsides, and ravines, around them. It was going to be rough if it didn’t kill him outright.

   Unconsciously Regers shoved his feet against the kickboard: Newtons third law made it impossible to actually push the plane from the inside of course, but the instinct was strong – and it would brace him against the impact anyway.

   Something CHANGED – and beneath the pressure of his feet, the half-ton glider reached for the sky at ten gravities. Three seconds later, it was approaching the speed of sound – and, as it was starting to shake itself to pieces, it vanished in blast of light that was seen in the daylight miles away*.

   There was no appreciable air resistance four hundred miles up. For the first few minutes, Regers was too intoxicated by the view and the speed he could somehow sense to realize that he really ought to be having trouble breathing. There was a moment of panic when he did – but it passed soon enough. Evidently what was (pretty obviously) his Talent took care of that detail.

   Regers experimented for a bit: It looked like when he pushed or pulled on the inside of his ship, it simply went where he was pushing or pulling. Fast. That didn’t make a hell of a lot of sense, but then he’d just become the first human to take a training glider into orbit, which made even less sense. It also looked like his normal “jumping” range with the Glider at the moment was only about five hundred miles – but it felt like that would improve with practice. Still a hell of a good way to do takeoffs and landings however.

   Regers teleported himself and his craft back to base about twenty minutes after he’d vanished – and first realized that he’d changed physically when he saw the reactions of the people on the ground. Hm. Hooves for feet and hooflike fingernails, digitigrade legs, fur, staglike head, antlers. Yep. That was him. What was… Wait. Hadn’t he used to look pretty much like the rest of them? Oh well. He was much better-looking now.

   There was some discussion as to what to do with Regers. He was so absurdly conspicuous – and so blithely unaware of it – that he’d be hopelessly awkward on most missions. Besides, his talents would be utterly wasted in direct combat.

   Regers was assigned to special operations (occasionally cargo delivery, more often publicity operations), where he was often preempted for scientific operations. He could – quite easily – teleport himself, a two-ton armored air-tight craft and four tons of cargo into orbit*. Once there, thanks to his reactionless superhuman strength, he could maneuver at 1.5 gravities simply by pushing on the inside of it. He could land such a vessel and cargo on the moon in less than one minute, and could achieve a high earth orbit with a single jump – where it would take him less than five minutes of pushing to achieve a steady orbital velocity. He did not need to breathe and was mildly superhuman in a number of ways, including possessing a modest resistance to small arms fire.

   *Regers second action as a talent was to spend a point of will buying +1D of Teleportation. making 6D. Naturally enough, his first bit of downtime involved spending 6 will buying up to 8D and 2HD; thereafter he bought up his Light Armor and other Hyper-Attributes. Thanks to his No Upward Limit modifier on his teleportation, he can make jumps of 512 times as far 9 times every three minutes (60 rounds, gaining .8 will/jump, spending 45 to allow 9 jumps of 512 times as far once in that three-minute period, for an average of: 2,250,000 miles per minute – sadly, only 20% of lightspeed, unless the actual upper limit on a 10D teleporter is more than 12,000 miles or he can buy dice above ten).

Regers Tallman

  • Attributes: Body 3 (10), Coordination 3 (4), Sense 1 (2), Brains 1, Command 2 (3), Cool 2 (3).
  • Skills (20):
    • Body:
    • Coordination: Dodge 2, Driving 1, Mounted Weapons 1, Pilot (Aircraft) 3, Pistol 3, Rifle 2
    • Sense: Sight 1
    • Brains: Astronomy 1
    • Command: Intimidation 2, Seduction 2
    • Cool: Mental Stability 2

   Apparently immune to the ravages of age, Regers is still active in space exploration today, making regular runs to the moon and even to mars – although that takes him some hours on the average. According to at least one precognitive, Regers is doomed to be accidently lost in space – somehow frozen in suspended animation by a collision with a comet – for many centuries, after which he will be revived and signal the beginning of the next heroic age of mankind. This seems unlikely, but – with Talents – you never really know.

  • Talent Basics:
    • Quirks: Sees nothing strange about his current form (2), Womanizer (1).
    • Will Base: 2 (Command) + 3 (Cool) + 3 (remainder of base 25) + 3 (quirks) = 11. Starts at 10 will due to spending one point before play.
  • Talent Powers:
    • Hyper-Body (7D, 7) (Base 2/5/10): No Leverage (+2/4/8), Can’t Interfere (-2/4/8), Blatantly Weird (Anthro-Stag Transformation, -1/2/4).
    • Hyper-Cool (1D, 1) (Base 2/5/10): Blatantly Weird (Anthro-Stag Transformation, -1/2/4).
    • Hyper-Command (1D, 1) (Base 2/5/10): Blatantly Weird (Anthro-Stag Transformation, -1/2/4).
    • Hyper-Coordination (1D, 1) (Base 2/5/10): Blatantly Weird (Anthro-Stag Transformation, -1/2/4).
    • Hyper-Sense (1D, 1) (Base 2/5/10): Blatantly Weird (Anthro-Stag Transformation, -1/2/4).
    • Teleport (5D, 5) (Base 5/10/20): No Upward Limit (+2/4/8), Forced Attendance (-1/2/4), Go Last (-2/4/8), Only works when comfortably seated in a confined place surrounded by any cargo to be affected (-2/4/8). Glow (-1/2/4): Net (1/2/4). Side Effect: Radiates an extremely-conspicious burst of light instead of making noise.
      • Fortunately for Regers, teleportation normally automatically matches the target’s momentum to the local reference frame – otherwise, for example, any mass that was teleported a long distance would arrive with a rather large velocity relative to his, her, or it’s surroundings.
    • Life Support (4) (Defends, Robust, and Useful Outside of Combat, 4 points): Extras; Intuitive Navigation (+1), Unshakable (never turns off involuntarily, +2), Unaffected by disease, age, fatigue, and toxins, +1), Immunity to Acceleration Effects (+1), Still needs to eat and drink periodically (-2), Drops into hibernation if exposed to long-term severe cold (-1), Required Focus/Saint Christopher Medallion (-2).
    • Light Armor 1 (2).

   OK, Regers is blatantly exploiting the obvious bit of weirdness in the “No Leverage” extra: after all, if you have it, you don’t exert any extra force on the surface supporting you when you pick something up – making the old “lifting yourself by your own bootstraps” routine possible. Other than that, he’s capable of shuttling large amounts of supplies around, of enabling the exploration of space – and the construction of orbital facilities and lunar colonies – to begin pretty much immediately, and of allowing the effective exploration of the solar system by a craft with no engine. He’s not that hot in serious combat of course, although – once he gets his hyper-attributes up – he’ll certainly be able to take care of himself.

   Oh, the dreadful pun? Do I really need to explain the pun involved in a staglike anthropomorphic space pilot?

   Just in case someone misses it, this is the character sheet for “Buck” Regers.

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