Dunstan, Character Sheet

Dunstan Auchenlock Isilor

AD&D, Second Edition/Players Option Level 3/3Elvish Cleric/Thief, 7740 XP

Basic Attributes:




Muscle 10 (Press 115, Doors 6-, Bars 2%)

Stamina 14 (Weight Allowance 55)



Reason 13

Knowledge 17 (+6 CP proficiencies)



Intuition 18 (+2/2/1/1 Spells, no Failure %)

Will 14



Health 12 (System Shock 80%)

Fitness 10 (Resurrection 75%)



Aim 16 (Missiles +1, Open Locks +5%)

Balance 18 (React +2, Defend +4, +10% Sneak/Wall)



Leadership 13 (Maximum of 5 henchmen)

Appearance 17 (Reaction +6)

  • Hit Points 20, THAC0 19, AC 3, Base Move 14
  • Saving Throws: Poison/Death 10, Wands 14, Petrification 12, Breath 16, Spell 15.
  • Clerical Spells: 4xL1, 3xL2, Drow Spells 2/1, Spell Pool Max 9 (11).

   Elvish Racial Abilities (45 CP): +1 Dex, -1 Con, 6 Languages, Long Lifespan (Free), Inherent Spells (The usual Drow set; Dancing Lights, Faerie Fire, and Darkness at level one, adding Levitate, Know Alignment, and Detect Magic at level four, all once per day. Priests and Magi with this talent may develop some additional powers (Clairvoyance, Detect Lie, Suggestion and Dispel Magic, each 1/day) for 10 CP at level 4+, 15), Sword Bonus (5), Infravision (10), Resistance to Sleep and Charm (10), Requires Less Sleep (5). Remainder: 0.

Priestly Powers (125 CP):

  • Major Sphere Access: All (5), Alteration (Wizard, 15), Conjuration (Wizard, 15), Elemental (15), Enchantment/Charm (Wizard, 15), Healing (10), and Illusion (Wizard, 15). Net: 90
  • Minor Sphere Access: Divination (5), Protection (5), and Travel (3). Net 13
  • Granted Powers: Needs No Holy Symbol (5), Turn Undead (10), Can use Mage Wands/Rods/Staves (5), and Sphere Specialist/Alteration (equivalent to “Bonus Spells” for a mage. Priests with this granted ability may “memorize”/cast one extra spell of each level they can normally use provided that all such extra spells are drawn from the chosen sphere. Unlike magi, there’s no “general” level for this power, 5). Net 25. Remainder: -3.

Thief Abilities (80 CP):

  • Basic Abilities: Backstabbing (10), Climb Walls (70% Base, 5), Expert ( may spend discretionary points to buy or increase nonweapon proficiencies as desired, 5), Detect Magic (automatic, 20), Followers (10), and Hide In Shadows (25% Base, 55% total, 10). Remainder 20.
  • Thief Bonus Points: 60 + 30 + 30. Hide in Shadows 30. 90 available for buying NWP.
  • Weapon Proficiencies (8 CP): Short Bow (2 Attacks, +1 To Hit, 3), Longsword. (1 Attack, +1 To Hit, 3), Shortsword (1 Attack, +1 To Hit, 3), Combat Style; Long and Shortsword (Gets a free “block”, 3 CP). Net Cost: 4 CP.

   Traits and Disadvantages (No Base CP): Allure (+3 Social edge, base of 4, -1 for elves. 3), Ambidextrous (4), Obscure Knowledge (4), Precise Memory (4), Dark Connections (Dunstan is a halfbreed drow, and retains some contact with his dark elven father and the merchant house to which he belongs. This could readily lead to some divided loyalties and, if exposed, would not be easily accepted on the surface, -6), and Quirks (Dunstan has a variety of minor quirks. He tends to be a bit over-committed to delivering whatever’s been entrusted to him [this was drummed into him early, while acting as a page], is subject to flashes of fiery temper and intense greed [probably due to his heritage], and is something of a hedonist (-5). Net Cost: 4 CP.

   Original Spells: Level One: Adrenal Rush, Enhance Potency, Enhance Pheromones, The Laborer’s Word, and Bonding. Level Two: Shadow Cloak, Warlock Pact, The Walls Of Air, Winged Horse, and Shadow Cloak. Net Cost: 9 CP.


Priest Of Magic Kit :

  • Requirements: Wis 10, Int 12, Human, Half-Elven or Elven race, and Speciality Priest (As described).
  • Preferred Weapon Proficiencies: Staff.
  • Recommended Proficiencies : Ancient History, Ancient Languages, Hedge Magic (Any), Modern Languages, Reading /Writing, Religion, Sage Knowledge (Any), and Spellcraft.
  • Equipment : As students of the arcane, “priests” of magic should carry some method of recording knowledge – usually pens, ink, and a journal.
  • Recommended Traits : Obscure Knowledge and/or Precise Memory.
  • Benefits : As with other profession-based “kits”, a priest of magic may take a general kit as well. Priests of magic may also serve as tutors to apprentices and/or mages, teaching them up to one spell per month from the (normally) magic-user lists available to them. Magi may teach appropriate new spells to them in a similar time. Neither task is exclusive of other activities.
  • Obligations : Priests of magic should do their best to promote the controlled and responsible use of magic, to collect and preserve magical knowledge, to guide and teach mages (Especially young ones), and to develop new and unusual spells.

   This leaves Dunstan with 11 CP (3 remainder, +8 CP from level advancement, all currently held in reserve for emergencies or for upgrading his inherent spells when he hits level four) and 104 points for buying nonweapon proficiencies – 90 from his unused Thief Skill Points, 6 from his Intelligence/Knowledge, and his 8 Cp base allowance.

