Cadmel, Anime Sorcerer

   Cadmel is an anime-style sorcerer, capable of using his somewhat limited-variety of spells as often as he wants. Unfortunately for him, despite his being another high-end power build, this means that his raw power – while impressive at the moment – will inevitably fall behind that of other spellcasters at higher levels. Buying unlimited-use abilities gets expensive. In any case, he’s a good example of using Eclipse: The Codex Persona (also available in a Shareware Edition Here) to build what you want via d20 Point-Buy, rather than settling for the stereotypes built into standard-style classes.


Cadmel Marholt

   Level 4 Human Spellweaver – Mage.  Exiles Campaign, 7350 XP.


   Human (No ECL adjustment): Fast Learner (+1 SP/Level), Bonus Feat (worth 6 CP), Automatic Skills: Parents Profession or Craft 2, Specialities in Handle Animal (common domestic animals in your culture), Knowledge: Local Area (where you grew up), Sense Motive (other people from your culture) and Knowledge: Religion (your faith) (6 CP total). Spellweaver: +2 Intelligence (12 CP) and Fast Learner in Spellweaves (+2 CP/level, 6 CP), but this replaces the usual human +1 SP/level and makes the character Valuable (to wizards and such), Blocks you from buying clerical magic, and makes you uncomfortable using Armor (Unarmored) for -10 CP (Net Cost: 2 CP).

   Point Totals: 120 (L4 base) + 4 CP/Level for Spellweaves (fast learner) + 10 CP (disadvantages: Hunted/Red Wizards, History, Overconfidence and Reluctant to Kill) = 146 CP

   Level-Based Bonuses: L1 Feat (Fast Learner, +2 CP/Level for Spellweave effects), L3 Feats (Empowerment, see Spellweaving, below), and L4 Attribute Bonus (Dex).

   Personal Data: Height; 5′ 1″. Weight; 121 Lbs, Hair; Black. Eyes; Black. Skin; Tanned. Age 14 (LE 112). Occupation; Apprentice, Runaway, Adventurer. Marital Status; Single, Birthplace; City of Dilpur, Impiltur, Faerun. Religion; Tymora, basic Forgotten Realms Pantheon. Education; tutored by the Red Wizards of Thay.

    Basic Attributes: Strength (9, -1), Dexterity (18, +4), Constitution (14, +2), Intelligence (20/24, +7), Wisdom (12, +1), and Charisma (12, +1).

Saves: Reflex +2 (Net +9, 6 CP), Fortitude +2 (Net +7, 6 CP), Will +2 (Net +12, 6 CP).

Warcraft +2 BAB (12 CP)

Hit Dice: L1 d12 (8 CP), L2-4 d6 (6 CP).

Alignment LN

Hit Points 34 + 16 (Ring) = 50

Move 30

Initiative +4

Basic Costs: 50 CP

Armor Class 10 (Base) + 4 (Dex) + 6 (Mage Armor) + 4 (Shield) = 24

Proficiencies All Simple Weapons and Rapiers (6 CP).

Languages (8) Common, Elven, Celestial, Draconic, Illuskan and Goblin.

Usual Weapon: Rapier, Attack +12, Damage 1d8-1, Crit 18-20/x2, 5′ Reach and Combat Reflexes.


Other Abilities (22 CP):

  • 3 levels of the Adept Spellcasting Progression. Arcane spells, limited by Components and Studies. Specialized: spells are regained on a per-week basis, not per day (double effect), Corrupted (spells are acquired by harvesting environmental energies, and so are selected by the game master, 2/3’rds cost). Effective L6 Adept (5x L0, 4x L1, and 3x L2 spells) (12 CP).

  • Finesse: May use Dex Mod instead of Str Mod with a Rapier. Specialized: only for the Attack, not for damage (3 CP).

  • Mental Shield/Finesse: Uses Int Mod instead of Wis Mod for Willpower Saves (6 CP).

Starting Relic: The Codex Obscura (4 CP)

  • +2 Caster Levels (Specialized: only for the user’s primary magical field, 6 CP).

