Champions: Shaman

   Shaman – he never admitted to a proper name – was another escaped AD&D character – in this case with a selection of powers based on the Staff of Wizardry and the Ninth-Level Spells from AD&D which Jan had always wanted to try, but had never gotten a wizard to a high enough level to use.
   Shaman was a truly mighty wizard in his home dimension, but – unfortunately – even at “level eighteen” had merely average defenses as far as superheroes went. Hence he usually relied on standing back, using his Staff of Wizardry to erect a Sphere of Protection, and summoning creatures – four at a time, and each about as powerful as a minor hero – to help him out. His favorites were Ice Giants, small Dragons, Windsteeds (basically pegasi, but capable of interstellar flight and of extending their life support powers to their riders), and Spirit Wolves (for tracking and for fighting spirits and intangible creatures), but he could call a wide variety of other creatures to his aid.
   Unfortunately, Shaman was burdened with the protection of a variety of nigh-indestructible and vastly powerful, evil magical artifacts that would – if captured by the forces of darkness of his homeworld – give those dark powers a near-unstoppable advantage. Practically enough, he’d chosen to simply carry them into a less magical dimension and – with the assistance one of his fellow-adventurers (a ranger named Nimrod) – guard them there.
   The dark powers of his homeworld – while unable to follow him in person thanks to the lower magic level – had an apparently endless supply of wraiths, minor demons, and similar monsters that COULD function under such conditions to dispatch in pursuit.
   Shaman was a later middle-aged man dark-haired man (with a touch of gray), wore a neatly-trimmed beard and moustache, and what most people thought were vaguely-oriental-styled black robes – although he tended to change them with minor spells at whim. His powers included a near-limitless selection of minor charms he employed at whim (a small power pool), the various useful functions of his Staff of Wizardry (often low on various functions thanks to the endless demands placed on it by the unrelenting streams of monsters), and a modest selection of powerful – and, unfortunately, rather limited-use – major spells.
   He could usually be found backed into a corner or pinned down in some reasonably defensible position by a swarm of monsters – or being rescued from such a position by Nimrod, who possessed a variety of movement modes. This got a little less troublesome after he joined up with the Heroic Extra-Dimensional Law Protectors, but never quite went away.


Value Characteristic Points
10/24 STR 0
21/23 DEX 33
20/23 CON 20
10/13 BODY 0
18 INT 8
11 EGO 2
15 PRE 5
10/22 COM 0
5/8 PD 1
5/8 ED 1
5 SPD 19
8/11 REC 0
24/36 END -8
29/35 STUN 0
  Total 81


