Latest Material

   Well, the experiment with keeping a “latest updates” index stuck to the top of the page was well-recieved, so I’ll go back to doing it. You should be able to find everything here that’s either been put up in the last week or two or hasn’t been put on the main index tabs yet. I’ll just keep updating this post until it gets too long, then I’ll transfer everything on it to the main indexes and start a new one.

d20 Material:

Legend of the Five Rings:

General Material:

  • Large Changes – a companion piece to the Small Changes article from some time back on how changes in racial characteristics affect, or do not affect, cultures. This uses d20 terms, but is actually pretty general.
  • Continuum II Ceremonial Magic – a general system for classical ceremonial and ritual magic, suitable for use in a variety of settings and game systems.

Amber Diceless RPG

  • 200-Odd Power Words – also usable as source material for many other games.
  • The Great Weapons – a dozen horrifically-powerful weapons to destroy all opposition! After all, these are extremely powerful by AMBER standards…

Shadowrun Material:

  • Some old Characters – Prodigicus Supreme, a giant “robot” “Transformer” player character, Khaibitu the Valkyrie, a free spirit PC – and Fritz the Infinite, a cloned army of PC’s…
  • Project Ushus, a high-powered campaign background.
  • Proware, the next segment in the Modular Cyberware series – in this case, useful programs, mental augmentation effects, and biofeedback modules that you can use with your internal computers. 

   The previous Latest Material index can be found HERE.

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