Exalted – The Hanging Gardens Part V – City Treasures and the Directional Titans

To continue with the City Treasures…

The Thorn Grace: The six-dot Tablet Of Destiny provides the Hanging Gardens with the power of a Universal Script (*****, can mix-and-match the effects of the various subplots) and a Narrative ***. The Gardens are destined to be a major political, economic, and cultural center. When it’s residents are working on things that advance that narrative they may count “6’s” as successes, gain +1d on any relevant stunts, and – once per session – the Hanging Gardens may roll 3d6 in search of some wild coincidence that will advance that narrative.

The Means Grace: The Grand Seal Of Solomon is a seven-dot artifact – possessing the raw power of an Economic Indicator *****, an Oathstone ***, and a Seal *. The raw power of this grand sigil hums through the Freehold, inspiring merchants, entrepreneurs, and businesses.

For the Way Grace there is only a single piece of Grace Magic – the Mythic Flame. This provides 3-dot Booster effects (***) for up to four Behemoths (+**) at any range once they are tempered within the flame (+*). Besides, a Chancel would be silly and a vehicle would sort of miss the point of being built in…

With a Sword Grace rated at 10 the Treasures of the Sword are the most impressive of the lot, even if most of the others are more practical…

The four mighty statues (Horus, Ishtar, Set, and Tiamat) which adorn the sides and edges of the plateau and tower over the city are actually a set of four mighty Behemoths. They are Deep Wyld Horrors (5), in a set of four (+2), with (2 x Ess) Raksha Charms (+2), and they always use the statistics of the best handler they’ve ever had (+1). Naturally enough, they usually use Leon as their base, and so get his special bonuses. Thus they’re considered “Perfect” (+2 Dex, +1 Str, +1 Int) and gain the benefits of his “Hit Locations” charm.

Str 33, Dex 24, Sta 33, Cha 15, Man 16, App 15, Per 14, Int 21, Wit 14

Abilities: Archery 2, Athletics 7, Awareness 7, Bureaucracy 6, Computer 4, Craft 4, Dodge 9, Drive 2, Firearms 2, Integrity 6, Investigation 9, Larceny 2, Linguistics 6, Lore 5, Medicine 7, Melee 5 (9), Occult 15 (19, with access to Adenic Thaumaturgy), Performance 9, Presence 9 (13), Resistance 6, Sail 2, Socialize 9, Stealth 1, Survival 6, Technology 4, Thrown 3 (7), and War 5 (9).

Specialities: Seduction (1d), Spellcasting (3d), Public Speaking (1d), Natural Weapons (2d), War/ Command (2d), Thrown/Arcane Weapons (2d), Awareness/Spotting Danger (2d), Drive/Freehold (2d), Lore/Geography (2d), and Investigation/monitoring the Freehold (2d).

Virtues all 7, Graces all 8, Essence 12, Will 12, Essence Pool 112 + 30 (Booster) = 142

Soak: 20L/20B Base, +12L/12B Charm, +12L/12B Armor, +4B/4L Mutation, +16L/33B Stamina. Total; 48A, 64L/ 81B, 8 Hardness.

Inherent Weapon: Stormwhip (Artifact **, normally 1 Mote to Attune)

A Stormwhip is a crackling lash of moonsilver and strands of energy – fire, lightning, and far more esoteric forces. Supported by the user’s essence, it’s capable of transferring the user’s full strength at ranges of up to five times his or her height as if it was an arm that didn’t have to worry about leverage. Such a whip can be used to fling opponents to the side, hurl them back, grasp tree limbs to swing from, to pull yourself up cliffs, and for many other purposes – and it makes a fair weapon too and even affects immaterial beings and objects.

Base Whip: Speed 5, Acc +1, Dam +1B, Def +0, Rate 2. Perfected (an artifact power) adds Acc +2, Dam +1, Rate +1 (an artifact power). Being Moonsilver adds Acc +2 and Def +2. As an artifact it’s powers include Acc +2, Dam +2 (L), and Def +2.