  • Action Hero (Specialized, in Magic, Double Effect) with Stunts (6 CP).

  • Action Hero (Specialized in Magic, Double Effect) with Crafting (6 CP).

  • Double Enthusiast: Specialized in Magic (Double Effect) and Corrupted (requires a complex [DC 18 spellcraft] ritual and offering a “favor” to some magical being to change, x1.5 effect). This grants 6 “floating” CP to spend on magical talents.

   The book provides (2xLevel+4) AP in each field per level and lets him accumulate up to (4xLevel+20). That’s 36 each so far. He’s spent 19 Crafting points (1 per spell level) on his Spellweaving XP costs so far, leaving 17 for Crafting and 28 for Stunts.


Spellweaving (54 CP)

  • Empowerment/Innate Enchantments (Bonus Feat, no cost). Gives his Spellweaves CL 8 and Int-based save DC’s.

  • Immunity to Dispelling effects: Uncommon/Minor/Major, Specialized: this only protects his Innate Enchantments from being temporarily deactivated: the effects can be dispelled, but he can simply recast them (1 CP).

  • Innate Enchantment: Specialized/may only have (Int Mod) effects active at any one time (1/2 Cost), Corrupted/must gesture and chant to activate a power; this may be disrupted as per normal spellcasting (2/3’rds cost). Many Spellweaves are Versatile Spells – capable of producing up to (Int Mod) specific effects, of which (Int Mod/2, rounded down) may be of one level below that of the base spell, with the remaining, (Int Mod/2, rounded up), being of two levels or more below that of the base spell. Unfortunately, it takes a DC 18 Spellcraft check to properly focus the effects: if the check fails, nothing happens. Prestidigitation-level effects are also available without rolling: if you want to use Forgings of the Adamant Will to stay dry in the rain, you can easily do so.


Major Spellweaves:

The Lesser Weave of the Arcane (Versatile): Making magic visible. Versatile Spell. L3 x CL5 (30,000 GP/10 CP)

  • Primary (L2) Effects: Lesser Dispelling (as per Dispel Magic, but only affects a single, specified, target), Minor Image, and Glitterdust.

  • Secondary (L1) Effects: Detect Magic, Analyze Magic (inspects a single target in detail, the information obtained depends on a Spellcraft check), Disguise and Dancing Lights.


The Infusion of the Perfected Stone (Versatile): Attribute Enhancement. Versatile Spell. L3 x CL5 (30,000 GP/10 CP)

  • Primary (L2) Effects: Int +4, Cha +4, Str +4

  • Secondary (L1) Effects: Wis +2, Dex +2, and Con +2.


Mastering the Threads of Life (Versatile): Manipulating the life force. Versatile Spell. L3 x CL5 (30,000 GP/10 CP)

  • Primary (L2) Effects: Cure Moderate Wounds, Delay Poison, and Warding Rune (grants a + 1 + CL/3, to a maximum total of +4, Resistance Bonus to all Saves).

  • Secondary (L1) Effects: Cure Light Wounds, Slow (an individually-targeted version), Lesser Restoration, and Enhance Pheromones (+6 on relevant rolls versus the opposite sex).

-Sadly, “Cure Wound” spells also drain the user. Each variant can only be employed once per day per level.


Forgings of the Adamant Will (Versatile): Basic Force effects. Versatile Spell. L3 x CL5 (30,000 GP/10 CP)

  • Primary (L2) Effects: Mage Armor II (+6 AC), Force Bolt (as per Daze Monster), and Lesser Wall of Force (creates up to 250 square feet of semi-visible wall, a bubble about 8 feet across, or a dome of about 10 feet across. It lasts up to 3 rounds and has hardness 20 and 10 HP. A Dispel Magic can take it down).

  • Secondary (L1) Effects: Unseen Servant, Shield, Mystic Chains (Close range, ranged touch attack to entrap in chains of hardened air for up to one round per level. No save or spell resistance but chains have only AC 10, HP 4, and require a DC 23 Strength check to burst. This is an Animate Rope variant), and Mount (an obvious construct).


