Session Five: When Dinosaurs Ruled The Garden Maze

   Actually cracking the sphere of protection proved unexpectedly easy: the power that his mentor had bequeathed him proved more than potent enough to break through a simple protective spell. That was a scary thought actually – the original White Necromancer had left him only a fraction of his power. Just how strong had his mentor been? Not to mention that, even with all that power, he’d been killed at least three times. Continue reading

Session Four: Crash go the Castles

   After the battle with Tetzcatlipoca, Darius had wandered off again: he had a castle to build and a local lord to challenge. Whoever was supposed to be in charge of this city was clearly neglecting his responsibilities – and needed to be challenged. The only real defenders that the place seemed to have were clearly an unorganized militia, even if they were reasonably powerful. Continue reading