Fornemjarnulf and Gullsmed

   For today, it’s another couple of characters for the Godlike or Wild Talents systems – Fornemjarnulf (the “Noble Iron Wolf”) and Gullsmed (the “Golden Smith”). As usual, their backgrounds have been left just a bit vague, so as to allow them to be easily fitted into any campaign – although the names alone pretty much say “Scandinavian”. Why so many of these lately? Well, having dug out the old notes, I just feel compelled to straighten them out and put them up.



   Aker Lundstrom wasn’t given to philosophy. The only depths he cared to explore lay at the bottom of beer mugs. Afterwards he usually spent the night in jail for brawling, but once you were out cold, what did it matter where you slept? No one ever knew who had started it, the small fine was just a part of the cost of a good drunk – and was cheap enough as the price of a hot breakfast and all the coffee you could drink.

   He worked the docks, he hauled the crates, he sailed with the fishermen in season, and he drove the trucks.

   When his country was invaded, he took up the weapons to hand and fought the invaders just as casually. You were attacked, you fought back. They pulled a knife, you picked up a chair. They used a gun, you used a gun if you had one, you buried a blunt object in the ruins of their brains if you didn’t.

   You didn’t hit noncombatants (such as women and children), you kept your word, you were fair with your friends, you beat up your enemies, and you accepted it when they gave in. He didn’t see why some people tried to make life so complicated. It wasn’t.

   One of the other partisan supporters – a young woman called Gullsmed – was an artificer and something of a specialist in force fields. The enemy had tanks, but a light vehicle with a force field and a couple of weapons mounted on it was just about as good as a tank when it came to a hit-and-run raid and better in some ways: you could see out of it a lot more easily and you could fire your personal weapons in all directions.

   Things went well for a time, but it wasn’t long before the enemy deployed some Talents of their own, and launched a strike against the raiders base. Aker and a couple of the others tried to get Gullsmed out – but they were intercepted by one of the enemy Talents. Surrounded by the wreckage of other vehicles, and with his own flipped and pinning him, he saw the enemy Talent brutalizing Gullsmed. That just wasn’t right; she was no fighter, was a girl, and she had already surrendered!

   Suddenly the vehicle pinning him down was gone, and he felt stronger than he’d ever felt. He buried his axe in the enemy Talent’s skull (unfortunately for him, he could not contest Aker’s superhuman strength when it was being applied to the axe, rather than directly to him) and carried Gullsmed away before returning to help rescue his remaining friends. Even the enemy’s remaining two talents were not prepared for his now built-in heavy machine gun and rocket launcher; they expected to be able to oppose talent-based attacks with their own wills.

  • Attributes: Body 4 (10), Coordination 2 (3), Sense 1, Brains 1, Command 2, Cool 2 (3).
  • Skills
    • Body: Brawl 4
    • Coordination: Stealth 1, Heavy Weapons 2, Rifle 2, Land Vehicles 2,
    • Sense: Sight 1
    • Brains: Education 1, First Aid 1, Mechanics 1
    • Command: Intimidation 2
    • Cool: Bluff 1, Mental Stability 2.

   Fornemjarnulf absorbs equipment – somehow incorporating large amounts of metal, explosives, fuels, and electrical equipment into himself while retaining it’s functions. Thus, if he’s “absorbed” a jeep with a mounted heavy machine gun, he can run around at motor vehicle speeds (at least as long as the gas holds out), fire machine-gun bursts (as long as the ammo holds out), use the radio, and so on. In addition, absorbing large amounts of metal makes him superhumanly strong and tough, while his nervous system appears accelerated as well. His self-repair abilities seem to be simply an extension of the way his power reconfigures equipment as it’s absorbed, while his ability to generate force fields appears to be related to his having absorbed a vehicle with such a “device” mounted on it – even if it was a Talent-powered device – during the initial manifestation of his power.

   Unfortunately, there isn’t any way to get larger items of equipment back. Fornemjarnulf can upgrade his load-out by absorbing replacement pieces of equipment, but the old stuff is gone for good.

   Fornemjarnulf ’s current “Inventory” includes a motorcycle, heavy machine gun, flamethrower, light cannon, rocket launcher, radio, a compass, binoculars, some basic tools, an electrical generator and arc-welding system, a considerable supply of fuel and ammunition, a couple of blades, and several hundred pounds of metal. Overall, he weighs in at about four tons. Fortunately, some minor aspect of his power keeps him from falling through the floor.

   Externally, he usually carries an axe, an entrenching tool, a first aid kit, a map, food, water, and spare ammon (for friends), a blanket, a raincoat, a knife, and a few conventional weapons to give up if he needs to.