Mawgrim’s Four Winds Vortex (Versatile): Manipulation of the Wind and Waters. L3 x CL5 (30,000 GP/10 CP)

  • Primary (L2) Effects: Personal Flight, Wind Wall, and Whispering Wind.

  • Secondary (L1) Effects: Ice Slick (as per Grease), Create Water, Gust of Wind and Raise Fog (turns one cubic foot of water within medium range into a billowing fog).

Minor Spellweaves:

  • Friend of the Earth: (a.k.a. Light Foot). This spell makes the user extremely light on his or her feet, granting a +30 circumstance bonus on his or her ground movement speed a, +10 circumstance bonus on jump checks, and DR 10 versus Falling Damage [only], for 1d6+2 rounds (personal only, 1400 GP).

  • The Rapid Gardener: Makes a 3′ diameter plot of small plants, or a single larger one, grow and mature with great speed. A tree will grow from a seed to full size, and bear fruit, in a few minutes, a vine will grow up a wall, and so on. The user may influence how it grows, but this really isn’t a combat tactic; attempting to entangle someone’s legs allows a reflex save and only makes them waste an action getting free if they fail (2000 GP).

  • The Badger’s Burrow: Allows the caster to burrow at 20 feet per round (2000 GP).

  • The Silver Tongue: Provides a +3 competence bonus on all charisma-based skills (Personal only, 1400 GP).

   He usually maintains Int +4, Warding Rune (+3 Saves), Mage Armor II and Shield. This leaves him able to employ three additional spells to fit the situation.


Available Skill Points: 14 CP + (20+7+7+7 for Int L1-4) = 55.

   Major Skills: Concentration +8, Diplomacy +11, Disable Device +10, Knowledge/ Arcana +12, Knowledge/Architecture and Engineering +11, Knowledge/Geography +8, Knowledge/Local +10, Knowledge/Religion +8, Knowledge/The Planes +8, Martial Arts/Lightning Blade +11, Open Lock +6, Profession/Shop Keeper +3, Slight of Hand +6, Spellcraft +15, Survival +2, and Tumble +4.


+3 Specialities:

  • Handle Animal/Common domestic animals (Free)

  • Knowledge: Local/Impiltur and Thay (Free)

  • Sense Motive/Impilturians and Thayans (Free)

  • Knowledge: Religion/Tymora (Free)

  • Diplomacy/Trading (1 SP)

  • Knowledge: Arcana/Technomagical Devices (1 SP)

  • Knowledge: Architect/Engineer/Steam (1 SP)


Special Notes:

  • +2 Synergy bonus on Spellcraft from Knowledge/Arcana


Martial Arts Techniques Known (6):

   Attack 2, Power 1, Reach, Combat Reflexes, and Vanishing.



Martial Arts: The Lightning Blade: (Dex)

   This straightforward fencer’s art concentrates on poking foes in vital locations by stabbing through unarmored points, such as the joints in armor. For those times when you’re confronted with many foes, heavy armor, or creatures who have no vital points, it includes several techniques for running the hell away.

  • Requires: Weapon Focus or Finesse/Rapier.

  • Basic Techniques: Attack 3, Defenses 1, Power 3, and Synergy/Tumble.

  • Advanced/Master Techniques: Reach, Sneak Attack (2d6), and Combat Reflexes.

  • Occult Techniques: Inner Strength, Light Foot, Touch Strike and Vanishing.




Carrying Capacity: 30 Lb.


