Legend of the Five Rings – Kasumi Neko, Cat Clan Samurai

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The Cat Clan plays a very minor role in Rokugan; it’s tiny, obscure, has no major school of its own, and mostly operates under cover. Their general role is to appear as the mysterious shadowy figure who passes on some important information to the more active and combative types – such as most PC’s. They are, however, a favorite clan for one of our players (who, I suspect, has some anime prototype in mind) – so here’s another dual-knife-wielding slightly magical young woman of the cat clan – although this one is pursuing a seriously exotic archery school rather than the usual clan minor schools (found in the handouts or at the end of this character sheet.

Personally, Kasumi was a problem; talented enough for any five normal children, with more than a trace of magic, and a fascination with archery – and inclined to rely on those (admittedly remarkable) talents rather than on developing her skills properly. She wanted (and clearly needed) an Archery School – and the Cat Clan simply didn’t have one on tap.

Still, her father Togai Neko was owed a few favors from some VERY exotic folks… Gaijin contacts and schools were no longer quite so off-limits as they had been either – and it wasn’t as if the Cat Clan normally operated in full view in any case. When his daughter returned, she brought with her the basics of one of the powerful Yodatai Divine Bushi schools.

Currently Kasumi is out gaining some experience – attempting to expand trade, undercutting the Mantis, and supporting the Imperial families. She’s aware that the bow she made upon completing the basics of her training is hardly the best, but she’s still pleased to be able to say that it’s her own handiwork.

Obviously enough, this build relies very heavily indeed on special advantages – especially bonus dice. That’s less effective to start with, since advantages cost more than skills – but skills are easier to build up later.

Rings: Earth 2 (Stamina 2, Willpower 2), Water 2 (Strength 2, Perception 2), Fire 2 (Agility 2, Intelligence 2), Air 3 (Reflexes 4 (5), Awareness 3), Void 3.

Cat Clan Upbringing/+1 Reflexes


  • Bad luck with Wagers (Every Few Sessions, Great Aggravation, 3)
  • Owes occasional favors due to bad wagers (Every Few Sessions, Serious Trouble (4)
  • Likes to Gamble (Every other Session, Minor Difficulties, 3)

Well, that combination is pretty well guaranteed to get her into plenty of trouble.

Initial Experience Points: 60 (Base) + 10 (Disadvantages) = 70

  • 03) Access to an Exotic School
  • 15) School Package Deal / Hosfera Madrase (Old Yodatai Divine Bushi School)

Benefits: +1 Reflexes, Glory 2, Status 1, Wealth 1, Honor 3.0.

School Skills: Animal Handling, Athletics, Archery, Defense, Horsemanship, Hunting, Investigation, Meditation, Stealth, Swords, and two of choice (Etiquette and Courtier).

First Technique Summary: Add air ring to school skills, +1 attack with Bow, double effect of void spent to buy off damage, Get Hosfera as a patron spirit (Hosfera lets his devotees produce an average-quality bow and arrows whenever they need them and allows them to spend a void point to make one of the arrows they fire turn into an animal after it hits something. The user may then make an immediate target-15 meditation check to recover the void point. At the moment, Kasumi is limited to things like monkeys, bobcats, and wolves; this will improve with her void ring).

Second Technique Summary: The user may trade in one or more bow attacks during a round for +5 free raises per attack traded in on one of the remaining bow attacks and – when the character spends a void point on reducing damage – it will continue to reduce damage from each attack for a full minute.

  • 06) Additional Skills: Archery to 2 (2), Commerce (1), Deceit 1 (1), Knives 1 (1), and Lore/Underworld 1 (1).
  • 06) Bonus Dice/+1K0 and a free raise with all Low Skills.
  • 08) Bonus Dice/+1K0 and a free raise with all Weapons.
  • 06) Bonus Dice/+1K1 with Knives.
  • 06) Gift/+10 AC when being attacked while unarmored.
  • 09) Inherent Supernatural Powers/Three level one self-powered Inner Gifts.

Catfoot: Reduces damage from falls by ten points, the user places less stress on supports, such as thin ice or nightingale floors.

Sensitive: The user vaguely senses magical disturbances.

Suggestion: The user may make a thought occur to a nearby target – although this carries no more compulsion than a whisper in their ear.