  • Talent Basics:
    • Quirks: Highly Honorable (+2), Trouble with Authority (+1), No emotional depth (+1)
    • Base Will: Command (2) + Cool (3) + 3 (from base 25) + 4 (quirks) = 12
  • Talent Powers (22 Points):
    • Cyborging (2 HD, 4) (Base 5/10/20, all qualities) allows the user to “Absorb” equipment into himself, treating it as a part of his or her body thereafter. It is used thereafter with normal skills and must be supported with the user’s normal strength, since its weight is not eliminated. This is always on (+1/2/4), does not shut down with killing damage (+1/2/4), and renders the user impervious to aging, toxins, most weather conditions, and normal metabolic needs (+2/4/8). On the other hand, it cannot be directly used to attack or form gobble dice (-2/4/8), is slow (it takes about a minute to absorb an item, -2/4/8), does not allow old “items” (other than ammunition and such) to be expelled unless this power is somehow negated (they are broken down internally and remodeled, -2/4/8), and – whenever the user absorbs a major item (rather than – say – restocking on ammunition and fuel – he or she must expend a will point and takes a point of killing damage to the torso, -2/4/8). Absorbed items do not require care or maintenance, but do require fuel, ammunition, and similar supplies.
    • Hardened Heavy Armor (3 Levels, 3) (Base 14 per level): Linked to Cyborging (-1), Adds to body weight / effective equipment load at 100 lb per level (-4), Penalizes healing powers used on the possessor by -3 Width (-3), Penalizes sense/touch rolls by two dice (-1), cannot be turned off to negate these penalties temporarily (-2), penalizes coordination rolls by -1 die (-2).
    • Extra Tough (1 Box, 1) (Base 4 per Box): Linked to Cyborging (-1), Can’t Interfere (-2).
    • Hyper-Body (6D, 6) (Base 2/5/10): Linked to Cyborging (-1/2/4)
    • Hyper-Coordination (1D, 2) (Base 2/5/10): Light Foot (the user may opt to exert little or no force on supporting surfaces, +1/2/4), Linked to Cyborging (-1/2/4).
    • Hyper-Cool (1D, 1) (Base 2/5/10): Linked to Cyborging (-1/2/4).
    • Multiple Actions (1D, 2) (Base 5/10/20): Linked to Cyborging (-1/2/4), “Glow” (he’s just very conspicuous when using this power – glowing eyes, sparks and electrical arcs, -1/2/4), Physical (cannot undertake mental tasks or anything involving overly complex decisions, such as writing a novel, at super-speed, -1/2/4). Unsurprisingly, Fornemjarnulf ’s very first action as a talent was to buy another die of Multiple Actions.
    • Force Field Generation (1D, 2) (Base 5/10/20): Nervous Habit (must gesture, -1/2/4), Glow (-1/2/4), and Expensive (-1/2/4). These are the “Invisible Woman” style of projectable and manipulable force fields. The most basic use is to provide additional defense (two dice reduces shock and lethal damage passing either into or out of the field or both, at the will of the user, by one box).
    • Regeneration (1D, 1) (Base 3/6/12): Can repair severed limbs and destroyed organs (+1/2/4), Expensive (-1/2/4), Slow (takes several minutes, -2/4/8).

   As Fornemjarnulf acquires more Will, he will – of course – upgrade his armor, get more multiple action dice, and upgrade his other abilities. It shouldn’t take more than eight will points or so (Heavy Armor +3 levels (3), Force Field Generation +1D (2), Regeneration +1D (1) and Hyper-Coordination +2D (2)) to get him fully up to speed. Once he gets his Heavy Armor and Force Field up high enough, it will probably take mental attacks, illusions, and similar tactics to stop him.

   It’s worth noting that – since Fornemjarnulf has absorbed one of Gullsmed’s talismans, when she is in the area and her power is active, he normally gains yet another level of defenses.



   Lovisa Nordahl had always had a knack for mechanics. She kept the engine on her father’s fishing boat in perfect tune, repaired things around the house, and ran a small repair shop. Her Talent awoke when the roof collapsed during a storm. Immersed in more immediate concerns, she hardly realized that her own miraculous escape (thanks to the force-field emanating from the broach-pin she’d been repairing), the handy jack that let her get the fallen roof-beam off little Saehild, the light that let her see the situation clearly, or the astoundingly-effective “first aid kit” that was ready to hand, were anything abnormal – until the little girl asked her why she was glowing.

   The glowing golden light that streamed from her like sunlight faded quickly – but the ability to call upon an endless assortment of magical tools did not. Neither did the ability to cause pieces of correctly-patterned jewelry to emanate protective force fields.

   Gullsmed – the “Golden Smith” – soon concluded that she must have inherited some of the magical power of the LyjosAlfar – the elven-smiths – and quietly put her talents to work around the community.

   When the invaders came, she turned her powers to supporting the resistance – providing force-shields for the men and vehicles, healing their injuries, repairing their vehicles and weapons, and building new ones. Unfortunately, with no other talents in the vicinity to inform her, she didn’t realize at the time that her protective power was a beacon that drew enemy Talents to her.

   Now that she knows that, she’s making good and sure to have some good bodyguards around at all times. Preferably talented ones. After all, considering the number of men her protective talismans can shield, that’s an excellent investment of their time.