Net Total: Speed 5, Acc +7, Dam +4L, Def +4, Rate 3.

Build: +2L Damage/base becomes Lethal (Class-A), +2 Defense (Class-A), +2 Accuracy (Class-A), Telekinesis (Class-B. Effectively allows the user clinch and otherwise use his or her strength at a short range. Yes, you can push things away with your whip made of lightning), Self-Powered (Class-A), Affects immaterial things (Class-A), and Perfect (Class-A). That’s Power 4, Usefulness 2, Plot Impact 1, and Script Immunity 1 = 8/4 = Artifact **.


  • Awakened Dream Manufacture: Creates minor living things.
  • Bastion of the Self (Heart): Immune to damage that doesn’t involve magic or stunts. If damaged by magic/stunts add Essence to relevant DV or to the resistance check.
  • Calling The Dance Of Blades (New): Upgrade Transient Works of Flesh and Bone, Create Monsters and better units.
  • Champion of the Wyld x2 (New): Quadruple the effects of Glorious Hero Form.
  • Continuum of Dreams (New): Enter mortal dream nexi.
  • Dreaming Thunder Guardian (New): Weave Perfect Defenses.
  • Forge of Dreams (New): Enhance Wyld Stunts.
  • Harvest of the Winds: Respire and gain Glamour daily. As per Gossamer 5.
  • Heaven Rains Wisdom: May use Hearthstones, no more Occult/Lore Penalties.
  • Into The Maelstrom (New): Wyld Stunts are per Session rather than per Story.
  • Lord Of Chaos Subversion Artifice (New): Ignore Charm Trees.
  • Pincer of Transient Time And Space: Three-attack flurry.
  • Radiance of the Invincible Warrior: Short-range teleport when about to be hurt.
  • Scourging Wind Raid: Instant, near-perfect, theft.
  • Style-Improving Spirit: Raise Style to Five.
  • Transient Work of Flesh and Bone: Produce Army or Behemoth
  • Unassailable Tower of Glamour: 1G to turn stunt dice to automatic successes.
  • Veiling The Gods Eyes: Instant Area-Effect Thaumaturgy.
  • Wyld Prince Reality Subversion (New): Reduce mote costs.

That leaves four charm slots open. In their cases I’m just going to assume that they go to emulating minor abilities and aspects of the “gods” that they’re made to resemble. Given that high-end Raksha charms resemble high-end Divine charms, that should work.

Mutation Points: 18 (Base) +6 (Xaverite) +12 (Booster ***) = 36, 96 after Onieromancy.

The Heart Of Ancient Ways: Inward-Facing Onieromancy *: Assumption of Earth Shape (1), Elemental Transformation: Earth, Fire, Air, and Water (for +60 Mutation Points, 8), and Mad God Mein (1).