   Nonweapon Proficiencies: Ancient History 14- (2+Kit), Ancient Languages 12- (4+Kit, fluent in two ancient tongues), Appraising 13- (2), Astrology 10- (3), Boat Piloting 6- (2), Charmsmith 14- (3+Kit), Connections / The Underworld 11- (2), Cooking 7- (2), Cryptography 6- (3), Dancing 11- (2), Etiquette 13- (2), Forgery 8- (3), Healing 10- (3+Kit), Hedge Magic/Shaping 13- (6+ Kit. Specialities; Beglamourment [+2 Social, 2+Kit], Shielding [+1 Saves, 2+Kit]), Heraldry 14- (3), Herbalism 11- (2+Kit), Magic Research 13- (2+Kit), Modern Languages 19- (Speaks +7 Languages, 2+Elf [5]+Kit), Musical Instrument 9- (4, skilled with flute, harp, and bagpipes), Orienteering 12- (3), Poaching/Hunting 12-(2), Piercing 7- (4, +3 for Drow speciality), Reading / Writing 14- (3+Kit, three scripts), Religion 11- (1+Kit), Riding/Land 13- (2), Running 6- (3), Sage Knowledge/The Underdark 12- (3+Kit, Expertise in Drow, 2), Seamanship 13- (3), Sincerity 10- (3), Slave Master 7- (3), Spellcraft 7- (2+Kit), Spell Pool 9- (5), Survival 10- (4), Swimming 10- (2).

Communications Summary:

  • Modern Languages: “Common”, Elvish, Centaur, Drow, Auld Wormish, Orcish, Dwarvish, and Undercommon.
  • Ancient Languages: Demotic (AKA “Old Empire”, uses a heiroglyphic script) and Thorass (“Auld Common”).
  • Literate In: Thorass (Script for Common and Centaur), Espaur (Script for Elvish, Drow, and Draconic) and Dethak Runic (It’s “Low” form is used for Dwarvish, the “High” form is used for Rune Magic and some magical writings).
  • The listed languages are from the Forgotten Realms. If Dunstan is transplanted into another setting appropriate local languages should be substituted.

Research Notes:

   Dunstan was working on developing a surface-counterpart to the innate darkness-magics of the Drow. If he ever gets the character points to spare, he may finish the job.

   Innate Spell Ability/High Elven Light Magic (15 CP): The user may cast Cure Light Wounds, Light, and Glitterdust each once per day. At level four he or she may also cast Continual Light, Hypnotic Pattern, and Magic Missile (as darts of light) each once per day. Priests and Magi of level 4+ may spend an additional 10 CP to acquire the ability to cast Sunsphere (as per Fireball, but only harms undead and light-sensitive creatures), Dispel Magic, Neutralize Poison, and Prayer once per day each.



  • Personal Items: Studded Leather Armor, Longsword and Shortsword (eastern Dai-Sho), Short Bow and 36 Sheaf Arrows, Quiver, 3x “Greek Fire”, Hunting Knife Set, 100 Caltrops, Small Prybar, Field Glass, Toiletry Kit, Assorted Clothing and Cloak, Backpack, 2x Large Belt Pouches, 5x Holy Water, Writing Kit, Sewing Kit, Personal Journal, Money Belt, Smoke and Flash Pellets, Tinderbox, 2x Continual Light “Lanterns”, Grappling Hook, Small Metal Mirror, 200′ Silk Rope, Small Sacks, Talis Deck.
  • Light Riding Horse and Tack. In Saddlebags: Block and Tackle, Mess Kit, Soap, Canvas Tarp, Wax, Whetstone, Winter Blanket, Wind, 2 weeks rations (beans, rice, jerky, etc), Bedroll, Folding Saw, Hammock.
  • Medical Equipment: First aid kit, 20x Healing Herbs, 3x Healing Salve, Herbalists Kit, Tongs.
  • Pocket Junk (Bit of chalk, string, bits of cloth, wire, tacks, folding knife, fishline and hooks, couple of short candles, small file, vial of citronella oil, etc).


Magical Items:

  • Ring Of Oak: Intricately carved from the heartwood of an ancient oak, this charm imbues it’s wearer with a small portion of the trees endurance and toughness. The wearer gains +12 HP as long as the ring is worn. Sadly, if the ring is removed while the wearer is injured, the injuries remain – even if they are sufficient to prove fatal without the ring.
  • Guildmaster’s Medallion: This gilded copper disk is a boon to crafters, since the wearer gains a “+2” bonus to his or her nonweapon proficiency scores. If blessed by a priest of a god of craftsmanship or artifice such a medallion can be empowered with 2D6 charges of “Conjure Implement”, each capable of producing up to 25 GP worth of the tools and supplies needed to use a proficiency. No such medallion can hold more then 12 charges at a time, and no more then one “bless” spell per month will work. Conjured implements and supplies are, however, permanent. The “basic” function of the amulet continues whether or not it has any charges at the moment.
  • Luncheon Sack: This item produces an excellent meal for two (Or a decent meal for four) once per day. Items such as plates, cups, wineglasses, napkins, silverware, and so on, are provided, but disappear when the meal is over. Edible leftovers (Including any un-emptied bottles of wine) remain.
  • Three doses of Keoghtoum’s Ointment
  • For awhile, Dunstan had a Talisman Of Strength that provided 18/00 strength on demand, but only for a total of three rounds per day. He may or may not still have it: that particular game broke up and it was never determined in-character if he’d managed to hold onto it or not.

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