Basic Equipment:

   Items Worn: Explorer’s Outfit (-/-), Spyglass (50 GP/1 Lb), Map of Faerun and Case (10 GP/1 Lb), Belt Knife (-/-), personal Cup (-/-), Pocket Tools (10 GP/2 Lb), Small Silver Holy Symbol (1 GP/- Lb), Spell Component Pouch (5 GP/2 Lb), Money Belt (currently 120 GP/2 Lb)


   Rucksack (1 GP/1 Lb): Bandage Roll (-/-), Winter Bedroll (0 GP/4 Lb), Small Glue Pot (heat to melt, -/-), Messkit (8 GP/.5 Lb), spare clothing (10 GP/8 Lb), Writing Kit (6 GP/1 Lb), Towel and Washcloth (-/-), Two days Trail Rations (- GP/2 Lb), and 100 Yards Fine Spider-Silk Rope (30 GP/1 Lb), Effective Encumbrance Of Rucksack: 9 Lb


   Traveler’s Pouch: This light leather carrying bag contains a selection of items any traveler should have along – brush, comb, and razor, a little packet each of soap, sticking plaster or salve, wax, tacks and thread, needles, buttons, fishhooks and sinkers, string/fishline, a match or “tindertwig” safe, small whetstone and file, a couple of small knives, a vial of insect “repellent”/ medication, a thin bag (Suitable for use as a pillow if stuffed with something yielding), and – where available – a compass. Usually found as a shoulderbag or mounted on a belt (2 GP if purchased [most characters should be presumed to have this stuff]/1 Lb).

   Contents list and weight from “Woodcraft” by George W. Sears, circa 1880. Flint, steel, and tinder should be substituted for matches if matches aren’t available in a setting. If they’re rare and unusual add their price separately.


Net cost of basic gear: 250 GP

Effective Current Load: 18 Lb



Magical Gear:

   Amulet of Adamant Flesh: This converts 5 points of any lethal damage taken from an attack to nonlethal damage. Flesh Ward/Conversion Variant, L1 x CL1, personal only, 1400 GP.

   Ring of Oak: Immortal Vigor I (+12 + 2x Con Mod HP), L1 x CL1, personal only, 1400 GP.

   Silver Rapier of Mastery: Masterwork (+1 Enhancement Bonus to Attacks), Alchemical Silver (+90 GP), enchanted with Weapons Master/Rapier at L0, CL1, personal only for +3 BAB, +700 GP. Total Value: 1110 GP/2 Lb.

   Traveler’s Coat (Cloak): Provides Endure Elements, keeps the user dry, provides 3 meals and up to 2 gallons of water or tea per day, and turns into a tent once per day. CL5, 1200 GP/1 Lb.

   Potions: 3 Cure Light Wounds (150 GP), Hide From Undead (50 GP), and 2x Magic Weapon Oil (100 GP).

   Scrolls: 2x Rope Trick (300 GP).


   Cadwel’s magical gear was designed using The Practical Enchanter.


Personal History

   Cadmel showed his talents early on. It was enough talent to frighten his parents and to draw the attention of the Red Wizards. His parents were only shop keepers. They were in no position to refuse the “offer” of an apprenticeship.

   At that age his powers were still limited enough to mistake for the heritage of some supernatural ancestor – but he learned the basics of magic with ease, making excellent progress in his studies. Still, he was gradually becoming more an object of study than an apprentice.

   He was also ethical enough to rebel against the arrogance, evil, and power-lust of the Red Wizards. He was quiet about it for some time – but then the Codex Obscura came in for study. He could feel the power in it. Too much power to let his master claim. He wouldn’t be able to hide his own power much longer either…

   He took the book and fled. No one knew how fast he could travel – or that he could use most of his spells all he wanted.

   Luckily, his master was unsure of the value of the Codex – and was reluctant to advertise that he’d failed to control a lousy apprentice properly – so the pursuit has been relatively low-key so far. That’s gradually starting to change: he longer he survives, and the more power he shows, the more attention he draws.

   Fortunately, he fell in with a group of adventurer’s early on.

   His initial group included Matsumoto, a psychopathic human berserker who appeared to have some troll blood, Orvil, a half-vampire Necromancer and Earth-mage, Brancariad the gargoyle druid/relic-master, and Jlin the gnomish artificer.