  • 08) Natural Mastery: Magical Dabbler. May use first level air spells and starts off with the Sense, Commune, Summon, and Counterspell spells.
  • 03: Allies/Harumui Neko, Cat Clan Ancestor Spirit. Influence: 4 (provides 20 points worth of techniques), Devotion: Minor (0), Eccentricity: Ancestor Spirit (0), Inconvenience: Minor (asks for weekly prayers and small offerings, -1), for a net cost of (3). This is a modest slice of cheese of course – but a character who brings knives to a katana fight is going to need a bit of cheese to work well in the game.

Harumi Neko grants Immunity to Honor Losses due to using or raising Low Skills (5), and to the usual penalties for fighting with two knives (talent, 2), adds (2x Reflexes) to a limited set of skills from the Neko Schools when not wearing armor (Athletics, Courtier, Commerce, Deceit, Defense, Forgery, Hunting, Investigation, Knives, Lore/Underworld, Stealth, and Swords, 5), a +1 magical boost to any one trait (Reflexes, 3), and grants +10 AC when using two knives (5).

Heritage/Combating the Shadowlands: a century ago, Koin Neko – Kasumi’s Great-Great-Great grandfather – was tracing a smuggler who was importing Maho supplies and scrolls into the Empire. He’d traced the man to a small Crab Clan village near the Wall when his target caught on – and summoned a powerful oni and a few lesser creatures. Koin was a master archer, and eliminated the smuggler, and the great oni, before they could reach him – but the best he could do when the swarm of lesser oni closed in was to delay them while the villagers escaped. The local Crab Samurai did not reach the village in time to rescue Koin, but he’d left them with very little to do before he’d fallen. His descendants Gain +1 Rank of Archery, +10 on rolls to resist Fear effects from Shadowlands Creatures, and a free lunch whenever they stop by a certain Crab village.

Earned Experience: 30 Points

  • Boost Awareness and Void from 2 to 3 (24 Points).

-This takes her to Rank-2 and gets the second school technique.

  • Learned Spells: Elemental Weapon (1 Point) and Cloud of Mist (1 Point).
  • Skill Purchases: Knives to 2 (2 Points), Courtier to 2 (2).

Major Skills:

  • Animal Handling 1 (3K2+3)
  • Archery 3 (9K5+18) (Includes Free Raise Style Bonus). Usually 2K3 base damage.
  • Athletics 1 (Varies +13)
  • Commerce 1 (4K3+10)
  • Courtier 2 (5K3+13)
  • Deceit 1 (5K3+15)
  • Defense 1 (3K2+18)
  • Etiquette 1 (4K3+3)
  • Forgery 0 (3K2+15)
  • Horsemanship (3K2+3)
  • Hunting 1 (3K2+13)
  • Investigation 1 (3K2+13)
  • Knives 2 (6K3+15). Usually 3K1 damage, +1 free raise when used to disarm, two if used against a light or medium sword.
  • Lore/Shadowlands 0 (3K2+5)
  • Lore/Underworld 1 (4K2+15)
  • Meditation 1 (4K3+3)
  • Stealth 1 (4K2+18)
  • Swords 1 (4K2+18)

Armor Class: 25 Base, +10 when Unarmored, +10 when using two knives.

Initiative: 7K5


  • Basic Gear: sandals, samurai clothing, chopsticks, basic grooming supplies, coin purse, whetstone, bit of string or thread, tanto/knife, soap, washcloth.
  • Bushi Gear: Dai-sho (katana and wakizashi), bow, 100 arrows, two parrying daggers, two regular daggers, horse and tack.
  • Magical Gear: small scroll satchel, scrolls for all known spells, brushes, inks, and paper.
  • Cash: 11 Gold Koku.
  • Traveling Kit / 12 Items: Pillow Book (1), Hand Mirror (1), Set of Dice and a Dice Cup (1), Packet of Sweets (1), Personal Shrine and Incense (2), Small Statue (1), Decorative Fan (1), Small Tent (1), Messkit (1), Bedroll (1), and a Weeks Rations (1).

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  1. It was supposed to be the Crane she is supposed to be undercutting, and trying to increase trade with the Mantis

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