Points Powers END
4 Elemental Control: “Level Eighteen” (10-pt reserve); Always on (-.5), Side Effects (attracts random monsters, somehow there is never anyone else available to help out, pays for everything with archaic coinage, gets stuck guarding strange artifacts, odd NPC’s drop by with strange quests, etc, -.5), Side Effects Cannot be Avoided (-.5).  
a-6 Armor (Lots of Hit Points) (8 PD/8 ED)  
b-3 Regeneration (1 BODY/5 hours); Regenerate: Lost Limbs and Organs, +10  
c-7 2d6 Aid: To All Physical Attributes (Fade/5 min., Max. 12); Range: 0; Reduced END: Zero, +½; Champions Limitation (Affects Self Only): -1; Affects: All Powers of Special Effect, +2; Champions Limitation (Adds to maximums only, does not restore lost attributes.): -½; Champions Limitation (Only has six points worth of effect, the remaining six points only exist to be drained.): -½ 0
d-4 Power Defense (20 pts)  
e-4 Mental Defense (22 pts); Add to Total  
27 Sorcery Power Pool (20-pt Pool); Control Cost: 10; Change Powers as 0 Phase Action: +1; Requires Skill Roll (Sorcery Skill roll to Cast): -½; Concentrate: ½ DCV, -¼; Extra Time: full phase, -½; Gestures: Instant Power, -¼; Incantation: Instant Power, -¼; Variable Limitations: -½, -¼; With a total of -2 in limitations, the pool can support a total of three powers at once automatically.  
24 Staff of Wizardry Multipower (60-pt reserve); OAF (Staff, -1), -.5 Variable Limitations (-.25), Requires bothersome recharging rituals; the game master may opt to limit the charges of particular functions occasionally, (-.25)  
u-2 Force Field: (Sphere of Protection) (12 PD/12 ED); Charges: 64, +1¼; Active Points: 60; Continuing Charges: 1 Minute, -3 lev; Hardened: ×1, ¼ 0
u-2 Hand-to-Hand Attack (Arcane Smite) (10d6, Total 13d6); Range: 0; Reduced END: Zero, +½; Armor Piercing: 1, +½ 0
u-2 1d6 Killing Attack (RKA) (Disintegrate); Range: 300; No Normal Defense: +1; Champions Advantage (NND Does Body vrs Force Fields): +1; Autofire (Vrs Inanimate Objects Only): 5 shots, ½; Charges: 64, +½ 0
u-2 6d6 Entangle (Web) (DEF 6); Range: 300; Charges: 16, +0 0
u-2 Images (Phantasmal Force) (Hearing, Sight, 16″ radius); Range: 300; Observer PER Penalty: 0, +0; Charges: 32, +1; Continuing Charges: 1 Minute, -3 lev; Active Points: 60 0
u-2 Force Wall (12 PD/12 ED); Range: 300; Width: 12″, +0; Charges: +8, +0; Continuing Charges: 1 Turn, -2 lev 0
u-2 Missile Deflection (Warding Aura) (All Ranged Attacks, None, OCV 13); Uncontrolled: +½; Charges: 12, +½; Continuing Charges: 1 Minute, -3 lev; Deflect Attacks: Normal, +0; Deflection Bonus: 5, 10; OCV: 13  
u-2 8d6 Energy Blast (Fireball); Range: 300; Versus: ED; Explosion (Extended Area +0″/DC): +½; Charges: 16, +0 0
41 Grand Spells Multipower (112-pt reserve); Generic Limitation (See Notes): -1¾; Concentrate 1/2 DCV to cast (-.25), Requires a Full Phase (-.5), Gestures (-.25), Incantation (-.25), -1/2 Variable Limitation (-.25), Full Power Only (-.25), Recognized by all knowledgable Mages (-.25), sends up massive magical power-flares when used (-.25).  
u-4 1d6 Transform (Polymorph Any Object) (Major, Anything); Range: 560; Cumulative: +½; Autofire: 15 shots, 1; Continuous: +1; Charges: 250, +1; Penetrating: +1; Affects Desolidified: +½; No Range Penalty: +½; Generic Limitation (See Notes): -1¾; Thanks to the “Continious” modifier, if the first attack hits, the rest do so automatically. 0
u-4 8d6 Energy Blast (Meteor Swarm); Range: 550; Versus: ED; Explosion (Extended Area +0″/DC): +½; Autofire: 5 shots, ½; Charges: +125, +¾; Generic Limitation (See Notes): -1¾ 0
u-4 Summon (Monster Summoning IX (4 120-point creatures); Range: 0; Champions Advantage (Automatically reasonably friendly): +½; Active Points: 112; Charges: 16, +0; Summon: Limited Group, +¼; Generic Limitation (See Notes): -1¾ 0
u-4 15d6 Mental Illusions (Weird); Charges: 16, +½; Continuing Charges: 1 Turn, -2 lev; Generic Limitation (See Notes): -1¾ 0
u-4 Lightning Bolt; Generic Limitation (See Notes): -1¾  
(36) 20d6 Energy Blast; Range: 500; Versus: ED; Charges: 16, +0; Generic Limitation (See Notes): -1¾ 0
(4) +6 level w/Lightning Bolt; Generic Limitation (See Notes): -1¾  
u-4 Extra-Dimensional Movement (Gate); Dimensions (Realms of Magic): Group, +10; Area Effect (Radius): 8″ radius, +1; Charges: 32, +¼; Usable Against Others: ×1 mass, 1; Ranged: +½; Time Travel: None, +0; Mass Multiplier: ×1, +0; Carrying Mass: None; Generic Limitation (See Notes): -1¾ 0
u-2 +60 PRE; Generic Limitation (Only for making presence attacks): -½; Charges: 8, -½; Generic Limitation (See Notes): -1¾  
9 Ring of Strength  
(5) +8 STR; OIF (Ring): -½ 1
(4) Modified Characteristic: STR; Reduced END: Half, +¼; OIF (Ring): -½  
2 Radio Hearing; IIF (Ring): -¼  
173 Total Powers  


Points Skills, Talents, Perks Roll
20 +2 level w/Overall Level  
13 Sorcery 18-
4 Dimensional Lore 14-
5 Magic Theory 15-
2 Elvish (Fluent Conv.); Literacy: Standard, 0  
2 Dwarvish (Fluent Conv.); Literacy: Standard, 0  
46 Total Skills, Talents, Perks  


100+ Disadvantages
5 Distinctive Features: Fantasy Wizard; Concealability: Easily, 5; Reaction: Noticed and Recognizable, +0
15 Hunted: Seekers of Evil Artifacts in his care. (8-); Capabilities: More Powerful, 15; Non-combat Influence: None, +0; Geographical Area: Unlimited, -0; Actions: Hunting, ×1; Punishment: Harsh, 0
15 Hunted: Nightfall (8-); Capabilities: More Powerful, 15; Non-combat Influence: None, +0; Geographical Area: Unlimited, -0; Actions: Hunting, ×1; Punishment: Harsh, 0
20 Hunted: Viper (8-); Capabilities: More Powerful, 15; Non-combat Influence: Extensive, +5; Geographical Area: Unlimited, -0; Actions: Hunting, ×1; Punishment: Harsh, 0
15 Overconfidence (Very Common, Moderate)
15 Hatred of Black Magic (Common, Strong)
20 Contempt for Modern Weapons (Very Common, Strong)
15 Secret Identity
15 Reputation: Impulsive Wizard (11-, Extreme)
5 Rivalry: Other Magicians; Situation: Professional, 5; Position: Equal, +0; Rival: NPC, +0
10 2d6 Unluck
20 Susceptibility to Dispel Magic (2d6 STUN/Turn); Condition: Common, +10
20 Vulnerability to Ego Attacks (2× STUN); Attack: Common, +10
10 Has custody of several powerful evil relics (Uncommon, Strong); Situation: Uncommon, +5; Intensity: Strong, +5
200 Total Disadvantages


COSTS: Char.   Powers   Total Total   Disadv.   Base
  81 + 219 = 300 300 = 200 + 100


OCV DCV ECV Mental Def. PD/rPD ED/rED Phases
8 8 4 22 28/20 28/20 3, 5, 8, 10, 12

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