   They dealt with an epidemic of demon-worm possession, followed a mystical power-drain to the antarctic and sealed the bridgehead of a dimensional invasion – capturing some dwarven pirates, fighting a small fleet, investigating an underwater wreck, and fighting a small army of undead created by the power-drain around the bridgehead – along the way.

   Then they went to trace the ancient entities the dimensional invaders had been pursuing and found that things had lapsed into a major war. It turned out that one faction was being manipulated by the Mind Flayers. Fortunately they only needed to prove that; they didn’t have to fight them personally. Sadly, along the way, Jlin retired and the Mind Flayers sent Matsumoto totally nuts; he tried to take out the continent single-handed.

   He hurt quite a lot of people, but wound up semi-permanently locked away.

   Feeling that it might be a good time to be a very long ways away, the rest of the group opted to go and help a refugee colony of friendly extra-dimensional centaurs establish itself.

   While Brancariad and Orvil were perfectly willing to spend a decade or two of their centuries-long lifespans getting them settled in, Cadmel was far too young and impatient for that, and went looking for another group to join.


   Appearance: Cadmel is about 14, and looks it – although he’s in remarkably good shape, and very prosperous, for a youthful runaway. He does like to dress well, albeit mostly in leathers.





   Vortera originally came to accompany Cadmel thanks to the Lion Ring – a lesser relic created and sustained by Brancariad’s powers. It may or may not have continued to work without Brancariad around to maintain it.


The Lion Ring (4 CP Relic)

  • Companion/Mount Variant (6 CP), with Template (applies a +2 ECL template to the mount, 6 CP) and Might (applies +2 positive levels to the mount, 6 CP). In this case the base creature was a lion. As a CR 3 creature – one over the base CR allowable for a mount – it only received level-based bonuses as if Cadmel was three levels lower than his actual level.

  • Grant of Aid (6 CP).



   At full size Vortera looks like an oversize black-and-gold lion, roughly ten feet long and weighing around 700 Lb. As a “kitten” he normally opts to look like a small black cat.

  • Large Magical Beast. Base HD 5d10 (HP 41+15 = 56), Initiative +3, Speed 60′, Fly 60′, Armor Class 17 (-1 size, +3 Dex, +5 natural), Base Attack/Grapple: +7/+16, Attack: Claw +11/1d4+5, Full Attack: 2 claws +11+11/1d4+5 and bite +6/1d8+2. Space/Reach: 10 ft./5 ft.

  • Special Attacks: Pounce (full attack + 2 rakes on a charge), improved grab (free grapple, with no attack of opportunity, and rake if it wins the grapple check, on a successful bite) , rake (2 rear claws, both +11/1d4+2).

  • Special Qualities: Darkvision, Low-light vision, Scent, Damage Reduction and Energy Resistance 8/-

  • Abilities: Str 21, Dex 17, Con 16, Int 8 (12), Wis 16, and Cha 6.

  • Skills: +4 racial bonus on Balance, Hide, Intimidate, and Move Silently checks. Balance +8, Hide +10, Intimidate +7, Listen +3, Move Silently +10, and Spot +6.

  • Feats: Alertness, Run, Improved Fortune/Evasion,

  • Saves: Fort +10, Ref +10, Will +10

  • Vortera currently has 15 unspent CP: he’s saving for some new abilities.


Mystical Mount Bonuses:

   Becomes a magical beast. Int 8, Improved Fortune/Evasion, +(master’s effective level*)/2 bonus to HD, Natural Armor, and BAB, +(Master’s effective level*)/5 rounded up to Str or Con, and +(master’s effective level*)x3 CP. Their master may communicate with them and may opt to share the effects of spells or powers used on him or her at ranges of up to one miles.

   * Due to higher CR the master’s effective level is reduced by 3 in this case.

Wind Guardian Template: (95 CP/+2 ECL):

  • Add +20′ Ground Movement and 60′ Flight (Celerity, 30 CP) (Included in statistics)

  • Add the ability to transform into an innocuous, small or tiny, form (Shapeshift with Shrinking and 4x Bonus Uses. Specialized: only to assume a specified innocuous form, 7 CP).