  • Attributes: Body 1 (2), Coordination 3, Sense 1, Brains 2, Command 3, Cool 2.
  • Skills
    • Body: Health 1, Swim 1
    • Coordination: Driving (cars and trucks) 1, Sailing (small boats) 2.
    • Sense: Hearing 1, Sight 1
    • Brains: Education 1, Electronics 1, First Aid 1, Homesteading 1, Mechanics 2, Weaponsmith 2.
    • Command: Inspire 3
    • Cool: Mental Stability 2

   Gullsmed possess two major abilities – the ability to generate a protective shield around any friendly target which is carrying one of her special amulets in a wide radius and the ability to summon “magical devices” which can be used for a wide variety of tasks. Secondarily, she enjoys a slight physical enhancement, but that is – at least as yet – of little importance.

  • Talent Basics:
    • Quirks: Earnestly believes the old stories of Elves, Dwarves, and Magic, and believes that she is the heir to some of the powers of the old magical artificers (2), blames many things on evil supernatural powers and blood magic (no, she isn’t good at investigating, 2).
    • Base Will: Command 3 + Cool 2 + 9 (from base 25) + 4 Quirks = 18
  • Talent Powers (16 Will):
    • Hyper-Body 1 (2)
    • Force Field Generation (4D + 2 HD, 8) (Base 5/10/20, as above): Affects all units in an area (use the Zed chart) who are carrying a special receptor-unit (an intricate little piece of jewelry) which takes a fair amount of time and effort to make (+1/2/4 per level, 10 levels for a ten-mile radius, +10/20/40), Only affects friendly units (-2/4/8; this is cheesy, and should probably be an advantage – but if a “limitation” of this form is good enough for the official writeup for Zindel, it’s good enough for me), Cannot Attack (-1/2/4), living creatures can pass through freely even from the blocking side (-2/4/8 – although it’s worth noting that clothing and equipment cannot pass through from the blocking side except rather slowly), Endless (+1/2/4), Backfires (-2/4/8), Expensive (-1/2/4), Mental Strain (-2/4/8), Beacon (-4/8/16), and Glow (golden radiance, -1/2/4). Net = 1/2/4. In effect, once Gullmed triggers this power – incidentally taking a point of killing damage to the Torso, a point of shock damage to the head, and spending a point of will – until she is again injured all friendly units – vehicular or human – who are carrying one of her force-field generators within a ten-mile radius suffer five fewer points of shock and killing damage from any attack. Anyone within a protected vehicle is protected by it’s defenses. A talent in contact with such a force field is, however, being directly affected by it – and can simply spend a point of will to shut it down for 1d10 rounds. This is still very useful however, especially since OTHER people can build the receptor-units; Gullmed simply has to broadcast her power to them. Naturally enough, she usually carries one of her own shield-foci.
      • No, that isn’t the usual way to do area of effect – but doing it as a flat modifier and buying it seperately didn’t suit the character, so it’s a custom Extra.
    • “Goldberg Science” (2D + 2 HD, 6) (Base 5/10/20): Viola (+5/10/20), Go Last (-2/4/8), Loopy (-2/4/8), Glow (-1/2/4), Nervous Habit (must sketch runes in the air to activate, these will appear on the items created as well, -1/2/4), cannot create direct weapons or combat defenses, only “utility” devices (-2/4/8), no one else can use such items, even if they remain within her line of sight (-1/2/4) = 1/2/4. Gullsmed can simply “create” runic devices – which she usually banishes again after using them; it’s not like it will take long to get them back again if she needs them. In general, she will begin glowing gold, sketch runes in the air, and then pull the “device” out of nowhere. Some of her typical “devices” include runic wands of healing, teleportation gates, cloaks of invisibility, rings of summoning (“Sidekick”), staves of earthmastery (allow tunneling and “telekinetic” earth-shaping), hammers of repair (allow her to fix conventional gear and vehicles near-instantly), suitable clothing (“Affinity”), tools to make other items (basically a pocket industrial system, allowing her to turn out real-and-conventional cannons, vehicles, and similar gear for other people), Gauntlets of Strength (Hyper-Body), and so on.

   Unsurprisingly, Gullsmed’s will investments went first to buying another 4 dice for her Force Field Generation (4), then to four more dice for her Goldberg Science (4).

   Well, that particular pair should have an impact: Fornemjarnulf is pretty formidable in direct combat and not much can be done about his built-in equipment: that power is internal, and only applies to him – hence neither it, nor the weapon-attacks he launches, are subject to will contests unless he opts to use the hyper-coordination die. Of course, his accuracy is not all that hot at the moment, but that will probably improve over time.

   Gullsmed, of course, is more or less a non-combatant. On the other hand, if enough protective runic amulets were distributed, she could potentially provide a good deal of protection to every friendly soldier and vehicle in an area of three hundred square miles, as well as a good deal in the way of support services – even if she is incredibly conspicuous. For that, any side which can recruit her should be willing to make an exception to the usual rules about women traveling with the military.

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