5) A New Beginning

-23,710; A major Na’Cair survey is run on the earth’s remaining cultures.

-23,711; The Earth enters the Rho-Field. Spells and artifacts using Ambient Mana cease to function as it drops below usable levels, and several magical species become extinct. Spacetime distortion makes it far more difficult to access other dimensions and levels of reality; as a consequence, the nucleonic dimensional extensions which stabilize and empower the transuranic catalyst-elements collapse. The second-order transuranics decay away with hours – and psionic abilities become rare and erratic things. The Otal colony, deprived of manipulative abilities, reverts to primitivism, as does humanity in general. 

     The Na’Cair expend three unmanned shuttles as probes, using them to continue observations for as long as possible. When their drives and computers fail the shuttles – and their backup survey logs – crashland on earth. This will be the last major alien contact until earth exits the Rho-Field.

     The remaining survivors of the now-decadent atlantean civilization scatter, as the spells of the priest-magi fail, and volcanic activity increases. Some employ Uthorian’s Danse to take refuge in the sea itself, but such colonization is very limited; even with the Danse, Homo Oceanus requires ambient magic for long term-survival. Within the Rho-Field colonies can only survive at nexi. The Averin take refuge near a volcanic nexus in the antarctic, and the Fomor become the last group to flee, taking as their home the pocket-realm of Fimbul. Old fears weaken as telepathy fades and racial memories become faded remnants, rather than urgent imperatives. Humans begin to gather in large groups for the first time since the fall of the Dreamtime.

-20K; “Cave Painting”, one of the most powerful magical arts still functioning, flourishes in ice-age Europe.

-18K; Several of tribes that retreated into the “Hundred Realms” find themselves in desperate need of renewed contact with Earth – whether because of genetic drift, shortages of some vital element, or some other cause. Using the energy-differentials between Earth and the Hundred Realms they begin to grant Bestowed Magics in exchange for whatever-it-is that they need. They are soon seen as “Gods”, and most are not above exploiting that belief.

-15K; The (re-)colonization of North America via the Beringia Land Bridge. Humans begin to methodically exploit wild grains in the nile valley. Fortified villages develop as food storage improves.

-13K; The developing civilization of the Mrralm falls to the corruption of the Elder Ones. In the ensuing battles their homeworld of Rael is reduced to a blasted, radioactive, and near-airless sphere of drifting rock. A number of uncorrupted refugees are granted Helmstones to enable them to escape, and take up life as interstellar wanderers/merchants.

-12K; The Darrkorans encounter the Mer’hal, and are repelled – mostly by blind luck. Evaluating their foe, the Mer’hal invest tremendous resources and many lives in “super-soldier” programs. Unlike most such, their goal is not a “super-army” – it’s to create, regardless of casualties, a few vastly-powerful super warriors to fight duels with single Darrkoran champions. They are quite successful, and a sort of “dynamic stalemate” ensues.

-10K; Hunter-gatherer tribes reach the southern tip of South America. Afflicted by the life-energy leaching of their realm, the Maraktocli seek blood sacrifices. gaining some followers, and creating a cadre’ of agents elsewhere.

-8K; Agriculture and the gradual domestication of most “farm animals”. Slavery is introduced, giving tribes something to do with battle-prisoners other then adopting or killing them. The unreliability of magic and psionics within the Rho-Field forces humanity ever-more-quickly along a purely technological developmental path.

-7K; The Federation reaches it’s administrative limits; further expansion is handled privately. On Earth, purely technological metallurgy and fortified settlements are becoming widespread.

-6K; The melting of glacial ice leads to rising sea levels worldwide, indunating great areas. The plow is developed – allowing the exploitation of additional lands. A series of steam explosions, as the sea engulfs volcanic vents, destroys the final traces of Atlantis.

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