  • Add Universal (physical and energy) Damage Reduction 8/- (24 CP) (Included in statistics)

  • +4 Wisdom (24 CP) (Included in statistics)

  • Cloaking, for both itself and its master, versus Long-Range Detection (Cloaking, 6 CP, plus Specialized Contact and Area [only to conceal its master], +4 CP).


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6 Responses

  1. Per request, here’s how some of the numbers were derived:

    Reflex Save: +2 (purchased) +4 (dexterity) +3 (maintained Warding Rune spell).

    Fortitude Save: +2 (purchased) +2 (constitution) +3 (maintained Warding Rune spell)

    Will Save +2 (purchased) +7 (intelligence bonus instead of wisdom, thanks to his second Finesse effect) +3 (maintained Warding Rune spell)

    Rapier: +2 BAB (purchased) +3 BAB (from blade with Mastery enchantment), +4 (dexterity instead of strength due to Finesse) +1 (masterwork blade, provides a +1 enhancement bonus to hit – which stacks with a BAB modifier) +2 (Lightning Blade Martial Art attack bonus. Damage is 1d8 (1d6 base raised to 1d8 by martial art) -1 (strength).

  2. Thanks for the break down on all of the characters, really helps to figure out how to do similar things with my own characters. Can’t wait to see how Edward Elric’s stats came to be. Although you said only he was left, you left out Li Kao and USS Charleston.

  3. Drat. Li Kao and the USS Charleston are not showing the breakdowns for some reason… I’ll have to put them in again.

  4. Can you talk more about these “versatile spells”? They don’t seem to be in Eclipse, The Practical Enchanter, or Legends of High Fantasy…though from what I can tell they seem to be a slight twist on the Greater Invocation spell from TPE.

    The Spellcraft check to activate a spellweave seems to be an inherent part of using that particular magic system, rather than something brought on by specialization or corruption, akin to the runesmith, is that right? A static DC seems a bit odd there, since it won’t be long before a character can take 10 (or even without taking 10) to overcome it automatically.

    Cadmel is applying Empowerment to all of his innate enchantments without any per day modifier, apparently using the “specialize in a particular type of enchantment” clause listed in the power’s description in Eclipse. However, the book notes that for siddhisyoga (which seems like it should apply to innate enchantment also), you can only pick a “theme” of powers that are so enhanced, rather than all of your powers…but that seems like exactly what Cadmel is doing.

    • You’re quite right there; “Spellweaves” are simply variants on Greater Invocations, with a limited list of definite effects and a level structure instead of a more freeform “narrow theme”. They were used simply because it suited the character idea. That’s a big part of the fun of Innate Enchantment and Inherent Spell and such of course; you’re only limited by the effects that the game master feels are reasonable, not by the stuff that’s already been written down somewhere.

      The Spellcraft check is in there mostly to give the character a bit of a speedbump to deal with and to further limit the “versatile spell” modifier – so yes, it would be a part of that modifier (at least in his version). It seemed reasonable for him to have some control issues to start with – but it’s really rather intended to cease being an issue as he goes up in level; at the moment he’s 90% certain of making it anyway. Of course, if there’s some major distraction… then his chances of failure go up sharply again.

      The real problem with this build is that, while it’s very good at lower levels, it’s going to get prohibitively expensive to buy higher level spellweaves. For example a level five spellweave will cost 30 CP – pretty much all the points Cadmael would have to spare for two entire levels. Sure, that would give him limitless use of several fourth and third-level effects – but at high levels he’s going to be the guy who trails along doing convenience effects while the other characters do the real work. If the games going to high levels… he’d better shift to something other than spellweaves pretty soon.

      Similarly, his theme for Empowerment is Spellweaves – complete with the gestures, casting, and so on. Given that he’s not buying any other kind of innate enchantments that IS a bit cheesy – but it also avoids having separate casting levels for all his abilities and will keep him at least somewhat relevant later on.

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