The Cabalistic Esoterica

   For today, it’s a collection of several hundred eccentric Champions Powers – the Cabalistic Esoterica– organized as one enormous magical multipower and as a collection of “spells”, each consisting of a series of multipower slots with related effects. Given that, there’s a chart included for buying individual “spells”, rather than an endless list of “1” or “2” point costs for each individual slot.

   I’ll try to put up the masterclass powers tomorrow: once again, converting and reformatting these files is a considerable nuisance.

2 Responses

  1. FYI:

    I may not be around for the next couple of days. I say this now because that means I won’t be around later to tell you that I may or not be at the Wednesday game, because family (well, might-as-well-be-family, not blood-relative) is dropping in on me for a few days.

    If I am at the Wednesday game, I may be bringing him. We shall see what he prefers and what’s going on.

  2. Well, if you can make it good – and you’re always welcome to bring someone along. Basic superheroes are easy enough to make – and if all else fails, there are plenty of NPC’s around who can be used as temporary player characters.

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