  • Armament of Flesh (2×3=6): Each instance provides a Speed 5 natural weapon with a total of 16 traits to be divided among Accuracy, Damage, Rate, Range (50′ per 1, by default a ranged power uses some sort of ammunition), and area of effect (default to single target, may target a modest area for 4). All let the user block and parry as if armed.
    • Arcane Blast (Thrown): Speed 5, Acc +4, Dam +4L, Rate 2 (4), Range 3 (150′), Modest Area (4), cannot be blocked without charms or spells. Set generates blasts of sand that strip flesh from bone, Horus blasts things with solar fire, Ishtar causes legions of heavily-armed skeletons to pop up, attack, and sink back, and Tiamat hurls great corrosive waves.
    • Fist Of God: Speed 5, Acc +2, Dam +12L, Rate 2 (4).
    • Palm Slap (Melee): Speed 5, Acc +6, Dam +4L, Rate 2 (4), Modest Area (4).
  • Armored Hide (4): +4L/+4B Soak.
  • Awakened Essence (6): Essence x5 + Willx2 + Sum of Virtues +30 (Booster) = 142
  • Chakra Eye (2): May detect spirits, +1 Awareness.
  • Darkvision (2): Sees clearly even in total darkness.
  • Gargantuan (6×3=18): 64x size, +12 Str, +12 Sta, extra health levels: -0x6, -1×12, -2×12. The creatures movement rate is very fast and it’s reach is roughly 150 feet.
  • Glorious Hero Form x5 (10): +1 to each attribute.
  • Gossamer Winged Flight (2): They can ride about on puffs of cloud.
  • Hundred-Handed Style (2): +2 Rate on all Natural Weapons.
  • Immortal Flesh (6): May heal back from death.
  • Inexhaustible (2): Never becomes fatigued for any reason.
  • Luminous Exhalation (2): Never runs out of ammunition
  • Opalescent Gossamer Raiment (2): Adds +(Ess) lethal and bashing soak.
  • Perfect Healing Factor (6): Heal like Exalted; staunch bleeding on any active tick; +2 dice against disease, poison, and infection, plus heal 1B every minute and 1L every hour; ignore Crippling keyword for injuries, things regrow as soon as the damage levels are healed; unaffected by infection and non-supernatural diseases
  • Racing Dragon Speed (8): Adds 40 Yards to Move and Dash rates.
  • Spirit Shift (4): May spend 5M, 1W to briefly demateralize.
  • Surpassing Excellence (8): +2d Spellcasting, Natural Weapons (2d), War/ Command (2d), Thrown/Arcane Weapons (2d), Awareness/ Spotting Danger (2d), Drive/Freehold (2d), Lore/Geography (2d), and Investigation/monitoring the Freehold (2d)
  • Swift Wings Of Song (1): Add +9 Automatic Successes to join battle/debate/war checks.
  • Tower Of Invincible Egotism (4): Provides “virtual” four-dot artifact armor – the Echoes Of Divinity:
    • “Perfect” Lamellar +8L/8B, Mobility -0, Fatigue 0.
    • Adamantine (2): Use 2/3’rds net (12L/12B) soak (8L/8B) as hardness.
    • Adaptive (2): The user may spend two motes at any time to get one-tick immunity to any Crippling, Desecration, Shaping, Sickness, or Poison effects.
    • Augmenting (10): +4 Thrown, +4 Occult, +4 Melee, Presence +4, War +4
    • Enduring (2): Add +2 levels of Ox-Body Technique.
    • Environmental (2): May ignore any natural environment.
    • Essence-Sight (2): You can see spirits and essence flows.
    • Exoskeletal (2): +1 Dex.
    • Exoskeletal (2): +2 Str.
    • Increased Soak (2): +4L/+4B Soak,
    • Talismanic (1) Reduces final damage from any attack or flurry to zero three times per scene.
    • Warding (4): Final damage from any attack or flurry maxes at one health level.
  • Wolf’s Pace (1): +2 Dexterity for moving during combat, +2 Strength for jumping distances, +1 die to rolls representing competitive running, long term movement per drawn carriage

As enhanced by their Way-Grace “Boosters” each of the four Behemoths/Titans (more or less Leon’s small-scale versions of the Directional Titans of the first age) contains four waypoints. Those normally include a control deck and facilities for the pilot and “crew”, an observation deck, a “village” area, and a mass of elemental energy – Hot Swirling Sand for Set, Plasma for Horus, a whirlpool of Wyld (corrosive) Water for Tiamat, and Bone for Ishtar. The Banefire itself – a font of elemental chaos and magical power – stands in for the Elemental Pole of Earth.

And yes, in a weird way, the four Titans are stand-ins for the Directional Titans of the First Age and for the Elemental Poles themselves.

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  2. […] Hanging Gardens – a Raksha Freehold of immense power. Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part VI. Includes the Forge Of Ways sub-manse (scroll […]

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